Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Official Website

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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If today’s epic scan for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 wasn’t enough of a confirmation, then how about this – Namco Bandai Games Japan has just today made available a teaser page for the official website! Feel free to visit it at

There isn’t anything on the website aside from the very nice image below and a blog entry from Yusuke Sasaki, producer at Namco Bandai Games. Mr. Sasaki promises a deeper story and more evolved combat system. Then he says to look out for more information to appear in popular Japanese magazines such as Shounen Jump, V-Jump and Saikyou Jump.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 sometime in 2013. We hope to have more details as soon as they become available!

  • Junaid Ansari

    We knew it was coming. But this soon???! Hope its not crap like Generations…

  • xavierad2009

    i like the site’s wallpaper its like its gonna go on fire.

  • tresk495

    Well hopefully they were working on it since the generations development, that being the main team if that’s what you want to call them, were working on storm 3 while some others were doing a few things with Generations. If they just started development even a few months ago that kinda sucks. it doesn’t mean the game will but the more time they put into the development the better.
    Generations was really just storm 2 with a few differences I wasn’t going to buy it originally but I figured maybe if enough people buy it then that would show them they should do so much more for Storm 3, but it is a game company so that probably doesn’t matter after all its always how much they can rake in sadly.

  • ssjbardock13


  • thatonekid

    They started to develop this game soon after Storm 2, they made Generations as a BETA for Storm 3. They’re going to add/fix things. Since this will be the best out of all the Storm games, well hopefully!

  • Patricia

    If they are going deeper into the story that means they are going to do this the right way.

  • GameFreak667

    Namco Bandai mentioned that Storm 3 will have a ‘more profound story’. So it seems they might be getting deeper into it.

  • Nigel Davis

    It’s going to be on XBox 360, too?! Hopefully it doesn’t screw up the game like it did to Storm 2. It just seems like the PS3 exclusive Storm 1 was the best in features and then Storm 2 (on XBox) removed so many awesome features. Hopefully those features make a come back in Storm 3!

    Please, nobody post “PS3 Fanboy!” or “What makes the PS3 better than the XBox!?” comments. I just look at what I know and try to make sense of it.
    IMHO, there isn’t any good games [B]for me[/B] on the XBox, the best games (other than Zelda and stuff) are on PS3 and PC but I prefer PC.

  • Aldridge517

    Forget UNS Generations, the wait for this game was 120% worth it!

  • Matthew Green

    Still pissing me off that they are doing his Rasengan the wrong colour.

  • Rafael Georgiou

    Awesome news keep coming guys ! I wont be surprised if a new scan with some new players is released :)

  • SasukexNaruto2

    I think this going to be 2 discs on xbox 360 because like over 200 characters, free roaming story, online, they might not have enough room they should just wait for the nex gen consoles then they could do more with it.

  • unleashrage

    over 200 characters?…you have played a game with that many?

  • unleashrage

    yep totally

  • Bradley

    You don’t know anything about game development, do you?

  • Bradley

    No they didn’t make it as a beta. Seriously, do you have any common sense? What a stupid statement that has no facts to back it up. 

    Balance issues can be worked on via patches in any game. Generations was not a beta (lol), it was just a game, slightly filler-ish, to keep fans busy.

  • skarlatos-3-

     What screwed up storm 2 is the company itself not the port to 360(hell it was a PORT the game was developed on ps3).The game took barely the 1/3rd of 360s disc space and i dont know what the f*ck they were thinking when making the combat system…SO BROKEN.The story mode was amazing though.

  • Derick Morales

    They’ve already confirmed giant boss battles, so as far as I’m concerned the story is almost guaranteed to be fun and worth it. Since they’ve never been consistent with the story mode before, there’s not much to expect.

    Regarding the combat system, I think what I liked the most about UNS1 was the feel of it, it made me feel like I was actually fighting as my favorite characters from the anime/manga. The subsequent games have done more towards making it more of a general fighter, but that doesn’t work if great character balancing isn’t present. I’d rather they develop each character individually than pigeonhole them into set attack ranges/motions and piling constraints on them that just make them feel like shadow clones of their character. Make the characters fun and the rest plays itself, its not like the target audience is Street Fighter fans. If you’re to insist on making the combat the focus of a game, be ready to make patch updates for character balancing, otherwise focus on the unique experience you can provide, being Naruto.

  • Dinesh Cordova Gurung


  • SuperdeadlyKing


  • Tigersnow1994

    Dragonball (with all the transformations) 161 characters.

