Naruto Storm 3 Video: The Rasengan of Hokage Minato

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Hokage Minato had a jutsu, a charged, jutsu, and an ultimate jutsu that consisted of some kind of Rasengan.

Based on the 2012 Japan Expo demo, it looks like Minato has two more spiraling spheres – the “Awakening Action” and “Secret Factor”! You can learn more about both of these two attacks in the posts on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Controls and secret factor.

Those are, of course, in addition to Minato’s jutsu and ultimate jutsu. Saiyan Island did not see Minato’s charged jutsu, the Time Space Rasengan Barrage. That doesn’t mean it won’t be in the game, it’s just we didn’t notice it.

So without further ado, below is a Naruto Storm 3 video featuring the Rasengan we saw Hokage Minato perform. The buttons in the video are for the PS3 version of the game.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. We hope to have more details as soon as they become available!

  • ichigokun

    COOL VIDEO!!! the secret factor is sort of funny. it would be more funny if it was
    tsunade or sakura instead of minato cause it looks like masked man is
    about to cop a feel and then *swish* minato teleports and F’s him up for

  • Shogunreaper

    I wonder how many more times you guys are going to show the same video.

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    first to notice the new non secret factor rasengan on top of minato

  • sva114

    what chars do you guys want in storm 3

  • OtherWorlded

     You are right HA ha, it does. ^ ^

  • Kamishuriken

    Saiyanisland has a great method of presenting the same information in different ways to make it look like something new ;)

  • Nigel Davis

    The language changed in the video o_0 I got confused for a second, thought I could understand French for a bit @_@. lol nope.

  • ichigokun

    what do you mean non secret factor? do you mena the awakening action or is there something else too??

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    i get the secret factor now so if ur vs. someone that vs. in the anima ex. kisame vs killer b they will have a speacial combo u cant do that will be sexy

  • jermar

    no, there just further clarifying it for those who couldn’t fully grasp their explanation ealier

  • narutobleachop

    I like when they do this, makes things easier to understand. Plus I like the video too! Minato is a BOSS!!!!

  • *Super~Sayian*

    So basically kakashi’s secret factor would be an finger up naruto’s ass? 
    - Or vice-versa

  • kofi_96

    I never saw half of this… interesting how they go deeper on info

  • sva114

    what do you guys think of the war in naruto so far

  • Patricia

     They should have two different awakening actions.

  • jermar

    well first, all the char. that were in generations except pts 1 char. (with the exception of kimimaro, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hokage and hopefully sound 4, yes i am a sound 4 fan but i will not complain if there not in storm 3). now for my list: Nagato, Kinkaku or Ginkaku (i doubt they will put both of them), Darui, Anko, Shizune, parent InoShikaChoo, the other 6 jinchuuriki, Mifune, 3rd Raikage, 2nd Mizukage, 2nd Tsuchikage, 4th Kazekage, Omoi, Masked Man (rinnegan), Madara Uchiha, EMS Sasuke (if they can make a difference from MS Sasuke), Zetsu (if they can make some decent jutsu’s from him). this is all i can think of right now if anybody felt i missed anyone (which i no i did, just having a brain fart) please share

  • sva114

     good liste and yeah im a sound 4 fan 2

  • Salvador

     I thought the awakening buttons were different

  • positiveemotions

     I think some characters from  generations will return like all the kages and maybe danzo not to sure about him tho and some of the edo char u said

  •örl/100000502117437 Felix Thörl

    I understand that this is just observed in the gameplay-video. Perhaps he has a second one but it just doen’t show.

  • DivineKingdom

    Perhaps the mystery of the increased age rating has just been solved


    Cool i like the new awakening system. Minatos rasengan dont make to much damage in awakening like storm 2 or generation so i thik generation give you only some cool moves but it makes you not stronger :D

  • Graham

    ya idk. But I do know that you can do his special awakening move in the air.  This video left that out -__-

  • Salvador

     yep no its in there

  • Salvador

     I think it’s getting so awesome and ending soon:/ but has fights after another and getting better to read the next chapter

  • Jmenyfield

    Why do they keep making posts about the same gameplay video? -_-

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  • unleashrage

    i think it good the fight between the kages and you know who is boring apart from seeing that jutsu. 

