Naruto’s Ending is Set in Masashi Kishimoto’s Mind

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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In the June 23rd article from popular Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the legendary creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, gave his comments on Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie.

He also had some insight to the Naruto manga series. Actually, it is a reiteration of what he said in an interview back in February – the Naruto manga is inching towards its climax! That’s right, four months later we aren’t at the most intense, exciting part of the series just yet, but it is coming!

Additionally, Kishimoto-sensei mentions “how the story will end has already been set in my mind, so the story is just ‘racing headlong in that direction.’”

Exactly how much more Naruto action is left for us is unclear, but we have a feeling it will hit us sooner than we’d like.

Serialization for the Naruto manga began in the popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine back in November 1999. Since then 40+ video games, almost 500 anime episodes, 9 theatrical movies, and a plethora of other merchandise have sprung up with the Naruto name. Add to that the 590 chapters and 60 volumes of Kishimoto-sensei’s original works, Naruto has been an international phenomenon, capturing the hearts and imaginations of millions upon millions of fans worldwide!

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  • Sue Moua

    no y does it ave to end 

  • stephane3012

    this is a sad news : ( 

  • Eduardo Aparecido de Lima

    Cry =’(

  • TsunaBradshaw

    Us Naruto Fans are going to be disappointed like the Bleach fans now…

  • ichigokun

    i hope we have at least 2 more years of manga left. 2×52 = 104 more chapters…plz!!! or more lets get to that lucky number 700!

  • ichigokun

    i’m a fan of both!! i got 2 heartbreaks!!

  • TsunaBradshaw

    Double heart break.

  • Nigel Davis

    All good things must come to an end. Just remember what it has brought us, that will never leave our hearts, and just be happy that this anime wasn’t a 12 episode epicness, that it went for hundreds of episodes. The epic tale of Soul Eater only got 50 episodes and deserves more.

  • Cesar Welchez

    I hate this

  • Tiago Silva

    Aleluia! It’s about time for it to end, just show us an awesome ending and i’ll be pleased

  • yuckfoupayme

    Figures… Masashi completely trolled us with the war arc; complete crap. No story changing deaths or events amoungst the ASF. Madara should’ve been able to kill off at least 3 of the kages since his summoning. The character development for the characters have either been ignored to a point of deceased consideration or ultimately altered and now he’s just rushing the rest of the story it looks. I loved Naruto as a series but I’ve now started to lose interest in it.  I will never say that its a horrible story but too many core events have been changed in order to have a hello kitty ending. Whether or not it ends sometime this year; people who love the art of a good story will be disappointed in how this one ended.

  • EA575

    I knew this years ago. He mentioned it a couple times before.

  • Diego Zavaleta

    Don’t worry, maybe someone would like to hear your complains about Naruto… but no in this life.

  • stephane3012

    ok now u r just ruining my interrest in naruto and how can u know the story is gonna end up bad.let the man write his story and judge after whether its good or not.

  • Mixalis Lampropoulos

    if it takes on too long it will get boring at a point… end it with a BUUUUUM and let the idiots swear the crap out of em coz they did not like it !!! its here to entertain u and thats what naruto did… u need to part with things from time to time. 

  • NSOP

     Aye, Masashi’s getting lazier by the chapter, almost zero focus on any non-Naruto/Sasuke character, no important character deaths (even worse, revivals), the only real reason this show even had any success overseas is that when it comes to cartoons, it beats what our kids have to put up through…

    But yeah, Masashi keeps showing he just wants to finish up as quickly as possible for a quick buck, fortunately Oda actually gives a damn about what he writes and isn’t afraid to kill off important characters and gives everyone an interesting backstory.

  • Scott Baker

    wierd how peaple complain bleach should just end. yet NARUTO IS WAY LONGER

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    yes we knew this day was coming , i wonder how tobi will be defeated oh and he better not make any pairings happen, naruto fans agrue with each other sooo many times over it, in the end they deserve nothing . (who insult each other)

  • Salvador

    Damn Wonder what he thinking…

  • Tom Flores


  • samael789

     Killing characters just for tension or for the sake of killing characters is lazy.

