Top 3 Naruto Generations Annoyances That Need to be Addressed for Storm 3

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations has now been released. Fans around the world have been engaging in heated ninja battles, throwing an array of punches, tools, and jutsus of epic proportions! We love the game with a passion, but it does have its faults. That is where us fans and developer CyberConnect2 is in luck! With the newly announced Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, these annoyances can be addressed for an even better Storm experience!

Of course there may be others, but below are the top 3 Naruto Generations annoyances based on Saiyan Island’s opinion. Feel free to provide yours in the comments below.

Thanks to Saiyan Island’s THE BASEDGOD for providing inspiration and much of the footage for this article!

3. Behind the Back Glitch

As a ninja, you have those quick cat like reflexes. Your opponent is about to throw some kind of attack at you, but WOOOSH you slip right behind them for the kill. Except, when your opponent selects a character with what Saiyan Island is calling the “behind the back” glitch. Part 1 Shikamaru’s bomb tag is one example. It can be seen at the 1:34 mark in the video below.

Another is Part 1 Rock Lee’s Infinity Dance. The opponent is clearly behind him and Lee is facing the wrong way, but his attacks still connect! One may even call this a broken jutsu! It can be seen at the :55 mark in the video below.


  • Jmenyfield

    The easiest way to stop spamming, bring back the substitution jutsu from Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1-5 period :)

  • daewoo94

    I so agree about the team specials, though I wouldn’t call them an annoyance so much as something that just needs to be improved for a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

  • Omar Diaz

    they should change the team jutsu

  • sasuke222

    If you watch the whole video they address the team justu issue. The team justus in Storm are so boring and generic haha. 

  • Francisco Neves

    They should bring back naruto ultimate ninja 5 team ultimates

  • Edmilson Chagas

    aumentar a barra de saúde e prolongar o despertar de alguns personagens tbm o kyubi chakra seja personagem jogavel! livrimente n prar despertar

  • Edmilson Chagas

    Raising the bar for health and prolong the awakening of some characters! the chakra of the kyubi IS playable character! l n to awaken

  • Will Newsome

    storm 3 should have unique team jutsu depending on the team u pick

  • beaunard declasse

    i dont care how epic the story mode is (tho it should be awesome) combat should not be just OOO

  • Tonza Uomala

    Hehe, number one is pretty much the exact thing I mentioned earlier somewhere. That is the only really annoying issue I’ve had a problem with, but all of these mentioned above are pretty awful flaws and are hopefully fixed ^^

  • jermar

    agreed, it’ll make performing a team jutsu that much more epic and desirable 

  • Narnar91

    I think they should make it so you don’t substitute upward in some situations, such as getting hit by a hidan support. They should substitute behind them.

  • jermar

    i think that they kinda have to make kyuubi chakra naruto playable because by the time this game comes out it would have covered all the parts if not most where naruto uses all those different forms of rasengan and i dont think they can put all those attacks in awakening mode

  • Nigel Davis

    What would be great is if they limit the number of kunai(ect.) and increase the damage of them. As of now they are only used to annoy people or try to spam a win. Putting a limit on how many you can throw and the increased damage will make them a useful and valid form a attack. It could also add diversity to the characters; Tenten’s number slowly regenerates but is a little weaker, Garra’s has an infinite number but a longer cooldown between attacks, Haku’s has a 1 second stun but longer cooldown and less amount to use, Minato’s can double attack but on the second attack he teleports to his first thrown kunai and has a longer cooldown. There may be more but I can’t think of them now.

  • Raul Chapa

    sorm 3 should have

    1. Optional jutsus like in Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2 (NSUN5)
    2. unique ULTIMATES deppending of the team like in accel 2 and accel 3
    3. SHOCK OF JUTSUS OMG!!!!! like in ultimate ninja/accel games
    4. combination of jutsus like in accel 3 (ninja heros 3)
    5. just 1 slot per character but opcional skins/jutsus or TRANSFORMATION (like in accel 2)
    6. optional substitution mode with substitution bar or without that bar
    7. MORE THAN 1 JUTSU per character like in accel 2 (example: naruto with rasengan and chidori)
    8. and should add 2 vs 2 for OMG battles (i can imagine that) like in accel 3 (ninja heroes 3) 
    9. save battles for ofline mode 
    10. air combo + up, down, rigth, left (like naruto chakra mode in generations)
    11. TAUNT!!! like in accel games (hold button “up”)
    12. remove all kid versions and put more of shippuden 
    13. charge atacks like in accel games (holding circle or “B”)

    and thats all i think than if they put some of this things Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will be the best game ever in the history of naruto games created for cyber conect 2.

  • jermar

    they dont particularly have to change the method of substitution cuz thats not the problem, its the action itself, so they have to change how it works during battle, one may be to substitute behind an opponent or in another location not just in the same area, that alone would take care of many if not all of the substitution problems in generations, the sub bar method itself was a good idea by cyberconnect (in my opinion) 

  • Tyler Sedrick

    One thing Clashing!!!!!! give me my damn clashing back!!!

  • stephane3012

    where’s ohnoki’s 100 rocks in your face jutsu? it’s f*cking OP!

  • OtherWorlded

    I keep saying it, I said it 1000 times. CyberConnect2 doesn’t listen.

  • Corey Boyd

    your also forgetting being able to be able to start off matches in awakened forms and giving awakened forms ultimate jutsus too

  • ResidentMetroid

    I agree with most here. Also:

    Implement the use of combos, add a light and heavy attack in other words two attack buttons and make Chakra more precious to the player. I say this because most players just spam their jutsus and hardly even move, that’s boring. I want this game to get you excited even when you’re not playing and just watching.

    One time use of Awakening mode and two time use of Ultimate Jutsu. 

  • Raul Chapa

    men i try to say that with 5 read it

  • E J

    Corey, that would be a super Tryhard mode. Just imagine Narutos Nine tails chakra against a huge awekening like susanoo, choji, or any jinchuriki from storm 3, its like a Huge target to regular sized awekenings.

  • E J

    I Love Raul’s idea for 2 vs 2 battle! Me and a friend online have been talkig about that for a while now, and i know itl put alot of depth towards that game! The only thing is that it should be online exclusive because that way you can play on your own screen, still see the cutscenes from jutsus, grabs, ultimates, combo finishers, and still have your friend for backup! I would love to explain this to CC2 if i ever had a chance! :D


    It would be great to play 2 vs 2 ^^
    And it would be great that CC2 change some jutus like Masket man, Onoki, lidle Tenten, lidle gaara. And some ultimates like Kisame i think they are to much sharks and the most of the Kisame player use the shield breaker item and Ultimate in a game.

    I hope  Anko Mitarashi is in the next Naruto game she is my favourite cha <3

  • David Henrique Cintra

    I also want the original team jutsu, and not the default team justu, but the team jutsu has to be taken from the anime, like Ino-Shika-Cho formation, Zabuza and the 7 swordsmen’s Silent Killig, 3rd Raikage and Killer Bee’s DOUBLE LARIAT, Naruto and Minato’s Ultimate Rasengan (from the 4th shippuuden), Kinkaku and Ginkaku’s formation to seal an enemy, Hinata and Neji’s Hakke Kuhekisho (from the manga and the current shippuuden opening), Choza and Choji’s Double Human Bullet Tank, and many others, but obviously if we choose characters that don’t have team jutsu together in the anime, like Ino and Pain, their team jutsu will have to be a default team jutsu…

  • Salvador

    TEAM Specias Just like UN5 yeah thats what I want
    lol rock less glitc I used it online
    some of the itemms are ok now I know when those pills are gonna do when I couldnt do my UJ and yea liong range characters are a pain to deal with (In survival Mode it easy soemtimes to dodge and use charkra dash)

  • CJCon

     To say that they don’t listen isn’t fair, at all. I think they have listened to a lot of our requests in the past. Its just that there are some things that they don’t agree with or don’t want to put in the game. I’ve heard that they took Clashes out because it wouldn’t work well online (button input lag).

    I’d rather CyberConnect2 leave it out if they know its just going to be glitchy, and regardless of how many times you say it- they have reasons for excluding things.

    If they could find a way to put Clashes in, without it glitching out, then I’d be pretty happy. But I’m not going to waste time bitching about such a small feature that would be fucked up anyway. =/

    Sorry for the rant, but it feels like a lot of people don’t appreciate the work that goes into these games, and I think CC2 is doing a great job. I think its better to hope for features to be put in, rather then complain about features that aren’t.

  • CJCon

    The ACTUAL team specials is my #1 hope so far. I don’t care if the game doesn’t come out until 2014. Take as much time as you guys need, just make this game amazing!!!

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    well they don’t track and if they fix the subs to go behind instead in the same place it wont be an issue.

