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Viz Media’s North American digital manga site, Shonen Jump Alpha is now available for fans to enjoy. The first digital issue made it’s official release on January 30th, 2012. As part of the launch celebration Shonen Jump Alpha’s Misaki Kido sat down to talk to the legend himself, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto! Kishimoto-sensei talks about how his personal life has impacted Naruto, discusses some of his favorite characters, and shares that the series is getting close to the climax!

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Here is the Interview with Kishimoto-sensei!

When was the first time that you thought of becoming a mangaka and why?

At some point between second and fourth grade I got into Akira Toriyama Sensei's Dr. Slump anime and Dragon Ball manga. I loved his characters. I was especially attached to Dr. Slump’s Arale and Dragon Ball’s Gout. Also, his art really appealed to me. There was something about his cartoony drawing style that felt right, more so than realistic drawings. I thought to myself, I wanted to become like Toriyama Sensei.

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you listen to music or watch movies when you are working?

I do have a DVD player with a little screen on my desk, and sometimes I watch movies or listen to music. I used to do that more often when working, but not so much these days. After drawing manga for 12 years, I’ve learned that it affects my art. For example, if I was listening to a song with lyrics, my manga would start to reflect the sadness. And then when I would look back at the drawings, something about it felt off from what I intended. So I decided to shut off anything that could affect my drawing.

But I do love movies and do get a lot of inspiration from them. In my free time, I go to the movie theater to try and catch every blockbuster film. I also look for DVDs of hard-to-find movies in stores. I like watching big trilogies like Star Wars, horror movies like SAW, romance movies like 500 Days of Summer, and classics like The Sting.

My all-time favorite movie is Akira, but I love Hollywood movies in general. My recent favorite was How to Train Your Dragon because the scriptwriting was so fantastic. As a fan of the original comics, I liked Tin Tin. I thought the movie was true to the comic, and CG animation made it seem more real than if it was live-action.

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    I think theres an error.

    On the last page, at the bottom it says: Digital manga, like Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha, is starting to take off in America. What are your thoughts on digital manga?

    But its not bolded like the rest of the questions.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

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  • Saiyan

    The error is fixed! Thank you for notifying us!

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    No problem man ^ ^
    Thanks for uploading this- its really cool to here his thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    I’m scared for the end of Naruto!! I hope it never ends! *sniffles*

  • Anonymous

    A manly tear shed from my eye when he said Naruto is getting close to the climax of the series.. I don’t want it to end..  ;_;

  • Salvador

    kishimoto best mangaka ever to me look how and what he is saying to us

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping the Naruto series would continue with people getting older and having their own squads but that does not look likely now. :(

  • Blake Hais

    climax is the middle part that means not ending soon 

  • Anonymous

    Climax -’(in a dramatic or literary work) a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.’

    Thankfully it’s not ending quite so soon :V I still expect a few hundred more chapters :P (Because this has to be my favourite manga / anime :P )

  • Anonymous

    Im glad Bleach is in its final arc now; That story just has nowhere to really go now, shouldve ended with Aizen.

    But Naruto, Naruto has so much to build upon. Naruto’s life as Hokage (if he doesn’t die fighting Sasuke like the foreshadowing said in the manga), Naruto’s life with Sakura(sorry Hinata, he doesnt want that booty), Naruto’s children w/ Sakura, Maybe Sasuke’s children(idk maybe he did Karin one time for fun :) ). 

    And what the hell is on that Uchiha tablet? Did he ever show all that was written on it? 

  • Thesageforlife K

    i dont even think narutos going too end if it ends there probly just gonna be a new series of it

  • michaels

    i’m thinking of buying shonen jump alpha. does anybody else register for it?

  • michaels

    yes yes yes and yes! Bleach should have ended with Aizen. it was dragged out then too. they could have settled it in a few episodes after saving rukia.

  • michaels

    also yes yes yes yes yes! so much to cover in naruto aftert he war. i want to know his life as hokage his love life w/ sakura! there will still be battles that need to be fought!!

  • Brian

    1. Naruto rejected Sakura’s “confession”.
    2. Sasuke tried to kill Karin and has no interest in females.
    Both facts.

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  • Jean Manoel

    Holy shit,more Naruto news…so the site as finally become the “Naruto Island´´….

  • Anonymous

    lol type in narutoisland . com and see what comes up.

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    read it the other day…

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    very Nice

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    I’ll always read Naruto, Kishi-sensei!!

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    haha it really did became Naruto Island

  • Anonymous

    Choji is a fuckin beast (I agree with Kishi) but for some reason butterfly never gets in any of the UNS games

  • Timothy Obiesie

     It Will Soon, Storm 3 has To have it for the Fact that Chouji undergoes it again. Alot of missing elements that werent in either of the Strom games should make it into the last Storm game (missing stages or Characters) just have to wait it out you know

  • Anonymous

    Naruto rejected her confession because it was fake! Come on now read between the lines. Hell just read the subtitles. She only did because she wanted to go kill sasuke herself.

    Dude sasuke is a male. He has interest in the poonani. Just cuz he tried to kill Karin doesnt mean they couldnt have got it in before then.