  • KitahSenpai

    I wouldn’t mind being able to level up the characters to make their attacks stronger, that’d be a nice thing to see.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind them adding in some blood, I mean come on the 12+ orginal anime has blood in it, therefore why can’t they show just a little bit? Can’t see why… then again The “younger” audiences, but maybe have a setting to turn that on and off.

  • KitahSenpai

     They could have like 50 to 100 characters on disk and the rest DLC *like other modes, and other costumes as DLC* such as Wind Shuriken or Nine tails rasengan naruto (in the storm 2 and generations) as they won’t be needed in this game, but having all of that on one disk may be tricky if they do have a huge free roam, then again… Skyrim did it but that game is mega laggy in itself.. so it’ll depend on what CC2 can manage :D

  • david paw

    Storm 2 have blood animation. Do you remember when Itachi touch Sasuke forehead and there is blood on his forehead. But there are no blood in the VS mode. But I do like your idea though.

  • Anthony

    I am also angry that it is blue in that mode. Should be Gold like the manga!

  • Kira

    “Mr. Sasaki promises a deeper story and more evolved combat system” Sounds Very good

  • iamlegend9999

    You sure its crap or you just suck?

  • Anthony

    I wonder what the cover will be?

  • Femi Adams

    You’ve literally just stole my comment lol. Looks very promising!!

  • unleashrage

    nice try but thats still less than 200 :)

  • Femi Adams

    I’m thinking Naruto with the alliance army behind him on the left vs Madara, Kabuto and loads of Zetsus on the right hand side. Maybe edo Madara in the middle background.

  • nicholas palmer

    yo if the cover is that picture above  then thats awesome im tired of all these flashy covers for a game i mean i didnt buy the game just to look at the cover photo but thats not really important lmao

  • Corey Boyd

    i could honestly careless for anything else other than: where does this start, and where does it end?

  • gaarag4

    I realy hope that sage kabuto is on this game

  • Devaughn Chambers

    i Really REALLY hope they put lars in this game like for real yo. if not at least put him down for dlc. Hell i’ll buy him too 5 bucks to get him it’s worth it :)

  • Anthony

    That’s actually a pretty cool idea, like the cover of ultimate ninja 3. I like it

  • Fahri Tiftikci

    is there 200 characters

  • beaunard declasse

    can any one say GOBI!! yay han!!!

    hope the tailed beast hosts are there!

  • Patricia

    They could use a few things from the ps2 series like when you could actually throw or use and ultimate on awakened character.

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    u do realize what caused the big changes from 1 to 2 was the online play right? they had to shorten everything up for online but besides the short ultimates 2 was really good, just hope they update the ultimates this time around instead of copying and pasting them again.  

  • Aldridge517

    Sweet, sweet boss battles xD *bliss*



  • mariyus

    free roam

  • SasukexNaruto2

    First of all stuff that I would hope they do is make all the support only characters in generations playable & also right now theres 3 current narutos the kcm naruto jutsu give that to sage mode naruto & the moveset to the old naruto because I really just don’t want 6 narutos in storm 3 for sasuke they shouldn’t have to cahnge up anything just please change his moveset & add more ninjutsus for each of them as well as different ultimate jutsus for example Sasuke(Kirin/Chidori Spear) should have at least regular chidori as a ninjutsu & chidori stream as enhanced. Taka Sasukes moveset needs to be redone it sucks other then the up combo I don’t like it, he should have some sort of fire ninjutsu not fireball jutsu basically every character has that & maybe amateratsu like a regular 1, his ultimate he should have like 2 new ones I really want to see a genjutsu ultimate sort of what he did to killer b he used tsukiyomi some what. Susano sasuke is fine the way he is but fix how he drops the framerate sometimes he laggs the game & maybe 2 more ultimates for him, his moveset I like except his regular combo & his up combo because at the summit he was using susano the whole time I would expect to see more of those type of combo. I got more ideas these are just things I want thanks.

  • Patricia

    After this CC2 needs to make a good bleach game

  • unleashrage

    so true

  • yuckfoupayme

    That would be awesome. With some tweaks the tenkaichi-like combat system they used for storm would fit the game nicely. I just hope that they put depth into the combat if they ever decided to make a bleach game.

  • Jerome Thomas

    ALL I KNOW IS, they better have ALL the jinchuriki and their tailed beasts available for play. Also they should really bring back the unlimited awakening like in the first storm or at least have it as an option.