  • Kira

    I totally agree with Accel 2 team jutsu for storm3 much more Awesome…….Pain
    Glitch is so sad —.— and the worst WORST is masked man for sure everyone who play with him unfortunately are spammer

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    one little thing about it can cause a big issue and that is rapid fire controllers, they wait for a clash then instantly win it.
    no clashes=one less problem

  • Raul Chapa

    sooo anybody can add another point to my list plz?

  • David Breimann

    i just want the sub bar and the combo cancel to be optional those ruined generations for me and a lot of other people

    and sound 4, healthy nagato, and kushina need to be playable

  • Sageof SixPath

    Add my Youtube Channel SageofSixPath

  • David Breimann

    and anko, shizune zetsu whole with cloak, kakuzu with cloak,sasori hiruko,anbu itachi and akatsuki orochimaru with 8 headed serpent

  • sasuke222

    That was my favorite part of my video too haha. 

  • Animekd3

    They need to preset any and every possible combination for team jutsu in order to have it to be better. Not only Shika-ino-chouji, but also random teams like kisame-danzo-tenten.

  • Aldridge517

    Team specific specials would be epic! Double Lariat ftw

  • Sageof SixPath

    They need stage transition in this game where if Sasuke knock Danzo off the bridge into the water the fight continue down there. Add my Youtube channel to watch my Sasuke vs Naruto AMV. Youtube channel: Sage of SixPath.

  • unleashrage

    what didn’t you like about combo cancel?

  • unleashrage

    I think that its to easy to substitute way to easy compared to ninja storm 2 in my opinion, its pretty hard to hit your opponent with an UJ unless they make a mistake or have no substitution bars left.

  • Akio Takeshi

    1. Sasukes Amatersu and Jugos jutsu cannot be subbed, this needs to be fixed.

    2. Gameplay seems unbalanced when someone just keeps rushing you or when someone is out of sub bars, something needs to be done with this because you’re almost royally screwed if you run out of subs and when they keep rushing you.

    3. Fighting system needs some more complexity to it, for example say you’re in a combo, 

    First combo with no direction is your regular combo.. (No chakra)

    Side combo should take some of your chakra and do more damage, (Some chakra used)

    Down combo should be a guard breaker and cause less damage than the regular or side combo. (Some chakra used)

    Up combo allows you to hit your opponent up in the air (less damage) and do whatever you like, air charge them.. jutsu, ultimate, team ultimate.. anything you can think of. (Some chakra used)

    That’s just an example of what I think should be implemented, as well as upgraded air combos where you can use side direction combos which will result in different effects, as well as using jutsu while you’re in a combo whether it’s on the ground or in the air.

  • nicholas palmer

    my opinion: the sub bar. every time u use it it should take u to random parts in the stage instead if u fight someone with hidan you’ll just keep on popping in the air till your empty

  • narutobleachop


  • bbflash

    jutsus team as gufuu Suika no jutsu

  • luffynara123

    not to be mean but the only problem that you stated is the broken jutsus and the puppets everything else isnt anything but they need to take away the sub bar and make it to were subs used chakra but lot more than it took in storm 2 that way you cant just sub forever because you’ll run out of chakra. also take off the stupid custom rank battles and make it a singles rank because you cant test skill with teams.another think fix the retarded try hard supports hidan jutsu should last no longer than 3-5 seconds at the most and fix the other the ult ability like ino shika cho things like that with a real team name should be more cool and do more damage than if you have a random team. Next make the online time 150 seconds and put 3 health bars on there.also another thing is to stop rage quits they should take off the disconnection frequnsy and loser take a lose and the winner get a win and 8000 bp points.but they should get a system in the match to were you are limited to 5 jutsus and 1 ultimate and 1 team ultimate a battle.also just my opinon but would it be cool to have 3 supports but if you have 3 supports you cant get a attack gaurd or balance for any of them. i have alot more ideas and thing and i will make a video on it around thursday if you want to see it my youtube is luffynara123 if you read all this than thank you very much

  • luffynara123

    my super long comment is alot of changes and fixes they should do in this game

  • Alex Marrero

    Completely agree with these issues, but one thing i’d like to add is how substitution is usable during just about any move (except dashes and ninja moving). This let’s spammers throw out random jutsu, etc. with no fear of repercussion. The game shouldn’t reward recklessness, a balance has to be found between storm 2′s system and this 1.

  • Graham

    I don’t agree with tweaking the substituting in place “problem”.  My reason for this is because you should have played enough by now to know what causes you to sub back into the same place (shuriken like attacks).  That being said use your head and don’t sub or just sub block or sub chakra dash to get around it.  It requires much more skill the way it is now.  If tweaked you know that every time you sub you will be safe which would require less skill.  That is my opinion so don’t get butt hurt.

  • OtherWorlded

    And I also said that in one of my past comments, just on a diff page. The online thing you said that is. And as for bitching, it is not bitching at all saying what you think they should add back into a game. Fans do this all the time, even for the little things. It is not like anyone is bashing it saying it is going to fail because of that. 

    But as I said before and as you just stated it is because of ONLINE. It is turning out to be its achilles heel.Yes, they did good, yes good, but they can do better. That is an undeniable fact. CC2 are getting ALOT of money to do a job. So as for Appreciation where is it for those Fans that want a better game. The better the game the more sales they make. So it is a job…I guarantee you that my comment won’t be the last about what Fans want back. Including what they need to improve on, like the fighting system.

  • Graham

    I feel like by rushing in (with chakra dashes) all the time you would be considered “reckless” therefore get closer so you can chakra dash without your opponent having time to react.  Or chakra dash and hit RT or R2 right away to cancel your dash and then dodge the jutsu.  

  • OtherWorlded

    I am aware of that… Still doesn’t change the fact that people want it back.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    I totally agree with you, these have to be the most important things to change in Storm 3 ! I wish CC2 could read this ! Good luck ;)

    Other thing : rage quit should be counted as a loss. And the other one wins. That penalty system is just useles…

  • sasuke222

    There are people sending my video to @cc2information:twitter on twitter right now. You should do the same =)

  • Graham

    I agree with “but the only problem that you stated is the broken jutsus… everything else isn’t anything”, I also agree that they need singles ranked and that they need to fix the try hard supports and make better team ultimates/better bonuses for legit teams.  I like the disconnect idea too.

  • Graham

    No offense but you must not be that good at the game.  I disagree with everything you said.  The combo system can be as complex as you make it.  combo NMC to tilt to air combo.  you can add UJ’s into most combos and you can also stop some combos early then pause then continue a new combo.  You just need to try things.  

  • jermaine bryan

    I think there should be a cooldown between every jutsu 
    and team ultimates should be disabled in online mode so that we can have ultimates from storm 1 back 

  • Graham

    Or just make ultimates like storm 1 and new team ultimates? you don’t make sense -_-

  • Tobi


  • Deidara19

    Although I agree that these problems should be fixed, I don’t agree with the fact about these being important problems. The most Important thing that I absolutely agree with is the changing of the jutsus, ultimate, team ultimates

  • Killer__Avenger

    Bigger Maps, New Fighting System, Increasing Health Bar, Allowing Us To Free Roam Through Story Mode Again [The Script Thing Was Stupid For Generations], Allowing Us To Mess Around With The Characters Jutsu Again Like In Ultimate Ninja 3/4, More Characters Ofcourse, And Bring Back The Summoning Jutsu Battle Mode Thing [9 Tails Fox Vs. Gambunata Type Battle]

  • Adison Peña Martínez

    A wonderful collection of the most important glitches to be fixed. Thus they can hear us and change those annoyances..!!

    Whatever, they’re not gonna take this into consideration, not even in storm generation, not even in storm 3. So it’s just filler to ask them for doing improvements and introductions that we players, consider that are exactly what the game needs to completely be a real Naruto game which can be compared to those for the PS2.

    However, I’ve asked a lot for things to be taken into account. 

  • Graham

    Flick the left analog stick in a direction and then immediately hit B or O

  • Maxie_Dakota

    Honestly As These Problems need to be Addressed, CC2 Should Really Focus On Making a Broader Story Mode And Adding New Game Modes, Because At The End Of The Day, Theres always gonna Be Spammers, New Bugs and Glitches Will Eventually Arise. In My Opinion The Storms Online Modes will never be on Par With any other game and Personally I Hate Online, Not Only Did It Take The Precious Jutsu Clash Away Which I Loved, Theres HARDLY ANY! players Who Actually Play Fair.

  • Sageof SixPath

    Add my Youtube channel:Sageof SixPath if you’re a Naruto fan. When Storm 3 come out i will be doing gameeplay, and walkthrough.:D

  • Salvador

     yutube name?