  • Salvador

     yea liek in that screenshot with that slash it was bright it’s in one of the images

  • Graham

    really? lol I must not have been watching very hard my bad.  I’ll have to go back and look

  • Ryan Blaziken


  • ibster


  • Frank Cerullo

    cuase they got nothing better to do, no new info has been released lately 

  • Rose Abrams

    You sir, have earned a round of applause.

  • Matsemann08

    For the love of everything, please use Youtube…

  • Zexion842

    the video lags soo fricken much

  • LiL JJ

    So his rasengan in the air will actually be in the gameplay rather than just the story mode. It’s just faster than the secret factor because the secret factor portrayed the anime version and is a scene in the actual story.

  • James Isaac

    Looks balanced. Still theres plenty of time for them to add much more for the vs battle, maybe destructable objects like in the old ultimate ninja games! And maybe more items!

  • AmpBknocka

    Okay so they gave it a second ouig that is longer…….I’m getting it 

  • Deidara19

    excellent, I love the rasengan in the air and how it can be used during normal gameplay

  • crXss

    played it at SDCC and Minato’s the exact same as he is in storm generations + the new awakening move which is just a longer faster “grab” animation that can be blocked. He’s still got the combo cancels he has in storm gen.

    So yes Saiyan Island he does have the same charged time space rasengan move

  • SasukexNaruto2

    Still at least 1 of his combos can be changed or the animation of the ultimate so I can do the other ultimate in that outfit

  • AldouphusWilliams

    uhhhh! when are they gonna post something new like a new  boss or a new character im kinda getting tired of the same info but for some reason im always excited when they do?

  • XGriever

    maybe his this secret factor is just the story version and the normal secret factor version that you can perform during normal combat might have his kunai fly past the side of the opponents head while there just stood there then he comes down on them with the rasengan lol

  • Otaku Kun

    is there any news on when the demo will be out?

  • Otaku Kun

    you do have a point, but their building up the game mainly by useing these two main details as the beginning, so oncr they got through with most of the ninja war we’ll probably have news as to the characters that will be available, aswell as the bosses we can expect to fight. like we might fight the golden brothers 4 tails form as a boss.

  • Otaku Kun

    indeed, it can make for a great air combo add on

  • Otaku Kun

    its because they are finding new things that will be used and can be give a helpful hint for battle stratagies

  • Otaku Kun

    nope, its not ending soon. actually its just the beginning of the war remember. lots have happened in such little time, but there is still lots more to come

  • Otaku Kun

    its actually more of clearing the fog on details they left out or put in

  • Otaku Kun

    not a sounds fan but i do want to check out their combos, and im pretty sure they will put both the gold and silver brothers in the game, and youmissed Kushina, team Konohamaru, the former jinchuriki group, Dan, Shin, all the sven swordsman of the mist that were reanimated (especialy Mangetsu Hanzuki), Hanzo of the salamader, and Gari explosive style.

  • Scott Baker

    why Kushina? why ad a charactyor whos skills you havent seen all we seen her do is chakra chains and thats it, also to point shippuden turned battles on a large scale if the 3rd vs 1st 2nd and orochimaru fight was done during shippuden the battle scale would been much larger then it was due to how Madara stated and shown how powerful he is and commented the first is

  • daewoo94

    I think it would be a little hard to include characters like the 7 swordsmen, Dan, Shin, Kushina, and Gari. We’ve only seen one move for most of them. If it were between them and say, the Jinchuriki or Mifune and the previous kate, I would choose the latter. 

  • konanNtobi

    Does anyone think that Sais brother will be in the game to me he has more of a chance to be in it then the seven swordsmen.
    I do think that the seven swordsmen will be playable characters thoe, minus the ones who wielded swords that someone else had at the time.

  • konanNtobi

    2nd and 3rd Mizukage XD!

  • konanNtobi

    I think we can expect a roster of atleast 95 characters if they don’t take out part 1 charcters

  • Turbotrup

     So this special attack in Awekening mode is just some normal combo? LAAAAAAAMEEE

  • KyosukeUchiha

    No if u look again u can see that a type of red aura surrounded him and he performed a jutsu similar to the one he uses in the secret factor.

