Saiyan Island

Saiyan Island was started in October of 2000. For the first 6 years of our life, it was all Dragon Ball. Then came Naruto. We thought to call it quits in 2008, but video game publisher Namco Bandai Games and developer CyberConnect2 decided to bring into existence a game that forever blurred the line between anime and game – NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM!

For another 10 years we served the anime community with the latest news and information on Dragon Ball and Naruto. It was our passion! We would spend our day watching, playing, reading, and/or writing about Naruto and the Naruto Storm games. During the night, all we did was dream about those two things. But, alas, the Storm series came to an end with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. With the main Naruto storyline and Dragon Ball Super anime also finished, our burning desire was completely extinguished. We thank everybody so much for supporting us through the years, it was a hell of a great journey. All great things come to an end, but one end signifies another beginning.

What does the future hold? Only time will tell. Till the the day we meet again, we wish you all the best from the island so cool you’d wanna get stranded here!

Admin of SaiyanIsland.Com