New Dragon Ball Z Movie Confirmed for March 2013

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Yesterday, you may have heard about a new Dragon Ball Z Movie announced by Shonen Jump. Well, today, there is more information related to the exciting news! Starting with the creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, being will involved in this project!

Toriyama-sensei himself mentions that this is the first time he has been so deeply involved in the production of a Dragon Ball Z anime piece, in this case as early as the screenwriting stages. He continues on to say that it’s been a while since he has worked on Dragon Ball Z, so he had forgotten a bit, but as the creator of the series, he was able to get back into the DBZ groove! Additionally, Toriyama-sensei says while the original Dragon Ball Z atmosphere will be left intact, the movie team has added a bit of modern flavor at the same time. In his opinion the new movie will be an enjoyable piece, just like old times!

Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games will all be a part of the movie’s production committee. There is a website for the movie,, but at this time the page is pretty much blank.

It’s unclear where in the Dragon Ball Z story the movie will fit in exactly, but the announcement image below features Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten as they were in the Majin Buu saga. The movie is scheduled for a March 30, 2013 release.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

  • Kosta Giatagantzidis

    I think SSJ3 Broly Movie is coming :)

  • Salvador

    In the video game they should at least put thank you akira toriyama or mention him in at least one of them serisouly he created dragonball!
     Well it’s great that we’re going to see another movie again looking forward to it in Majin Buu saga making some changes

  • Hickbo97

    cant wait :)

  • Mister Kring

    Love to see Dragon Ball resurrected in anime format (I know Kai was made but it still didn’t have the Majin Buu Saga) and I love the Dragon Ball Z movies, Broly is my favorite character in Dragon Ball besides Devilman and Dabura (XD) so I have high hopes for this film :D

  • Thesageforlife K

    this look way better then gt mainly because gohan become a nerd

  • *Super~Sayian*

    he was always an nerd, he just decided that raising his daughter and studying was more important than fighting 24/7 which seperates him from his father’s simple one track mind

  • Thesageforlife K

    no he liked fighting more o= and sir where you get this from

  • Thesageforlife K

    were you get this from o=

  • *Super~Sayian*

    seriously? is that that an real question?

  • Thesageforlife K

    yes o=

  • *Super~Sayian*

    -sigh…. thanks to chi-chi’s nagging over the years, by the time he became mature, he wanted to settle down with videl and pan, and at the same-time he wanted to keep to his studies, I’m not saying he “likes” fighting less, he’s just less focused and desired in that, which is why he’s an nerd BEFORE gt. and unlike the other saiyans, gohan’s intellect is much more complex than the other saiyans meaning that he has other options to succeed besides fighting, and since he isn’t an pure saiyan, he doesn’t have that instinct or desire to keep fighting,

    in otherwords he’s the only smart and most human in the saiyan branch, even trunks isn’t in his league. that’s why he seems so much weaker in gt, So to say that their weak in gt, has nothing to do with the writers, I’m sure the original story for gt, would had been the same for gohan.. being an full time nerd, instead of contant fighting and progessing in it.

  • Thesageforlife K

    well seems like a guess to me

  • *Super~Sayian*

    more like an “Common Sense” guess

  • Deidara19

    I kinda wish they would just let DBZ be, it’s kinda played out, but the again a new movie will be awesome after so long since the last movie release.

    So I can say I’m looking forward to this movie’s release. Hopefully it’s all its hyped to be.

  • enkitheanunnaki

    no man, gohan was supossed to be the strongest non-fused character in the majin buu saga, but the goku’s fans, didnt want that

  • *Super~Sayian*

    what does that have to do with him being an nerd? 

  • Thesageforlife K

    yea dat true what enkitheanunnaki said they were gonna kill him off for gohan tootake over but

  • Thesageforlife K

    i think they changed his character for some reason because of dat

  • Femi Adams

    Hmm looks good but I feel that it’s going to be very tame to cater to the cotton wool kids of today, NO OR LITTLE BLOOD, disappearing scratches . Just look at the Bardock special. I have high hopes though XD

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I agree, infact the writer of dbz is the only one I know whose been influenced by “fans” more than any other shonen artist that I can think of. Since gohan was originally suppose to be the strongest one after cell saga, more fans wanted dbz, So goku returned, and originally gohan was suppose to be the quote on quote Hero of the buu saga, but the fans wanted to change that too.. So goku became the hero, but his nerd traits have nothing to do with it.

    gohan is STILL the strongest in the Z saga. but if the writer was never pressured by japanese fans, then frieza saga would have been the last, making goku the ONLY super-saiyan, meaning that he’s the strongest. So its FAIR to say that both gohan and goku had been ripped of their fame and glory instead of just gohan..

