Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact on PS Vita

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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The official Japanese PlayStation website has recently updated their page for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact. As you may already know, the game was created for the PSP. Well, now if you plan on getting the PS Vita, but haven’t purchased Impact (or even if you have) you will be able to enjoy the latest Naruto PSP adventure on it!

As far as we know the Vita will not be able to play the PSP discs (UMD) since it uses a technology similar to SD cards to host games called PS Vita cards. In other words, in order to play Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact on the PS Vita you will need to download it from the PlayStation Network. To clarify, Impact on PSP will be the same as on Vita. It’s just Vita is backwards compatible with downloadable PSP games.

The PlayStation Vita hits Japanese retailers on December 17, 2011. North America and Europe will receive the new handheld on February 22, 2012. Thus far Naruto Impact is only confirmed to be compatible with the Japanese PSVita, although we anticipate it will be for the North American and European versions as well.

Naruto Shippudden Ultimate Ninja Impact at Amazon

Naruto Impact or Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is an action/fighter created that features over 50 characters (26 which are playable), co-op play, boss battles, 1-on-1 fighting, and 1-vs-100 action. The game is now available for purchase in North America, Japan, and Europe.

  • Anonymous

    i hope it’s different in some way

  • Anonymous

    As soon as it gets hacked i’m sure it will be able to play all PSP Isos, and you won’t have to re-buy them either lol..

  • Anonymous

    either way iam not selling or trading my psp and its game for the vita. best thing to do is hold on to them til vita price drops and memory card bcomes less expensive.

  • William Garcia

    wat tha fff ps vita is already out

  • Anonymous

    no it says December 17 for Japan and Feb 2012 for US

  • Mario Echeverria

    Good news but memory cards are expensive. Don’t think it would be a good idea to download full games to you Vita.(well you can back them up to the PS3 so maybe its not that bad)

  • Rishi

    saiyan island is there any new naruto game coming for psp ? cuz impact was a great disappoinment

  • Anonymous

    I am glad I waited.

  • Jmenyfield

    Damn, when I heard that this will be on vita I thought it would be like a Storm 2 reboot or something along the lines of that but now I’m very disappointed.

  • Jmenyfield

    Damn, when I heard that this will be on vita I thought it would be like a Storm 2 reboot or something along the lines of that but now I’m very disappointed.

  • Kira

    vita in this moment rule..Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact,ninja gaiden sigma plus,soul calibur v COOL ^^

  • Anonymous

    Disappointment? Where???

  • Anonymous

    How do i back them up on ps3 what do exactly mean? can i dowload it on ps3 and play on my vita wherever i want even without3g?

  • Brandon Alexander

    cant even play on vita

  • ramone harris

    this sucks. i cant even find an impact download. anyone got a tip how to get it?

  • chris_23

    I believe if you download the game onto the PS3, you can transfer the game to the PlayStation Vita. 
    Steps;1. Download the game on the PS3.
    2. Connect the Vita to the PS3 via the data cable.
    3. Click “Connect to PS3 System”
    4. Under the “Copy Content” section click “PS3 System —–> PS Vita System”
    5. Click “Applications”
    6. Click “Applications (PSP/Other)” (It’s the one in the middle)
    7. Click “Applications Downloaded on the PS3 System”
    8. The Vita will recognize the PSP game title.
    9. Check the box next to the PSP Game.
    10. Click “Copy” in the bottom right of the screen.
    The game will then download from the PS3 and then you are able to play!! :D Hope I helped!!

  • Rexchane Balachanthiran

    can you play online with other players?