One Piece September 2011 Schedule, October Timeskip Begins

Posted by Omar Khan
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Warning: Manga Spoilers Ahead

YOSH! Pirate fans set up those sails and get your ship ready! It’s time to head on over to the new world! The September 2011 schedule has been released and it reveals a host of episodes that prepares One Piece for the time skip we’ve all been waiting for!

  • Episode #513: Pirates Get on the Move! Astounding New World! – September 04, 2011
  • Episode #514: Live Through Hell – Sanji’s Fight with Men at Stake! – September 11, 2011
  • Episode #515: Zoro’s Vow to his Captain. I’ll Get Stronger and Stronger! – September 18, 2011
  • Episode #516: Luffy’s Training Begins. See You 2 Years later, At The Promised Place – September 25, 2011

Once this great month of September is over, the awesome month of October begins! We have the first two titles, below. Both September and October’s titles are rough English translations and may not be exactly the same as to when FUNimation releases them in North America.

  • Episode #517: The New Chapter Begins. Regroup, Straw Hat Pirates! – October 02, 2011
  • Episode #518: The New Straw Hat Pirates – October 09, 2011

Note that the episode dates above are for Japan. The Japanese clock is 13 hours ahead of the United States Eastern Standard Time. The great people at FUNimation simulcast episodes at, which means Americans technically get the latest One Piece episodes a day earlier! Each episode is posted on FUNimation’s official One Piece website at 10:00 PM EST on Saturdays. In other words, episode 517, the first timeskip episode, will be available for American viewers to check out on October 1st! Pure awesomeness!

  • Anonymous

    Kinda sad, but also excited. The manga is pretty close, I was hoping they’d take a half a year break. But one piece is one of the only shonen anime adaptions that stayed true to the manga, and still has not censored anything ;) So i’m not too worried. The fishman arc is kinda slow so I would love to see it animated soon. 

  • →|C@®lØ$|←

    @ hagareno they have censored things like bellamy stabbing a pirate in the hand, trafalgar law flipping off kid, etc.. these arent major things, but they still censor sum parts… Also, the timeskip is gonna be epic….

  • Gunnerz061412

    Plus Luffy when nami is about to get hit by Django’s hypno knife thing, Luffy gets it in the back of his head with some blood in the manga, but in the anime he catches it between his teeth, also how luffy gets the gum gum fruit is slightly different to anime and manga, Plus WhiteBeards Flag is slightly different until Chapter 400 something.

  • Anonymous

    No need to take a break, although i wish that they did do like a 10 episode filler or something (like the G-8 one)

    One piece has been doing like 1 chapter per episode for awhile now, and i have no doubt they will continue to do so unless we get a filler season. So it really doesn’t matter how close to the manga it is it won’t close the gap.

  • Anonymous

    The war was heavily censored from what i can tell, like the part where whitebeard got hit by akainu, in the manga half his head was off, and in the anime only his beard got taken

  • Kira

    WOOW YEAH ……NEW WORLD ARC is about to begin………


  • Harmony Zantt

    Just in time for my birthday!

  • Anonymous

    well yea..there are a feeewwww differences. But come on, when you got that massive of a library of eps and manga chapters, it’s not that big of a deal lol

  • Anonymous

    Yea, Idk why I put “has not censored anything”.. but it has definitely kept more violence than most of the other shonen series. And yes, whitebeard did lose a bit of his head in the manga, and not in the anime. I notice those things, but I accept them, as long as they aren’t so bad as to change scenes to avoid showing a limb being lost.. ect.

  • Anonymous

    God i love this series.
    I might stick to anime only with this one.

  • Ahmed Mohamed Sabri

    Best anime ever