Naruto 2012 Calendar Released in High Quality

Posted by Natalie Robinson
Tags: Art, Naruto

YOSH! The Naruto 2012 calendar has been released! It features seven beautiful, very high quality pages worth of Naruto characters from the Pain and Kage Arcs! The first page is the calendar cover and the other six are the actual calendar, with two months per page. Depending on your browser, you may have to right click on the image and download it to your hard drive, click “view image” or “open in a new tab” to see it in it’s glorious 100% size. These images are very large, not only in height and width, but also size – about 7-10 MB each. Hope you enjoy!

Calender Cover

Thanks a million to michaels for sending us these!

  • Anonymous

    i liekthe sasuke one and kushina 

  • Hakim Hasan

    Second baby

  • michaels

    YOHOHO!!! SI thanked me, my life is now complete!!!

  • Kira

    YOO!!! fourth MINATO!!!!!!!!! calendar May-June,September-October and November-December Really amazing

  • Stevie

    love the last one, kushina looks really nice and the yondaime is beast! lol

  • Jack Milner

    i love the Namikaze/Uzumaki family portrait :) and hinata looks beautiful in the second one!

  • Nicksson melo

    Two jutsus is better than one

  • agomezr92

    can´t see it!!

  • Anonymous

    is there way to get this?

  • MoneyB

    click it

  • Anonymous

    it can be bought from japan and imported but thats expensive. u could just print them for free? that’s what i did. sorta of free i went to wal-mart and got it printed for $7 on some HQ paper

  • Anonymous

    dang looks so cool but like well i know i just want it to hang in my room ok yea i might do that

  • Anonymous

    I think the animation is really bad in most of them, the only good ones in my opinion is the sasuke vs naruto one and the 5 kages one.

  • Johny Risco

    Does the calendar have the square boxes like normal american calendars or is the line of dates just it?