One Piece Movie 12 Teaser Trailer, Movie Takes Place in New World

one piece logo

Gomu Gomu no… Jet Pistol! One Piece fans, get your ships ready as a brand new One Piece movie has been confirmed! On Saturday, Japanese television network Fuji TV broadcasted the 10th One Piece movie, One Piece Strong World. And during that broadcast came a teaser for the One Piece Movie 12!

Not much information is known, but Youtube user qqqnoqzitu1 has uploaded a camera-recorded video of the trailer! In the teaser the narrator speaks, “Urgent announcement! Production on the greatest film in One Piece’s history — the newest theatrical film which will surpass Strong World — has been green-lit!! The curtain now opens on the first battle in the New World arc on the final seas!!”

Thanks to MD Punk via ANN for the news.