  • Patricia

    I hope they ask for english feedback again.

  • MinatoNamikaze

    They HAVE to change Sasuke to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.. His awakening should be the final stage of susano’o.

  • Felicia Vargas

    True and even though they are making a new DBZ game CC2 should make a DBZ generations or something 

  • Joe

    starting at the confining the Jinchuriki Arc all the way to the end of the series. this is the final storm game and why they were waiting for the manga to get close to the end before releasing any information

  • truesensei

    Please make it 60fps

  • Markees Lee

    I finally have a reason to come back to this website.

  • Markees Lee

    They’re making a DBZ game!? should be sweet considering they are making it.

  • Salvador

    like itachis but purple

  • thatonekid

    LMAO, they added the substitution bar in Generations because they added it to Storm 3. They learned from their mistakes from Generations and plan on fixing them in Storm 3.

    It’s common sense, kid. 

  • nicholas palmer

    gameplay: this only need a level up system 1-50 i guess and a 2 slot for  signature jutsu and also a set of ultimate jutsus for one person like from the ps2 series and new combos  for main characters for the story mode also more than one awaking (sasuke,sharigan mode,cm,cm2,)

  • Francis Solis

    I would like for the Sound Four to be playable this time -.- i’ve been asking for it forever. i would also very much apriciate a character Art for Orochimaru that doesn’t make him look like a complete fool. i was also asking for Guren to be a Bonus Character in Generations but i guess nobody cared. u know im a peron who’s really had a hard life because nobody loves me, this is due to my lack of friends, Parential love and actually being hated by Society because of my homosexuality, im a person who never wins drawings at school, or anywhere else for that matter, but i feel like the entire world is against me and who i am, if i wasnt religious i would probably be a serial killer, anyways i liken myself to orochimaru because i feel were connected through the events that happened in his life. i Absolutly hate how everybody underminds him and the Sound Village, it reminds me of how everybody treats me and it make my stomach churn please is the only thing i can say… and thank you for listening like this if u agree


  • gaarag4

    You took the words right out of my mouth exept 4 the part about no 1 likes u bt I been there

  • beaunard declasse

    after seeing hack//versus (witch is just like the storm series) and is only an exclusive to PS3, i have come to think that the reason storm one looked slightly better and had slightly more stuff is because… it was an exclusive…now hack//versus had stuff they could have put in storm generations but the ended up not doing it. why? well i don’t know, they could have been lazy or it was the fact that it was for both systems… now don’t get me wrong I WANT THIS GAME TO BE GREAT! but cc2 and namco bandi  BETTER WORK THEIR buts off and prove me wrong.. i want the battle system to be very much strategy involved not just one button combo break and substitute! the graphics are good so they don’t need to really go back to storm 1 what the need is more content to like GREAT roam around (like uns1 but traveling to other villages) and tree jumping like broken bonds and things from other great naruto games the need to study more on naruto and its history with games and the ANIME its self and make this game truly the ULTIMATE NINJA STORM!!!!

  • Patricia

     Really? Whats it called

  • Alex Marrero

    Yeah, and unlike last time it’s to squash people’s hopes of getting what they want based on CC2′s troll-like past.

  • Alex Marrero

    To all you people hoping/wishing/pleading for any relevant additions or even creating a truly balanced game (Generations is arguably more broken the Storm 2), don’t get your hopes up. We study History so we don’t repeat the mistakes of our past, and History has shown us what CC2 will do/imply to get us to fork over some more of our cash. I.e. they are trolls.

  • KitahSenpai

     If you remember though, Hinata got stabbed by pain… under her armpit -_-

  • Alex Marrero

    CC2 is not making a DBZ game. Where did you get that info from? Or do you mean the kinect version of Ultimate Tenkaichi and that CC2 should take over the rains, which I truly agree with.

  • Alex Marrero

    Yes, and maybe.

    Unlimited awakening should be exclusive to offline only unless tweaks are made.

  • Alex Marrero

    I hope they listen to English feedback if they ask for it again.

  • Alex Marrero

    For offline, okay. But if anyone’s played that stupid Custom Ranked you’d see why giving advantages to one player is a dumb idea.

  • Alex Marrero

    Not gonna happen. They’ll focus on war characters, that’s it. It’s not even assured old characters in their past forms will even return.

    And wow dude. I understand how you feel, but try and be more confident in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should be or get you down.

