Naruto Shippuden October 2012 Schedule

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Warning: Major manga spoilers ahead

September’s schedule in the world of Naruto Shippuden was full of fillers, but in October 2012 we get right back on track with the ever exciting story-following canon episodes! At least in the first two weeks, which have titles that match what we expect to see in the manga! As the preview for Naruto Shippuden 282 shows, Naruto and Killer Bee’s confrontation with Tsunade and the Raikage and give a history between the Raikage and Bee’s relationship. Saiyan Island expects the confrontation and history to continue, but conclude in episode 283. As for episodes 283 and 284, we predict this to be filler episodes that cover two of the Edo Tensei reincarnations – Jinin Akebino (one of the 7 Swordsman) and Pakura (former Hidden Sand Village ninja).

  • October 04, 2012
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 282: The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!
    • October 11, 2012
      Naruto Shippuden Episode 283: Two Suns!
    • October 18, 2012
      Naruto Shippuden Episode 284: The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!
    • October 25, 2012
      Naruto Shippuden Episode 285: Scorch Style! Pakura of the Hidden Sand

    So in summary, there will be 4 episodes of Naruto Shippuden episodes in October, two of which will be canon and two of which will be filler. Saiyan Island’s prediction is the two canon episodes will cover four chapters of the Naruto manga, 541 to 544. If true, the Naruto manga will be over 60 chapters ahead of the anime at the end of October.

    As always, keep in mind, the dates above are all actual and only subject to the programmers change, but the titles are translations and may differ once they are officially released by Viz Media. As for our predictions, they are just that, and may not be what’s in the episodes. We’re only making an educated guess based on our experience reading the great manga known as NARUTO!

    • AhreKeNoMori

      That’s awesome!! cant wait for some more! :D

      amm.. just a little question i know it has nothing to do with this but i just wanna ask it anyway because it’s something that i wanna know.

      One piece pirate warriors dlc are available in the europe store. but they are gonna come to NA as well? o.o or they are just another kind of exclusive? T.T

    • ichigokun

      if they want to make more money, i think it will come to USA too

    • Minato Yakuza

      Finally no more fu cking filthers only with deidara was good filther

    • jorge espinoza

      well according to some calculations i made,by march we will be in episode 564, which is where naruto and bee run into tobi and do that head-bud  and the fight is barley gonna start, since naruto storm games go up to the latest episode release, i assume naruto storm 3 wont have bijuu mode naruto……that sucks,  kinda was looking forward to seeing narutos new bijuu form in the game…

    • timanel1

      omg more fillers ?  jesus christ…

    • Alex Harris-Wilson

      Not a filler my friend, same thing in the Manga.

    • treeko

      Actually I think this new way is good,at least we aren’t getting 4 month long fillers,this is good for storm 3,and for the Anime,at least we will be getting the taste of the original story each month.

    • treeko

      I understand you’re pain bro,not feeling Nami’s virtual tits must be a pain,BTW I am having all of it here in Europe XD.

    • Mimi Sonoku

      don’t bring him into this -_-

    • SuperdeadlyKing


    • mag88

      that mean pakura and Jinin akebino should be playable in storm 3

    • ur_mom_in_4_bitch

      i hate the fking fillers i want to see madara in action already

    • disqus_fTmfghpTGq

      that good those so all the seven swordmens will be ingame

    • nasama

      Assuming there are no fillers after october and that every week one episode is equal to two chapters, by march of 2013, we should be at around chapter 584 in the anime. Madara should be shown at the end of December or beginning of January. If storm 3 is released by that time, we should be at the part right before sasuke and itachi fight kabuto. The later storm 3 is released, the more the anime progresses.

      P.S. NUNSG actually was ahead of the anime. For example, we knew Guy’s daytime tiger was white before the anime showed it was white

    • jason bradley

      i ussually hate filler but the episodes that involve the edo tensei warrior i kind of like likt episode 280 when deidara finds out he never killed sasuke and the episode was about him actually found myself really enjoying it so the episodes about pakura and jinin i want to see them

    • SuperdeadlyKing

      you got a point there lol, i really want madara and the unmasked tobi to be in storm 3 though i think madara will be there no doubt, i think he will be cyberconnect2′s trump card XD

    • SuperdeadlyKing

      wow i really hope your right bro. yep kyuubi mode naruto and guy’s move were in generations before the anime which was awesome though it makes me wonder if we will see the unmasked tobi in this but i think we will definitely see him with the white mask on no doubt about that. 

    • *Super~Sayian*

      feels weird seeing tsunade as an “whole” 

    • timanel1

      i think the game will be out on may so i hope until then , we can see at least itachi vs kabuto.. but my hopes are going down with fillers every single mounth

    • UchihaSasuke_Sama

      Maybe Pakura and Jinin will show their Jutsus and abilities in episodes 284 and 285
      Believe me….they will be playable in NUNS3 :) :):):)

    • KBGrevolver

      Makes even more hyped over ultimate ninja storm 3. If the anime gets far enough we might get up to the boss fights with the tailed beasts and Bijuu Mode Naruto.

