Alternate Looks for Characters in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie is certainly shaping up to be an interesting movie! Based on the scans, drawings, and posters released, the latest Naruto movie is taking us through what seems to be an alternate universe, possibly set through some kind of genjutsu! Naruto’s parents – Minato and Kushina – are alive, Ino looks conservative, Hinata is booming with confidence, Sasuke is a playboy, Guy is laid back, Kakashi is full of hot-blooded passion, and Shikamaru doesn’t seem as smart.

And in a new partial scan we get to add to the list: Tsunade is flat chested, Shizune is large chested, Tonton looks ferocious, and Sai, well, we don’t know what’s going on with Sai there, but he doesn’t look like the Sai we’ve come to know and love.

Additionally, here is a partial scan featuring Sasuke and Hinata from the movie:

Lastly, below you will see a drawing of Minato and baby Naruto. It’s unclear if this is an official sketch or fan art, but it was released by the movie’s distributing company, TOHO.

Also known as Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Road to Ninja, Naruto Shippuden Movie 6, among others, Road to Ninja is the 9th movie overall in the Naruto series. It will debut in Japanese theaters July 28, 2012. Naruto’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto will be personally involved with the movie. To learn more, please visit the Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie section.

  • Jamal E. Douglas

    O_O Huh?Wait?What?Where’s Tsunade’s tits?

    This confirms it.This is set in an alternative universe.

  • Scott Baker


  • Jamal E. Douglas

    And Failed.

  • Scott Baker

    how did i fail? were both at  the same time posted! mines at bottom on my screen :P  

  • Scott Baker

    dose this mean Jairya is evil? and orochimaru isnt?

  • Jamal E. Douglas

    No,it means Jairya isn’t a perv & Orochimaru is.

  • Mustafa Yasar

    power-seeking jiraiya and perverted orochimaru XD man im gonna love this movie

  • Ace

    Will this mean Sasuke is the good guy and Naruto the evil guy?

    I would so want to see that.

  • Mister Kring

    Shizune: Hehehe *runs jiggling* XD

  • narutobleachop

    hahaha lol they should have that in the rock lee anime

  • SuperdeadlyKing


  • peos

    wtf sasuke lvery coool hope he will be could however etf hinata bicht?????

  • Krista Peneff

    wtf sasuke looks like he’s trying to be yoh asakura! XD

  • daewoo94

    i don’t know… this seems kinda dumb to me…

  • Jen Santelices

    I think the deal with Sai is that he’s probably going to have a lot more flair or something, ’cause in the series, he doesn’t really show his emotions much. It’s just a hunch because his outfit looks like an artist’s outfit to me.

  • jermar

    i dont mind the change in people’s personalities, but i kinda wanted sasuke and naruto to stay the same, i heard sasuke might be sorta good in this movie, so i was hoping he could be good with the same demeanor he always has, similar to how he was in movie 2 bonds  

  • jermar

    i think naruto as an evil guy would be pretty interesting

  • jermar

    if orochimaru is a pervert this movie might turn into a hentai

  • narutobleachop

    ohh i was thinking that too! i can see him talking very flamboyantly in the movie

  • Deva_Pain_Path

    I do not like this idea…no offense but they kinda look weird…..

  • OtherWorlded

     I think it is because we are used to our originals. Does look weird though.

  • OtherWorlded

    So this is what Sasuke would look like more friendly and Hinata more confident.

    I could see Sasuke having the same voice, but not Hinata. I can see her voice sounding more womanly.

  • sonic4ever567

    to bad for you! I’m not gonna let anything ruin this movie for me! :p this looks awesome good sasuke,tough hinata,controlling shizune…what more could you want?!? it’ll be pretty funny too! XD   

  • sonic4ever567

    Well I think sasuke will sorta be like a good version of naruto’s usual sasuke-like rival…sorta like guy and kakashi’s relationship(without all the youth talk XD) so…in a way it will be a health rivalry this time around! ^_^

  • Michael John William McCroy

    I guess Ino gave Hinata tips on how to dress like a prostitute.

  • Kira

    yeah shizune nice tits and Hinata well amazing job no words XD


    when did hinata become so hot

  • Akio Takeshi

    It’d be fucking amazing if these costumes were in Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3.