  • Alex Marrero

    CC2. Namco Bandai has nothing to do with the development save for assigning a release date and publishing it.

    Yes, they better work their “butts” off… though History says they’ll do otherwise.

  • nicholas palmer

    no offense but balance dont mean shit because people get beaten by ino while using minato its just skills practice with your favorite charcter that’s all

  • Alex Marrero

    When you’ve been a part of a community that breaks down EVERY aspect of a game since Storm 2 (including every exploit) then come and tell me the games aren’t broken.

  • E J

    Dude. stop.

  • E J

    Honestly, my best character is Jariaya and i use sage naruto and minato as supports, and i seriously havent lost a match yet with them. I have Destroyed young nejis and pts lees without a sweat, so Nicholas (below) is seriously right about what he said. Its just how you play and learn the way your opponent plays to get the advantage. Im on Xbox, EsteRios23 if anyone wants a good game :3

  • Alex Marrero

    Stop what? The truth? Typical.

  • Alex Marrero

    I’m sorry if everyone is offended by the truth, but i was very optimistic about Generations even though I had reservations. But hey, my reservations turned out to be true and then some. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It won’t happen a third time.

    EJ check out xafropopx on yutube, and if you tell me you can beat that then I have nothing further to say to you.

  • OtherWorlded

    I said the same thing and I was greatly insulted for it. I agree with you 100%

  • OtherWorlded

    I said that too and people tried to spit in my eye. Don’t let them read you comment for they will surely disagree. 

  • OtherWorlded

    Thank God, we finally have people here that aren’t completely sold on the Storm games because they have the name “NARUTO” slapped on them. 

    The facts are not debatable. CC2 does have a lot to work do other than just making a cheap Roam, and Fighting System that gets very boring after a while, then throwing in a awesome story-mode that is short and we only play once.

    Sorry if I am not hip hip horay, but they downgraded for the people that don’t care.

  • Patricia

    Jutsu clashes, free roam, and longer ultimate’s should be the next thing they announce.

  • beaunard declasse

    you speak true words, what you say mostly true. all everyone wants is a truly good naruto fighting game, not just some copy of the other storm games witch are flawed, but with new characters. they really need to put hard work into the game. but what are some of your opinions they need for the game for the game? 

    because i really don’t want storm 3 to disappoint then later they make some new game after the series is over with the stuff storm 3 should have had. 

  • OtherWorlded

    very true, the cinematic scenes made it feel more realistic and less dull. People will always cry they took this, this and that out for online. So what, if that is the case online is killing the fighting system. 

    Clashes as well. Naruto and Sasuke always clash. Everyone always knows it is ChidoriXRasengan + SCREAMS. 

    And free roam is a must for me. I don’t care if like 10-20 people who never played the first storm game don’t like hopping on and off buildings. I do!

  • OtherWorlded

    I think they should restore it to its former glory. I mean look at storm1 it was exclusive but still had a decent number of sales. 
    And It didn’t even have online. 

    Now storm 2 had online, it was like most of the hype. They took alot of stuff out that made storm, STORM in the first place and it went multi-platform. 

    Why do people love exclusives so much? With exclusives the creators tend to put more work into the game. They are selling to a smaller group of people. Multi-platform on the other hand, gets sales either way, it is more broad. You will always have those same people that buy the game no matter what. These are preferred customers. 

    If Storm 2 was so good it should have at least doubled its sales. We are talking about old fans + new and people that just like a good anime game. 


  • E J

    I stopped watching at 4:29, that seriously pissed me off. But no lie, me and Dbzfreak25rises Owned this kid in a tournament a few days ago, he was of course Masked Man and had pain and pts tenten as support (both in defense) but i beat him. THE WAY TO BEAT SPAMMERS WHO SPAM JUTSU WILL BE EXPLAINED TO EVERYONE, LET THEM USE THEIR JUTSU UNTIL THEIR CHAKRA RUNS OUT, THE CHARGE AT THEM!!! BRING OUT YOUR SUPPORT TO CANCEL HIS, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY TIME TO RUN!!!
    Then when you have taken away enough health to the point where they cant catch up, just Troll for fun :3
    and I agree with you Alex, sometimes these guys are still annoying, but take my advice and it Will Work, and if it doesnt, f*ck them. Let them enjoy their sad lives cheating their way to win. The whole point in games is to have fun remember that, dont let spammig a*swholes take that away from you :b