  • Tobi

    O.O that easy?


  • OtherWorlded

    Nicely put, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

  • OtherWorlded

    And whala ^ ^

  • victor manuel beltran panameño

    i think the best naruto game ever was , narutimate accel 2 orr naruto ultimate ninja 5 here in america, its better in any way , the cinemas for the ougis , the battle system , it’s superior than storm generations ,(even thou i bought it) , CC2 could not best themselves, accel 2 was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy much cooler than storm sagas

  • Deva_Pain_Path

    Mask man they should make dashing able to cancel it instead of it pushing you back and taking damage….tenten insane and retarded…..the most annoying is pts gaara which you forgot to add….other then that yeah about that power pill was insanely overpower and needs to be removed….everyones jutsu should have the same power of breaking someones guard instead of making it all different

    example pts gaara and pts tenten awaken one cast of jutsu block = stunned and take massive dmg

    Pain requires 6 Shinra Tensei in awaken to break a guard…….Sasuke taka black fire jutsu like 8 to break a guard

  • raynerlacson

    To be honest, I don’t see the problem with “substitution spam” in Storm 2… the real problem in my opinion were the jutsus; some were way too easy to connect(like Rasengan, Raikiri, and Chidori), and the way the game “froze” every time an ougi was initiated.

    The substitution system was perfect the way it was back in the PS2 games and in Storm 1. It’s exactly how it is in Storm 2, and there were no problems, because jutsus were harder to connect and were easy to dodge or substitute out of. Also, jutsus took up 1/4 out of your overall chakra, and charging was A LOT slower, so you had to be smart about when you use one…

    Also, the way chakra charges up slowly without you having to do anything is a problem… and the way it goes all the way back up once your health is low enough for you to awaken is a problem…(if you want to awaken once your health is low enough, then don’t be stupid and waste it all on spamming beforehand, or find a way to stall the opponent to charge it all the way back up) Before Storm 2, once you ran out of chakra, you’re pretty much screwed(kind of symbolic to the actual series, where once you run out of chakra, it’s “game over”), and that’s what my strategy was based on in every Ultimate Ninja game before Storm 2…

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Well thou are an problem, aside from the spammers, most of his list should have been down under the top 10-15 flaws in the game rather than top three, but I’ll overview the spamming problem and the difference.
    PROBLEM #1
    The unbalanced characters, now when people hear that word they assume they’re talking about overpowered, now yes that is true but I’m more worried about the downgraded characters, such as sakura, ino, chidori sasuke from part 1. these type of characters are so bad, only 1% of players would even bother player them online, not only are they slow, easily dodgable jutsus but even their support versions are pathetic. 
    now Over powered characters, I understand and support them balancing high powered characters, but the MAIN issue I had was the fact that they focus MORE on characters that weren’t MAJOR issues like sagemode naruto’s grab move, BUT instead IGNORE the top 3 broken characters in storm series which is diedara, kiba and puppeteers.
    NOW for those that said, theirs spammers in any online fighting game, I want to address you the difference between spamming jutsus, and using spamming characters.

    -characters spamming,
     now every character can constantly do the same jutsu over and over, now I don’t have an extreme problem with it cause I know how to work around it, such as sage naruto’s bijuu blast, obito’s fireball jutsu or pain’s almighty push. these type of characters imo are balanced cause people still had an fair chance of winning simply cause naruto’s bijuu bomb was an time limit, and obito’s fireball jutsu was only effective when lags were terrible, other than that, their were ways to escape them either in CC or far away running, now susanoo’s were also spammable, but their solution was constantly CC, especially if you had hidan as support cause no matter how many sub bars it had, if sasuke susanoo kept getting hit, theirs no way he could had escape it or enough to block it, in otherwords it was an contant beat down, IF your NOT getting hit by sussno’s sword of course.
    -Spam characters,
     now this is the ROOT of why I hate CC2 and traded this crap in for jak and daxter HD collection, okay these are the types that were built in to spam movesets/jutsus. yes I’m talking about diedara, kiba, masked man, old geezer kage. its as IF CC2 personally wanted them to spam with NO consquences whatsoever, and when ever I fight these spam characters ( if the player is spamming of course ) CC2 made them nearly invincible.  I HATE IT, your effing telling me they would make naruto’s grab move, minato’s tilt and grab move, sasuke’s susanoo’s grab SLOW but yet they CAN make kiba’s, masked man, OR diedara’s grab FAST, and yet they make the most powerful characters in the game WEAKER and SLOWER than them!! when in the anime they’re the complete opposite?!!
    Conclusion, besides the fact that they waterdown powerful characters, and upgrade/add more spammable characters, but If I were to play as an underpowered charactered like chidori sasuke and went up against diedara I’ll get raped dramaticallyalmost like chuck norris beating up an little girl, OR worst bruce lee smashing jackie chan face into the ground.. it makes Mortal K look like the most balanced fighting game ever made. 
    Now yes, spamming is inevitable, But their should always be FAIR amount of solution to countering it, but instead CC2 decided to reinforce spamming by not only NOT watering down spam characters, but have the nerve to make more spammers, and ony downgrade characters who spams were easily avoidable, also for being bias by ONLY making main stream powerhouse characters weaker than they are and making others stronger than they really are. SO MY SOLUTION is either MAKE every characters overpowered and broken, OR downgrade every character and make them evenly balance such as pain or minato.

  • Eleyon

    Well said and Deidera reigns as the most spammed character in UNS2 and to find out he is still as deadly as ever in generations, just wow. Deidera attacks flow so nicely into each other it isn’t even funny, that bird that sends you soaring into the air and then exploding seems so haxed, it moves so fast, and its incredibly hard to dodge as well. Well don’t even get me started on his grab, its almighty powerful. I am happy I skipped generations yes, but I have been hearing and seeing that Onoki is one of if not the deadliest character in generations.


    I play much with chidori sasuke part 1 and if i play vs people who use this noob item like obito,the lidle kakashi and the new Naruto i have no chance to attack them because my chidori is not so strong and not so fast and i cant give him any combos -.- what ever i hope they fix this in storm 3 ^^

  • Damian Pawłowski

    Substitution jutsu. If you substitut you should can Defense immediately, because sometimes you hold defense use substitut and get hit by ultimate jutsu or jutsu.

    i hate that thing when you substitution doesn’t load in this time but you’rs opponent substitution gauge start to load, even sometimes when you opponent do on you combo you have one substitution you press L2(substitution) and you realize that the you gauge barelly started to load but you use substitution and you are in shit because you must wait more 15 second’s to load it. And sometimes characters doesn’t want to substitut
    Masked man- jutsu not balanced
    Kiba(young and shippuden) -jutsu not balanced
    onoki tsuchikage- jutsu not balanced
    ten-ten(young) – jutsu not balanced
    Sasuke(susanoo) – jutsu not balanced
    gaara(young) – jutsu not balanced
    naruto(4 tailed and 7) – not balanced awakening mode
    sasorii – tilt move, you just spam it
    itachi – tilt, you can spam it
    Lee(shippuden) – too fast ultimate jutsu
    Lee(young) – in awakening mode jutsu weird bug
    Neji-some jutsu hit him even if he is in Kaiten

  • NightmareKyuubi

    when u sub u can just guard right after instead of wasting 2-3 subs

  •ラミー-デス/511870136 ラミー デス

    PTS Gaara’s jutsu: it can never be stopped or countered, if you interrupt by hitting him, the sand shower will stay as if nothing happened, if you launch another ninjutsu to clash with the sand shower (lets say itachi’s goukakyou) it will only cancel some pieces of sand particle and the rest will stay and then launch, even if PTS Gaara is used as a support, the ninjutsu cannot be stopped or interrupted.

    This same glitch is with Tsuchikage Onoki’s ninjutsu.
    Other similar un-interruptible ninjutsu’s are Hidan’s and Kimimaru’s ninjutsus.

    Mizukage’s ninjutsu, sometimes if opponent substitutes, the lava will flow behind mizukage’s back towards the opponent.

  • DeVaughn Morris

    what about sasukes cheating ass flame control? how you can sub once and get hit a second time? or danzo’s wind spamming? ohnoki’s rock spamming?

  • konanNtobi

    Wow I didn’t expect to hear anything of a storm 3 no time soon I was thinking of only rumors being released next year and the game not coming t 2014

  • konanNtobi

    Hell yeah. Sasukes jutsu is cheap. My brother will purposly do it and I will use all my subs then he will rush me with a never ending combo and a sasunos punch in the face.

  • Alex Marrero

    Fair constitutes what is legal, what is not considered cheating. Spam is legal, therefore it is fair. You can call it cheap, skilless, w/e you want but it is fair.

