One Piece: New World Sets Sail October 2

Posted by Dawn Bryant
Tags: One Piece

2 brand new scans from Jump confirm canon time-skip episodes of One Piece! This is the New World arc, which takes place 2 years in the future from the end of the exciting events at Marineford! As you can see in the scans, which are thumbnail format, Luffy and crew’s new looks are shown off. The third image, which is shown in a bigger larger format, is a poster promoting the New World arc. One Piece: The New World arc is set to air in anime form on October 2nd, around 45 chapters behind the manga and a year after mangaka Eiichiro Oda first introduced it.

One_Piece_New_World_Scan.jpg One_Piece_New_World_Scan_2.jpg

One Piece New World

PS: The anime is still called One Piece. The arc is called New World. As far as we know, FUNimation will simulcast Saturday, October 1 at 10:00 PM on

  • Richard Mckenzie

    Brook looks gay, Franky looks stupid, Usopp looks stupid as usual, Robin looks skinny, zoro still looks badass, i have nothing to say about chopper, sanji looks the same only with new colours, luffy still just as bad ass but now with a huge hat, and OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT NAMI!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    noooo wtf?!!! wait a whole year b4 animating it…now its gonna turn out like shippuden and be all fillers.


    the longest filler was like 11 episodes trust me it will NEVER be like naruto shippuden filler. in one piece we just get a ton of in-canon filler :) just expect a dragged out fishman island.

  • Felix Schellekens

    Omg franky really looks to stupid they should change it it is to big and stupid but chopper his hat where is his hat he loved that hat and now trowed away? nami slutty like always but much
    better robin two zoro a samurai’s outfit =/ sanji not much changed just like always smoking
    usopp his pants to big xd luffy just a bit like normale and brook gay 2 things they should change is BROOK HIS GAY ASS OUTFIT AND FRANKY’S OUTFIT the athor ones okay =)

  • michaels

    nami-swaaaaan! that has to be illegal to be the hott! man if only her pants were a few inches lower and her bra a few inches thinner..thatd be the the ****!


    thats not a different hat he has the same one under blue thing. youll get used to the time skip looks. when it first happened in the manga that was every ones first reactions

  • Anonymous

    Franky is the only one i really have a problem with tbh.

    All the other ones are fine, but he looks retarded

  • Kira

    Very retarded XD the best is nami …!!!!! and franky new hair style XDD

  • Tavion Williams

    As long as it doesn’t turn into a One Piece Z or a One Piece Shippuden, I’m fine with the timeskip.

  • Gunnerz061412

    If this is coming 2nd October for the Time skip then expect ALOT of filler after the first TS canon fishman arc is finished. To make more of a gap between anime and the manga it self.

  • Jon Smith

    The longest filler was 4 episodes.