Sakura’s Parents in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (New Scan)

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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In the Naruto anime/manga series, we’ve seen Naruto and Sasuke’s parents. We’ve learned about their looks, their roles in the village, and their deaths. What about the third member of the former Team &, the Leaf’s pink flower? As far as we know, Sakura’s parents are still alive in the normal Naruto universe. However, we’ve never seen them. All is about to change in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie as Sakura Haruno’s parents make their debut!

If Saiyan Island has understood correctly, it’s Mr. Kizashi Haruno and Mrs. Mebuki Haruno, both of which can be seen below (if our understanding is correct, of course). Remember, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie takes place in an alternate universe, so these versions of her parents may not necessarily be the ones in the normal universe! That is, if they ever show up in the normal universe.

Also known as Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Road to Ninja, Naruto Shippuden Movie 6, among others, Road to Ninja is the 9th movie overall in the Naruto series. It will debut in Japanese theaters July 28, 2012. Naruto’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto will be personally involved with the movie, creating the story and providing character designs. To learn more, please visit the Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie section.

  • NSOP

    Kishimoto developing characters that aren’t Sasuke or Naruto? That’s a first.

  • Robert Henry Matthew Farrell

    look like tools

  • Michael John William McCroy

    where goes she get her pink hair and good looks from?

  • Ignas

    They look like characters you’d see in a bad Naruto movie or a filler ,not a full fledged movie that’s written and drawn my Kishimoto himself.

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    wtf? hahahahahahahahaha 

  • narutobleachop

    LOL what is this!?!? fail!!! her dad looks like one of those old filler guys… like that 80 year old genin dude

  • Salvador

    hmmm doesnt seem like I thoght

  • Nigel Davis

    Mom = Anger issues
    Dad = “Charm”? IDK

  • Harmony Zantt

    You guys can say what you want, I like them!

  • Rishi

    they look shity

  • Chris

    they look like shit

  • Jeremy Pelletier

    well it’s not entirely true that they’ve never been in the original series, you do hear sakura’s mom off screen at one point, but still.

  • RedDragon10

    That’s exactly what i was thinking.  In fact, if I just saw the scan, that’s what I would assume. 

  • Kiri Sama


  • Frank Cerullo

    the mom looks like she’s a b**** ( where sakura gets it from xd) and she looks like crap i hate her hair and i hate her face. the dad wtf wth his mutsage? and his hair O_O 

  • A.Z.

    Well, this is an alternate universe.. 

  • musti_debt_70

    they look horrible… and after this i hope we get to see kakashi mom and maybe his dad alive

  • Johnny Phillips

    so this is a parody movie, or naruto gets sent to alternate universe?

  • An Nini Huynh

    They look like filler characters o.o

  • Trey Donnelly

    I think Sakura was adopted O_o She looks nothing like those people D:

  • Sageof SixPath

    Lol wow if these are her parents smh i feel sorry for Sakura. Her mom look mean, and er dad got a funky wardrobe lol. What is up with his mustache.:c

  • KitahSenpai

    Everyon is different to their real selves in this film… this could be the “different” looks for Sakuras parents (though we’ve never seen them in the original series).

    whats with the mothers fringe? LOL

  • Rania Chaoui

    She has was adopted it is sure

  • *Super~Sayian*

    even thou you right, you sound like one those hinata fan girls on their periods.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    hmm.. I remember hearing the mother’s voice three times in naruto anime, she sounded like one of those sweet house wives similar to mikoto unlike the nagging version of shikamaru’s mother. So clearly this alternate version of sakura’s mom is an sinistering rich whore with an snuke inside her ( SP joke ). and hopefully that’ll explain why hair style looks like an dike that doesn’t resemble sakuras. thou I do remember sakura only growing her hair out because rumor’s heard that sasuke liked girls with long hair but whatever.

  • Sandrie Manzano

    Sooo why just now Kishimoto., I bet you forgot them long time ago in the naruto universe didn’t you? just like how you said in one of your interviewed you forgot sakura’s character development and just focus a butload to naruto and sasuke.,

  • Salvador

    Where she told her to deliver some food to someone now she looks like someone ehos pissed off whever someone hit her or why didnt kakashi explain somethign why is it that everybody else parents are shown but not sakuras

  • quinn

     I love it.

    Her pop’s looks laid back and unpressed like Uncle Iroh, and her mum is a bad ass bancho/yan.


  • quinn

     I love it.

    Her pop’s looks laid back and unpressed like Uncle Iroh, and her mum is a bad ass bancho/yan.


  • Aldridge517


  • *Super~Sayian*

    cause kishi is known for being horrible when it comes to supporting character development so placing her parents in this movie is somewhat of an cop out.

  • Kira

    unfortunately is true…what hell is that She looks really nothing like those people —.—

  • Sue Moua

    dang sakura’s mom look scary just like sakura

  • GKage

    ugliest parents ive ever seen

  • Deidara19

    NOT impressed but at least we’re getting somewhere with Sakura’s unknown background…

    Hopefully we see an anime/manga debut.

  • deathman00789

    SO random pink hair?

  • deathman00789

    SO random pink hair?

  • Janel Parra

    Sakura’s mom looks scary and mean her dad looks AWESOME! I wounder what her mom and dad said when she came home after that one test with short hair and with a beat up face.

  • ssjbardock13

    So thats Sakura’s Parents.

  • Brittany Kukawka

    Anybody notice her dad’s hair is shaped like a sakura flower? Win, Kishimoto, win.

  • LiL JJ

    Good analogy.

  • LiL JJ

    So that’s where Sakura gets her abusiveness toward Naruto from lol. Her mom be lookin mean ha.

  • Theo ★|※|★ ▲ffail™

    They look like pokemon, no wonder why Sakura is a useless twat

  • Killer-Kall’s (CHUNIN)

    i can’t see shit!!!

  • andrade_casey

    her fucking mom got fruit loops on her dress thingy lol

  • Tanya Andrade

    these character designs suck. The dad look like he just got outta the shower and got his hair done in rollers. Not to mention they both wear rags, just like Sakura. They all have something in common. they’re all filler.

  • Tory

    I just lost my shit, man

  • thefxgg

    i agree with the look they are ugly but sakura is not a filler if she is then what about others naruto character huh sakura is the main character 

  • Darien Sorrentino

    they’ve shown sakura’s parents already in episode “road to sakura”

  • Darien Sorrentino

    you’re obviously dead wrong because you haven’t seen naruto shippuden episode 271

  • Lucy NI

    Apparently the TV Shippuden series included them as well, in ep 271 they made their appearance -.-
    I support the adoption theory lol.

  • Brittany Hirst

    I see some resemble of sakura on her father’s side more then her mothers. Sakura’s father is just old so his pink hair has driveled out a bit.

  • jen20101991

    I have a question because I’m pretty confused? In Road to Ninja or AU version are Sakura’s parents the same way like in body build or personality? I haven’t really kept up with the Show in a few months now. So I’m lost completely I don’t know if they are showed in the Shippuden version yet? If they are alive in the Road to Ninja AU version are they alive in the original version? I remember I saw an episode were her mother calls for her while Sakura is checking herself out in a mirrior when she was 12. So…I’m not sure when her parents got to appeared in the Shippuden version or not..If they appear in the Road to Ninja AU version are they somewhat different in the Original Shippuden version? But I’m pretty confused?!? I have no clue if they appeared in Shippuden or Road to Ninja Version? If anybody understands this question can you please answer I’m just lost..Also why does her “parents” look older than neccessary? They look more like maybe “grandparents” or so? But I like them they look nice still not sure on how pink hair developed but whatever it’s still cool. :D