Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Back in December, we reported that there was a fifth Naruto Shippuden (or eighth Naruto movie) in the works. Not much information was released, and still details are a bit sparse, but the Japanese television network, TV Tokyo, has released a title – Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison! The headline of the movie is “Naruto is Jailed, What on Earth Happened!?” As you can see from the trailer below there is some kind of incident with the Raikage that leads Naruto to jail on the account of “murder”.

Along with the release of Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison, there will be a short special that will go along with it titled “Naruto vs Konohamaru: The Burning Chunin Exam”. Not much is known about that either, but based on the title, we can predict both Naruto and Konohamaru have the Chunin Exams on their mind. Generally the short specials that come out with the Naruto Shippuden movies are humorous, so we don’t anticipate anything serious.

Both Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison and the Naruto vs Konohamaru special are slated to hit Japanese theaters July 30, 2011.

Naruto Shippuden Blood Prison

  • michaels

    YEAHH!!! NARUTOOOO! This new movie looks like its gonna rock my socks!!! There better be a fight between Raikage and Naruto!

  • Harmony Zantt

    Seems interesting~
    I’m waiting for it!

  • Chris Blankman

    Naruto, watch yourself; A isn’t to be fucked with.

  • Anonymous

    Lol at the Chunin Exam one, is it finally time for the strongest guy in the village to become a Chunin?

  • michaels

    not one of the strongest, THE strongest lol.

  • David Steinbach

    he said the strongest >.>

  • michaels

    oh my bad you and he are right. think i had a lil too much to drink.

  • Anonymous

    Gahh!!! >:O Have to wait till next year for this!

  • Senpai

    This movie looks more interesting than the 4th one (whatever it was called I forgot lol)
    Can’t Wait :)

  • Thesageforlife K

    naruto looks gansta

  • Fahad Faisal

    I am eager to see him

  • Anonymous

    The Raikage has both his arms? It’ll be funny to see how they slipped this movie in (timeline wise). And I’ve been waiting to see Konohamaru take the Chunin exam. I always assumed when Naruto’s story was over Konohamaru would be the next protagonist :)

  • Abiola Young X Oretade

    naruto about to go to prison and meet the booty warrior of konoha

  • Harmony Zantt

    that doesn’t even make sense

  • Raynard

    Its from the boondocks. lol

  • Andy Zhang

    this’s will be daMN best crazy season movie…

  • Anonymous

    Does a Hokage level ninja really NEED to take the Chuunin Exams?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it is a requirement. Sort of a formality only so that no one will question his qualifications in the future.

  • Anonymous

    It could be that someone is impersonating Naruto to discredit him.

  • Anonymous

    Could it be that this event is prior to Raikage’s cutting his burning arm caused by Sasuke’s amaterasu?

  • Jaifal Faisel

    when will this movie release

  • Brittney Smith

    can’t wait, but i still haven’t seen the lost towers yet =( when does that suppose to come out? i know it did in japan, but what about u.s.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Lost Tower is available now online, but its not subbed yet.

  • Jessica Chiu

    Nooooooooo T^T I won’t be able to watch until 2012 then! I would already feel tortured to wait till July and now I have to wait an extra year V_V”

  • Emily Hart

    oh yes it is…go to youtube

  • Emily Hart

    i want a fight between naruto and killer bee…how awsome whould that be…two jinchuriki goin at it and changing the terrain so all the maps will have to be re-drawn…

  • Jordan

    i just now came uot u crack head
    watch the movie on

  • Jordan

    naruto vs his student that will be a sight to see

  • Jekyl Viovicente

    im excited of what will happen..grrr…

  • Jekyl Viovicente

     grr,,,im to the max excited of what wud it be..grr..go naruto anime makers especially Kasashi..thnks for making such obra..

