Naruto Generations: Naruto vs Sasuke Demo Footage

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations demo is out! It was released just today, January 24th on Japan’s PlayStation Store. Below we have footage of the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. As you can see, it seems like the story will be told mainly through static cut scenes.The final version of the game will have over 65 minutes of animated footage, but if we had to guess, the canon material will be told through these static cutscenes and any original, unique storylines will be told through animated cutscenes by Studio Pierrot. Of course this is just our guess, so we could be wrong!

For now, enjoy Naruto vs Sasuke battling it out right outside Orochimaru’s hideout!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is a 3D fighter in works by CyberConnect2 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. It is scheduled to be published in Japan on February 23, 2012, North America on March 13, 2012, and March 30, 2012 in Europe. For more information, please visit the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations section.

  • Javier Fernandez


  • Javier Fernandez

    Video doesn’t work btw

  • Naruto Inuzuka

    Mine just buffers the whole time it wont play…

  • Anonymous

    Video is broken for me, too.

  • Joseph Bushrod

    It worked for me, but i’m watching it on my iPod.

  • Anonymous

    Wow all you really did was spam rasengun and didn’t show us any combos

  • ▲▲High▲Life▲▲

    no work

  • Anonymous

    So….it’s going to be told with pictures? This story mode is going to suck….At this rate, storm 2 will be better…..

  • Anonymous

    The most disappointing thing is that Madara Tobi showed no new combos and mainly did his tilt move the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    no the story mode is going to be told with anime cutscenes like in DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi so it will be like storm2 just with anime cutscenes instead of pressing A or X for everything.

  • Cameron Phelps

    Still won’t work for me..

  • cheater345665

    both the videos of this one and the opening dont work for me

  • Anonymous

    Did you watch the video? It’s shown with pictures. That’s nothing like Storm 2.

  • Sanad Kiswani

    your gameplay makes me sick….. if i were in your place i would try the new mechanics… try the new combos… do amazing combos with combo cancel.. but all YOU DO is spamming Rasengan.

  • John Doe

    smh whoever played naruto is a spammer and does no combos…but that wont work online with th new substitution bar thing great:)cant wait for the complete game now:)

  • Anonymous

    hehe i dun think rasengan spam wud be useful anymore….cos damn i totally killed pain when he use that annoying grapple

  • Anonymous

    remember cc2 said this was mainly focus on gameplay not the story mode ….although it will show pics most of the time ….there will be footage tat is exclusive in the game (fanservice)

  • adjeicyril

    Everybody back-up give this player space, hes obviously not 100% in the head. Hope he has a great time playing. Unforunately you will know pain WHEN YOU FACE ME IN ONLINE TOURNEMENTZ!  HMM.. DELICISSS HEHE >;D

  • John Doe


  • adjeicyril

    “By the way, our apologies for the low quality.” Lol apologize giving the player the controller, he belongs in MW3

  • Alex Marrero

    He doesn’t even know how to cancel…

  • Anonymous

    i did but this is just a demo and i may be wrong but i hope im not but i doubt that this will be the new story telling.

  • David Mendez

    Sigh isn’t the story mode supposed to be animated? 

  • Salvador


  • Moassir Junqueira

    I can’t believe they’re gonna tell the story through static images
    That’s the kind of thing I’d expect from a psp game
    huge disappointment…

  • SpaceKuriga


  • Dani Parekh

    i played it. the combos are AWESOME and another improvement is you can add the rasengan in at anytime during your combo, like if your in the air, doing a combo, naruto balls up a rasengan there and smashes down. the sub bar is good, but a massive disadvantage of it is you just throw rasengans and they HAVE to substitute, and you just use the opponents up so easily…

  • John Doe

    smh i kno man they really disappointing me but im going to wait till the game come out..i been pre-order it so just waiting;)

  • Damian Pawłowski

    I didn’t see anything like that, this is the same like in NUNS2, they only add Jump when you do combo but you must wait a moment : that same with jutsus you must wait a while that same like in NUNS2, and they add cancel’s Chakra dash and chakra back dash, new substitution system, change Team ultimate jutsu time, cancel chakra dash (in ground), Defense support now is better and with DEFENSE vs CHAKRA DASH they change something and that was weird sometimes, it push only him and sometimes it push us bouth.

    And the combo in air + jutsu is was only a normal Combo not COmbo + jutsu, test it again and you will see.

  • Ē

    When I was playing the demo, Sasuke used about 4 or 5 chakra shurikens in one go and I wanted to move without substituting, I thought they said it was fixed, only Naruto sage mode was fixed.

