Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja – Story, Design by Kishimoto

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Naruto fans, get ready for a brand new Naruto movie! It was originally announced back in December, but a brand new scan from Shonen Jump reveals Japanese theaters will play host to the 9th Naruto movie – Road to Ninja – beginning on July 28, 2012!

Naruto’s legendary creator, Masashi Kishimoto, is taking the time to personally come up with the story and character designs for the movie. Not much else is revealed, but based on the scan, it looks like Minato and Kushina will play some part in the movie along with Tobi and the Nine-Tails.

Although the scan states “Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie” we expect the final title to be around the lines of Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja. It would be Naruto Shippuden Movie 6 (9th overall), if true.

Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison, the fifth Naruto Shippūden movie, was released in Japanese theaters July 2011. We expect it will make its way onto the Internet in some shape or form, English subtitled, after April 25, 2012, the DVD’s release date in Japan.

  • Rafael Georgiou

    awesome i cant wait!

  • narutobleachop

    Kishi is making the movie!?! hell ya! that means it won;t be filler!!

  • Zachary Richardson

    Looks like Ino and Hinata switched personalities or something.

  • Jmenyfield

    What? Just because Kishi’s making this movie doesn’t mean that it’s not filler infact he does most of the STORY DESIGNS for the anime movies. If it’s an anime movie then that automatically means that it counts as filler. The only anime movies that are canon to the anime are OVAs. 

  • ichigokun

    anybody notice Hinata and Naruto?  wonder what was going on there?? hmmmm!!

  • Jamal E. Douglas

    1st Oda with Strong World,then Kubo with Hell chapter,now Kishimoto with this.

  • Jack Fitzpatrick

    Hinata’s logic… Naruto has unzipped his jacket… copy aaand I’m fucking badass

    Hinata FTW

  • DeiDei180

    Wow hinata is getting alittle loose. 

  • Goku Vegeta

    lol like the other guy said i think they drew the wrong heads on hinata and ino xD

  • Aldridge517

    Why is Hinata’s hoody open? o.O
    Why is Naruto’s jacket open?!

    HENTAI!!!! XD

  • jnw93

    lol ino looks like a guy

  • Minato1116

    My theory on this is that it seems the story may take place in an alternate time line considering Minato and Kushina are dead, so the only other way for them to be alive is if the story was taking place in an alternate time line where Minato and Kushina are alive. Besides some of the characters look a bit different such as Ino, Hinata, and Kiba.

  • konanNtobi

    ino looks like she could poses the rinnegan and she looks like a guy

  • konanNtobi

    but this is a really great scan

  • konanNtobi

    thats true but it doesnt seem like a likely explanation . maybe there inside of madara mask .

  • Stjepan Beslic

    hope narutos mom does some badass moves in this movie, so we can get her as playable character in Storm 3 xD

  • konanNtobi

    hell yea to that. shake my shnit

  • Sharnerius1

    What’s up with Ino and Hinata?Hinata looks loose and Ino looks like a man.Ino has her body covered up and Hinata is letting her body show.Did they switch personalities or something?And it looks like choji is skinny.Is this after or before the war?Could be before since tobi has the orange mask,but that could just be there to be there.It looks like everyone traded places.Another dimension maybe?Shikamaru looks like kiba and kiba looks like shikamaru.And why the heck isn’t the last movie released online yet?

  • battleorc52

    Man..For an explanation of why is Naruto’s jacket open because look at the seal on his stomach,You can notice it. And as I can see, There is some..Kinda idoits here. (Hinata fans) That are saying Hentai,Hentai! Because Naruto’s jacket open and so is Hinata >.>. And I have my theory:
    Tobi teleports Naruto into an other dimension. Where everybody’s personility changes. You can notice it. It’ll be awesome! I can see something interesting in Sakura in this movie!

  • Cjs0511

    If Kurama actually gets to be in a movie instead of a 5 second cameo then I’M IN!

  • Ē

    Ino looks like Madara.

  • Chris Kelley

    that would be awesome…. wait, would that mean that Hinata would be a flirtatious slut. Then I can’t wait to see that

  • battleorc52

    What’s up with the Hinata….Hinata..Hinata..Hinata stuff? Atleast talk about Naruto! What will he do with his parents etc.

