More Images from One Piece: Pirate Warriors Event in Japan

Posted by Omar Khan
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On February 25th, Namco Bandai Games and Tecmo Koei held an event to promote One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Among the festivities were a showing of the latest promotional video, a playable demo, and presentation by Koji Nakajima (producer at Namco Bandai, pictured wearing a Kuma costume) and Hisashi Koinuma (producer at Tecmo Koei, pictured wearing normal clothes).

Below are some new images from the event. To see the rest, please view this post from earlier in the day. Enjoy!


Thanks michaels.

One Piece PS3, One Piece: Pirate Warriors (or One Piece: Kaizoku Musou in Japanese), is the first One Piece game on the Sony PlayStation 3. It will cover One Piece Part 1 as well as some of the story contents of the One Piece timeskip. The game is in development by Omega Force and will be published by Namco Bandai Games and Tecmo Koei in Japan on March 1, 2012. A European and North American release are possible based on trademark filings by Namco Bandai, but no official word has been released.

  • Hamlet

    speaking about playable demo, when will the demo come out?

  • Anonymous

    Main log 
    Story mode that is faithful to the original comic story. Only the Straw Hats can be used within this mode and characters are fixed for each stage. Each chapter within this mode has multiple episodes to feature different character perspectives.

    Challenge ModePits the players against an endless mob as opponents. Boss characters appear within this mode to challenge the playable cast. Rankings can be posted online.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate to say it, the game comes out in 4 days so I don’t think there will be a demo.

    I was hoping that the first bit of gameplay we saw a while ago was the demo like it was with soul ignition but I don’t think theres a demo on the japanesse playstation store.

  • Zeromeo

    they keep teasing us 

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    is enel in this game????

  • Anonymous

    Aww man this is killing me. It could be really awesome, or ehh. But we still haven’t gotten enough gameplay to really know if it’s gonna be really good or not. 

  • Anonymous

    he hasn’t been shown yet or anything of skypiea.

  • Hakim Hasan

    Sadly I don’t think so

    as rage said

  • SpaceKuriga

    probaly it gonna be like bleach for ps3 pretty decent but no that good 
    =/ just saying

  • Anonymous

    I think it will be much better than bleach, with more characters, also Bleach only include but this game will include the first complete part of one piece.

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Much better, of course