  • Khalil Frye

    Is there any reason for Hinata to be dressed like a whore? -__-

  • ResidentMetroid

    About time Shizune gets her time to shine! 

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    Is like evryone getting a personality switch or something? is tsunade the assistant now? Is sasuke the new naruto?

  • Diego Zavaleta

    Another reality.

  • Sageof SixPath

    lol noooooooo

  • Sageof SixPath

    lol i agree i can’t even take Sasuke serious nomore.

  • Sageof SixPath

    That would be interesting to see.

  • super-sayian

    oh wow lmao, 10/10 for ton ton’s face XD

  • Jmenyfield

     Well they put the high school costumes of Naruto and Sasuke in the japanese version of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 for PSP so anything is possible xD

  • thedude5

    i think the movie is about naruto making a wish that his parents didnt die n this happens sasuke doesnt become bad hinata slut shizune hokage and ya

  • Jmenyfield

     Yes, because the opposite of Hinata should dress like that because she is more confident in herself. That is the same reason why Ino dresses like a whore on the daily basis, but in this movie, her alternative personality will be just like the normal Hinata, shy and not confident about herself at all.

  • Timothy Obiesie



  • MichelleJeanSaquing

    no, sasuke and naruto were trapped in a genjutsu and didnt know they are already in a alternate universe

  • Brittany Kukawka

    Tsunade WITHOUT huge boobs?! Apocalypse is here, guys. Break out the panic rooms.

  • Khalil Frye

    So essentially they’re saying confident girls dress like whores?

  • Jmenyfield

    Well it kind of is the truth. When a girl feels confident in herself, she usually tends to show off a lot more than a girl that has no confident in herself. 

  • Zaneta Campbell

    HOLY SHIT tsunade a flatter

  • Sandro Abashidze

    hinata and sasuke look so hot together :P  

  • Jayke

     The movie basis is Tobi tests out a prototype of the ‘Infinite Tsukiyomi’, called ‘Limited Tsukiyomi’, on Naruto & Sakura, that uses Sakura’s desire to have a life away from overbearing parents and Naruto’s desire to have his parents alive & with him, causing them to be trapped in an Alternate timeline, where Minato & Kushina are alive, and Sakura’s dad became the forth instead, with he and her mother dying to protect Konoha.  With the AU Timeline, every character has a flipped personality, such as Hinata being outgoing & agressive, rather than shy and demure, Tsunade being flat-chested with Shizune’s personality, and Shizune with a massive rack, and Tsunade’s lazy, alcoholic demeanor. Oh, and Naruto’s AU self is named Menma, after ANOTHER ramen topping, and has been brainwashed by Tobi, and is similar to Dark Naruto from the Falls of Truth, as the Secondary Antagonist.

  • Jayke

     Sakura, not Sasuke, are trapped in the AU with Naruto, as Sasuke IS a missing-nin.

  • Jayke

    The movie is about Naruto & Sakura getting trapped in ‘Limited Tsukiyomi’, a prototype of “infinite Tsukiyomi’, cast by Tobi in an attempt to get at Kurama, the Kyuubi, sending them to an Altered Timeline where Sakura’s parents are dead, her dad as the 4th, caused by them defending Konoha, as well as Minato & Kushina being alive, and all canon characters have a flipped personality, sich as Hinata being outgoing, ino being shy, shino hating bugs, kiba being a cat person, and Sai being an emotional artist with the Artistic talent equivalent of Rukia in Bleach, with her childish drawings.  Shizune isn’t hokage, she and Tsunade just have flipped personalities.  Same with Hinata not being a slut.  She dresses as a cross between Anko and Ino, with the open jacket w/fishnet from Anko, and the midriff-showing shirt like canon Ino.  Would that make her a slut as well?

  • Jayke

     No.  Just, no.  Sasuke is STILL an asshole, it just manifests itself as a wonamizer rather than a traitor.  Inversely, Hinata STILL only has eyes for Naruto, or Naruto’s AU self, she’s just not shy and demure, rather, she’s outgoing and openly aggressive towards women she perceives as a threat to her relationship with Naruto, even when they have no interest in him.  So, no.  Not gonna happen, make me gag on a rusty butcher knife.  Ew.

  • Nolan Hewitt

    what would be said about orochimaru