Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm on PS Vita

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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YouTube user LegionPlay has done something pretty cool – he has fired up the PS3 game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm on his PS Vita! The video is in German so we can’t specifically comment on how it is done, but it does involve the Remote Play feature on the PS3 and PS Vita. The first video shows Storm 1 on the PS Vita, and the second video shows how this can be accomplished.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is the first game in the Storm series. It was released by Namco Bandai Games on November 4, 2008 in North America, November 7, 2008 in Europe, and January 15, 2009 in Japan. The game features 25 playable characters and is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

  • superduper733


  • salvador ramirez

    now this is a ultimate ninja storm game on psp/vita

  • Shintaro Kooga


  • Anonymous

    that is F*******************************CKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! now ima buy ps vita and hopefully ps vita has s2 :)

  • Suraj Patel

    Erm time to get a Vita I guess.

  • devantwilliams

    wasn’t this possible with the psp?

  • Anonymous

    you need custom firmware on your ps3 for it to work

  • Afra Sotoudeh

    you need to jail break your ps3 he says :D

  • Anonymous

    It’s streaming from the PS3, nothing to get excited about….

  • Damian Pawłowski

    I don’t get it, why people are so excited about it? You need a PS3 to get it to work on PS VITA so why playing on PS VITA when you can play on PS3?, If that will be a Storm for PS VITA vithout remote play then it will be so excited.

  • timanel1

    i dont understand german.. can you actually play this on vita ? what about storm 2 or generations ?  do you have to have ps3 turned on to play it on vita ‘

  • Anonymous

     Yea, but not with all games because of dual stick issue. I think with hacks though it could any done with any game. This could really be done on almost any device with some CPU, a screen, and Wifi. The first gen Iphone that could only pretty basically do polygonal environments could do this. People are really blowing this out of proportion….

  • Anonymous

     Storm 2 also works, as I’ve seen it happen.

  • devantwilliams

    I agree

  • Bernardo Lousada

    does anybody know where i can get the 1st game in the storm series in Europe ?

    i never played it, but i’d like to have the full collection untill now, besides, they’r ougis are badass !

  • Anonymous

    i miss this game , especially the long ultimate jutsu

  • Victor Bruno

    yeees, with cross-playing platform, or remote playing

  • Kira

    Awsome Really Awsome

  • Kira


  • Anonymous

    For those who want to play Storm while others want to watch TV.

  • Bernardo Lousada

    iv’e tried, but it’s not available, both in the UK, Spain and Portugal…

  • Anonymous

    Amazon or game uk sites

  • Anonymous

    ^ exactly

  • SuperdeadlyKing


  • Anonymous

    storm 1 was the best simply because it has the diversity in everything, every character has its own items, abilitys, jutsus and ultimate jutsu damage
    CC2 has Waived alot of that because of the online balance and i hate that fact.

  • Jordan Walker

    Um well… the only diversity it had were jutsus and transformations, every character STILL has its own items and damage is still proportional but making characters deal different damage IS unbalanced, online or not.  

  • Tobi

    If this guy can do it No Doubt CC2 can do it Too if they tried…

  • Kira

    an offer —.—- i’m not santa claus

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion I rather see another Naruto game on the Nintendo, specifically the 3DS even though I don’t have one.

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    no of course not because you know you can just get the disc inside the vita….

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Storm 2>Storm 1


  • Anonymous

    CC2 HAS Dismissing alot of items from storm 1 for example itachi, sauske and orochimaru u can go back and see for yourself.
    by the way all characters in storm 2 have the same combo and jutsu damage go check that out too, and finaly are u blaming me for comblaing about how come pain’s ultimate jutsu do the same damage as ino’s !!!? come on man if it was the wrong thing to do why did CC2 put it in the first storm

  • Timothy Obiesie

     So storm 2 is better then storm 1?

  • supersaiyanbardock


  • Anonymous

    you can also download the game from the psn store -_- and ultimate storm 2 is also is on ps vite saiyanisland just search on youtube

  • Emit

    storm 2 was crap…took away the fun of exploring the village and a few other features… totally not worth sacrificing for the *rpg story* thing..

  • ssjbardock13

    You got it the other way around, in storm 1 you are just roaming in one village what is so fun in that, its not worth buying if my storm 1 breaks I would not buy a new one XD

  • Jasmine Lourenco

    That so awesome! But when is it released in America?