  • beaunard declasse

    Yes! you make a very good points and people need to realize this, i know some people want to say the storm games are the best but their not and they have many flaws. But we can fix the if they listen to us more. Tho there are some down sides to listening to the people the tend to ask for too much or the want them to please every one. Now since this game might have the ending of Naruto in it. They should just narrow it down to the true fans. Not only that they need to make the combat have strategy and make it feel like you need skill to play and and balance and unique characters, but there is too much to list to make sure storm 3 is the best it can possibly be. If they try to be more generous the greedy then maybe this game can actually be good. If they fix the fighting it will attract some people that as you said just like a good anime fighting game. Tho if they really want to please true fans of the series and add special content, people that just wanna pick up and play. So what i’m saying the should have a “you cant please everyone attitude towards this game” and only GREAT  just to make it a true GOOD BYE NARUTO for the fans that they will never forget. Tho i don’t think there is much we can do about it not being exclusive. But we have to hope that the fact that its for Xbox does not make the game creators more lazy.

  • ntlg504

    you dont need to change much cc2 just make the story mode like storm 1 but you can leave the village and boss battles like storm 2 and 1 and the fighting style should be the same as storm genaration and also cinematic scenes thats it really storm games should stay how they where but just improve it thats it 

  • ntlg504

    the fighting style should stay the same clashes are okay there not something to be excited about but there something to be happy about but yes the free roam should be amazing something we have not seen yet in the storm games but not different i like how storm 2 is but they should combine free roam storm 1 and free roam storm 2 and scenes from generations so im thinking running and jumping like storm 1 but you can leave the village like storm 2 but you get to see those epic scenes from generation 

  • Alex Marrero

    Except the gamers who dished out the goods to purchase the game have a right to play however they want. THAT is fun to them, and like you implied, why take that away from anyone? It’s up to CC2 to make the game where it’s not possible to win with such simple tactics. Until then, it’s not cheating because it was put there by the developers, and and to wrongfully accuse them of cheating despite not breaking any rules is just biased.

    When they run out of chakra, use a support to give time to charge. It’s not as simple as you make it out to be.

  • OtherWorlded

    I was ok with it going Multi-Platform, I just didn’t know they were going to change some much, you know. 

  • Андрей Левин

    I think they need to add step by step awaiking.For example:You have 3 HP bars and begin to play with Sasuke (chidori as jutsu),than when you loose your 1st bar,you can awake to Sasuke with Mangekyo and Amatersu as jutsu,and then when you loose your 2nd HP bar, you can awake to Soosano mode.I think it would be cool!Match would last longer and become more epic!But its need to think out of a balance…

  • drakeuchiha007

    storm 3 is going to be a blast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drakeuchiha007

    i can’t wait until i buy it man !!!!!!!!!

  • Francis Solis

    thanks, but the sound four were added to Kabuto’s body so they’re still plenty revalent, right?

  • Francis Solis

    thanks for your suppoort, i really appriciate it

  • Francis Solis

    Thank i appriciate your words of support,  but im a lost cause

  • Rayson

    Yea i would like a small trailer at least to keep m hyped up every second :) !

  • beaunard declasse

    spyno9 made a great video for his ideas on storm 3. they are really good ideas!

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    greatest i’ve i heard all day *glad i thought of it lol jk*
    u need to work for them to make this happen

  • yolo4life

    i really hope that this little cc2 company doesn’t disappoint me again cuz dis naruto games is supposed to be epic not basic ass shit!! Which eva company made broken bonds and storm 1 pls come back and make storm 3 and pls listen to your fans dis time!!

  • yolo4life

    i agree wit u dey should also put in the elemental advantages and disadvantages

  • yolo4life

    yeah good idea cuz some characters should have more than 1 awakening cuz would love to see tsunade have summoning mode and a creation rebirth/herculan plus all the characters in da game wasn’t to different

  • fabricej

    please please please bring the cinematic moments from storm 2 back.

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    cyber connect two has been there for all the storm 1,and storm 2(even with its faults) and generations were really good games, storm 3 already looks the shit so enjoy it with other fans and stop bitching like a sasuke :P

  • HatakeKakashi

    2013 looks like a pretty good year for the Naruto Series

  • AmpBknocka

    Ive heard they are making awakening mode last longer which is better, but I hope they bring back the Storm 1 engine gameplay system. Like the free realm RPG, clash jutsu, and longer ultimate jutsus.