  • *Super~Sayian*

    yea but goku was suppose to be the only Super Saiyan but fans wanted more dbz, So I think its fair to say, the fan’s got what they deserved.

  • Master

    They will have the DBZ Kai voice actor cast…

  • narutofan923

    hmmm i like teen gohan better than adult 

  • Master

    Can someone tell me what voice actors have changed since the original DBZ and DBZKai since i always believed the original was far better~ 

  • naruto_fan_desia

    thank u Akira for a Z not GT movie :D

  • Nelson Alves

    I think like after a year it comes out they should try to get the original english dub voice actors and release for dvd in america well english dub across the world i hope this happends so i can have all the dbz movies eva released for dvd also i hope they dub episode of bardock and bring it to dvd

  • OtherWorlded

    You can’t go wrong with more dbz. I just wish it would continue along the storyline somewhere, but still glad. 

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    awesome, toriyama is back in business, i would love to see a movie where vegeta turns ssj3 or even a movie where majin buu appears in future trunks time line like in that psp game shin budokai 2. 

  • Richard Pierre

    Akira thanks  but u should make a new series instead of movie

  • Jmenyfield

     It’s most likely going to be the same as the original considering that they didn’t do Buu saga in Kai xD

  • Marcus Strahl

    Vegeta should go Super Saiyan 3, and Goku should go Super Saiyan 4 (not GT, something new that’s more Super Saiyan-like)

  • Damian Pawłowski

    Gogeta ssj3

  • Darkblondie

    wow all popular manga creators making movies for their own series lately :D but I am really excited for this one cause we will see some DBZ action by Akira Toriyama again

  • Yorman KingJesus

    Finally & Awesome they make a new DBZ Movie i’ve been waiting for a new one to come out. =)

  • AhreKeNoMori

    Akira, just wait for me…. i shall continue your legacy.. like you did with my chillhood. I promise. I’m gonna draw like a crazy 7 years just too make a new serie After and before GT… i dont like how dragon ball is going now.. it’s like stuck in the same thing all over again.. I SHALL CHALLENGE THE WORLD AND CREAT A MASTERPIECE THAT WILL REBORN MY FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIMES… and you akira.. you are my hero… i own you my life. Thanks.

  • toonski

    no offence but ssj4 was the only transformation that looks like a super saiyan. the other 3 just look like a guy with blond spiky hair. ssj4 looks like a super version of the original saiyan. 

  • alexis cortes

     I wanna see some new “what if” fusions like maybe Goku and Gohan or Tien and Yamcha or Krillin and Piccolo with potaras.

  • Aldridge517

    Cool news, let’s go!

  • Nick Kurdadze

    creepy, but sweet at the same time :D

  • Nick Kurdadze

    or even ssj2.that would be cool. and honestly, by my calculations, SSJ4 Gogeta was WAAAAAAAAAY too much, even for Omega Shenron. Even SSJ3 Gogeta should’ve been an overkill for him. a nice fight would’ve been SSj2 Gogeta vs Omega Shenron, although i’m not sure then if Gogeta would’ve won. but at least it would’ve been on equal terms. SSJ3 should’ve had the power to destroy Shenron with his eyes closed, but it’s GT so who cares :D

  • AhreKeNoMori

     i’m serius… imma start to draw in august in a college here in Buenos Aires and then studie 2d and 3d animation. And if everythings goes fine.. i’ll go to japan in the next 3 years. I just cant believe how crazy i’m for chosing too dedicate my life too a serie that’s not even mine. But i have so much fantastic ideas that i could make.. but i dont have the skill too make them =) Men… i hope i can do it… there is so much talented people in the world that i dont know if i’m gonna make this… but it’s worth the try.

  • AhreKeNoMori

     If i can make my dreams real.. you will see that.. and a lot of cool stuff.. trust me.. it’s gonna be awesome.

  • Salvador

     that it pretty good of how your going to do something i nthe future will change dragonball (with some of it thumps for akira) i dont find it creppy i find it interesting of how the dragonball series will be with your work

  • Salvador

     like with the grate ape transformation and seemed clearer how you put it in human form

  • AhreKeNoMori

     thank you very much =) let’s hope for a better future.