    And really? I seriously don’t get the people with the extensive story mode. You play for 10-15 hours collecting everything then you’re done. It’s a fighting game, it’s meant to be played competitively. I’m not dishing out $60 to play through a story I already played through, read, and watched a dozen times over.

  • konanNtobi

    And they ahvent addresed the fact that shuriken spamming characters can’t take advantage of the combo cancel so you can’t land those devasting combos that normal characters can.
    And don’t let me get started on the lack of health bars and the huge transformtion damage ratio that seriously needs to be fixed . There should easily be.choose to add health bars too the match by going to battle options.
    And child kakashi signiture move spammers and CPU
    Hinatas dashing double palm hitting you after the fact she swung srrry for the doulble posts but I’m bout to tripple it
    Abd Hakus useless ultimate.

    Part 1 characters should be takin out of the game in my prospect. And add room for all grat ninja war characters .

  • konanNtobi

    Sais brother better be in storm 3 . Konan better get a new moveset. Ultimate and her jutsu bbetter be those huge high spinning paper shuriken she threw at tobi
    And I better have the choice to switch between both konans

  • Alex Marrero

    They will NEVER put a limit on jutsu. The spammer count is probably 3/1, you know how much money they’d lose? Besides, I don’t want to be limited in my options. If all I can do is tap O the entire game then I’ll skip it entirely.

    I agree about the sub bar.

    D/c’ing should be a loss for the player who left and a win for the player who stayed, the BP should be calculated normally.

  • konanNtobi

    And if you ahavent noticed every chracter in the game does an updraft attack while doing a tean ougi so why can’t we do an updraft normally during batttle

  • Alex Marrero

    Characters are not left out based on what characters they choose to put in. If they remove the PTS characters I assure you we won’t be getting any extra characters in their place that they haven’t already planned.

  • Alex Marrero


    The only one that’s a problem is Ohnoki’s, because if you sub at the wrong time you can’t guard afterward.

  • Alex Marrero

    Most characters final hit of their Up combo knock the opponent into the air and you can follow up.

  • konanNtobi

    Often when I’m playing I ussually. Focus on how the person I’m fgihting plays but never to I think abouet what charafter I am fighting . So wehn I’m fighting it never occurs to me. To sub then gaurd til I lose all my subs

  • konanNtobi

    I like how you being so optimistic but that’s still no reason for then to tease with the updraft in a team ultimate and not be able to do it upon button imput

  • konanNtobi

    Truth be. Told if they plan on adding the needed characters to storm 3 (which I added up in my head and got. About 27) I can’t see them keeping character s from part one

  • konanNtobi

    Truth be. Told if they plan on adding the needed characters to storm 3 (which I added up in my head and got. About 27) I can’t see them keeping character s from part one

  • Ilya Twist

    I do not ever buy this game if the graphics will improve will not change combat’s
    mode  . remake bull shit ==((

  • Turbotrup


    They should change:
    -Graphics of environment (they look old already)-Pain’s Ougi, it should be chibaku tensei not that team attack crap-Kakashi’s, Obito’s awakening should give them infinite of sub. jutsus (or at least more)-Ougi of practically every older version of character, cuz their Ougis looks like normal jutsus from UNS1 to be honestThey should add:-some new type of dodging (like sways or something fast)-longer combo (with some cool special ending) while chakra aura is enabled -more types of attacks, cuz tapping 1 button is very boring-tag team mode where you can play to 4 players at leastI had more of it, but now I forgot ;P

  • Tom Harley

    Sub bar needs to go full stop, it’s a lazy excuse for a remedy of the problem people had with ‘spam sub’ in 2. I can think of a better way of doing it so why can’t a team of ‘professional’ developers? Come on CC2 wake up, where’s the pace of the battles anymore?

  • konanNtobi

    I agree on ougi change the ultimates semmed epic to me in storm 2 bu that is because I didn’t play storm 1. But even now the ultimates are horrible and part 1 characters ougis are pooping on part 2 characters.

    Howeeer I don’t agrre with you on changing the attach button it is simply not that sort of game.The conbos are fine too me .except the fact that they need to put four aierial combos to make for more epic air battles.

    They also should think about the free moveement that everyone is asking for but i f they want to add this in the game they should move to split screen gaming system

  • konanNtobi

    And I’m sorry but I nust say. I will be highly DISAPOINTED if they is no character creation. I really dnt care how bad and untoguhful and low quality It is . There nust be one and I feel thy could create it with ease and it would surpass ultimate tenkaichis character creation by far.

    Anyone agree

  • sasuke222


  • sasuke222

    Just wanted to thank S.I and thank you guys for watching my video.

    Visit TheGameTagerZ on youtube when you get the chance =)

  • sasuke222


    CC2 watched my video thanks for posting it on their twitter =)

  • João Victor

    I rather have Narutimate Accel 4 instead. The first 2 (for PS2) were much better than the 3 Storms in many aspects. More than one jutsu per char, better awakenings, proper team jutsus, better fighting system (2D is always more solid), levels that actualy engage fighting instead of only changing the scenario. Accel 2 has even more chars than Generations and doesn’t even covers the Kakuzu and Hidan’s arc.
    WAKE UP CC2!

  • Kira

    Well Nice Video,Pain Glitch and masked man truly sad

  • Deshay Arrieta

    So true man.

  • konanNtobi

    Shut up. But I get where you are coming from because I loved ultimate ninja 3 and I think it was the best naruto. Didn’t play 4 or 5. Only naruto game that could be better is naruto clash of ninja 2 with the 4 player battle system which would be easy for the storm games

  • Cristopher Antonio Guadamuz Ji

    My opinion is that I think should add more jutsu and jutsu best combination in the team final and add impact of attacks

  • Андрей Левин

    I think they need to add step by step awaiking.For example:You have 3 HP bars and begin to play with Sasuke (chidori as jutsu),than when you loose your 1st bar,you can awake to Sasuke with Mangekyo and Amatersu as jutsu,and then when you loose your 2nd HP bar, you can awake to Soosano mode.I think it would be cool!Match would last longer and become more epic!But its need to think out of a balance…

  • konanNtobi

    That would be great as an actual battle mode not the normal one. It would be great for actual tag tean fights where you could switch out with your support characters

  • sasuke222

    Thank you =) glad you enjoyed it

  • positiveemotions

    What did they say?

  • Jmenyfield

    Or if they keep the sub bars they just need to make it so that there isn’t a delay like in Ultimate Ninja 1-5 so that you can’t get hit with an ultimate jutsu every time somebody substitutes behind you. Back then in the classic Ultimate Ninjas, if you were hit by an ultimate jutsu you actually made your opponent slip up and now it’s much too easy. 

  • Андрей Левин

    Im totally agree with you!

  • positiveemotions

    Allot of you guys complain about the sub bar that either means you guys suck at nsg or dont know wen to use a sub bar either that your a sub spammer and a spammer period and cant win against us good players.

    Thos who dont complain about the sub meter actually know how to use it and know when is the right time to use it.

    Cc2 tries to make stuff even against the spammers so us fair players can beat the crap out of you spammers also if all this things that you complain and get mad bc you lose to much and problably break controllers just simply stop playing the storm series simple as that.

    I think cc2 did a great job yea its true nsg has ” WTF JUST HAPPENED?!!! ” moments but you can always find a way around it like when you sub make sure you move the analog stick away from the opponent then sub and press xx (ps3) for xbox idk sorry but that trick works well.

    What i do want tho is item customization in battle matches and rank fights.

    - Miguel

  • Karan Joseph

    the above video is crap.. good players wont have any problem against any characters… :P

  • nicholas palmer

    well then if u want to play a fighting game just to fight and not to complete a story mode with full story on the naruto universe then shut up and keep on playing generations if u purchase that game 

    i would rather play a nice story mode because a regular fighting game can get boring really quick and later you(anybody) will probably be pissed off cuz u bought a cheap ass chessey game for 60 bucks that could have went to something else important 

    do anybody agree with me yes or no this is just my opinion 

  • nicholas palmer

    i mean i did but who now would pay 60 dollars to play a 10 hour game when there are games with over 70 hours of gameplay 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    yea that onoki geezer, pisses me off the most, especially with his migit size body, sigh someone else needs to make an naruto game already.

  • konanNtobi

    Does anyone think that they should include part 1 konan,nagato,yahiko they would be greatt?