  • Demarius Hughes

    I guess this means we will possibly see Naruto end late next year or early 2014. I personally hope it ends next year because it’s about time Naruto finished. Also, with Naruto ending next year that means Storm 3 will have the ending of Naruto in the game!

  • unleashrage

    maybe because the storyline in bleach isnt that good. (my opinion)

  • unleashrage

    that is true but having no ninja killed off at all is stupid, it is war after all not everyone can survive.

  • dark_flame360

    I want it to end, not because I hate it, but because of the way it’s heading. It’s reaching the end in a good way. Backstories are being revealed. Farewells. It’s great. Now for Bleach, I want it to end because it’s just not good anymore. It would have had a perfect ending if it finished with the Aizen ark. Instead, they added 2 unnecessary arks.

  • Harmony Zantt

    Oh, I don’t want it to end, I’d have no reason for living!!
    I’ll probably cry,scream, and lay in bed until I die!

  • *Super~Sayian*

    he said early last year that he knew how the story would end, I for one know for an fact kishi is terrible at support development, but I’m not going to debate about the obvious problems in this war and why I dislike the recent events, All I want to discredit kishi for in the public is the pacing, the war has been moving an bit to fast for me, especially the last few chapters, I think kishi could’ve took his time with each one and show each character’s true potential, If you base it off part 1′s pacing we would now just have reached naruto vs 2 raikage.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    having madara stalling instead of actually fighting is lazy.

  • joseVQZ

    Hola diego también entras aquí?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    no it ends this year or beginning of next year, CC2 even said they will make storm 3 after the manga ends, so they already know when its official end is.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    no he wanted to make an baseball manga instead.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    thats cause naruto’s plot is still relevent unlike bleach..

  • Trey Donnelly

    So if this interview was pretty much the same as the last one, does Kishi have any idea what to do with Sakura yet, or did he just abandon that trainwreck?

  • Nigel Davis

    Kishi could do a prequel about the Sage of Six Paths, the beginning of the Narutoverse, more detail about Hashirama and Madara’s childhood, creation of the Whirlpool Nation and Minato’s parents/grandparents and the epic event of it’s destruction and merging with the Leaf, ending it in a more epic longer darker fight between Minato and the Nine-Tails.

    Just trying to be positive, and BTW: I don’t read the Naruto manga, I just watch the anime (hopefully the animators make the 4th great shinobi war more worth it than what the manga readers are saying.)

  • beaunard declasse

    i hope people don’t want it to end….. i really would miss it… I’ve been following both these amazing series since they began….the avatar: the legend of korra is gone for a while and now naruto is ending….. and so is my life….

  • beaunard declasse

    i swear if that IS true….im hanging my self.

  • Diana D’Arcangelo

    Would it kill him to give us some sort of time frame? 2 years? 1 year? 6 months? I’m estimating it should end sometime next year, but still, it’s killing me not knowing :(

  • *Super~Sayian*

    want me to get the rope? cause it is true, he made the pilot last year I believe but from what I heard it didn’t stand out as much to have its own series. infact I even remember kishi commenting that he wanted to end the naruto series soon ( why the pacing is so rushed sadly ) to make the bball series.

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

     stfu!!!! this needs to end, if it keeps going on the series will get boring and start to suck.

  • Ervin Johnson

    i just don’t see how it can end this year, there is just too much stuff that has to be revealed. We get like 50 chapters a year and half of the year is over and we still need to have tobi’s identity revealed, Madara’s Plan,  the juubi ressurection, and Naruto vs Sasuke. Naruto vs sasuke in part 1 alone was up to 15 chapters, just sounds like to much to end this year. I think it will end maybe around september of next year, any earlier is way to quick to me.