  • toonski

    well if you think about it if goku had kept his tail he would of been ssj4 against freezer ( if he could go great ape) also in the namek sage vegeta talks about the last ssj, n we had a little flaskback kind of thing, of a great ape destroying the planet so that would of been the golden ape. if you control that power you can go ssj4. so ssj4 is the true super saiyan.   

  • ssjbardock13

    I knew it wouldn’t be a live action movie.

  • ssjbardock13

    This the same cover I saw in Wikipedia XD

  • BlackFlameKiller

    Hopefully this will show gohan and piccolo Being badass also i sold my WKC2 

  • ssjbardock13

    Oh, isn’t that good?

  • ssjbardock13

    This month I will do a month of DBZ watching all the movies from start to finish including the OVA’s for the celebration of the new movie coming 2013 XD

  • Reiko Sama

    Three things that worry me about this movie; If it’s dubbed in English, we’ll probably be forced to hear the Kai voice actors again, which I’m not fond of. Will they dumb down the violence and make a Kai-like movie with burn marks and scratches? Lastly, is the music still going to have that outdated Star Wars-esque sound to it? I hope not, because if they’re going to “modernize” this movie as they say they are, they should start with the music and make it more like the games (Dragonball Raging Blast).

  • Kaelan Reedy

     Kai isn’t censored, you silly goose. You’re thinking of the nicktoons version. The uncut version is what you should watch.

  • ssjbardock13

    Actually he does not like fighting more, because he even said to Cell I don’t want to fight you or kill you, he never enjoys fighting like his father but my father beleive that I can defeat you, later on when cell jr, are attacking z fighters, Hercule threw android 16′s head near gohan and android 16 said to gohan it is not a sin to fight let go of all your anger then cell stepped on his head and he became Super saiyan 2, after the defeat of cell he decided that he didn’t need to train and went to Orange Star high school and studied cause he wanted to become a scholar, thats why in the end of DBZ he looked like a nerd.

  • ssjbardock13

    I can’t wait.

  • ssjbardock13

    The cut versions is on nicktoons watch the uncut version.

  • ssjbardock13

    It will probably be the original.

  • ssjbardock13

    Cartoon Network Toonami FTW, @ 8.00pm DBZ Kai cell games saga will start XD

  • ssjbardock13

    That will be AWESOME XD 

  • EnIgMoZz2

     I’m afraid it won’t be as easy as you think due to copyright bullshit. You’d have to get the rights from Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama if you want to do anything that’s publicly affiliated with the Dragon Ball series.

  • BlackFlameKiller

    yeah it is 

  • Alex Marrero


  • George Moore-Arthur

    honestly respect you so much for this. just wanted to say good luck and i believe you will do something great

  • Adam Hussain


  • Keenan Nichols

    krillin with hair in his uniform ftw!!!!!!!!!!!

  • h moeen

    They should include Captain Ginyu somehow in this one. Even as a filler it’ll be awesome to see some of the old characters play a role. Maybe leave him for a lesser Z squad to handle (i.e Yamcha and Tien). Maybe have him take a body and become a weak opponent while all the strong z fighters are too hurt to battle.

    Twists like that could be creative and could seriously give all us nostalgia addicts a thrill.

  • h moeen

    Kai was only half as good as original dub with Bruce Falconer’s stuff.
    Like if you dub the voices, that’s ok, but the background music was ruined by Kai.

  • h moeen

    I do that every month

  • Karmeet Sethi

    I hope the english dub will be Ocean :(  

    and hopefully they keep it to original characters 

  • Joshua Dzo Delinger

    Meybe the Future Trunks SSJ3 will come…

  • April Boland

    I hope it is a bridge between the happenings of Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT, it would be so exciting to watch them all grow up!

  • AceNintendo

    Funny. Right now i´m doing my own Dragon Ball manga as a full on continuation of Z after the time skip. I think of it as a replacement to GT. Don´t think it´s canon anyways seeing as this movie (WITH Akira) is set place after Z not GT.

  • AceNintendo

    @EnIgMoZz2 I don´t think that´s a problem seeing how TFS abridges DBZ without getting warnings from Toei. As long aas it´s non profit, it´s fine.