  • Nikhil Kalia

    I got a few ideas though some won’t agree to some but im just putting them out there…

    1) They could make the shuriken button to the right analog giving you two attack buttons. circle for light attacks and square for heavy making battles more skill required even though its not as much.
    2) put in more air combos (as what others have said) but also another grab? maybe r2+O with either up or down
    3) change the ultimates and team ultimates… either make them harder to do but do more damage or limit the amount of times. Make team ultimates worth using becasue when you choose a certain team e.g sharingan, im not really sure what those three rows with the different amount of circles have got to do with a battle!
    4) maybe add in taunts? r3 for taunt
    5) START BATTLES IN AWAKENED FORM… and nerf some of them as many spam sage naruto’s chakra gun volley which annoys me to death
    6) put a some sort of cooldown with jutsu’s like the more you use it, the longer the cooldown because that way there won’t be many jutsu spammers.
    7) change or nerf some peoples jutsu like HIDAN, PART 1 TENTEN, ONOKI, MASKED MAN etc… as it makes the game unbalanced and almost everyone uses hidan as hes so op.
    8) maybe put alternate costumes as dlc e.g naruto wearing his pajamas or something
    9) maybe you could do a shuriken clash like in storm 2 itachi vs sasuke???? i dunno its just a suggestion
    10)  bring jutsu clashes, makes things more exciting. for those like rock lee who uses a taijutsu but then naruto uses rasengan on him thus clashing, maybe they do hand to hand combat while you try raising the meter. winner breaks the oppenents guard leading following to their jutsu.

    thats all i have i guess, i know its a bit long but maybe some may like my ideas or you just take it as a bit of inspiration as make it better!

  • Sakura Haru

    I think they should add WAR mode 4v4 ( Online ) and the ability to switch with your support characters Therfore having no need for support types since you could just do it yourself.

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    they still have to fix were u sub cause whats the point to sub when u reappear in the same spot and some times it makes u sub again like against sasuke’s blaze release, but yes the sub bar is great and needs to stay.

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    flat out pointless, wait till they milk this to the point of dbz for that feature.

  • konanNtobi

    @Nikhil kalia is the smartest most creative person who uses this website. He hit every thing on point except 3 major key factors from my view

    1. Option to add up to two more health bbars
    2. Some type of character creation or leveling up systen like ultinate ninja 3
    3. two jutsu not a charafcter change actually a button input for two jutsu in the same match.

    Extra: character compatability when selecting team charaters so thee more you get. The character bonds up the more little dot thingies you get.
    Troggle input hand sighns to do ultimates

  • Marin Paul

    I dont have a problem with the fact that Pain can destroy all opponents life if he’s using frenzy.Frenzy pill is the most stupid item in the game,that shall teach the noobs to stop using it

  • Graham

    Another thing, If you win in awakening mode why don’t they show you in awakening mode at the end of the fight screen thingy? 

  • Graham

    I agree. It really just needs to be taken out of the next game.  Noobiest thing you can do is use that. (especially in 1v1)

  • positiveemotions

    Yea I agree i want them to fix where u appear in back of the rasengan barrage and other jutsus like flame control by sasuke susano and appear wen u sub against a puppet

  • Nikhil Kalia

    also when you do an ougi, it should change the stage landscape to give more effect

  • konanNtobi

    I really am sick of peope complaining that the ultinate jutsu dnt look that great, the thing to think about when judging an ultinate jutsu is if the atttack could really kill someone.

    I can only think of about 5characetrs ougis that wouldn’t kill, hinata ,neji,rocklee,kabutoand hidan

  • Nikhil Kalia

    im not complaining, just suggesting…


    Im happy about CC2 see this video, because this new item is very silly for people who play with combos this item destroy that :( and its very  unfair.

    1. Another point are the spamm character like masket man,Onoki, part one tenten, part one gaara.

    2. I hope im not the only one who hate supports like Hidan,Kimmimaru,past one gaara. So many player use only this support :( this support is unfair i mean Hidan and kimmimaru you have no chance to give you opponent combos.

    3. If some one leave the game i think its fair to get the points.

    4. Nice Team ultimates i love cool teamultimates like ultimate ninja 5 ! ^^

    5. Team jutus would be a great idea to like ultimate ninja heroes 3 for example    rasengan and chidori

  • KitahSenpai

     that’s a thing that upset me, i always wanted to see what the awakening mode reaction would be like in storm 1 and 2, i do hope they re-add this.

  • Nikhil Kalia

     5 and 3 are great ideas

  • KitahSenpai

    I do agree with all of these, i’d love to be able to create my own ninja, but i think that should be left for UNS4 (yes their will be more games after Naruto is completed, they’ll go make and make it a bigger gameplay add in another type of generations game with just shippuden and war characters, etc too), but a leveling up system for now would be perfect.

    With the two jutsu’s, let’s take PS3 controllers for example, the only thing not used is the right stick, so that could be used for your items, such as frenzy pill (LOL) or paper bombs, etc. where as the directional pad let’s you change jutsu.

    Let’s use Kakashi as an example as he supposedly has copied over 1000 jutsu. The up  (^) directional key could be Chidori, down (v) could be Fire style, left () could be Water dragon jutsu. This would make it feel like we’re playing with the character completely.

    I just really hope they decide to put something like this in instead of having like Wind style: Rasenshuriken naruto, and Nine tails rasengan naruto when they have the same combo’s, maybe to change the ultimate to press the L3 stick on the PS3 to switch between (rather like Ratchet and Clank’s system of changing weapons in there, but for ultimate jutsus). OFC they can have ultimate outfits in the game, but maybe make the DLC or unlockable few missions in the game itself.

    (I would of written up how to use the Xbox360 and how they can do it on their too, but I don’t own one so i’m unsure on the buttons used for it) :D

    Also: YES! THE HEALTH BARS ARE DEFINATELY NEEDED, THE MINIMUM SHOULD BE 3, and maybe more for mutliplayer free matches (online and offline) if chosen before the match. :D

  • KitahSenpai

     Only one i don’t really agree with is the cooldown with jutsu’s, maybe make it harder to charge chakra if your jutsu has hit, like your chakra slows down while charging where it is normally rather quick. That’d be a better thing to do rather than a cool down on actually using the jutsu, you could be in a pinch and then have someone run at you with a ultimate and you get behind them but they use Pain as a sub for example and once that’s happened and they’re chakra charging you may not be able to run at them with a rasengan or something. Just a thought of course.

    I would love DLC! I do hope they do the Mask tobi was going to have (Kishi’s original design) as a DLC, along with Hokage Naruto. The Akatsuki with Atatsuki robes and with the Edo-Tensei robes, also Team Taka with the akatsuki uniform too :P

  • OtherWorlded

    ^ ^

  • KitahSenpai

     Yes! I want to KO people with PT1 Nagato (but maybe make this like a side thing from the war as it is a flashback like they did with Sasuke vs Killer Bee in Storm 2) which then unlocks all the characters.

  • Nikhil Kalia

    fair point, as i said these are just a few ideas which you can take as inspiration for better ideas

  • Nikhil Kalia

    maybe instead you can just do triangle + circle with up, down, left or right for different jutsu :D

  • sasuke222

    Thanks for liking my video =) 

  • sasuke222

    Thanks for liking my video =) 

  • Alex Marrero

    You’re alone, like Nicholas below me said why pay 60 for a 10 hour game. Online play extends the life of a game considerably for those who like to compete. The story mode will never be long enough to warrant a story only with offline generic modes to convince most people to buy a game for which they probably know the entire plot already.

  • Fivefivesixseven No Okamix

    So… I see that these are in game annoyances, but why was the d/c issue overlooked? There are plenty of small things I could complain about but if you ask me, allowing people to just d/c whenever they feel like it is wrong. In most other games that would be a win for someone and a loss for the d/c >.>

  • Yumi

    If they really wanna make the game great bring the sub mechanics back to like storm 2 no sub bar it was useless when some jackass onlines just rushes you the whole match which brings the other thing up take out the infinite chakra dash to if not i most likely won’t get it because generations is already dead online from crap like that atleast it’s dead when i get online.

  • Yumi

    Why the hell should i let a spammer win and lose points i think not if they wanna do the same move that’s their problem but they won’t win against me i worked to hard to lose bp to a jackass who doesn’t care how he plays online so they deserve it do you really think if you spammed them back they wouldn’t turn it off on you or at the least give you a comment so no people should not get penalized for turning it off.

  • E J

     No. They will loose ALOT of fans if they do that cause the spammers have a better chance. Don’t be naive.

  • Akio Takeshi

    I’m better than you, that’s for sure.