  • Urluvizmydrug

    calm ur ass down good lord IM IN LOVE WITH NARUTO and im not sitting here going “grr” and bein mad at da japanese just effin wait and ull see wat happens godamn

  • adarsh12

    first of all the chunnin exam is gonna be boring cause we all know naruto owns every one while half a sleep and using one finger ( totally asleep is possible but that he won’t be able to use one finger :P )

    and second i’m wondering. maybe this is a what if movie . for example what if naruto were sasuke and sasuke naruto cause it says a suprise attack on the raikage and naruto never did such a thing in the original story

  • Bruce Chung

    This movie will be freakin awesome because Naruto has sage mode and maybe he could have other hidden abilities we don’t know about.
    Also I do agree he was framed because one he’s honestly no match against the Raikage, unless in this one he has full control of the Nine-Tails like in the magna, only Sasuke I see so far is a match for the Raikage and Killer Bee if you read the new magna. 

  • Sayed Jaffari

    when are they realising cant wait 

    maybe it was zetsu tranformed in to uzumki naruto and naruto get blamed 

  • Benjamin DAvid Eek

    this looks very interesting but so did lost towers and lost towers wasnt all that impressive either. please be better 

  • Daryl Mynott

    only white zetsu can do the perfect transformation and the in the manga madra(tobi) basically says that white zetsu has no combat abilities.
    (can see anime episode 216-217; somewhere in those three)

  • Kenneth Lance Ante

    when the new naruto shippuden movie 5: blood prison you can watch?? and this is awesome…

  • Anonymous

    But if he is gonna fight Konohamaru… do you think he lose on purpose?

  • dylan rivers

    i have a idea for us americans one of us goes to japan and buys us a dvd of blood prision so we can see it with out breaking the law

  • dylan rivers

    we can buy a dvd of it and subbeds for us and dont break the law

  • Kenneth Hubbard


  • nakhiel

    He did try to attack the raikage because the raikage didnt want naruto to fight in the war, you should read the manga strips

  • yatiirockstar

    it’s out today! but it’ll take awhile for english subs. ): Naruto vs Konohamaru, actually, I would want Naruto to win cause if Konohamaru wins, to me, it would…..suck. sorta. ugh please let Naruto win. 

  • wedney moyses

    it was out yesterday but i wont be on the net for a while….

    i hate to be brazillian coz i could be japanese lol

  • jepori zeroEight


  • Sony Febriantoro

    how to get naruto monvie 5

  • masoodgg

    is there a way to download it? i’m still searching for DL links but couldn’t find it. :( if anybody knows where and how to get it ?

  • Sourav Dhar

    Please upload naruto movie 5 full.

  • As’eel Hamid Al-Ghazali

    when willllll narutoo movie 5 come outt :@@  i have been waiting for a long timw ??? any ideas or sites when they will put it or its all ready onn?

  • Chyna Cornelius

    Where cn i get it in English dubbed 

  • Chyna Cornelius


  • Chyna Cornelius


  • Raúl Oliva

    still cant find it

  • Anonymous

    blood prison ant even out yet and wont be English subbed for another 6 months (est) after its released in Japan

  • Laith Mohamad

     guys please send the link to i downlaod the m,oive and torrent please

  • Laith Mohamad


  • Gabriel Camille

    r u dumb or just stupid

  • Anonymous

    OMG if god existed he would smack you to hell

  • Anonymous

    dvd isnt out yet. It comes out about 1/2 year to 9 months after the movie and then someone will sub it (which will take maybe max another month to do), so you have to wait at least 7 months after the premier before you can watch the sub version online. Just hold up till then and hope it’s better than the lost tower. that movie was THE MOST AWEFULL thing ever made in history. NOTHING was good about it, not even the meeting between Minato and naruto.

  • Nate Jameson

    Man are you right about that!

  • Ralph jerome

    u cant!!!!!!! its not freakin out yet!!!!!! there are only dub for some of the naruto shippuden episodes, all of the original naruto episodes, all original naruto movies, and 2 movies from naruto shippuden!!!!!

  • Ralph jerome

    u cant!!!!!!! its not freakin out yet!!!!!! there are only dub for some of the naruto shippuden episodes, all of the original naruto episodes, all original naruto movies, and 2 movies from naruto shippuden!!!!!

