One Piece on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Zune

Posted by Omar Khan
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Saiyan Island’s MD Punk informed us with some great news via the FUNimation’s website – One Piece is now available to view on the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Microsoft Zune! No, this isn’t a video game, but instead the anime available for digital download. Currently One Piece First Voyage, also known as the first 26 episodes, can be downloaded for 99 cents an episode. The first episode is actually free so you can get 26 episodes for $24.75. We checked on PlayStation Network and it looks like each episode is 317 MB. From our download of episode 1, it also seems the episodes also are English audio only. Check out the image below of PSN with the One Piece episode catalog.

One Piece Logo
(sorry for the choppy image. Camera phones and tv screens don’t mix.

  • alex

    first hokage

  • Anonymous

    second mizukage

  • braxton4715

    3rd tsuchikage

  • Ravinder Chana

    4th division of the Whitebeard pirates, Thatch!
    Take that naruto fans :p

  • Ravinder Chana

    4th division of the Whitebeard pirates, Thatch!
    Take that naruto fans :p

  • Jevonte’ Gore

     5th hokage!

  • devantwilliams

    6th Raikage!!!

  • Rishi

    psp can

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people are bursting of tears and happiness that this game is coming on Xbox 360 instead of PS3 exclusive.

  • Mafia Mon

    10th ………….. WHAT ??

  • Anonymous

    oooooooooohhhh you just hurt them

  • Anonymous

    Lol what game?These are episodes xD

  • Anonymous

    Lol the dub.

  • Gunnerz061412

    Why isn’t this out in the U.K yet??????? Thats better than DVD releases isn’t it? PLease put this out in the U.K/europe release!!!! PLease!!!

  • Kira

    lucky for Xbox360 ^^ One Piece: Kaizoku Musou News Need news

  • Anonymous

    Forget it I am not into One Piece, I don’t now why I am in this board.

  • Lorenzo Debby

    at the first read i though it was the demo for Kaizoku Musou O_O…instead of these damn episode.

    P.S English Audio = Shit 

  • Anonymous

    *Reads title*
    Yes One Piece for the PS3
    *No mention of UK PSN*
    Ahhh come on, wtf man
    *reads english audio*
    english audio, lol no!