  • konanNtobi

    Good post

  • bigboss1495

    i would never regret playing a naruto game but just this once i can say i regret buy naruto storm generation the game was full of nonsense noob spammer lagger that all i could see that game brought shame to the ultimate ninja series and the storm series

  • bigboss1495

    sub bars was the worst thing to put they could just make sub more harder like storm 1 but no add a bullshit sub bar

  • bigboss1495

    i had to turn my ps 5 time today noob spammers they dnt deserve to play naruto like this the creator should look good at there characters

  • Graham

    probably not -_-

  • E J

    You know all you gotta do is get better by practicing, every character and person you uses them can be beat one way or another, dont blame he game for what other losers are making it become :b
    Watch SdotStormHD on youtube, you’ll see a legit fighter who plays well without spam, even if he looses to a spammer he still puts it up to show the fun of the game :)

  • KitahSenpai

     That could work too, but if your in a hard situation such as someone’s running at you with let’s say Chidori, and you want to cancel it out with your jutsu as you have no more Sub bars left it’ll be rather complicated to press all 3, but then again, it could work if you have quick enough reflexes as ninja’s should have ;D

  • KitahSenpai

     That’s very true :D


    Im happy obout the sub bar this stopps the ultimate spamming like 2 if you attack you opponent he push LT 8    ( i play on Xbox)  and give you a ultimate jutsu :/
    Naruto ultimate ninja storm generation change this with the sub bar and im very very !! happy about that so we can fight finally with combos. But we can see in the video some new problems every game have some mistake or unfair player. But I hope they change this all in Naruto ultimate ninja Storm 3 and i was happy to see the sub bar in Storm 3 ;) .

    So i play Generations and its my favourite game ^^. Win/loose who cares i have fun thats all. If some one spamm its shows me just he cant play so be cool and have fun ;)


    i would want them to change the team attacks to the one the video showed

  • Graham

    Lol you liked storm 2 better? kids ONLY spammed in that game and did ZERO combos.  with the sub bar you actually see combos.  Learn when to sub and what to do after you sub. (like block, jump, chakra dash, or do a block to a quick chakra dash to start attacking them).  Just keep playing and you will learn how to beat the “cheap” tactics.

  • Graham

    Read what I just put above.  It might help you out and change your mind.

  • Graham

    Lawl I totally agree.  Storm 2 was a spam fest only.  It would be a bad move to take out the sub bar.  Most likely the people who want the sub bar back are just stubborn and don’t want to adapt and are losing in generations more than they did in storm 2 -_-

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    i’ve always been asking for the team specials to be like the other cool one they put in the video

  • Yumi

    Please tell me your joking storm 2 took more skill then generation cause in generations all you do is block and poke at each other and spammers keep abusing the chakra dash so basicly the first person to lose subs will lose the match i honestly don’t even know why they give you support in generations, it didn’t make a difference online against spammers etc so all in all generations it took no skill why do they make fighting game more easier to spam in as the years go by the sub bar and chakra dash is even annoying just fighting the ai in generations and whats the point in subbing if you don’t sub behind them in generations you sub and land in same spot so yeah sub bar and infinite chakra dash need to go and subs need to be fixed where you sub behind opponent.

  • Killer-Kall’s (CHUNIN)

    yuo shoul be able to customize team specials.

  • nicholas palmer

    well then if u like to just buy 60 dollar naruto games just to fight im happy to sell u all of my naruto game 60 each

  • nicholas palmer

    who agrees that the game should cover ep 1-the end of shppuden 
    other than just playing online fights that can get really boring after a while

  • Alex Marrero

    You don’t even make sense anymore. It’s a fighting game, u fight, if you buy the game to look at it or kiss it goodnight, etc. and not to fight, then there’s something wrong with you.

  • Graham

    -__- I can’t believe what you are saying right now.  Generations takes more skill.  Learn WHEN to sub, learn WHAT to do after you sub to get the advantage, and don’t even say that it is easier to spam now than before… At least now you see fights with combos instead of what storm 2 was.  But this is my opinion i guess.  If you and people like you want it to be easy so that you can sub whenever you want and know that you will always be safe when you sub and appear behind the opponent then be my guest and ask for it (If you play enough you will know what types of attacks make you sub and stay in the same position).  It would end up requiring less skill to play the game if these were to happen.  SMH

  • Julian Pullie

     Kid your a spammer of course you want that! haha if you see KuroYumi on xbox dont play him unless you want a spamming battle!

  • Julian Pullie

     just because you suck you in storm generations haha i mean no offense but i only here people say they want storm 2 back because they suck at generations. Everyone spammed in Storm 2 i am hero and am loving it in generations i have alot of friend who play legit and are good.

  • Leo_Han

    Some things that should be fixed are:

    1. Subs. Teleport a fair distance behind the opponent not upwards.

    2. OP characters jutsus. Ex. Oonoki throws 1 rock, Masked Man doesn’t use bombs, just a kunai and slashes the opponent Gaara’s sand shower, change to dome he used against Sasuke & it pops out spikes in 1 direction.

    3. All jutsus should be able to cancel each other and faster jutsu like Rasengan have the same speed.

    4. Have special team ujs with only real teams ex. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura- Team 7

    5. Pill should only bounce off grabs & ujs. Bounce effect is normal.

    6. Glitch jutsus should be fixed and have the normal effects.

    7. Costumes. Use outfits from the anime/manga. It’s really hard to know which is you especially if all you got are alternative colors. Ex. Akatsuki members- fishnet shirts & shinobi pants, Naruto- war vests.

    8.Balance ujs. Like Peins reaches all the way to the other side of the field. Others like Itachi’s are stationary.

    and 9. Add limits to the times you can use ujs and jutsus. 10 jutsus 2 ujs. 

  • Leo_Han

    Things added/kept should be obviously more characters, sub bars, and animation scenes(way better than previous cut scene graphics). 

    Add more diverse jutsu and uj, ex. PTS Sasuke changes 1st uj to Lion Combo 2nd jutsu Chidori & 2nd uj Dragon Flame jutsu. Sort of like Ultimate Nunja 3′s uj system.

    Combo break should be kept. It helps chain combos. 

    Disconnection Points kept but the person who didn’t disconnect gets the BP and a disconnection point. Some people don’t do it purposely. They just have internet problems. But people over 3 disconnection points should lose hosting rights.

    Jutsus like Sakon’s defense wall should be breakable with other jutsu but not uj.

    If anyone has anything to add that I may have forgotten please reply. And I hope CC2 reads & considers our(non spammers) ideas for a more balanced Naruto game.

  • nicholas palmer

    then stop talking about us and dont buy storm 3 UNLESS U WAN A PERFECT STORY other than that just keep on playing generations

  • WiiStation360

    How the hell do you even do a tilt move?

  • Yumi

    I’m on ps3 dipshit and obviously your a new generation faggot gamer also i’m a girl so your fail is off the charts and i was rank 78 on storm 2 leaderboard so smoke that in your pipe little kid lol yeah u mad as hell and lol you love generations because you like broke game you probably sucked ass at storm 2 i bet your one of the scrubs who abuses the chakra dash in generations yeah you have been owned and exposed let me know if you wanna continue this debate.

  • Yumi

    Are you serious generations takes no skill in storm 2 you couldn’t sub a team ultimate jutsu you had to keep your guard up  but in generations hit sub and it does it so easily and who cares about combos this isn’t dbz i mean combos are good but not with the infinite chakra dash in the game aswell that just leads to combo abuse not to mention they screwed taijutsu users up, hidan for instance was my main in storm 2 you could rush his ultimate well not in generations cause the sub bar is in the game so hidan ougi is useless now, so i atleast hope he gets a new moveset in storm 3 if you have storm 2 still and the ps3 version of it look up poseidonftw that is me i will be in top 100 also it’s alot easier to spam in generations take masked fags jutsu for instance or tentens justsu not to mention her ougi can home on you while trying to hit so can kisames and like i said the sub bar is lame but the main problem is the infinite chakra dash i mean sure you can block it but you can’t block forever and you will eventually lose all your subs from that shit lol just you know what anyone who likes generations over storm 2 obviously sucked ass at storm 2 cause online is still active in storm 2 but it’s dead on generations   explain that to me and that goes for julian pullie aswell explain to me how if generations is such a great game how it’s dead online for ps3 and how there are complaints about the games characters such as masked fag etc all on the web everywhere.

  • Yumi

    Barely move the left analog one way and hit circle that’s for ps3 version 360 is same cept it’s a b button i think.

  • Yumi

    You keep saying storm 2 was spam but any game online is gonna have spammers what makes storm 2 so different from others tell me i would love to know.

  • Graham

    I do agree that some characters are way OP and a lot harder to beat than others.  But there are always things you can do against spammers.  After all they do use the same move over and over, so that one move is the one you need to dodge.  and Hidan is actually really good in generations.  with combos and NMC and his tilt you can string together a long combo and even put his ultimate with his tilt.  I have an XBox so I can’t go look at your stuff, but I was also really good at Storm 2 (Jiraiya FTW), but I didn’t like the fact that combos were so useless.  I see what you mean by the infinite chakra dash, but PLEASE if you do play generations again try to block their chakra dash and then IMMEDIATELY chakra dash them back (it works because of the rebound effect).  Both games have issues, but lets just hope they can get Storm 3 perfect.

