One Piece Episode of Nami Commercial

Posted by Omar Khan
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The first commercial for the special One Piece Episode of Nami: Tears of a Navigator and the Bonds of Friends has been released! This 16 second preview features scenes from the 2-hour special which airs August 25 in Japan. To learn more, click here.

  • ELTobi

    Is it me or the background music is another remake of ”we are”?

  • Shogunreaper

    Woohoo, more flashbacks.

    As if there hasn’t been enough already.

  • joseVQZ

    its me or this episode has better animation than the present ones?

  • RedDragon10

    This isn’t exactly an episode but rather a retelling of the Arlong arc.  Like that chopper or alabasta film that were released way back when.  

  • Aneeq Haq

    It’ll be weird watching the Arlong Arc in Japanese but it should be fine because dub and sub are both awesome.

  • Wendell Johnson

    when does one piece ever have useless flashbacks that arent relevent to the story???a few times as i recall plus if its targeted on a specific character it reveals somethings we did pay attention to and brings back either laughs or nostalgia…that is a one piece filler my friend.most anime have tooooo many flashbacks that mess up the story and use multiple episodes to back it piece also doesnt do this.

  • Shogunreaper

    All flashbacks are useless imo, i’ve already seen them. If they do one in the manga its just a couple of panels, but in the anime it’ll be 5-10+ minutes.

  • NSOP

    Do remember that this special episode comes the day before the actual canon episode meaning we get 2 that week.

  • Jmenyfield

    I would have rather had an episode of Zoro special than a Nami special. I want to see a special of Zoro before he was caught by Morgan. 

  • LiL JJ

    I know right,I thought I seen a difference.

  • LiL JJ

    Haha yeah,it’ll be a little weird at first but easy to get used to. I first really got into One piece through the Funimation dub and after those episodes where up there after,I started watching sub and pretty much very used to it now,second nature ha.

  • Bilal Mahmood

     its because its the remake with digital animation but those were picture animations before

  • Sandrie Manzano

    Soo? Stop whinning already.

  • Ignas

    Really?! That would be awesome!!! 

  • Shogunreaper

    Stating facts not whining.

    Get over yourself.

  • Aneeq Haq

    Yeah same

  • dray