  • Matsemann08

    What is Hinata wearing?

  • Adonis Gonzalez

    if you look at ino’s face and hinata’s face, you can tell they’ve switched personalitys. Since it looks like naruto stayed the same it means that he didn’t switch personality which means you’re probably right about the other dimension. Also, since kushina and minato are here that means they didn’t die in this dimension. I wonder what sasuke is going to be like! maybe like naruto?

  • Liban Abdirashid

    Naruto and hinata shoowing their body..^^ Naru-Hina Porn?

  • battleorc52

    For fuck’s sake,Stop talking about her! It’s a different dimension! So that means different personility ofc! Hear me only this time please!

  • f3ar0ner

    dat hinata

  • battleorc52

    Oh so this is how NH fans reacat? Alright then, The Fandom lost all the respect I had for it..I used to like NH but not anymore. Since it has those Hinata fanboys.

  • Ricardo

    Nice! :D I wonder if Sasuke will be in it…?

  • sharonsexxiii

    I always thought it would be weird if naruto hooked up with hinata would that me narutos son would have the byakugan

  • sharonsexxiii

    lol guy using seals 

  • battleorc52

    Ofc it’s weird,Plus the bloodline must be pure! You don’t see someone from Hinata’s and Neji’s clan marry someone out of the clan.

  • WEL

    Naruto’s parents are dead! What new retarded plot device could Kishimoto come up with to revive them again for some screen time? This is what I hate about these shonen animes about fighting, no one ever dies, they keep appearing later on as ghosts, alien, enemies and whatever and that kinda kills the impact of them actually being dead. That’s why One Piece is the only shonen series that has lasted this long, Oda really knows how to keep things interesting unlike Naruto that is always killing off characters only to bring them back again later on; then why the heck did you killed them to begin with?

  • WEL

    And is just me or in that promotional pic Ino looks like Itachi and Hinata like Sasuke? I wonder if that was intentional.

  • Susanoo Uchiha

    Anyone see the new picture from this week’s chapter?

  • KuronoMadara

    …this is just a movie. it has nothing to do with the plot of the manga.

  • Alex Harris-Wilson

    Hinata topless this is gonna be smoking hot !

  • huji fuji

    im gonna watch this movie just because shino is in it! ;D

  • Jad Abdel Samad

    ino looks awesome X________X

  • Grimmjow66

    Ino looks more like Madara.

  • Iqwinder Sandhu

    Good eye

  • DeiDei180

    if it’s different dimension and instead of minato and kushina dieing what if naruto dies in this dimension? Just a thought.

  • Hagareno

    O…I just realized the characters represent akatsuki members, 9 akatsuki, 9 secondary leaf ninja. ino is nagato, shikamaru is deidara ect. I wonder what they’re trying with this

  • DeiDei180

    Oh now i see, good eye!

  • Hagareno

    Yea, at first I wasn’t too sure about it. But then I noticed shikamaru is closing his left eye..and which eye did deidara keep closed? That and the tongue obv :) Some characters have a striking resemblance or characteristic of an akatsuki but others don’t, so I’m a little torn. 

  • hlhome

    Compared to the other movies this one looks really good!
    I wanna watch this bad.

  • hlhome

    Think Shino could be Kakazu?

  • Tyler Casilio

    Anyone notice that the Kanji behind the Road to Ninja ( the red paint) is the symbol for Shinobi that they are wearing on their headbands during the War

  • Hagareno

    Yea most likely, and I think Hinata is meant to be Hidan, because he fought with his cloak open a lot. 

  • Salvador

    ow this is cool like the drawings they nice
    cant wait for more info later

  • Trey Donnelly

    Sakura looks a lot like Sasuke here, with her hair.

  • konanNtobi

    This really cool and it doesn’t look like there will be any quickly made characters like in other movies

  • wall2cp3

    man i want a movie with the king itachi in it

  • unleashrage

    itachi ftw, my fav akatsuki and probs character of the entire show

  • Berina Williams

    epiccc!i can’t wait to see trailers.though in this picture ino looks hmmm abit weird but kinda badass too and hinata….dameee.though with her shirt open she reminds me of Anko.