  • jc051395

    Saiyan Island, here is a message I sent CC2, hopefully they’ll read it:  Hello CC2, to begin with, I would like to let you know that I’m very thankful for making the Naruto Storm series, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. I would like to congratulate you on everything about the series, and Generations, which can’t be left behind. I sincerely love Generations, but I also know that you are going to be the development team behind Storm 3, and I would like to give a few suggestions. People are saying that the Substitution Bars are the reason why Generations can be really spammable, specially online. I say no to that statement. The sub-bars are awesome and should stay, now, what should be changed is breaking the combos with chackra dash, that’s really annoying because everyone online just spams the chackra dash until you run out of sub-bars and then do a 1000 hit combo on you and kill you with just one combo. I suggest and PLEASE hear me on this, is that the only way to break a combo is by blocking, PLEASE make it so chackra dashing doesn’t have an effect on the combo, PLEASE allow us to do one combo at a time, not just many combos into one that kills you without leaving you a chance to defend yourself. That is really annoying and should be changed to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone. The only way to stop a combo and start another one is by blocking so the other opponent have the time to retreat or at least counter attack. Because there is also another problem, in Generations, ninjutsu is too slow compared to combos, so you can’t really defend yourslef while you are being attacked over and over. Also, can you make the puppeteers better? That when somebody dashes towards you, your puppets don’t just fall? Because then it leaves you defenseless, the only way to make puppets fall is by ninjustsu PLEASE. That’s all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.  

  • Leo_Han

    The combo breaks are suppose to help us counter shuriken spammers like Deidara spammers. I personally like them. As for the puppets, everyone would spam ninjutsu if only ninjutsu could beat them. The dash weakness prevented that. If you don’t like that, don’t use them.

  • konanNtobi

    Conbo cancel makes air battles a litlle more extravagant, I do believe that they should change the amount of sub bars or make a sub rrecharge action ( the only way to make people happy. Puppets I agree thatsnot fair fir them to fall but the fact that when someonee subs from a puppet they don’t go behind the user is a n advantage for the puppets.

  • konanNtobi

    Really , I figured that out in storm 2

  • konanNtobi

    Has anyone noticeed as I posted a while ago, that when executing a. Team special the first attacker does a updraft. Atttack , you should be able toprefrom an updraft attack during battle.

    And alsothere should be four air combos to add for a more entertaining aerial battle

    Side ways chakra dashes should be added.

  • konanNtobi

    CHOJI MUST HAVE BUTERFLY TRANSFORMATION! Amd konan needs new every thing but old konan should still be playable.

  • Leo_Han

    I agree with the sub recharge though there is an item for it. Puppets are already too strong. Why you think they are so popular with spammers? So it’s a good thing they fall when dashed.

  • jc051395

     dude, im not saiying that there shoudn’t be combo breaks, didn’t u read? I said that the combo breaks should stay, but not by chackra dashing, if i loose all my bars im dead, don’t u understand??? thats what everybody does online, it’s not me that i dont like using them, its people online that use it too much. and everyone spams ninjutsu anywyas so what are u talking about, look at kid kakashi, play againts someone online playing as kid kakashi, i understand the puppets part, but idk dont make it that weak.

  • jc051395

     air battles??? what are u talking about? there are no air battles in naruto generations, i think u are confused with dragon ball z, its just a combo that doesn’t take more than 2% of ur health. I am really good with kankuro, but i played online with him I DONT SPAM BELIEVE ME, and played against rock lee, he beat me perfect, cuz he did chackra dash over and over to take out my sub bars, and when he dashed , my puppets always fell, so i was without sub bars, my puppets were down and i was defenseless, it’s not just fun, at least do something with that so that they are not that weak 

  • jc051395

     so whats the point of using puppets if they are friggin useless?? they might just as well not put any puppet masters in the next game, and loose many fans and money…so yea, i suggest they put them.

  • jc051395

     Chain combos are just the worse, when u are playing online they just do it over and over and over and its not fun, combo breaks should be done with the block button, not with the chackra dash, yesterday they did on me like a 500 hit combo and took away 80% of my health, not fun at all

  • konanNtobi

    For those who say there are no such thing as air battles , you’re ediots because its seeemslike me and my friends are the only ones who constntly repeat air combos to see who can land the final blow and I feel extremely acomplished when I do and I think it takes a decent amount of damage with the combo. Cancel.

  • Art

    Subs are fine as they are.  From your description, it sounds as if you’d like to go back to storm 2 knj system.  I wouldn’t be opposed to having combo cancels in addition to chakra cancels, but removing chakra cancels would take pressure out of melee and pretty much make matches even more jutsu based.

  • Yumi

    So did i i was responding to wiistation360 telling him how to do a tilt move though.

  • Yumi

    Deaidara isn’t throwing shurikens the square button if you use ps3 is his main attack move set just like shino plus deidara is garbage i have never lost to one cause in storm 2 i picked shino against deidara and just kept hoping around since shinos bugs holme on to the enemy suffice to say deidara users trurn it off on me shino beats sasori that way to but see in generations they nerfed characters like for instance they made it where you can’t contiusly hop around and shoot shuriken as fast with some characters which gives deidara an advantage in generations at times.

  • Graham

    chakra dash cancel needs to stay.  I can’t believe how people complain about it.  If you play the damn game enough you can find a ton of ways to counter someones chakra dash.  Stop being a noob and figure it out.  

  • David Butler

    i really wud like th jinjuriki to be playable,mainly fuu an yugito [naruto gaara an bee 2 of course] i really like fuu an yugito even tho they didnt really make much of appearance [which is a shame btw] an wud really like to see them make an appearance

  • konanNtobi

    Id likfe yugara he nade meere of. A appearance than the both of them, and the two tails actually had screen time

  • Graham

    agreed.  I hope the Jinchuuriki are in it!

  • Leo_Han

    They aren’t useless. Look up some of KillSasoriHater’s fights. Even if he spams, it proves puppets aren’t useless unlike Kid Choji.

  • Leo_Han

    Well some of us don’t use Shino. My main was Taka Sasuke. And hopping around isn’t my style. I prefer fighting up close with combos. Slowing down the shuriken took out most of the shuriken spam in Generations. So yeah, combo cancel and sub bars need to stay

  • Leo_Han

    I understand. And you know even without the chakra dash, it’ll be like the Clash of Ninja series. Run up to your opponent and try hitting them. And I play against Kid Kakashi lots of times always get like 10 Chidoris when they use the pill.

  • Leo_Han

    If you don’t like combo breaks, just learn how to use it yourself. If not play with your friends and tell them no combo breaks. But many of the players like it cause it makes the game more diverse.

  • Yumi

    Only a noob needs chakra dash cancel so what i got from that is you are a noob cause every time i point out a flaw or way they could improve storm 3 from generations all you do is defend generations so sorry to say but no game is perfect and the chakra dash is broken generations seemed like a game that was rushed together just for time being untill storm 3 came out.

  • positiveemotions

    Dude chill out man people who complain allot are usually not that good i am not saying u suck but seriously the other dude defends nsg is bc he likes the game not all the naruto storm series around the world will like generations dude and some will i myself looove nsg but the online does get borin but if u play with one of your psn friends not so borin

  • Anthony B Weaver

    My thoughts on the NSUNS 3 is to bring back clash jutsu and longer ougis but only for offline, and able to change up your characters move while fighting. Like changing the left analog stick in between battles to make different moves, also bring back the RPG in NUNS1 but with more features like jumping to building-to-building like in the show. And customizing your character.  

  • Graham

    the chakra dash is not bronken -_______- play and learn.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Play people who are better than you and watch what they do when you chakra dash at them.  You can pick up tricks just by playing but you probably quit playing and now will just always say how broken it is and prefer storm 2 over nsg.  

  • AMTModollas

    One thing I want is bring back a good story mode, generations kinda
    sucked… I liked UNS2, what with the interactive quick time events,
    mini-game like gimmicks in between battles and actually follows the
    story more closely.