  • bndn_989

    i really hope he never reveals who tobi really is/ i mean every posibility has been mentioned already by commenters so i hope that he just desides to permenatly troll us and end it with something like naruto standing over his dead body and saying something like “he didnt care who he was so neither will i” and walk away

  • *Super~Sayian*

    its not going to take an whole year for the climax to end, and the current rushing pace that kishi is lately doing is enough proof to fall back on,

    and as much I don’t want to burst your bubble of hope when it comes to so many things left unravel, there are alot things still not clear that kishi not bother mentioning, and most of thsoe were blown out the window the moment that zombies returned back into the pure world last chapter.

     and the way things been going with madara not showing his true potential plus back ground and only used to stall for plot, like wise with kabuto when getting trolled easily, I wouldn’t be suprised if tobi ended up not getting the chance to become the perfect jink or even being able to revive the juubi itself.

    So my best advice I should give you, is to lower your expectations, that way if it doesn’t happen you won’t feel so disapointed like me and thousands of other fans, on the other hand, if you do lower it and the out come is overexeeds that it’ll make it much more enjoyable.

    so I’ll say it again, don’t be suprised to find out that it ends much sooner than you think without the big huge conclusion that we’ve been expecting since the moment tobi declared war and kabuto black mailing tobi. which turns out to of been an huge fluke or middle finger to most fans.

  • suiton

    So~ After all this time, seems like the Naruto series is ending.
    I guess that now would be a good time to start buying the Naruto manga after just reading the chapters online. =D

    I wonder how Kishimoto’s brother, Seishi, is doing after doing O Parts Hunter. I bet he’s going crazy at Kishimoto for ending such a popular series.

  • Salvador

    I’m not going to read the manga no more after something epic comes in like Naruto vs Sasuke or something but nobody ever reveals spoilers cuz that “Really Grinds my Gears when people be ruining it for everyboody about it” I’ll just wait and see the anime but better if not storm 3 might be released after it

  • yuckfoupayme

    Don’t let me call immigration on you mexican your display picture is a big joke. Refrain from commenting if you don’t want to end up being insulted. It’s not a complaint; I’m merely stating my opinion on what I’ve seen and I’m not impressed. If it’s illegal to have a discussion about this matter than there would be no discussion board here; dumbass.

  • yuckfoupayme

    If you’re disappointed by how blunt my comment is just imagine how pissed you’ll be at the blunt “well thought out” ending of his manga.

  • Deidara19

    I agree, there’s only so much more he can do with Naruto without making it completely boring and outrageous

  • Deidara19

    This would be really cool but I think this should only be like a short series (like about 12 eps) or an Ova or movie special

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

    Like if you can’t wait for this game to hit the stores!!! : ) : ) : )

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

     naruto and sasuke didn’t even fight in the manga, sorry but waiting is not the best option.

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

    fuk you

  • Deidara19

    I’m actually kinda excited for the series to end, it had a nice run, I really enjoyed this show and nothing lasts forever! It would be cool though if he made another sequel (but wayyyy shorter) about Naruto becoming Hokage and having children of his own. LOL! 

    I really hope all this hype is for a good reason and this show ends off with a bang

  • Nigel Davis

    I was thinking 24 eps. First 12 can be about the creation of the Narutoverse and the Senju and Uchiha clans start. The last 12 can be about the Whirlpool Nation and Minato’s escape from the tumbling nation and rise to becoming Hokage.

  • Tigersnow1994

    Hmm no more Naruto soon ;(

  • temarixkamatari

    If Kishimoto does make a sequel, I want it to start over with someone new. He’s already developed the characters as much as he can, he doesn’t need to ruin it by dragging it out as much as he can.

  • LiL JJ

    Correction,their last fight was in part one. They’ve “yet” to have a full on fight in the current manga. But It’ll be epic when it happens.

  • LiL JJ

    I wanna know as well. But at least we wont have an actual date for countdown haha,that’s just as hurtful.

  • Александр Чернобуров

    Today I stop reading manga =/

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

     yeah i know that.

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    Now I wonder what will end first out of Naruto and Bleach. I have a feeling it will be Naruto

  • Devendra Singh

    I dont want it to end!!! Please make a sequel or continue the show please!