  • unleashrage

    whats wrong with Hinata?

  • Kagi-x_Madara (Kagi clan)

    hinata looking epic

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    awesome =D

  • Kira

    yeah Hinata looks Hot ^^ can’t wait for this movie 

  • Harmony Zantt

    forget blood prison, I wanna know more about this!

  • Jordan Green

    I’m confused, did Hinata turn into a lady of the night O.o

  • konanNtobi

    Ino looks badasss

  • S00915418

     This is gonna be awesome. Naruto’s friends are gonna meet his parents at last. I wonder how they’re gonna react.

  • Zelaz

    Opposite personalities I think. Shikamaru’s sticking his tongue out, Gai looks reserved, and Hinata’s showing her bra with a confident smirk

  • Zelaz

    Ino also looks unsure of herself, in contrast to her usual bossy confident self

  • Brandon

    WHERE IS NEJI!!!!!! show me Neji or lose an important fan base… he’s the chosen of the hyuga clan, and hes not even a round character. The least you can do is feature him in a fight or revel secrets about the byakugon. It really angers the neji fan base that, hinata  got her tiger fists and neji got nothing. Now for your calls to action, very simple, make neji important or revel secrets/ fight scene. PLEASE :)

  • mexicanfatboy

    i know Neji doe need to be seen more. and it bugs me that the sharingan has all these powers and the byakugon and only do a little bit. there should be a way to make it better like they do with the sharingan. but back to the movie it, i think that naruto will some how go to a different dimension and every one will act different like there opposite. and when they see naruto they will be like kill him dont let him get away cuz they will think he is bad. because in this dimension naruto is bad. but they will soon find out he is not the naruto that they know. so they will ask him to help to get ride of there evil naruto. hahaha that would be cool. o and seening every one ells act different would be funny.

  • diana.darcangelo

    This looks like it’s going to be some sort of parallel universe kind of deal. Hinata looks confident, Ino is self-conscious, Shikamaru looks silly, and the swirl on Chouji’s cheek is square instead of round. Perhaps in this universe Minato and Kushina are alive. I’ve been waiting for Kishimoto to finally write the story for a movie. I don’t know about blood prison yet, but in my opinion the Two Towers was horrible! I’m sure Kishimoto will not let us down. AHH! I can’t wait ^_^

  • nabilhj

    What the hell happened to hinata and ino, lol

  • Hagareno

    lol actually, I think this is all coincidence, and they just switched personalities after all

  • Daniel

    hinata stopped being shy and got sexy, and ino became the new deidara with reverse parting…

  • Thomas Poole

    wut happen to blood prison


    I think that since madara is doing his transport thing in the scan that madara in the movie will transport naruto into his own made up dimension

  • unleashrage

    or naruto could be dead in their dimension

  • konanNtobi

    Ino is nagato

  • konanNtobi

    Hinata is hidan

  • konanNtobi

    Kiba or choji is definityly kisame. Kakashi zetsu. Not sure about sakura shino and guy

  • Kei Kyuki

    hinata’s the sexxxx ^_^

  • Lamar Ruben

    why are Naruto and Hinata the only ones damn there half naked????O_o ^_^

  • Tony Rogers

    Hinat looks awesome

  • Tobi

    Yeah i think so too cuz Look at Hinata she looks Bold not he usual self and Madara does look like he is using Transportation.

  • Tobi

    Sakura looks Very Pretty ^^ only if Kishi moved Hinata’s arms a tiny bit up… 

  • Frank Cerullo

    what? hinata may have got tiger fists but neji got sky plam so  stop complaining

  • GKage

    Wait. If Misashi is working on this movie…does that mean fillers are coming up for Naruto anime? :(

  • ssjbardock13

    I think Ino is a guy O_O joking.

  • ssjbardock13

    lol, so far I’ve seen 5 Naruto movies, I saw the third but didn’t complete it oh and do you know how Kakashi get Mangeko Sharingan, I heard from someone he gets it in a third Naruto shippuden movie.