  • KyosukeUchiha

    From the looks of things it seems as though the secret factor is triggered like a reenactment of the actual story similar to raging blast 2 in some battle if you did certain attacks at a certain in the battle it triggered an actual conversation mid battle with the characters fighting so long as the actual battle took place in rhe series. That seems like whats happening here but that may not be the case.

  • konanNtobi

    Ok with these two new special moves and the jutsu the transformations already have I hope they make transformation damage ratio low and the special moves better take chahra because this is just another way to cause spaming online

  • Alex Marrero

    SI recycles information more then CC2 recycles content.

  • konanNtobi

    Yeah they repost the same info with a new picture or video with the same relavance to previous articles, its kinda of annoying but it never fails that I open the article and read it

  • RedDragon10

     Woah! Burn!

  • RedDragon10

     They’re taking out part 1 characters.

  • OtherWorlded

     LOL, Cleaver ^ ^

  • Jmenyfield

    Hence the reason why it should change it’s name to Kyuubiisland or Narutardisland since most of it’s information is nothing about Naruto most of the time and if there is no info about Naruto they will find a random reason to talk about it such as analyze one video and make 4 posts about it…just sayin

  • Fabbri Maurizio

    They should put anime OST songs on strom 3 -_-!! 

  • Sharkskin_kisame

     guess soo 

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    not exactly,the awakened ability look fairly easy to dodg/block maybe people will try to spam said move and be lynched in the process but the only real thing to be worried about is how cc2 is gunna incorporate seperate awakenings into certain characters(sasuke/naruto) and more but seems like a cool idea

  • Aldridge517

    They made use of the lack of support characters while in awakening mode. Smart thinking 

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    well the rerun information makes for small news to fill up the time  between real news as naruto fans tend to not be patient…at all.

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    I love Naruto.

  • positiveemotions

    my friend said that he read somewhere that storm 3 will have tag team but this is just a rumor

  • Otaku Kun

    ok, heres a couple characters that we havent seen fight till after the games were released, and they still have combos. Tobi (not a single attack, yet they got him to get some pretty humorous combos), Minato (in storm 2 it eneded after pain destroyed the village not a single combo was shown). you see all they have to do is add atleast just one of the jutsus they use in the show or even one that they dont have and make up combos for the characters like they always do. and they have a whole year to get jutsu and combos for all these characters its not really hard. they just have to follow the upcoming events of the story and it will include jutsu that the characters use, and even for zetsu  who isnt a playable charcater in any game. even he can have combos, 

  • Otaku Kun

    better question is why not. Kushina is would be a fantastic character to be, plus if they did add her you could fight as the uzumaki family. (naruto, Minato, and Kushina) there is no problem if its just sealing jutsu. and so what if we havent seen her skill much, that doesnt change he fact that she still has skills. she is a kunoichi afterall. and yes i know the fact of the large scale battles. thats what i was trying to say. the jinchuriki forms make them giant creatures. well except for the 9-tails 6 tails or lower form. and also. i have no idea what your trying to get at with the whole madara comment thing i say theat was just random information spewed out 

  • Otaku Kun

    welll, lets hope that they dont put support only characters. as for mangetsu, i believe he will be in the next game. he will definetly have a team name with suigets. it will eigther be called “Hozuki brothers” or “the second coming of  the demon” thee second title seems more befitting seeing how they both were given the same title mangetsu when he became leader of the 7 swords of the mist. and suigetsu after mangetsu after he died.

  • KyriosKnight

    I hope they will add original soundtrack option in storm 3 (so we can play epic soundtrack in 1P Vs 2P and onilne mode ). I totally agreed with you.

  • Otaku Kun

    i agree aswell i would really like to play a battle while listening to sadnnes  is sorrow

  • Waxgyi

    Omg that would be awesome it not impossible to do thAt.

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    after the awakening he does a new combo which is like the secret factor only without QTE

  • Mike Kersten

    Sigh why did they take out the short awakening animation… that was cool.