    If they fix that, I’ll probably even sell back Generations to the stores, just to get UNS3

    But yes, I do want some of those jutsu fixed, would also love to have more specialized team jutsu, and hell, even longer, more creative ultimate jutsu. Jutsu clashes wud be cool as well

  • Stewie Stifmeister Maldonado

    bring back CLASHES…Boss battles like Storm 2′s story mode…give more moves to karin and tenten so she’ll stop spamming and deidara…have one more life bar we dont care if thats too long well i dont 

  • Sunny Yang

    put the new madara nd all the tailed beast

  • Dyran

    Another thing that can be upgraded is the flick attack L3+O. If CC2 can add different attacks depending on the direction you flick L3 instead of just limiting it to just one attack it would bring more depth into the fights, and it’s safe to say all the characters in NARUTO have more than enough JUTSUS at their disposal. Also up to now, R3 has been asleep for too long not to be able to do something with it. I’m more than certain CC2 can be creative in giving R3 life. BELIEVE IT!!!! (“,)

  • Nitro Industries

    Glitches are a problem that needs to be solved yes but lets be honest. Generations is no longer a storm game… What made storm unique was the little bit of RPG you got with the Single player, IT made it more enjoyable it was a better representation of the anime and it made the game longer. Generations single player took me like 3 hours to beat… Not worth the 59.99 there charging. This game was a step backwards…I only hope that with NUNS3 they bring back the RPG style single player boss battles etc…It’s what made this game great…Generations is just another fighting game…

  • Nick Kurdadze

    i heard that now, R3 is the awakening button. and the awakening is instantaneous. i don’t think that’s good though cause you might accidentally click on it during a fight, i know it’s more of a L3 problem  but still, instant awakening when you don’t want to may lead to your demise

  • Francis Solis

    give the Sannin better Ultimate Jutsus -.- there Jutsu are old and dull, even ifyou dont change it give their Jutsu more exciting action -.- i really wanted Orochimaru to Have his Hydra Technique, and be able to summon The Triple Rashomon when he’s Awakened state as his grab

  • jc051395

     How about u stop being ugly and stop telling others that u don’t even know what to do or not. I dont know in what kind of suburbs or country u live, but where i live in the US of America, we are free to do whatever we want as long as we dont break the law. So if i wanna buy the game is my money, and if i wanna say i dislike breaking the combo with chackra dash is my choice as well, u are a simple nobody to tell anyone what to do, i bet u cant even tell urself what to do.

  • jc051395

     Nobody uses deidara anymore, i think u are talking about storm 2 where spammers used deidara over an over, and those are easy as hell to beat, but the ones the just keep spamming the living s*** out of the chackra dash over and over and over until u run out of substitutions, those are annoying. But whatever, i know how to beat those as well already, in tema battles, single battles are not good.

  • dubaloseven

    I disagree with the part about Masked Man. His combos are average at best, and his ultimate is an easy to block basic rush. His jutsu is what gives him his edge. Just because you can chain two together doesn’t make it broken. On the other hand, I completely agree with the substituting in place thing. The Sub Bar/Cancel system was exactly what the Susano’o needed. But because it substitutes in place Sasuke’s is useless in melee and Itachi’s is only good for punishing an empty Sub Bar.

  • Graham

    From your last message I’m just going to assume you didn’t figure it out.  LOL at you.  

  • Errieleeze

    You guys made a move set for Karin…..KARIN!!!! and you people are to
    lazy to make one for the sound four!! I love this game series. i really
    do. but please please make it better.  Get rid of onoki’s rocks. give
    him ONE giant Boulder. Why did they not put in the old naruto. the one
    before he learned the rasengan. They made a justu for it and yet. it
    wasnt in there. One more thing. Itachi’s clones and the genjustu haze
    that kurinei makes are AWFUL!. they go two feet and then disappear. can
    you guys actually make combos too? pressing the B button is not a combo.
    combo stands for combination. add more “combos” make your charecters do
    MORE please. I love this game. but please….

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    his jutsu is broken because any person can spam it extremely easily just like tentens jutsu,the new huge awakenings are like that so people dont just pick sasuke/itachi for there awakening and actually have to work for a win not just sit there and take a beating till they can awaken.

  • Leo_Han

    I don’t know what you mean by “Nobody uses Deidara anymore”. I have a bunch of replays where I fight Deidara.

  • awwesomeA

    i think they should just take it all old school, back to when it was three bars of health ,so when u got your awakening u had more time to use it and actually check it out, u could fight on walls, and in order for ur ultimate move to connect u had to do the multiple button pushing thingy, and u could roam the village make it just like storm one only better

  • matthew schaeffer

    Because you’re the spammer, clearly that’s why. I was a hero in Storm 2, and I’m nowhere near that in Generations, and I can tell you that despite the glitches in Generations, it is FAR better conceptually and in reality than Storm 2. I can’t vouch for Storm 1, as I’ve never played it, but you’re just pathetic.

    The difference between Storm 2′s spamming and other games you want to know the answer. It’s the fact that YOU, YUMI, are the one spamming.

  • Anthony Thomas

    Add costumes llike in DBZ games. i am so sick of playing Sage Mode Naruto in his cloak. Make him in is normal costume add costume for all charcters

  • GStyle

    generations was made quickly just to give it a better fighting style it wasnt meant for story mode hence why storm 3 is coming out u dumbass

  • Christopher Osagie

    One thing that should be added to the list are the sub bars which just make the game more broken

  • Michael Rogowski

    you forgot removal of the unflintch item that both young kakashi and obito have along with naruto this if used by a skilled player and the right moment will chew your subs and take you down before your sub characters are even back up.

  • Alain Sokhon

    you have to make only one naruto. than transform into sage mode in free will and transform into kyubbi when his health is little. and he most have two normal jutsu and one ultimate. 1-shadow clones 2-rasengan  the rasengan must be as big as the anime.
    and change itachi combos and the fire ball jutsu must be much bigger like the anime

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Thats the frenzy pill and it is covered at the 4:53 mark in the video.

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Are you TRYING to make the game even MORE broken and make naruto even MORE CHEAP AND OP?

  • Orlando Pabon

    You guys are all idiots! Masked man, tenten, all the puppets, and onioki are broken! The frenzy pill is retarded, the super Explosive Bombs are Retarded, The Super Poison, the Lighting and sleep Are the worst things they did on this game! they need to fix sussano (itachi,Sasuke) sussano is useless in this game and its suppose to be the ultimate defense??? This game is just SHIT!!!!

  • nicholas deo

    sadly your proven wrong considering the sales and the characters that can be played in the game.

  • Ben Theaker

    The amount of sales was due to the game being highly anticipated but it didn’t live up to its’ expectations and there are indeed a high amount of characters and this is great but I still prefer NSUNS2 because of the free roam. Generations was far too easy to complete

  • Mason Campbell

    I think everyone is being a bit rash to one another. Yes there are many things in every game ever created that needs some tweaking. This NSG is no exception. I do agree that this game was hastily put together to appease customers while they designed NUNS3, but nonetheless it is still a fun fighting game. Everyone complains that many things aren’t balanced, like UJ’s and combo breaking etc.. There are semi-broken jutsu’s and spam-able combos, however each character is different for a reason. You are meant to fight knowing the limitations of the character and finding a strategy that works for you and that character. No matter what, in a fighting game online, you are gonna find those individuals who will find a way to spam the hell out of something. They just simply aren’t fun to play, and you can’t completely help it. But there are ways to break their spamming. Peins UJ may go across the entire stage but it’s easy to read and therefore counter or block. But if you manage to pop off Itachi’s justu quickly and in range it’s harder to read and react quickly. Different characters call for different play styles. Quit bit**en!

  • devion sosa


  • devion sosa

    true they could of patched/fixed those things but i have to urge I HAVE NEVER LOST WITH SUSSANO ONCE. 

  • Hao Ren Yong

    Naruto Sage UJ Cannot Sub? Then Don’t. Just Block. Or Even Better Get Out of the way. Or if you’re really good just stand in front of his face and let his clones pop that really large rasengan ball behind you. (though that will result in an awkward moment for the both of you). Problem Solved. His UJ is not meant to be subbed out of.

    If you could sub your way out of every jutsu with every character then there is no point in picking each character now is it? It would just be the same moveset with different models on top of it. No doubt some characters are more easy/straightforward to use, but it does not mean that a particular jutsu is OP, tracking or damage wise. There is always a way. Experimentation and a sense of humour is key.

  • Hao Ren Yong

    I have won and lost to Susanoo countless times. It’s use is definitely there.

  • Antawn

    they should change the chakra levels for each character people like tenten in the anime dont have the same chakra reserves as naruto so if u want to chose her and spam her jutsu she should have lower chakra or her jutsu should take more chakra

  • Alexander Hamilton

    I hope they bring bakc the ultimate jutsus with awakenings like in storm 1.

  • Gohan

    Generations got a 7-8/10 as a rating. It is a great game, however I like the other storms better. Remember generations Is a half complete storm 3, when storm 3 comes out, then it will own

  • Alexander Romero

    You don’t need to use substitution jutsu. If u are a pro like me then, you only have to get in front of Naruto and let his 2 shadow clones go behind you and create that akward moment. ;)