Naruto Generations: Team 7 Moveset – Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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A new Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations moveset video has been released! It features movements, combos, grabs, and jutsus the old Team 7 – Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke! Enjoy this nostalgic ninja action, courtesy of IchirakuTV.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is a 3D fighter by CyberConnect2 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. It has a revamped online mode, 72 playable characters, 38 stages. The game was published in Japan on February 23, 2012 and will be released in North America on March 13, 2012, and March 30, 2012 in Europe. For more information, please visit the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations section.

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  • Daniel Erazo

    If you think that you can beat me in this game when on sale, add me to PS3 (Pipe2495). Nobody would can beat me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ps3 toshiro0615

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of good times in storm

  • Graham


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  • Jason Horton

    I prefer Naruto’s new ultimate over his old one in all honesty. 

  • Frank Cerullo

    i never playd strom so the old combos will really be new to me :D  

  • nicholas robertson

     stop fucking commenting

  • OgheneTega David Mowoe

    can you still walk on the walls in vs mode like storm 1

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, they took that feature out in this game.

  • Anonymous

    For Christ’s sake dude…. if you want everyone to see how bad you are, just record yourself playing already. GOD!

  • Anonymous

    can you SHUT UP

  • Anonymous

    if you guys wanna vs me when this game comes out ill be happy to vs im semmy good i guess XBOX gamertag is S10N3S4M04

  • MattUK92

    I have seen generations pictures of Sasuke doing multiple Ninjutsu. And Naruto doing his Clone Shuriken Henge Jutsu.

    What the hell happened to that.

  • skarlatos-3-

     They still have their multiple jutsus…This video just dont have them

  • Anonymous

    Thats the true Sasuke with taijutsu I think he should have lion combo as his ultimate.

  • Anonymous

    Will you shut the fck up about that stuff?!

  • Salvador

     Hey fuckin dumbass stop saying tht we all see it in every section of each page alright!! Lets see if one of us can kick your ass

  • Anonymous

    cade the palms of the storm jutsu Neji Pts Without Being Rotation Speech Serio cc2

  • Anonymous

    Stop. You Typed This 5 Times Now.

  • Anonymous

    ME TOO! Because the old one didn’t make any sense

  • Anonymous

    Naruto Has Two Jutsus = Ultimate? Please Explain… Shadow Clone And Rasengan.

  • Anonymous

    I want Sasuke with the armbands and ninja tools :( to be playable

  • crossedgraphics

    lol am i the only one hearin naruto shout what sounds like “DOVAHKIN!!” at 0:45?? 

  • Torune

    he is