  • ssjbardock13


  • ssjbardock13

    HOLY SHIT, Shikamaru there’s your killer O_o

  • ssjbardock13


  • abhishek raghu

    No… v wont have to go thru the filler sessions anymore… as there is no way kishi can deviate once the ninja war starts..

  • icegaze

    Guy uses ninjutsu, you know (summoning a tortoise is one).

  • icegaze

    For those saying that this movie will take place in an alternate Naruto universe, just so you know, this is just an announcement poster, it doesn’t even qualify as an advertisement poster. We still know diddly squat about the plot. Let’s be patient.

    I do hope it’s set in an AU though. ^^ Badass-sexy Hinata is a huuuuge bonus.

  • Paulius Kekys

    Look at Hinata XD

  • konanNtobi

    THINGS THAT COULD HAVE MADE GENERATIONS BETTER. to me the story mode was great and they should keep it that way for storm three but the story was missing the epic battles, so boss battles would have been great, one fo every ones story mode. SECOND. there really wasnt that many new characters, besides the kages masked man and kabutomaru. the part one leaf and sand characters were nice to have but werent neccesarily new. the new naruto and sasuke was a given. obito and young akashi are the only characters that  were suprising to get. THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE ALL THOSE SUPPORT CHARACTERS PLAYABLE. IT WAS AHUGE MISTAKE NOT DOING THAT. BUT MAYBE THEY WILL BE PLAYABLE IT STORM THREE

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  • S00915418

     In a way I’m hoping it’s not an AU, just because I wanna see the shock on Naruto’s friends faces when they see his parents. That black nine tails could just be an experiment Tobi was working on. I’m really hoping its not an AU.

  • mohammad javad Kormi

    u nasty.


    bro i feel ya on to me the was O..K not that good but i  did like usein masked man n kabutinaru


    is shikamaru smoking! or is it his tounge?

  • Furama Dương

    Hinata look just like she just had se_

  • Furama Dương

    with Naruto ….

  • Caleb Tansley

    Hinata <3

  • Christian Wright

    i see that’s ino up top? PLEASE develop her jutsu!

  • Cody Stephens

    hinata used SEXY JUTSU heheh

  • Marivel Dedace

    first impression…
    “Oooh…a new naruto movi- WTF! HINATA?!?”


    awsome naruto with yondaime!! WTF??
    i like the hair styles in this poster..


    i want to learn japanese can’t wait a year for english subs to come..

  • MilleniumStorm4

    yes….another moving ending in naruto using a predictable rasengan!!! YEA!!!!

  • danq97

    saiyan island could you tell us what happened with the other naruto shippuden movie?? naruto shippuden blood prison 

  • armagadon

    OMGGGG MOVIE LOOKS EPIC !! REALLY HOPE WE GET SOME GREAT NARUTO AND SAKURA MOMENTS !!!! i mean come on out of everyone only naruto’s mum, dad, and sakura look like themselves !! the rest look messed up -_- and i dont get why a useless character like Hinata is even in this poster ! i pity her and all those supporting NaruHina     .

  • Jabari Walker


  • Lizzy

    just because your a narusaku fan that doesn’t mean you have to hate her just because she like naruto, i am a naruhina fan but i don’t go hating sakura….and you saying ‘i pity her and all those supporting NaruHina’ is just so fucking stupid, and she isn’t a useless character, she has work very hard to get stronger….and don’t pity us because the manga isn’t over and when naruhina end up together i’ll  be the one pitying you…and aside from that this movies is going to be awesome….   

  • Boomer6574

    It was a pre-sequel game what’s the point adding things that should be saved for the the real deal? Support’s like Darui and Chojiro i believe will be playable in the next game.

  • Boomer6574

    Sakura sucks

  • Boomer6574

    Movie characters in Storm 3?That would be something to check out.

  • Boomer6574

    Whaddya mean?

  • Boomer6574

    Whaddya mean?

  • Boomer6574

    I hope this has everyone in it like Will of Fire did.

  • Mikael Peltomäki

     Eh no? This will take place after the current events of the anime, so Naruto can use his Kyuubi power at free will. Not to mention he can also go into Sage mode and use the Rasenshuriken.