    Also I they should add in battle environment advantages like jumping on a tree and fire off long distance jutsu or kunis, and dodging systems. To add in the environment field add in jumping to long distances to get to higher places like in storm 1 but not just a one long jump.

    And team ultra jutsu not like the one in storm 2 but with only 2 characters like Naruto and Minato doing a great rasengan together, and switching teams to take over with new bars to make the fight last longer.

    Last but not least customization, make your favorite character look more stylish 

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    whats ur opinion on  the whole create a shinobi idea? and alsoi really like the jump ability in storm one(gunna sound really stupid) but i used to just jump around dodging my friends shurikens(Kunais were alot harder to dodge) because the jump system was so fluent and flexible,i liked it where as storm 2-gen was straight forward and frontflip/backflip glide ya know?

  • DeVante Grace

    Does anyone know if the ultimate jutsus are going to be the same???? They have been for the last 3 games. I REALLY hope they bring back the longer ultimate jutsus back like in the first ninja storm also the clashes betweet jutsus. 

  • Deano216

    I have so much ideas for the game because i played it day and night from last year up to now .. non-stop. This is one of the greatest game series ever. But the computers need to be harder because i even give them the handicap advantage. Can anyone tell me how to contact the game creator I would really appreciate it.

  • Jhon Pheterson

    You must have at least 200 characters

  • Ramalhao

    I wish this game had 2 modes online, the 1st was the same, and the 2nd was like the free roam in Red Dead Redemption where we could make friends and do  the missions like the anime … cinematic moments, longer jutsu clash, ultimate jutsu, customization (Makes your character starting from scratch).
    If they can not do that in this game do it in the next…

  • Sev Kaplita

    i think they will keep the game the same like in storm 2 and generations , they don’t really care our opinion because they know fans will buy it anyway ,  i miss jutsu clashes and wall fight , i also want more jutsus to be useable in the battle ( not only 2 )

  • Rainbowprincessparty

    This game is not going to finish naruto…. Seriously guys come on think a little, the series isn’t even finished yet and you act like this is the finale…

  • Devaughn Chambers

    i know right it has a long ways to go

  • Стефан Миленковић

    What is password??

  • Rafael Barca

    NARUTO – Naruto – like the generation want to such as NTSC Region Free Naruto games of Naruto and PAL …., creator of Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, but I did not have them in the region of PAL or free yourself from Uruguay because it satisfies the taste, fan very good Naruto will come out in a region free or PAL, I think your answer would like to check whether to come out in all categories

  • Rafael Barca

    Im of uruguay I dont talk much inglish

  • Rafael Barca

    this sale on region free or pal?

  • derrick melvin

    this probably will end the naruto series because generations stops at five kage summit & storm 3 comes out in march. they have plenty of time to finish the naruto series and still put all of it in storm 3

  • Ash Ketchum

     They won’t they’ll leave it off whether or not just like what they did to generations, generations were suppose go up to Itach vs Naruto they canceled it because they didn’t have time to edit the whole scene 

  • Ai

    they should really add better ultimate jutsu’s while in fury mode…

  • Gabrielle Godoy Godinho

    Personal going to do a campaign for them to put a cooperative mode in the game would be pretty cool as in the Ps2 game Bleach Versus mode could play 2 on 2 was a lot more fun”                 ‘Pessoal vamos fazer uma campanha para eles colocarem um modo cooperativo no jogo seria muito legal como no jogo Bleach Ps2 modo Versus poderia jogar 2 em 2 era muito mais divertido”’

  • Gabrielle Godoy Godinho

    Personal going to do a campaign for them to put a cooperative mode in the game would be pretty cool as in the Ps2 game Bleach Versus mode could play 2 on 2 was a lot more fun”                 ‘Pessoal vamos fazer uma campanha para eles colocarem um modo cooperativo no jogo seria muito legal como no jogo Bleach Ps2 modo Versus poderia jogar 2 em 2 era muito mais divertido”’

  • david paw

    Of course of course :)

  • lamerius craig

    lmao. but seriously i preordered and that new goku costume looks epic and the rasengun kamekameha is epic as well

  • Shaquan Muhammad

    Whoever is the creator of this game, please have Konohamaru Sarutobi in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. He is one of my favorite characters in Naruto Shippuden.

  • Derrious Raw Vera Lewis

    that would be nice

  • Steven Holland

    we should be allowed to use rin and all seven sword men of the mist plus the past 5 kage and the gold and silver brother and zetzu basically all the characters the characters that is in it but we carnt use