  • Brandon LaPrise

    i think goku jr and vegeta jr should be in it cause normal goku died

  • Andres Calderon

    the movie comes in the time after majin buu was beaten and before  dragon ball gt … so it promises to be awesome !

  • MegamanXGold

    I don’t mean to be rude, but please don’t announce something as if it is fact without proof.  The article speaks well enough of what is known and what isn’t.

    Akira Toriyama had no relation to, nor did he endorse the creation of, DragonBall GT.  It did not happen “before  dragon ball gt”.  DragonBall GT never happened.  Also, anime movies (especially DragonBall Z ones) are usually only loosely tied into the timeline for the plot of the series.

    I’m not fully aware of the plot in the manga, but if the plot of the anime is the same and is respected, Goku-san should begin in this movie with his halo, and maybe we’ll see Buu’s reincarnation and King Kai.  I hope they do show up, and I hope they’re more involved than they were in the series.

    I’m glad we’re all excited to see this movie and hear more about it, but if you keep speculating, you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.  Before you go see this movie, remember how bad DragonBall Evolution was, and you’ll remember that anything that happens in this movie (whether it makes sense or not) will be worth walking away happy.

  • terrycarnley

    goku didnt die after gt he left with the dragon and after dbz he left to train uub

  • Alex Kyriakides

    goku is only dead in the gt movie

    and the brought goku back to fight super buu. The way they brought him back was old kai gave goku his life.

  • Alex Kyriakides

    i am so glad this wasn’t going to be a live action movie

  • Michael Leathers

    goku isnt dead at all he went to do some magical training with shenron and goku is living forever

  • Michael Leathers

    remember when he was on shenrons back and the dragonballs were absorbed by goku

  • Lokai

     I hate to be the barer of bad news to many of you GT fans but… mr. toriyama has pretty much denounced GT he had very little to do with it, and so far all the newer films have come out(both bonus episode with vegeta’s brother, and bardock episode 1) have had NOTHING to do with GT. This movie will NOT have any GT flavorings and will only have something to do with Z… because… GT was terrible series.

  • Aditya

    guys please this movie doesn’t have any relation to DBGT

  • Aditya

    and GT pretty much is non cannon anyway…..

  • Bryan Rodriguez

    Lol. You “hardcore” db fans.  We don’t care if it’s “non canon”

    it aired on t.v. and has “dragon ball” in it’s name a long with most of the characters. So stop being an uptight little dick and watch everything Dragonball.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Will it be in english voice? or just subtiltles ?

  • Joshua Stephens

    was your comment meant to be redundant?


    I just hope it won’t be like the other movies with a breif dumb back story of a villain where he quickly beats the crap out of everyone and then goku blasts him away I hope this one is different lets Vegeta be useful has some fusion action and it would be cool if it was also Canon it doesnt have to be but that would be great. I am very excited.

  • Lance Prater

    wishing the movie has ssj3 vegeta.

  • malley scofield

    i just bought the last of the dragon ball series and now i have to earn MORE money? that’s just great

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Same here & a different company is making DBZ Saiyan Saga live movie which has all the correct DBZ actors I am so looking forward to seeing it XD

  • supersaiyanbardock

    It involved GT in it.

  • supersaiyanbardock

    I doubt it.

  • Allister Amaru Tran

    Well it seems Dragonball Hoshi is FAKE but this seems LEGIT. Ahaa I miss the DBZ series. Good Times……

  • Tracy G.

    YAHOO!!!!!!!!!  I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!

  • Patrick M Nance

    You can tell toriyama will be writing it, vegeta has the correct fucking outfit, his buu saga outfit made no sense.

  • Chris Gama

     Uh, it’s coming out in Japan, what do you think?
    Eventually it’ll come to America but I hope to god that they just do a good subtitle job and release it as is… no stupid dubbing needed please and thank you. Though, I know that’s very wishful thinking. I know that Funimation is probably already calling in their terrible voice actors back for this, telling them to get ready to mess up another great DBZ movie.

  • Patrick Czekaj

    Can’t wait, any new DBZ movie will be a great movie I bet. Childhood vol. 2

  • UltimateGoku69

    AWESOME im the biggest DBZ fan out there and when i heard this i couldnt believe it i hope that its a broly 4th coming hell they could even do a what if movie when gotenks fusion runs out against super buu and piccollo says he feels an energy “it could be a new enemy” make the person that comes out of the sky instead of ultimate gohan be broly in a new LSSJ3 form pissed off at goten and trunks for nearly destroying him in the 2nd broly movie that would be pretty cool i think but i highly doubt they will be making a what if movie they will probably make a new enemy invade earth looking for goku and vegeta or something 

  • Jedhead-naomi

    omg can wait going to be the best movie everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Jack Sinclaire


  • David Kresnik

    wtf was so dam bad that Goku has to reapper? i feel sorry for what ever it it lol. cant wait to see it.

