Characters From the War in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Great news Naruto gaming fans! Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will have characters from the 4th Great Ninja War! On Twitter, Naruto Generations fan ShogunDarius asked CyberConnect2 if the game will cover the 4th Great Ninja War. CyberConnect2 responded that the game will focus on fighting, but characters from the war will be in the game!

Our understanding from that is there will be no story element covering the war, but of course we could be wrong. As for the characters, what characters exactly? At this point we don’t know, but we’re pretty sure many, if not all, of the reveals will come through Shonen Jump. Technically speaking, the war starts as soon as Madara declares it in Naruto Shippuden episode 205, “Declaration of War”. That means, just like in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact for the PSP, characters from the war could only be Susanoo Sasuke, Madara, and the five Kage. That is of course, in addition to five Kage guards who we’ve seen as support as well as Haku and Zabuza who are confirmed playable. However, we at Saiyan Island are very hopeful “characters from the war” extends beyond just that. After all, this is CyberConnect2, the fans developer! Once more information breaks, we hope to have it for you!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is a 3D fighter in works by CyberConnect2 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. It is scheduled to be published in North America, Europe, and Japan by Namco Bandai Games in 2012. For more information, please visit the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations section.

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  • Arthur C. Doyle

    4th Hokage

  • Trey Donnelly

    Well, if they are saying characters from the war than it should be actual characters from the battlefield, since they’ve made it quite clear now, that the Five Kages, Sussano Sasuke, etc. will be in the game.

  • samael789

    Now tell us who at least some of these blokes are. And update your bloody website!

  • Anonymous

    I think what fans mean by characters from the war and what cc2 means are 2 different things.

    At least when i think of the war i think of all the edo summons, the rinnengan tobi, ect.

  • Positive Emotions

    i hope kyuubi naruto is in it bc i wanna play with him the most big time 

  • Anonymous

    my definition of characters from the war is: Mu, 3rd Raikage, 2nd Mizukage, Fourth Kazekage, Kinkaku, Ginkaku, Hanzo, Kabuto (Orochimaru remains), Naruto (nine-tails cloak), Sasuke (EMS), Tobi (new costume), Madara or something like that. Don’t think this is what CC2 means

  • Brandon

    Enhance Neji and garra pleaseee.

  • Junaid Ansari

    Uchiha Madara and Young Nagato PLEASEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Lee

    Danzo is confirmed! :)

  • Kira

    Uchiha madara confirmed Young Nagato sorry man probabilities 5%

  • Kira

    Yeah Ur Right nice chars for Storm 3 not Generations ….kinkaku and ginkaku in Generations hum unfortunately no

  • Anonymous

    damn it wheres my girls when i need her(serious boner)

  • Anonymous

    How about you let us play as Tobi unmasked? *wink wink lol

  • Anonymous

    from 4th great ninja war yea right thats not gonna happen
    story mode is only gonna go to 5 kage summit

  • devantwilliams

    I think that the characters from the war, are actually going to the be the 5 kage, their henchmen, madara, and sussano sasuke. I have assumed this because for some reason, the creators think that we do not pay attention to the shonen jump scans, for instance, in storm 2, after every character was confirmed, the creators still kept saying that there would be 2 secret characters, which was minato and lars, and we had already knew about them basically since the game was announced.

  • Hakim Hasan

    OMG!!! YOSH!!

  • Arthur C. Doyle

    Old Nagato would be more possible.
    But wouldnt that be a Pain clone? They should finally give him the planetary technice.

  • Jevonte’ Gore

    I keep telling you idiots this doesn’t go up the war.

  • Anonymous

    U Guys, generations is gonna be like impact, story wise. its probably gonna end with clash with naruto and sasuke @ the bridge.

  • Jer

    I hope they put Omoi in the game :o


    (SPOILER) Tobi rinne, all kage resurrected from edo tensei,Itachi and Nagato resurrected and the play finished with Nagato/Itachi vs Killer Bee/Naruto ! WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!

  • Samir Rakhmanov

    i mean, if they add Kabuto(War arc) it would be great… just saying

  • Anonymous

    but they wont, the least theyre gonna do is give us kabutomaru

  • Eduardo Anibal Lalla Ruiz

    Let’s ask for at least 2 jutsus per character in same fight, in order to have a better gameplay in Generations. Imagine your fav. char doing 2 jutsus instead of only one.

    They are now developing features in the game, they are asking what we know, the most important is the gameplay I think. Because always repeting the same jutsu is repetitive and boring!

  • Fab Brice

    I just hope the Sound 4 will be in the game. Cool to see a lot of characters from Shippuuden but don’t forget the enemies from the first gen!