  • Bradley

    Proof? When did they say this. Alot of people are thinking Rumor = Fact. Provide proof please.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    do your own research, I’ll lead you in the right direction by looking at the OLD articles on saiyan island about generations, they give the anwser right there.

  • Jmenyfield

    Both are on their last arcs so both will be ending soon. Naruto will probably end soon but I wish it was bleach because its final arc is CRAP!

  • Jmenyfield

    I can’t wait until Naruto ends, not because I hate the series but I’m curious to see what will be the next great anime. I already had to deal with Kekkaishi and Air Gear ending recently so I’m already use to a series ending. I just get a little sad, get over and go on to a new series. 

  • narutofan923

    please don’t end it create a new sequal about 5 years later when naruto is the hokage they will be about 19 18 so it wouldn’t be bad a new akatski and stuff

  • Salvador

     not just yet

  • Kira

    Bleach First and I agree with Jmenyfield Bleach final arc is bad

  • bndn_989

    i never thought of this but yea that would be a GREAT twist it could even be about narutos children

  • Adnan

    eh, I’d like to see him start a completely new, unrelated story to be honest. I feel Naruto’s constantly been going up and down in quality, it’s been a fun story overall but he should just end it. Drawing the story out unnecessarily isn’t a good thing.

    I’d like to see him collab with his brother on something. I’ve only read a little of 666 Satan but it was pretty interesting.

  • Deidara19

    Makes sense, I see what you mean

  • Jason Smith

    Compared to this whole “fake” war of Naruto, Bleach’s arc right now is beter than Naruto’s in my opinion. This has to be the worse arc of Naruto as of now.

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    like if you think this guy^ is a complete incompetent being

  • Patrick Ryan Watkins

    as long as all the loose ends are tied i don’t mind if the manga ends

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)

     like if you want me to kick this guy’s ass.

  • Robert Bode

    NONONO! This story is really starting to wear thin and as long as they end it without some cliff hanger but a actual ending I will be pleased.

  • julian2kriss

    Give Hyuuga clan back story and also give Neji some good new moves not the same rehashed crap from part 1!!

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    like if you want this guy to stick it in his ass

  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)


  • Lace-Up Kall’s (CHUNIN)


  • Matt

     Bleach is not set to end for at least another 2 and a half years.

  • EmptyRevolvers

    Kishi trolled team Gai for the longest 

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    like if you want this guy to fuk his mom in the butt

  • jussisamuelsson

    The only one in team Gai Kishi cares about is Lee and well he doesn’t even care about him that much. Or well at least that’s how it is in part 2. In part 1 everyone but TenTen had some importance.

  • stephane3012

    hey man im just saying that u cant know if the story’s gonna end up badly.just let it be until it does cause right now you are spoiling the event i’ve been waiting so long for.and what’s your problem anyway if u dont like dont watch it.

  • www.alainsmah

    im sure everyone think the same kishi trolled everyone if i did not stop caring for naruto after seeing the naruto vs pain in anime i would be so annoyed by kishi right now now i only read the manga but i still want to see the end and i hope that if kishi makes another manga he ont troll like he did and be more fair with hes characters 

  • GamerToons

    I think the exact opposite. While not fresh (new characters etc) he is leading up to the finale of the series. It’s not about building at this point. It’s about climax and finish. You aren’t going to see new stuff. I will give you that the Kabito/Sasuke thing was drawn on for too long, I think it was because he was trying to figure out how to end it in a decent way, which he did. 

  • Adnan

     Honestly, I think the “dragging” isn’t anything recent, it’s been happening during certain parts of the story for a while. That entire period where the manga focused solely on Sasuke & the Hebi(?) went on for way too long, for example.

    As far as recent stuff, this entire Ninja War thing was a neat idea but messy in execution. Lots of lore brought up, but very little feels developed and we keep jumping from character to character. I don’t want “fresh” within this series, I agree with you that he’s heading to the climax now. What I was trying to say what that e could very easily draw the story out longer with another timeskip or something like people here are saying, but I feel that’s not necessary and would only make things more convoluted. Sorry if my original post was confusing.