  • Mike Ringl

     How did it make no sense? It’s the same outfit he just didn’t have the vest/armour.

  • Danny Shapiro

     It was a simple matter of Vegeta adapting to Earth. Meaning he felt more like an Earthling, and in that respect he took off the Saiyan Armor.

  • Achmed Artagan Egiyev

    i love this,but didnt krillin become like..irrelevant ?

  • Josh Salesi


  • John Gäll

    so the story?

  • David YoureternalNightmare Kel

    I hope he decides to continue the story after the movie is finished.

  • Dillon Williams

    dude, use periods in your sentences lol. i have no idea where your sentences stop and start back up

  • miguel carrillo

    hey guys i dont really uderstand… :p
    is it gonna be a anime movie or a life action movie¿?

  • hagolineppo

    well, if u are the biggest fan…., tell me :
    who was the first one becoming a super saiyan ?

  • Alessandro Zancan

    Well it depends, if you consider “Episode of Bardock” part of the main series, it would be Bardock. The original super saiyan until proven wrong is just a legend, hence the answer is Goku. Broly doesn’t count because he wasn’t in the original manga.

  • TobiasDBZallday

    Btw there is a 30 second trailer on YouTube for this movie. This must be after kid buu was defeated maybe even after the tournament when goku went away to train uub.
    It would be awesome if they did a special or movie for another tournament in otherworld with goku and pikkon (after janemba movie) maybe even add another villain or a strong hero from another dimension coming to fight in otherworld because he heard of how strong goku was.
    A re-make of gt would be nice well make it something else and not “GT” because we need more action for Tien and Piccolo. Maybe a story with vegeta traveling to other planets in order to push himself to new limits on a quest to surpass goku. Goku or king Kai should also teach Tien and Piccolo kaoken so they become way more powerful and useful and develop even more awesome techniques and variations of tri-beam and special beam cannon. Then everyone fights each other in a friendly tournament. Oh would even be cool if vegeta developed a more advanced kaoken or different kind of level of super Saiyan, not yet 3 but almost like a more awakened and ascended super saiyan 2 not like majin vegeta or super vegeta (buff and sacrificing speed) more like a super Saiyan 2 gohan.
    Also what if a story if bulma learning more about quantum physics and how energy and matter works and vegeta and goku learn even more about energy and they develop incredible complex energy manifestation techniques and they start talking about consciousness since they are getting older and wiser they talk about philosophies from their both different perspectives, also add Piccolo to this almost forgot. A story with Tien and about his home planet/history.

  • Darryus

    BArdock aka Gokus Dad aka the legendary Supersaiyan everyone was afraid of

  • Christopher Capps

    Goku and Bardock

  • Marcus

    they should start where GT ended

  • kristian gutierrez


  • kristian gutierrez

    i cant wait

  • louievbaby21

    no. lol. You may have your opnion, but GT was the worst and most people agree. 

  • Asim Abrar

    i am really really really excited 

  • Asim Abrar

    i am really really really excited
    Finally he has made a movie for us(fans)


  • Ramzy Ramadan

    this movie better have vegeta turn ssj3

  • Ramzy Ramadan

    if the world ends at the end of 2012 imma so f*ckin pisssedd!!!!!!!

  • Ramzy Ramadan

    who is gonna be the villian in this movie? And i hope they(vegeta, goku, piccolo, gohan and the boys) work together to kill the villian, not goku beating the shit outta of him, alone, like always. no wat i mean. i like all of them espesially goku and vegeta but i feel like he kills all the villians by him self.

  • Ramzy Ramadan

    hahaha hell Ya, GT sucked dick. i dont no wat the f*ck they were smoking wen they made that shit

  • Ramzy Ramadan

    do u guys think that xicor guy is gonna be in this movie?

  • Jon Carpenter

    Xicor is in DB AF and AF isnt a real db gt sequeal

  • Eduardo Vargas

    I really hope that Ultimate Gohan becomes the hero of the story.