  • www.flirt-prince22

    Lol im starting to think naruto is black he’s loud, get into fights all the time, his best friend left him to join another gang called orochimaru gang & he threatened to kill him & drag him back if he have to, he didn’t knew his dad,now he’s in jail LOL

  • Tim

    lol thats messed up but im only saying that cuz im black lol but it would be funy if naruto was black 

  • Hafiz

    zzz..dont compare anime and not follow anime dont upset..n then one more..naruto now know their father..yondaime hokage when kyuubi going rampage until eight tail n then yondaime hokage come and seal again for the last time..flirt-prince22 go update anime la..that about anime..manga so advanced then anime..u cannot follow their story…

  • Hafiz

    Lol all want watch naruto blood prison but u all already realized that movie will come out for us to download in be patient…

  • Shelby

    teeehee so excieted man u now what would be cool if naruto met his lost twin sister who had a 10 tail beast how alsome would that be instead of makeing the 10 tail beast by the moon plan it was born with her teehee that would be alsome 

  • www.flirt-prince22

    Calm down fan boy its a slightly racist joke plus im black & i know all about the anime & manga 

  • Jonathan Slater

    “called orochimaru gang.” omg there was no such group/gang called the “Orochimaru Gang.” Take it from someone who fan-subbed the series from Naruto Classis through Naruto Shippuuden. 

  • Manofwar

    Flirt Prince22 or Fag prince you are a tosser period

  • Magic Mystery

    That is an incredibly stupid comment. I don’t find that funny at all. You obviously are thinking of a stereotype. Did you even read this idiocy you just wrote. You mad yourself look like an insensitive, ignorant. jack-ass. How dare you.

  • vishnu Vijayan

    When Will It Be Available For Download

  • Anonymous

    that black kid is soooooo stupid …..u should just watch sailor moon or sumthin

  • Hafiz Azny

    I also didnt know about orochimaru gang..that new thing i learn about naruto…where u find that name?as i know sasuke gang called hebi then changed to taka…can u explain about orochimaru gang?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • daisy dukes

    If naruto black then susake white because hes goes rouge and wants to kill everyone because he hates his village just like white ppl randomly shoots up college campuses hint hint VIRGINIA TECH lol

  • daisy dukes

    If naruto black then sasuke white because he goes rouge and wants to kill everyone because he hates his village just like white ppl randomly shoots up college campuses hint hint VIRGINIA TECH lol

  • Dace

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  • uchiha_nils

    when will it be out in europe??

  • Harrie van kammen

    ehm lets take a look in prison 

    most of the prisoners are black or most of the prisoners are white
    correct black so wtf were you saying

  • Abby Nelson

    Can someone post a link?

  • Abby Nelson

    Why does it matter?? We’re talking about NARUTO

  • Ahmad Amin Azmi Jaludin

    can wait..


    screww u guys ur jst being racilist u piece of shit
    i am part of all asian , uropean, islandanders and and of coz part black so lay off menn just get bck to the show on business…….about naruto isnt that rite Abby Nelson  :)

  • Denryu

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  • Alistair Page

    I have just watched the film and am truly disappointed. It was awful. Spike through chest = instant death yet characters still wandering around in a seemingly less than agonising manner. And Naruto sexually molested? -_- … I mean COME ONE WTF WAS THAT… A disgusting excuse for a film. I’m going back to the anime and if that is the standard they are setting for the films then I will not be watching another. PS. I more than likely won’t be visiting this website again so won’t read any follow up comments. Just REALLY needed to vent. 

  • Tony

     Do you think he was really raped? I get that he was violated with the body cavity search, but what makes you (or others since you won’t read this) think he was turned into a prison bi$ch?

  • Tony

     And I enjoyed the movie, although… Where did he pull the shurikens with attached wires from? He seemed to be well searched. :)

  • Thomas George

    kan wel zo zijn harrie, maar waardoor komt dat