Naruto Shippuden Movie 6, Naruto Movie 9 Announced For 2012

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Since 2004 there has been one Naruto movie every year in Japan. This includes the debut of the first Shippuden movie in 2007. Well, 2012 is no different as Naruto Shippuden Movie 6, also known as Naruto Movie 9, will be hitting theaters in Japan next summer! The news comes via the latest issue of Shonen Jump. No other details have been revealed at this time.

The last Naruto Shippuden movie, Blood Prison was released in Japanese theaters July 30th and will likely be released on DVD around April 2012. For Naruto movies in Japan, traditionally “summer” means the end of July and early August. On the North American front, Viz Media released Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds to DVD in American theaters on October 15 and on DVD October 25th of this year.

  • joui jouão

    haters gonna hate

  • joui jouão


  • Salvador

    awesome wonder whats it about

  • Anonymous

    they need to make a movie with reanimated itachi in it

  • Kira

    Naruto Shippuden Blood Prison will be Awsome ^^

  • Anonymous

    what i wish i can watch naruto in theaters in U.S man =( o and 5th

  • Gi-E Jeje

    So Blood Prison is not out for US? Not even english subtitles??
    Maaan … and i’ve been looking for this movie for the past 45 minutes … -.-

  • Anonymous

    this movie will have his nine tails chakra mode also he has the yellow flash just like his dad the fourth hokage and sasuke cant compare for all u sasuke lovers sasuke is shit and is going blind and madar is protecting him for his eyes and madar is a strong because he has nagotos regean cant wait to see that check manga also why does every one say tobi aint madara he is also the six path naruto has it finally yh he needs to activate his eyes also he will get mini resagen shiruken 

  • Anonymous

    sorry but itachi is dead proceting his loved brother 

  • Anonymous

    naruto has nine tails chakra mode 

  • Rhyzen

    Blood prison is set to be out on may 2012 for english subs. 

  • Rhyzen

    too many flaws on your statement. naruto is a reincarnation of the sage of six paths. I doesn’t mean that he’ll get everything that the sage had. And one more thing re-read the manga, the revived madara knows who tobi is and even asked kabuto if he really knows what their real plan is. one more thing before you start claiming what it is in the movie you better show some proofs before you start saying such things. jeez

  • Anonymous

    megarxl728 – From your comment it seems you are reading a totally different manga than the rest of us nothing you said was true in the least bit.Not trying to troll but how fucking stupid are you ? lol

  • Anonymous

    Just as the sure as the sun will rise i will see this new movie.
    I hope its a good one the movies tend to have little thought put into them but i guess they should not be taken seriously 

  • Maurice Hervie

    Yes thank you!! To many flaws in his statement!

  • hinata1010

    ————–> In alllll naruto shippuden movies why all the girls are always with naruto XD <—————–

  • Imam Setiaji

    when realeas in indonesia naruto movie 6…???

  • Jodie Harvard

    cant wait akaski is the main attaganist finally ithink this is the fist movie that enemies from the show are enemies in the movie and i wonder how saskuke would look in naruto movie 6 this is when saksuke never left hidden leaf 

  • Lalramlawm Changsan

    free download of movie 6 isn’t issue yet???

  • Satin Dempsey

    so is this movie coming out in subs anytime soon =.= im dieing of waiting by time i see it i will forget what it was about

  • kurama the 9 tails

    no everything there is opposide when sasuke left the village but in the genjutsu world sasuke didint