  • hiya


  • Luis Salinas

    ithink the new enemie is broly ss3

  • Zackare Xane DiMaria

    ooommmmffgggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait

  • jordan ramussen

    lol we think a lot a like first thing that came to mind when i fond out about it.

  • jordan ramussen

    Now i have some thing to live for again.

  • vegetafan12

    Its an intresting idea but i think that would be waaaaay 2 many broli movies and i knda want a new villan.

  • vegetafan12

    i know right!!!!!!!i thoght my older brother was lying to me when he said there was going to be a new movie. i hope its not anything like gt thogh. it was an ok series im not a big fan

  • vegetafan12

    im with you, now that ive seen every episode of the z, gt, and origanal series plus all the movies and specials AND the parodies  ive been waiting for somethin really good to pop up!!!!I wanna see a#$ kicking!!!

  • vegetafan12

    i remeber when i didnt like dragonball and now its my life and purpose for existance. I wish somebody my age and gender would like it too though(im a 12year old girl).

  • vegetafan12

    Thats what im thinking..but it doesnt teally matter because as long as its not like gt (wich isnt THAT bad) im fine. :)

  • vegetafan12

    Me to to but i dont believen the bullsh@#

  • Cod

    vegeta is fking crazy lol and im not a 12 year old girl but 5 years ago when i was 12 i knew tons of girls that watched DBZ and toonami all the time lol u will find someone and if u dont show people what its about if they havent heard of it

  • vegetafan12

    thanks..its nice too knownthat somebody thinks that its actually possible who it really sucks to have frends DESPISE dbz but they never give it a chance!!!!

  • vegetafan12

    only five months to go…God i wth i had a frend to go with.That would be the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!

  • vegetafan12

    btw when you said vegeta is crazy does taht mean hes one of ur fav chracters? Or does taht mean you think hes just phyco???

  • Sabre Wulf Hightower

     I have been watching since dragonball, but when Vegeta stepped into the picture, my whole outcome changed.  He is the reason i watch this show, he is arrogant, and self centered in the beginning, but as time goes by he learns and understand more.  Even if he feels that his feelings make him weak.  He has heartful side.

  • vegetafan12

    thanks..Vegeta is freaking amazing!Hes is the greatest character of all time!! X3 X3 X3

  • vegetafan12

    im gonna get sooo ticked if this turns out to be ANYTHING LIKE gt

  • Jason Wright

    I hope they don’t make vegeta look like a big moron in this. Early on, Vegeta was clever, then he became a big mouth that got beat up all the time. That got really old. Such a good character, gone to waste.

  • Brian

    vegeta better turn ssj3 or ill punch a baby! i swear!!

  • Brian


  • andrewmiller1999

    Im your age and I LOVE DRAGONBALL Z and Vegeta is one of my favorite characters!!! (Im a boy)

  • ilovegoku

    hey im 14 and a girl and i loooveee dragon ball z

  • vegetafan12

    that would be SO cool. But please sont punch a baby becuase im pretty sure thats not gonna happen.

  • vegetafan12

    Cool, i have no prblem with hanging out with boys!!!! Do you have skype? Maybe we could talk on skype.

    P.S. Vegeta is awesome!!

  • ilovegoku<3

    umm i have a facebook do u?

  • MikaChaiL

    Hopefully it’s all in 3D like what they did with Tekken and Resident Evil.

  • gokufan1

    im 12 and a guy awasome
    do you have xbox 360 love to addd you

  • gokufan1

    i realy rrealy realy want a series to come of this id love to also see some new fusions makes me fell like playing dbrb1 (draagon ball raging 1) and dbo (dragon ball online) to bad dbo wont download :(
    ps you should realy look in to dbo

  • ari_khatiz

    omg image what it would become!! especially when goku or somelse does kamehameha!!! O.O <omg…)

  • vegetafan12

    no i do not have facebook :(

  • ilovegoku<3

    oh :(

  • ilovegoku<3

    if only real life was like dbz id be blastin everyone in their face lol 

  • bobby dextro

    double agreed thats how i always felt :(

  • bobby dextro

    is dbo out in america now? I remember after a night of translation and patching, I finally downloaded (and harder part) created an account for DBO *Korean Release* it was still fairly new and a little buggy, also couldnt understand the language in-game so havent played since.

    how is it these days?

  • bobby dextro

    yeah he deserves that much atleast..

