One Piece Film Z – Characters in Anime-Style Color

Posted by Omar Khan
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We’ve seen the characters in One Piece Film Z in black and white thanks to sketches by Oda in a manga-style color in a recent Shonen Jump scan. Now it’s time to see some of those same One Piece Film Z characters in anime-style color via Toei Animation!

From left to right are the Straw Hat Pirates – Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Robin, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Chopper, and Brook!

One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Luffy.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Usopp.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Nami.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Robin.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Sanji.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Zoro.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Franky.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Chopper.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Brook.png

And here is the former Marine Admiral and villian Z along with his crew Ain (the woman) and Bins (the guy)

One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Z.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Ain.png One-Piece-Film-Z-Art-Bins.png

One Piece Film Z is the 12th movie in the One Piece series. It will be released in Japanese theaters on December 15, 2012. The movie will be the first to take place in the New World, pitting the Straw Hat Pirates against their strongest enemy yet – a man named Z. Drawings and commentary by Oda-sensei indicate he is a human with cyborg enhancements and unreal power. One Piece Film Z is being marketed as a movie that will “surpass Strong World” and contain a “heroic battle” between Luffy and Z.

  • Kira

    Robin …Robin..Only One Word beautiful

  • demonsrage

    hows brooks sword going to fit?

  • Jmenyfield

    LOL Robin’s shorts make White’s shorts(from Pokemon Black and White) look rated PG

  • kevin garcia acevedo

    omg robin fangasam why isnt nami like that whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • unleashrage

    Robin :) xxxxx …lol at sanji with pistols i bet he doesnt even use them in the movie.

  • Mark Currie

    These pics look like screenshots from a website. You could at least give us the link >.>

  • naruto_fan_desia

    Now I really want robin to have an epic battle <3

  • NSOP

     It’s from the One Piece Film Z official site.

  • shinigami_reaper

    lol robin-chan goes hookin’?