  • SpaceKuriga

    wow yu like Saw? like me ^o^ 

  • timanel1

    congrats for the interview, its cool that his favourite characters are itachi deidara and killer bee ( 3 that i likee very much too ) but i thought that sasuke or naruto would be his best :S

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Kishi likes Star Wars!!!

  • Hansel

    I’ll follow up Naruto until the very end :D . Saw huh? No wonder he came out with creepy characters like Pakura. 

  • Anonymous

    But WHY does he have to omit some points?? :( I hope this doesn’t reply to Kage vs Madara!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Grant

    good interview, Masashi Kishimoto, your real fans will follow Naruto till the very end :)

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who doesnt think sakura deserves naruto ? i mean come on naruto is a total badass, inspiring and changing people, hes so strong and just overall awesome. Sakura on the other hand may have super strength and medical ninjutsu but all she does is cry and wine, plus she didnt like naruto in the beginning while hinata has always been there for him even if he didnt know it. HINATA ALL THE WAY. 

    hopefully some of you share my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Saiyan island, I love how you love Kishimoto-Sensei because I love him just as you do! XD

  • Tyler Boxrucker

    Awh… I wish he brought something up about what’s going to happen with the Konoha 11, but that was still an awesome interview!

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  • Carlos Alvarez

    he has to answer questions in naruto

  • Jorge Antonio Bello

    he cant end the series with naruto not becoming hokaje he cant cause if everything he said in this  interview is tru he is going to mess everything by not showing naruto becoming hokaje and by naruto taking everyone hate…

  • Sakura14

    Masashi Kishimoto Your my hero!!!!
    I cant thank you enough for creating naruto. they’ve really changed my life!!!!
    and plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, dont finish naruto yet!!!!!!
    make It go for atleast another decade…

  • Sakura14

    I totally agree with Brian just face it guys Sasuke is NOT INTERESTED in any female and I hope he never will be

  • chatte_georgiana

    All she does is cry and whine? Well, I guess we should forget when she was about to forfeit for Naruto’s dream, when she protected both Naruto and Sasuke, when she was there for Naruto to support him morally, when she cried with him, when she laughed with him, yeah, all those moments when Hinata wasn’t there yet Naruto needed someone and Sakura was there. And sorry, since when Naruto is a prize? This is the girl he wants. Period. If we support him for all those other things, why shouldn’t we support him to get the girl? Who is more important here, Hinata or Naruto? Really now, people…

  • fabricej

    Can you elaborate on the “forfeit for naruto’s dream”, i dont recall an instance where that happened. She protected Naruto and Sasuke because they were in hostile territory and they were both down from protecting her in the first place, plus that example can’t apply to any romanticism. When has Sakura ever given Naruto any real moral support ? when sasuke left ? wrong, he got himself back up with Jiraiya’s help and a new goal. when Jiraiya died ? wrong, it was all Iruka and Shikamaru who got him back in the game. When Pain destroyed the village and killed everyone ? dont make me laugh. When they found out Sasuke was in Akatsuki ? Please.
    In all of those instances and more Naruto didn’t just sit around and complain, he acted and yes there were moments where he was down but other people helped him. Dont get me wrong Im not saying shes useless but she doesnt deserve Naruto or the credit youre giving her. And Naruto is obviously more important here but he deserves Hinata, a girl who has genuinely liked him since they were kids, and not one who in the beginning was disgusted by him and yet has relied on him for EVERYTHING.

  • Daniel Alberto Flores

    i think naruto relly likes sakura but don’t get my wrong i think he sees her like a sister just like he sees sasuke like a brother that’s why he always is willing to help sakura

  • Ryuanren

    IMHO i think NaruXHina isn’t anything but dull. Sorry guys. It feels like there is really no twist in it.

  • summerblossom scarlet

    it goes downhill faster after the climax. climax isn’t technically spaced equally between the start and ending. so, yeah, he has a point.

  • Bryan Barachina

    Kishimoto sensei I really love Naruto. .Thanks for creating him. . Please don’t end it yet. .

  • Crakakaa132

    Thanks for creating Naruto. It is a awesome anime , i watch it since i was little , i have 14 years right now. Really good anime and plotted good, i hope it never ends (lols) IM SERIOUSLY TALKING NOW , DO NOT END IT! , btw so sad about Minato Namikaze – Kushina uzumaki , they are my FIRST FAV CHARACTERS. make more about them in next episodes , thanks for reading. (if you are reading)!

  • blizzsync

    Not to mention the pain fight Hinata went to fight Pain even though she new she was no match

  • blizzsync

    I have faith in Kishimoto-sensei that he will finish Naruto with the best ending possible. Cause I’ll admit I have about 5 ways i really wish it would end and I’m sure everyone else is the same, but he has been doing this for 10 years he knows what his fans expect and knows that his fans will love it no matter how he ends it.

  • madara-obito

    GO NARUTO!!!!

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    Just wanted to say, Naruto has effect my life in the best way i can think of. Without Naruto, I don’t think that I will be who I am right now. Even if Naruto will end, the Will Of Naruto/Fire will always remain within my heart. All I can say is thank you very much and I will follow Naruto to his end of journey and support him……………………