  • panni

    Try reading Obito backwards…

  • Issa Williams


  • Grafitgranat

    Well if you take the last two letters and put them infront you get toobi. :D That what I think he mean’t

  • Shenar Moera Joy Resurreccion

    i don’t want it to end yet :(

  • nadim oakley


  • nadim oakley

    thays is dofigkriofkjvc 

  • Angelo Valencerina


  • EternalBlizzard

    Your gonna ruin my life if you end Naruto Kishimoto! D: 

    It has been my favorite anime sense 5 ½ years back! D: If you end it…. it will surely destroy my “balance” ;____;
    What im saying is…… NARUTO IS THE BEST ANIME/MANGA EVER!!!!! DONT END IT YET!!!! DDDDD:<333333333

  • Jrom Rom

    I virtually grew up with Naruto. Got my Karate Black Belt because of Naruto. Did my Engineering Degree because of Naruto. Married to my wife because she have fair skin like Hinata or maybe It was by coincidence…. :-D . End Naruto series? I could turn into somebody like Gaara….That would be fun.

  • anime person

    well bro all things must come to an end its better you just read and watch animes not just all naruto try watching some animes ya know?

  • John Everyman

    I’m a huge Naruto fan… but am I the only one who wants it to end for that reason?  I grew up with the series, and I’m dying to find out how it all wraps up.  I want to be able to read the entire series straight through. 

    If the ending is so close, I may actually stop reading, just so I can read the entire ending (or maybe the whole series) in one go.

  • Pretty Aeris BloodSucking Dark

    me too 

  • Pretty Aeris BloodSucking Dark

    hey pretty please just dont let sasuke and sakura get 2gather in the end pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………
    ohh and also please dont end these animes kishimoto pretty please with a cherry on top 

  • Pretty Aeris BloodSucking Dark

    dude thats cool 

  • Scott R Conklin

    If it ends we will finally know what happens in the end and all the suspense will finally end.It will still hold its phenomonal popularity i believe cuz of how amazing it really is.Legends are meant to come to an end so they can once again appear and astonish the millions that the naruto manga has already has.Please Kishi let the climax come soon cuz this is what so many are waiting for.Go Naruto Gooooooo!!!!

  • Ruth Lorenzo Uchiha

    very true…same here :(

  • Ruth Lorenzo Uchiha

    no oh pls. dont end ittt,,,,its a big part of my life,, if you end it ,then that big part ofmylife might be sad!!

  • Muna Idris

    Im crying now (for real) that Naruto will end sooner than we expected. Naruto is big part of my live a very big part kishimoto sensei!!!! :(


    Poo Kishi! Some fans want it to end some don’t! I don’t want it to end so soon either! T_T What should he do?

  • Matt

    I always thought how cool it would be for him to start up a new series after this one ends, staring one of Narutos descendants.

  • Ai

    Kishi don’t do this to me… -.-

    I want more of Naruto! Come up with something! Like after the Fourth Shinobi World War give us a tease of some newer or older faces, maybe some characters never mentioned before, but actually give a really big part into the series, or probably something that has to do with Missing-nin’s, Akatsuki, other sorts of group/village’s/cults etc. characters from older ages maybe? Like in Rikudo Sennin era? Come on! Give us something else other than just steamrolling the Manga! :(

  • Aleeza Gillian Ebuenga Dogelio

    Kishimoto. I’m gonna fall down a 230487247298 foot building, if you stop it.
    I want it to finish in like, 2050?.. Wait, you might be dead, MAYBE A LITTLE LOWER, like, 2030..?NOO, Or 2025. There. 2025. Please? D;

  • Darwin Bob

    I want to see what the multiple lands do after, like how they are going to prolong/dismantle this peace. How will they handle the management of who gets what job or how they are going to deal with the old rivalries/strife amongst the lands and somehow do a reconstruction. Anyone can only hope that all loose-ends or unanswered questions are answered, too.

    Oh well; can’t do anything about it.

  • Narufan

    I watched the whole of naruto series in a span of 20-30 days or lesser! I wish we get more of Naruto for a long time..please don’t end it soon..please..

