First English One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trailer

Posted by Omar Khan
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One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-9-41.jpg Last week, Namco Bandai Games confirmed One Piece: Pirate Warriors will be sailing its way to North America and Europe. Now, the first English One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trailer has been released! It spans 1:14 and shows a variety of scenes from the game.

What is interesting is at the end we see a potential box for the game. The press release from last week mentioned the game will be exclusively available as a digital title. Could there be a change in plans? Or is North America the only one who will get a digital only release? We will let you know for sure once the information surfaces!

One Piece PS3, One Piece: Pirate Warriors (or One Piece: Kaizoku Musou in Japanese), is the first One Piece game on the Sony PlayStation 3. It covers One Piece Part 1 as well as some of the story contents of the One Piece timeskip. The game was developed by Omega Force and published by Namco Bandai Games and Tecmo Koei in Japan on March 1, 2012. The game is expected to be released on the PlayStation Network through digital download in North America and Europe sometime later this year.

  • Mark Currie

    Wow… that was a better trailer than the Japanese ones >_>

  • ibster

    WOOP! im guessing that it will have the original Japanese dub too then ^.^

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    If Europe gets a physical copy and US only gets digital, I will definitely be importing this. This type of game belongs on a shelf for everyone to see, not as a bunch of bits and bytes.

  • hamzahsaiyed

    phewf, I thought this would have horrible english dubbing. Now as long as Sanji isnt smoking a lollipop. I’m sold.

  • Mark Currie

    Not to mention that full PS3 games bought off of PSN always cost the full RRP rather than the cheaper price you can usually get physical copies for off of sites like Amazon, in the UK anyway.

  • André Pereira

    can someone explain to me what means digital title does it mean that we can only download it

  • echem2011

    i think they mean that the US have to download it from the psn store  (digital) and the EU have to go to the store and get it (Physical)

  • Mister Kring

    Europe will be getting a physical copy, Europe does not take digital copy’s of games released as physical copy’s originally. (for example; Warriors Orochi 3 was released as a digital copy in America as Europe got a Physical copy, it is because American Video Game Publishers do not except games with no english audio for mass distribution [Exception for the Yakuza series], Europe does because it has a mass anime & manga industry with countries such as the UK, France, Germany and Spain which each dub and distribute anime & manga. If you don’t know; One Piece is dubbed in France, Germany and Spain and is very high in episode count each, France – As of 2012, 504 episodes are dubbed and 264 released on DVD, Germany – 400 epsiodes ‘dubbed’ have been aired on German Television as November 2011 and have released all 10 One Piece films so far ‘dubbed’, Spain – Arait Multimedia had received up to episode 400 and is currently dubbing more episodes as April 2011, UK – Does not have One Piece ;( but does have the video games. This is why Europe will get a physical copy and America won’t…

  • Mister Kring

     Don’t worry 4kids does not have the rights to One Piece anymore XD

  • Tony Boyd

    Yeh, its now Funimation that own the license to the series

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    this is going to be fun =D

  • Jonathan Awot

    where is the dubbed voices

  • Mark Currie

    In the 5th Level of Impel Down where they belong.

  • subsamuels

     Same here, this is a game you have to collect, and hearing that PS4 won’t have backwards compatibility this game will be useless when it comes out.

  • ByakuSharingan

    What’s a good place to order an EU version online? I’d rather have a physical copy…unless the digital version isnt more than like 8gb or so.

  • Boomer6574

    Like I said before: I envy PS3 users.

  • Frank van Leeuwen

    dont you mean 6th? (there is a secret 1)

  • Frank van Leeuwen

    so as i can see still japenese.

    hopefully the collector’s edition too.
    and hopefully alot of dlc’s comming soon.
    im going to buy the game and at the same time a 50$ psn card

  • deeerrr

    ima so buy this game ive been waiting for a game like this

  • deeerrr

    ima so buy this game ive been waiting for a game like this

  • devantwilliams

    may get a ps3 just for this ^.^

  • devantwilliams

    may get a ps3 just for this ^.^

  • demonsrage

    aaaaaaawesoooooooome the trailer is even better than the jap one, i really hope they would release it earlier than november its a long way and i dont realle care if its a physical copy or not but i just want it

  • demonsrage

    wait they show a physical copy at the end of the trailer

  • Thesageforlife K

    better have english or no buy

  • luffy0817

    exactly!!!! we might have hope for an phycial copy

  • Mark Currie

    Yeah I couldn’t remember if it went to 6 or not so I went with 5 =P The deepest level anyway.

  • Roshen Toor

    wheeeeen :’(

  • Jordan Green

    PS3 has beast exclusives. period.

  • Frank van Leeuwen

    november 2012 they said

  • luffy0817

    wait… so ur sayin that wen ps4 comes out, all the digital download games will be useless? how come??

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    this is Namco Bandai EU so if there is a disc version it may just be in Europe like Unlimited Cruise on Wii (that game is fun) We’ll have to wait and see. epic trailer

  • Hagareno

    Hey guys, if you haven’t played this game yet let me just give you a heads up. The game has great graphics, and the gameplay is legitimately fun. That’s about as good as it gets. The story itself is basically told the same as naruto generations tells it; it’s got some good cutscenes but they are few and short. Most of the story is skipped too. This game is def a fun little fanservice for ps3 owning one piece fans, but I can’t say it justifies the $60 price tag, maybe $40 would be a better price in my opinion. Anyway, there’s my 2 cents if you were on the fence about getting the game day 1. Hope I helped!

  • Kira

    Im anxious for this Game Amazing

  • OtherWorlded

    I haven’t seen all of the series so far, but from what I’ve seen this game looks great.

  • Fredrik Henningsson

    @Hagareno: How much of the story is skipped? And this is probably a dumb question but:does it have a versus mode? One Piece and Bleach desperately need at least one versus game. I mean Dragon Ball and Naruto has millions, Bleach and One Piece have just as much potential for a versus game as those two.

  • Josh Campbell

    i cant wait for the game to come out im a big big fan of the show and i know this game is going to be amazing