  • Anonymous

    its impossible to put them in the same fight because there is no controls that would allow that

  • Tony Colarusso

    Zetsu better be in this or ima be pissed

  • joshua safwat-taylor

    yes two jutsu is good

  • joshua safwat-taylor

    health bars better be bigger or i aint buyin

  • joshua safwat-taylor

    zetsu would be great

  • timanel1

    if this have all the characters from shippuden and normal series plus the five kages and theyre guards + danzo… i would be very satisfied..but i wouldnt mind if they make tobi ( war version ) and kabuto ( war version )…really epic would be Kisame ( SHark mode ) and Naruto ( Fox controled mode )

  • timanel1

    if this have all the characters from shippuden and normal series plus the five kages and theyre guards + danzo… i would be very satisfied..but i wouldnt mind if they make tobi ( war version ) and kabuto ( war version )…really epic would be Kisame ( SHark mode ) and Naruto ( Fox controled mode )

  • Anonymous

    no way, this game is only going to the clash between sasuke and naruto, they said so themselves in a interview ages ago. i’m only expecting sasuke (susanoo) tobi (sharingan) danzo, the other kages and zetsu (support-only.) so i’m not getting my hopes up for the dead edo tensei shinobi, the new naruto and tobi (rinnegan.) although, we could get kisame (super shark mode) kabutomaru and killerbee (fully cloaked mini 8-tails.)

  • Jevonte’ Gore

    I know.It’s so obvious.

  • Pires Arsenal

    btw will former leaf hokage will be there also?
    I really miss shodaime, nidaime and sandaime

  • Hassen Amadori

    I don’t know if I prefer to have war characters in generations or to have them in the next game but well done with TWO JUTSUS, AWAKENING JUTSU and AWAKENING ULTIMATE <.<

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they’re are already scans of the 1st and 2nd as playable characters. 

  • Anonymous

    We already know there’ll be characters from the 4th Ninja War, the question is, “Will they be playable?” It’s also already been confirmed that the game isn’t going to have a story mode. It’s going to be like Ultimate Ninja 1 (PS2), pick a fight and play. 

  • Marin Paul

    If the 5 kages wont be playable and the story mode will be like in ultimate ninja 1 as i read below than this game is a completely fail.and also it should not end at sasuke vs naruto -.-Im sick of this shitty fillers cuz it’s all like==>No new episodes no longer story mode >_< soo if this is gonna be a bullshit like Impact then i wont buy  it.Sry for my bad eng -.-

  • Anonymous


  • Eduardo Aníbal Lalla Ruiz

    a new combinatio, like triangle + R2 for example for the new jutsu.. It’s obviously that with the controls of Storm 2 we cant, because it hasnt 2 jutsus :P

  • Eduardo Aníbal Lalla Ruiz

    I think that if everybody ask to them for including 2 jutsus per players instead of only one they will include that!

    The 2nd jutsu with a new combination like triangle + R2, for example, young sasuke: Jutsu1: Katon Jutsu2: chidori.

    I had already tweeted and emailed CC2. I prefer less character but at 100%, than a lot of chats at 50%.

  • Positive Emotions

    I want doujutsu activated by pressing L3 that would be epic but only like a limit to how long u can use it 

  • Anonymous

    Danzo might as well be confirmed soon with an announcement like this.

  • József Pálos

    “Characters from the war” like Sakura and Naruto and Kakashi :D

    Well you can’t say they are not right? :D
    Of course some kinginkaku would be cool and stuff, so i’m curious how much of this is actually true.

  • gin

    not everyone has a doujutsu :/


    I agree for the R3 button/stick… I would love that and not only dōjustu but genjustu for characters without Sharingan and Rinnegan. Maybe they could turn it into another signature move like (L3(tilt)+Square) in Storm 2, and for characters that don’t use both dōjutsu or genjutsu like Naruto, they can give them a jutsu they’ve used in the anime and manga like Shadow Clone jutsu.


    The five Kages are playable. The game’s character roster will be at least 70 characters, and Generations may go a little further than the meeting of Sasuke and Naruto at the Samurai bridge because there was a post stating Cyber Connect was adding characters from the Fourth Great Ninja War. Also, I don’t think they are totally getting rid of the story mode’s technique of progression. So, we’ll just have to wait and see. Lastly, don’t compare that (in my oppinon crappy) PSP game with the Storm series because it’s way out of its league and is an EPIC FAIL!

  • xitlaly

    so are they gonna be with the war outfits? all the characters

  • Anonymous

    [Spoiler Warning]

    First of all, I really hope real Uchiha Madara is going to be in the game, and logically serious tobi should be there too. Since they have added 9-tails chakra mode naruto from confining jinchuriki arc they should have rinnegan Tobi. Secondly i find i annoying that kakashi only uses sharigan as an awakening, i ruins the realistic feeling of the battle, for example he never actually fight anyone without sharingan and facing a strong opponent like tobi it’s stupid if he pulls he forehead protector as awakening, pls if you agree make sure that CC2 hears about it

  • Rafael Georgiou

    I hope tobi rinnegan and kabutomaru to be in the game guys tell them to make them playable.

  • Anonymous

    599 manga is best whatch pepol

  • Craig Carter

    I don’t know about anyone else but I would like to see bushy brow use the Drunken Fist in naruto shipudden ultimate ninja storm generations.

  • Lenelle Blackman

    man this bull shit no real uchiha madara hopefully the next game would be the first and maybe last after all its getting close to an end

  • Anonymous

    will the story mode be like u walk freely

  • Kevin Barboza

    dude i cant believe how they took the free wlaking and roaming out of the game that was cool