  • Caleb Uzumaki

    You can cancel dash if u tap guard while rushing they did not teach that

  • Anonymous

    the characters weren’t updated at all and the “anime cutscenes” are screenshots. yeah… thats… totally disappointing actually. i´d keep storm 2 installed if it wasnt 12 friggin GB large! i mean, they made so few changes, why not reduce the storm generations install size because most of the content has already been installed with storm 2.

    and ow, the joys of having no subsitution left so you can eat all 48 hits of a combo, since it was so fun in storm 2 when it just didnt WANT to work. now its a feature.

  • Anonymous

    i”m pretty sure they are gonna animate the game because i mean that was just a demo of what u are going to expect from it when it comes out so they didn’t really
    try adding all of the cool things to it.

  • Anonymous

    If y’all could read a little it clearly says “any original, unique storylines will be told through animated cutscenes by Studio Pierrot.” so there is animated cutscenes in the story mode. 

  • Anonymous

    It has changed, instead of him throwing 10 or whatever at one time, he throws 4 or 5 at the same time. The old way would keep you occupied for about 2 1/2 sec and set you up for support or ougi

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an idea, use it WISELY ! Or better yet if ur gonna complain about the updates (which are blatantly there), then don’t play it !

  • Anonymous

    Wow, whoever played in th 1st video is such a spammer. Every 2 sec its like “Rasengan !” So boring

  • Anonymous

    The original story will probably be told through those anime images, while original content will be animated by studio perriot. So in some cases it will be still, and in other cases it will be animated.

  • Anonymous

    Not the whole story? You can’t make assumptions like that. Tere will be animated content. Over an hour of it!

  • Moassir Junqueira

    Wow, over an hour
    So, assuming the story mode has a duration of 10 hours (Which probably hasn’t), it’ll be 9 hours of still images between plain battles (no boss battles)
    still seems pretty lame to me

  • Jarrell

    look its ur opinion …but let me school you …first the game is balanced to a point where storm 2 or 1 doesn’t compare…there are many improvements that is not easily caught by people like you who only wish to bash the game…1. they stop spamming in a way i didn’t even think of…storm 2 and storm 1 is a thing of the past…i can talk all day but whats most ignorant about what you said about this game and i quote: “  
    the characters weren’t updated at all and the “anime cutscenes” are screen shots.” i apologize for your ignorance because those screen shots where not the anime cut scenes they promised you moron there just the screen shots…im done with everyone sharing nothing but hate..but hey even I felt at first that  they where selling us as the costumers short but after playing it first hand ( and it was just a demo) i see they gave us more than what I originally thought…all im saying for all you bashers and second guessers JUST DON’T BUY IT

  • Jarrell

    don’t tell him nothing he’ll just miss out

  • Jarrell

    Hahahahah….wow its funny…first people where mad because they wanted less story (because most of us have seen it time and time again) then people got mad because they got less story and more online…forget all that this game is a time consumer …a linker…aka SOMTHING TO HELP PASS THE TIME…STOP CRYING BEFORE YOU EVEN PLAY THE DAMN GAME…UGH…ican see if tthey stopped right after sasuke gets susanoo but they dont .. i see if they didnt stop the spamming but they did…i c if they didnt add online mtourament..mizukage…all the other kages…or spectator mode…but THEY DID…so im asking as a fellow narutard / human being….please stop the bashing before the game even comes out …give some respect and wait until it comes out…u dont even have to buy it its countless people who will day veiw it on youtube when they get it….shhhhhh is all im sayin GOD

  • NarutoGamer#1

    You sound stupid, if people didn’t share their thoughts before the game came out then CC2 wouldn’t even have gotten the ideas that they did

  • Metebey

    why can’t we have IRUKA SENSEI!!!!!! HE IS ALSO IMPORTANT!!

  • Anonymous

    Watch out For These Chars In The Tournament Or Online: Naruto (Kyuubi Awaken Mode), Naruto (Kyuubi Chakra Mode) Sage Naruto (Six Tailed Awaken Mode) Sasuke (Susanoo Mode) Sasuke (CS2  Mode) which has black chidori… and itachi (susanoo mode) the most u should watch out for is… Susanoo’s Kyuubi’s (Even Kyuubi Chakra)
    And+ i like how they put The Subsitution Bar there. People spam it ALOt in Storm 2.
    But Still. People will spam Kyuubi Bullet Thing.. (Chakra Mode) Chakra Cannon…and the susanoo sword slices and that.. Sasuke will also be spammed. The Ultimate Jutsu i guess… And if your a spammer.. Or WERE a spammer.. please dont spam alot on Online. you can spam. but not Alot :) Thanks ;D Just a little tip for you guys
    -Kyuubi Chakra

  • travis bowling

    can evryone just stop whining about sppamming a move or whatevr alredy evry1 does who cares if u want to complain go play call of duty

  • Anonymous

    They said an HOUR of original anime cutscenes.But the last you’d expect to see them is in the demo.