  • protofox

    naruto’s..shirt is..randomly open..thats not awkward at all….so is…hinata’s

  • MilleniumStorm4

    its still obviously gonna end in some form of rasengan….the movies are too predictable

  • Munem Ali

    Why are Naruto’s and Hinata’s jackets unzipped? What have they been doing? lol :3


    Damn straight! im not really the kind of guy that cares about anime couples…but i do support naruhina xD


    Hinata was the only one with enough balls to help naruto fight pein…so yea she is NOT useless, she can be strong…the anime just doesnt show her fight hardly ever so people assume she is weak.

  • Ladies_Man_217

     I think the reason why Hinata’s shirt is open in this poster is to show
    shes definately not the wall-flower we’ve all come to know in this film
    as it looks like that spot is filled by Ino. I also think Naruto’s shirt
    is open to show the sealing jutsu is different than the one used on him as a baby, showing that either Minato or Kushina knew a jutsu that could seal the Nine Tails without sacrificing in this alternate universe. Though i’m just going by mostly speculation, I think it has something to do with the metaphorical “Will of Fire” that keeps the Nine Tails sealed (judging from the flames on the seal and the specific words Kishimoto chose for Naruto to say in the trailer)

  • Carl Angelo Arcega Aguirre

    Think this till be Naruto in a parallel world.

  • Arvin Villanueva

    yeah..i agree with artisanexplosion….
    personally, i wanna see a romance scene between hinata and naruto…
    I wanna see some new technique for naruto..cos he only know clone justsu and rasengan….

  • Junry Labitad

    minato and kushina are part of that movie, right???

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    She looks like Tsunade.

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    She looks like Tsunade. You can tell from her hairstyle.

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    I agree with both of ya, and I’m also a NaruHina fan. Hinata always loves Naruto and he starting to realizes that.

  • takethatgirl

    yeah, they look like themselves because,
     Naruto and Sakura are both attacked by the man’s mysterious new dōjutsu.  and now they are in a another world. thats because they look like themselves an sorry for my bad english!!!!

  • enrico

    This is going to be an awesome movie, and i dont understand why people think so much about NaruHina or NaruSaku i mean everyone knows that Hinata loves Naruto and everyone knows how much naruto have helped sakura so she have a reason to love naruto but then we have sasuke. we still dont know what will happen if sasuke confess to sakura so i think i’m going with NaruHina. i think you’ll understand even though i’m bad at english

  • broken_angelwings94

    I’m completely unsure if I’m going to like this new Hinata O.e I kind of liked the sweet Hinata since she was the only sweet one in the series xD But I don’t know, if they make her like badass then I may still like her. What I’m really interested in is this rumored new Sasuke O.o 

  • Kelsey B

    I don’t know how I am going to feel about this movie, but I am agreeing that it may be some sort of genjutsu, as the Eye of the Moon plan is put into effect, it is supposed to cause peace in its own way, ya know? So I think he probably put it into effect, but Naruto will have to decide to break the genjutsu even though he will have to leave all of that stuff behind. Also, if that is the case, then it would fit into what could happen in the manga perfectly, if Kishi-san decided to make it go that way. Who really knows though? I didn’t even see that a movie was coming out until this evening… lol :)

  • Neff Lazaro

    Ok first of all i saw hinata pissed at naruto HINATA DOES NOT SIMPLY GET PISSED AT NARUTO!Only blush!

  • Wina Cao

    The characters are all having a personality twist. Sasuke (apparently) is going to be a major playboy, and Hinata becomes a butt-kicking heiress. Shikamaru becomes less lazy and Sakura has been said to become more feminine.

  • Tri Purnama Sari

    naruto im coming !!!! :)

  • AnaHatakechan

    what do you mean “When Sasuke confesses to Sakura?” he has never felt any romantic feelings for her and if he as it’d be so out of character, plus it’s obvious that Naruto is in love with Sakura. These pairing wars are stupid and I also don’t understand them

  • amklimaytys

    your so right its obviously genjustu because its impossible for 1 day narutos parents are dead and the next there alive i mean whats up with that it probably madaras eternal mangekyou sharingan in the works forming some powerful genjustu

  • sakura20201

    this may be the most bad ass movie ever with the new kick ass Hinata and playboy sasuke i always dreamed of ^^ and naruto’s parents are back !!