  • bobby dextro

    Im glad to see so many Vegeta fans xD I was starting to think there werent too many after how the series treated him. Same with gohan! but thats a whole ‘nother ballpark I guess. such a great character that they shouldve spotlighted more.

    also, after the reception for gohan after the cell games you wouldnt think they’d basically shun him out of the z fighters after the time skip and basically all of gt. hmph.

  • ilovegoku<3

    gosh people dont undersatnd dragon ball z in my school wish some of yall people on here went to my school i would be talking to yall all day well cant wait for this movie(:

  • realdbzfanatic

    hell yeah cant wait been watching dbz since 97 fav movie still tree of might i hope this will be my new favorite 

  • Tommy Nguyen

    is there really going to be a nnew dbz movie?

  • vegetafan12

    yo i <3 goku i dont have facebook do you have a computer with a camera if so install skype!! I NEED A FREND WHO LOVES DRAGON BALL Z!!!!!
    (p.s if any one is 12 and is reading this give me a shout out).

  • ilovegoku<3

    yeah i have a laptop

  • vegetafan12

    oh cool!!! now we can video chat!! =) my skype name is ultimate vegetafan32

  • ilovegoku<3

    okay mine is patricia.platas2

  • rb20

    fukun fags

  • James Vance


  • ilovegoku<3

    who you callin fags ?????

  • rb25

    i bet you do love goku u fucken fag

  • ilovegoku<3

    i do and im a girl so its lesbian not fag okay and since i love goku it looks like im straight

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  • vegetafan12

    (in reply to i<3goku) excellent ill skype you soon

  • ilovegoku<3


  • vegetafan12

    okay i just buddied you if you look on skype.

  • saiyan_saint

    Woo!!!! This is gonna be so awesome.

  • vegetafan12

    5 months to go  I CANT  WAIT!! ITS TAKING FOREVER!!! UGGGGGG!!!

  • Ryan Shockley

    This was the perfect time to get my new girlfriend into the series… I cant believe this is happening… I may cry… yup… Gonna cry… 

  • brian ngoh


  • brian ngoh

    when it comes out i will the first person there I will always love dragonball

  • Sandeep Kumar Bhatia

    i’m also a dbz fan

  • William Stuart

    >Toriyama working closely with others to make it
    >Hopefully it won’t cater for little kids since it’s main fan base is 15+ years old by now (I’m 20)
    >I pray that they will use Bruce Faulconer to make the audio for the movie
    >Best DBZ movie ever, because we all know the music from the series was far better than the mainstream stuff they put into the rest of the movies. (it wasn’t terrible, just not as epic)

  • Roland Pelayo

    Wow. I wan’t to cry in happiness. My favorite anime of all time, no doubt.

  • Isabell Romero

    omg im so excited i wanna cry it looks awesome.

  • Ian Vahlberg

    about time its been to long

  • JD Sanford

    this best be’s real

  • ilovegoku<3

    it is real im sooooo excited(:

  • Omar

    At what point will this movie continue off from, will it be when Goku flies away with Uub?

  • racheal ayodele

    is there going to be a new series

  • Christopher Hurst

    no its going to be pre uub but post buu based of the poster above so id say some time in the like 10 years between buu and uub 

  • jesse campbell

    to me ,ive seen most of all the episodes, i think its going to be hard to make a comeback for the dragonball series 

  • Morgan Stewart

    In the past few months I have watched the whole of Dragonball, Z, GT and the Movies… was gutted when I finished watching them all since it was now over. So finding out about this is pretty amazing!!

    Hope they can work on a decent game for Dragonball for once too lol.

  • AnimeBoy360

    No it will probably start from the 28th world tournament where goku rides off with shenron into the other world 

  • AnimeBoy360

    I am so exited for the new movie

  • ilovegoku<3

    if any of yall have a facebook add me kay its patricia platas

  • Stephen

    I will add u lol

  • Ramiro Torres

    is this movie going to be released in America or what?

  • Crimson Hush

    I hope that the second is better than the first.. .. sorry to say I was upset with the first on…

  • dballz2013

    When will this movie come out in london?. I CANT WAIT IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST MOVIE IN 2013 OMD!!!!!! I SEROUISLY CANT WAIT!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!

  • dballz2013

    Chris what do you mean ” between  10 year time skip?” is this after the buu?

  • Aaron

    is it gonna be released in america?