  • AldouphusWilliams

    hey my sister thinks that naruto sucks and the game suck even more and you nerds are wasting your life waiting for what they post you dum freaks.
    can  you tell her what you think about this?

    shes only 9 so dont curse. but you can do any thing else

  • NSUNSG001

    It’s her opinion, so I don’t care, she doesn’t like naruto and the game it’s her problem…. :D

  • Sickmund Freud

    I also think the Shippudden Soundtracks are epic and should be in the game, that makes the fighting more emotional like in the game…I am sorry to say most ‘rock n roll music backed battle stages’ suck…my favourites on NSG are ‘Orichumaro’s Hide Out’ ; ‘Snow Fields’ ; ‘Cloud Village’ ; ‘Madara’s Hideout’ ; ‘Uchiha’s Hideout’ ‘Konoha Destroyed’ and the rest of the theme songs for the remaining stages sucks nuts……

  • Nikhil Kalia

     seems reasonable cuz of ginkaku and kinkaku, they are a tag team which could hopefully be that thay might have an importance of choosing teams such as team 7, sharingan etc.

  • Nikhil Kalia

    y dont they just do r3 for awakening if each direction isnt a separate awakening and put r3 directions for shuriken or something. this gives two attack buttons. square for light, circle for heavy. battles will be more interesting if it was set this way

  • AnkoFan2019

    From the looks of it this game is worth the $60.00, (we all know that’s how much it’ll be .-.) but anyways i’ve been following the naruto series since ps2 only naruto game i havent played is the first in the storm series but now that i see this im like…. damn…. that was a crappy mistake i almost made o.O
    This game WILL be epic
    -I Hear and See Boss Battles Are Back
    -Awakening Moves :D
    -New Characters ( I hope my Anko and Darui are in there :3)
    -And all that other EPIC stuff that hasn’t been announced yet
    Since im only 13 im saving up my money from this date forth till next year spring comes it’ll be my happy day celebration!!!! :D but i hope it comes out on the weekend :) ill wake up at 6 be at gamestop till it opens and get my copy!

  • Ashley Martinez

    WTF ALL THERE ATTACKS ARE THE FUCKING SAME! I have the 2nd one didnt buy the 3rd 1 because same shit and im not gonna pay 60$ for same people and attacks except you get like 6extra characters

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    changing the battle controls would turn away used to fans and cc2 doesn’t want that at all,also the current system is fine :P

  • Manuel Miguel Cordova

    lol i think she should be nicer too people :P but her input is well taken and we will correct this problem shortly.thank you

  • Mark Rose

    Lol they copied RB2 with the talking during battles.

  • Leo_Han

    another rumor ive heard is mangetsu will be playable as a dlc with all the swords of the seven swordsmen. gonna be epic

  • Jahad Hydara

    No they didn’t lol

  • Jahad Hydara

    actually get more than 6 extra characters lol

  • Jahad Hydara


  • Jahad Hydara

    Even if they do put Kushina in witch I doubt they would what would her moveset even be like in the first place

  • Jahad Hydara


  • Mark Rose

    Of course they did >_>

  • mskitty231

    well it possible they put kushina in bcuz they put karin in in ninja storm 3 and she didnt fight at all 

  • AldouphusWilliams

    thats what i said!

  • AldouphusWilliams

     im trying my best to do so thank you very much for your imput :)  

  • Anthony

    Lol no, they arn’t all the same….. Remember there are new characters with move sets that you havn’t even seen before….. Also its going to be more worth it than generations becuase it acualy has the epic boss battles, pluss, like you saw with minato, the awakenings will have their own special attack. Also they said that this game is mostly foucisng on the ninja war anyways, so there will be new characters in the game that will be playble. Its still under development, so you CAN’T judge it yet.

  • CR

    Seems like Secret Factor means character specific fight moves. Like an extension of the cutscene with Karin uses her Ultimate on Sasuke. If so, that would be awesome to have.

  • Daniel Hedger

    hey, i have a request. if you guys get the opportunity can you please ask if eventually all the costumes will be available, will europe receive the Japan Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke and Kakashi and vice versa with the Europe content.

    admittedly i am plenty excited to get unique content in the form of Tsunade, Sasuke and whoever the mystery guests may be. (Personally hoping for Maito Naruto and ANBU Itachi) but i would be straight up stoked to learn that RTN Hinata and Sasuke as well as Swimsuit Sakura and Anbu Kakashi will come my shores (i’m based in australia)

    i have so much respect for Saiyanisland. they are always accurate about their facts. i’ve been using you guys to follow NUNS games for many years.