  • xavier_lett

    hinata  is beat man i love her shiness and usless please naruto would be dead with out her -_-

  • Nikeva Cook

    if hinata is pissed at naruto and making a threat that she will kill him does that mean she doesn’t love/like him anymore? im a naruhina fan. and will they reveal tobi’s face in the movie ?

  • emily_torres94

    i know right

  • AsianScarlett 13

    No,I’m pretty sure that even if Hinata turned into a sexy bad-ass,she most definitely still loves Naruto. From the looks of it,Masashi Kishimoto made this movie into a “what if” type. How events would probably have turned out if things went differently…but I think the plot of the movie is about Naruto being trapped in the masked dude’s Infinite Tsukuyomi. In simpler terms;Naruto is trapped in a powerful genjutsu that materialized into a fantasy dream where Naruto’s parents are alive,Sasuke isn’t an asshole but instead,a playboy who is crushing on Sakura all the time. Also,Sakura and Hinata seem to have switched personalities;Sakura,instead of being the feisty and fierce bad-ass,turned into the shy and quiet type.Hinata…well um,she turned out to be the feisty and fierce bad-ass. Yeah,talk about complete role reversal. Just like you,I am a complete NaruHina,and also a SasuSaku fan! :D Even if Hinata did threaten to kill Naruto,I’m sure she’ll fall in love with him sooner or later. She always does. I mean,she wont be able to resist Naruto’s infectious smile and amazing personality for long! :)

  • Dominik Forgiel

    I taught Ino gets more feminine

  • Ismail Music

    that is true was you sayd asianscarlet but in the newest episode of naruto shippuden you see sakura in the diffrent world and if you see the what newer scans you see that sakura is sucked in to with naruto… in other words they are both fucked or something like that and if you watch the trailer you see that hinata is in deed bad ass and facked up lol xD and

  • Sankara OLAMA YAI

    ur smart but i really cant bielive hinata threatning naruto its not rite im atotal naruhina fan. i think naruto will just realize he has to leave dream and save the real konoha and bring the real  sasuke back. i have a question does every individual character get a different dream cuz hinata probably doesnt want to be like that in front of naruto and also wat is that masked tobi guy up to y the genjutsu i thought b4 he wanted to conquer the world  

  • Kymoichan

    Well, I must say, the preview of this movie has got me wanting to watch it. I always did think ”What if, you know? I really do look forward to seeing this movie, and I do really wish Hinata would somewhat end up this way. I mean, really, Hinata does need to kick ass and such. Well, that’s all,  goodday.

  • Brian Broad

    hey man how am i able to see the new moive of naruto road to ninja i try on narutoget but it saying not going come out until 2013 get back at me if you know of a site to watch it on i am on yahoo pretty_boy2769 or skype prettyboyBrian or facebook Brian Broad

  • alexis holly

    Sakura got sucked in with Naruto so her personality is still the same.

  • Emma Kausen

    Nice!!! HAVE SOMEONE SEEN THE MOVIE? I can’t finde it, have
    you seen it in a website?

  • ObitoUchihax

    The movie (subbed) probably won’t be released online until April/May 2013…

  • nizarch22

    hey can anyone tell me how to watch naruto shippuuden?

  • Andrew Roncallo

    screw you buddy naruhina forever. I’m glad how things are going. This just proves they’re meant for each other. If Hinata is still in love with Naruto even in another universe then their love was always meant to be.

  • Ryan_Masad94

    if you didnt know already, in this movie, Naruto and Sakura are the same as they are in the normal anime/manga. While everyone else is different. In this Sasuke is a romantic. Hinata is scary/ not shy and so on. So that’s what he means when Sasuke comes onto Sakura since Sakura is still the same as the Anime. also Hinata will probably be more direct toward her love for Naruto.

  • Jo Youcef

    heheheheh u are really stupid
    masashi kishimoto writes the story and you say useless character just watch and shut up

  • Mariah Jiyong Davis


  • Marcel Ambross L Fernandez

    Wow <3