  • Aaron


  • jk007030

     (dragon ball z movie)  it will com on 2013 on japan 2014 on cartoon netwok and 2015 on nicktoons that is a long time.

  • Christopher de souza

    Man I wish he could see how much everyone likes Dragon ball Z, Kai, GT etc so he could continue with the series because that would be awesome cant wait.

  • Jake Element

    It is amazing and all but i think its better to let it end and kai was shocking the original series is much better

  • id088

    no 1 can wait

  • chan seyer

    i wait this movie

  • Andrew

    i hope english dub comes out soon

  • Ummmidk

    Someone’s angry

  • utob

    sorry bro but when GT came out my friend was very pissed because it was sooooooooo bad he almost raped an 8 year old boy from frustration. Good thing I was there to stopped him, and good for the boy I was there to save his ass.

  • gokufan1

    Vegeta is ok but goku is better

  • gokufan1

    i agree thats just not right for them to cut it off when it was just getting good

  • Johnathan Hayes

    Dragonball z is the bomd

  • gotenks136-+

    i hope that they pick up after the majin buu series because that cliff hanger was just redicoulus…if gt continues this sorry..but i watched a few episodes of it and it was completely offense to those of you who are gt fans but it is nothing compared to the original and z/kai

  • Abraham Maravilla

    They should do a series of what if goku didn’t hit his head as a boy, and did turn up evil and joined vageta and his brothers against freeza

  • lorernzo

    WTF goku in GT turns ssj4 the maker of the movie must now something about ther movies?!?!?!?!

  • Terrence Gant

    Goku is sweet with out him the show would be nothing why because everyone else gives up when they are getting their butts handed to them.

  • Utkarsh Revived Dogra

    will it be telecasted in india ?

  • Bryce Vanboxtel

    vegeta needs to be the strongest like comeon

  • vnoew

    You guys sound like little girls, Vegeta is my favorite character hehehe. Just like a girl to like the douche bags. He is a pointless character after the Cell games, nothing more than an gotenks and trunks. Honestly what do you like about him? That he is a “bad boy” what fags. I mean he was a cool character in the beginning, sorry to kill you boners for him.

  • vnoew

    About Vegeta Vnoew has a point, Vegeta has what a 10 sentence dialog for any given saga of DBZ. The rest of the time he just either stands there angry at the world or gets his ass handed to him pretty much by anyone who comes along that is not a human. I think its funny though how a lot of men like Vegeta because they feel for him or they think they relate to him, lol.

  • Raven

    Yes I agree with you on that one. I Swear Vegeta better turn ssj3 at least once!!!!

  • disqus_89NoESgidM

    Picolo or Yamcha or Roshi better beat bills there doging them for far to long

  • disqus_89NoESgidM

    Picolo or Yamcha or Roshi better beat Bills they dog them to much

  • Encik Zulhazim

    2 days more?

  • danabare86

    I am happy that there a new DBZ movie.

  • Cool Person

    Like I said to Brian there is no need for him to

  • Cool Person

    Sadly he probably won’t because there is no need for him to

  • Cool Person

    There is a new series he has been working on you can see the trailer on YouTube

  • Cool Person

    Actually I just turned 13 if that counts

  • Guest

    I flew from New York to Japan just to see I’m in Japan as of now

  • Cool Person

    There is no need for him to because he will probably realize that even if he can he won’t defeat bills because goku already tried at ssj3

  • leo

    no battle if gods is not after z if it was gotten trunks wodo be audlts there kids here

  • Luke Norton Re Qaid

    this is going to be epic go goku

  • Aman741

    No, when Vegeta turns into SSJ3, it will be more powerful then Goku’s SSJ3 because the form is fresh and it’s quite out of control as the power is huge, But he puts up a good fight with Bllis.

  • Ariies

    It’s definitely good to have a classic back. They tried to do thunder cats but I guess it didn’t catch on. I hope they run with a new series too. The Toriko, one piece, and dragon ball cross over was good for what it was. Have any of ya’ll played Stadium D.O.N.?

  • guest

    if you like dbz check out team four star. if ur a true fan you will laugh

  • Gaston Smikle

    Well Lokai does have a little bit of a point

  • DoubLeRicK729 .

    unless they need to do fusion in ssj3 for in order to winnnnn!!!!!

  • Niall Rees

    yeah z was a brillaint series

  • Jeffrey Hashburn


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    when will be the next dbz movie be released ? just asking


    In the next black friday Day