New Storm 2 Scan

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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A recently released scan of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 from Shonen Jump magazine reveals Naruto performing Rasenshuriken, and Sasuke countering with what looks to be Kirin (the dragon-lightning attack he used against Itachi)!

If that attack is Kirin, than Namco Bandai Games’ latest Naruto fighter seems to be covering at least to the point of the Itachi Pursuit / Pain Arcs! However, there is a chance that the attack could be Chidori Lance, in which case at this point in time only the Hidan/Kakuzu arc would be confirmed.

What do you think it is? Sound off in the forums!

Thanks to sasuke222 for the tip.

  • ryan

    look at that baby soon it will be coming to america, maybe at the start of the school year? hope so cuzz the game will be so badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scoopy

    all I have to see is….DAM!

  • misterspook

    Nope. It’s going to be released in Japan sometime in the Fall of 2010. But hopefully they will do what they did for Ultimate NInja Storm 1, and release the American Version before the Japan release date.

  • sasuke

    Why Is The Shukaku There?

  • Anonymous

    thts another game

  • Tobi

    DAMN!!!! out of just seeing that sweet pic you know this is gonna be a great game

  • rasenshuriken

    awesome cant wait i guess you can fight shukaku in the game to