  • israel danlami

    naruto is all we gat don’t let ur fans down 

  • israel danlami

    kishimoto sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Raka Syaepul Irfan

    please dont narusaku ending . . its no happy ending
    i hope naruto will end up with hinata because she have a pure love to naruto

  • zhane randall

    Completely agree

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    my old comment LOL.

  • Great names!

    No way it can end yet. I want to see Naruto become hokage ;) 1 more series should wrap it up! I grew up with it! I want to see Naruto’s happy ending!

  • Great names!

    I agree completely! I want to see Naruto as the hokage with Hinata as his wife :3 Maybe sauske could lead a new hidden group :D

  • Abdi

    yeah they should start a whole new series starting konohamaru or maybe naruto’s son

  • ali

    why the hell do they want to end it!
    i like it to run foreverrrrrrrrr!

  • Jeremy Abrahamson

    I thought it was easy enough to tell that it’s nearing it’s end. In the last year they’ve answered most of the series’ driving questions, and in the last couple months have resolved most of the other loose ends. It’s not likely to last another whole year at the rate the reveals and twists have been happening. Was a good run though.

  • Naruto fan #1

    NOOOO don’t let Naruto end, keep going I grew up on this at least one more series. I want to see Naruto get married to Hinata, have a child, defeat Sasuke already, become Hokage and lets not forget all the fighting. Come on Kishimoto don’t let down so many fans. Don’t listen to the people below saying end it because there just being haters, please don’t end it so soon.

  • CC

    All good things must come to an end. That’s the age old adage. While many shout : NO, NOT YET! Take a moment and view it as this: If Naruto were to never end just for the sake of continuing, eventually the storyline would fall apart, fans would become disinterested, and I strongly believe the plot would tank. I think even Kishi-san knows that. I remember when the final episode of Dragon Ball GT came out, but most importantly I remember what Goku said, with a smile :” Till we meet again guys!” I get goosebumps just thinking about that scene. I can’t watch A Heroes Legacy without crying. If Kishi decides to make a spinoff featuring the next generation in the Naruto world? I certainly think it would be interesting to see. Narutards are always going to be able to go back and watch the adventures of Team 7 in the anime and read about them in the manga.
    Do you agree? Maybe or maybe not.
    I wonder how the epilogue will be? lol
    That’s the ever on going topic isn’t it. Well, we’ll see.

  • anthony

    they cannot end this series now. They just need to create new enemies. It’s too good of a show.

  • coolzy jnr cobbah

    y man? don’t end naruto now plsssss

  • Angelica DeJesus

    please continue naruto’s story T.T

  • Jovana Stankovic

    The only thing we could do is just enjoy Naruto while it lasts. Hopefully, it won’t end so soon. Maybe it will end in 2015, 2017, HECK MAYBE IN 2020! Until then…. still hoping Naruto doesn’t stay single >.< :D

  • Svetlana Kirkorova

    Well Kishimoto said that in the end there will be only one couple so i’m guessing it will be either NaruSaku or NaruHina :) I’m for NaruSaku by the way <3

  • Svetlana Kirkorova

    I totally agree with you, that’s what i’m also planning on doing :)

  • Jovana Stankovic

    only….. one :O? But, but, but…. Naruto’s happy without a girlfriend, while Sasuke is always depressed, he need Sakura…. but Hinata needs Naruto… but…. lol now I get why you ship NaruSaku: You don’t have to fight about NaruHina or SasuSaku xD

  • Svetlana Kirkorova

    =)) no actually i like NaruSaku a lot :)

  • Jovana Stankovic

    I don’t care about ships anymore. Got influenced by Bleach, the most hard shipping anime lol. That’s why that anime is great, there are less fights :) I’m glad you’re happy with your ship ^_^


    Well at the rate it is going now I don’t think even Kishi will be able to make anything more interesting, like naruto is near God Mode after he beats Madara, the last arc will definetely be Naruto vs Saskue maybe it will be another First Hokage vs Madara moment :P

  • madara-obito

    noooo naruto!!!!