    • Mickeycuzz

      I really don’t see NUNS3 ending before at least the Edo Tensei release .. the games always conclude with an epic battle, and anything before Itachi & Sasuke vs Kabuto would be soo underwhelming! If they added the Obito fight that’d be EPIC , but seeing how slowly the manga is going.. I don’t see the anime catching up before the game’s release.

    • supersaiyanbardock

      wait September episodes wasn’t fillers, except Moms Allied Force was the only filler this month. 

    • braxton4715

      its nice that pakuras gonna get some screentime im hoping she’ll be in storm 3 

    • Frank Cerullo

      well  i predict pakura and seven swordsmen guy is our kakashi rampage episode ( as pakura is near that division) so two episodes of that plus a possable playable pakura and extra swordsmen. still wish the fillers would stop storm 3′s on the line this time fillers do piss me off because i want at least release of edo tensei in the game >_>

    • Sandrie Manzano

      2 Fillers AGAIN?

    • Frank Cerullo

      ok by my calculations if theres no fillers after this month  and each episode does atleast two chapters per episode this is what will happen we may get spicail releases ( double episodes) extra fillers or 3 chapters in one epsiode, holiday without an episode  or just one chapter in an episode so do not take this to heart. the number inside the () is what  chapter just got released ( if there no holidays/crap/non release weeks) 

      novmeber first chapters 545,546 (608)novemeber 8th chapters 547,548 (609)
      novemeber 15th 549,550 (610)
      novemenber 22nd 551, 552 (611)
      novemeber 29th 553,554 by end of novemeber we are at naruto vs muu/third raikage lets hope for a back to back fight with garras mizukage battle so it happens faster.

      December  6th 555,556 (612)
      decemeber 13th 557,558 (613)
      december 20th 559,560 ( madara!)(614)
      december 27th 561,562 (615)

      by the end of decemeber we are at madaras battle/five kage gathering

      january 3rd 563,564 ( 616)
      january 10th 565,566 (617)
      januray 17th 567,568 (618)
      january 24th 569,570 (619)
      end of januray we are at kurama being released

      febuary first 571,572 ( bijuu mode!) (620) 

      feb 8th 573,574 (621) 

      feb 15th 575,576 (622)

      feb 22nd 577,578 (623)

      by the end of feb we are at kabuto vs saukse and itachi

      march first 579,580 ( 624)

      march 8th 581,582 (625)

      march 15th 583,584 (626)

      march 22nd 585,586 (627)

      march 29th 587,588 (628)

      by the end of march if we’re lucky we will be up to the defeat of kabuto ( meaning this game since it most likly will have a march release and the game goes a few chapters ahead of the anime we may have release of edo tensei  MAY lets hope for a may release in which case)

      apirl 5th 589,590 (629)

      apirl 12th 591,592 (630)

      apirl 19th 593, 594 (631)

      apirl 26th 595,596 (632)

      by the end of apirl we have naruto and kakahsi vs tobi 

      may 3rd 597,598 (633)

      may 10th 599,600 (634)
      may 17th 601, 602 (635)

      hoping the game gets a release date at any time after march is more likely to not happen but anything past may 17th would be wasted hope and note if fillers continue the way they’ve always done except teh game to end with maadara arrival at best only reason why five kage summit is in this game is so that sauske can be in it. but hopefully the anime can deal with being just 30 chapters behind and will not play fillers lets just hope


    • jorge espinoza

      i hope your right brother :)

    • Matsu96

       White Zetsu’s Trap and Aesthetics of an Artist
      were filler, too.

    • supersaiyanbardock

      Oh lol, I never knew that, O_O
      At least they are catching up to the manga with a lot of canon this time.

    • Art

      If the game releases in late March, at that point, I can see the anime
      at that point reaching anywhere between 575-585 (with the uchiha
      brothers fighting SM kabuto).  Given that they have still yet to
      completely take out fillers, it is doubtful we may even get that far.

      get an idea of how much material the anime covers in 6 months, you can
      look at the material covered from beginning of the year until summer
      (jan to jun).  The anime this year roughly covered about 37 manga
      chapters (491-528); the anime went from confining the hosts (naruto
      arriving at the island) to more than dull (darui vs. kin/gin). Around
      the same amount of material was covered last year from feb to july (jan
      was fillers). I believe those 6 months were for the most part filler

      The anime team will shortly  be covering 542
      (strongest tag team). If you add 37 manga chapters on top of that, that
      leaves us somewhere roughly around chapter 582 (nothing). I say there’s a very good chance the anime will be covering the SM kabuto battle around the time the game is released since the fight goes from (579-586).

      If sage mode
      kabuto somehow luckily manages to make it in, he will likely be a secret
      battle like Storm 2 killer bee.  It is doubtful he will be a boss
      battle, and at worst may not even have a complete moveset and be awakening only. CC2 has proven that they are able to squeeze a bit past the anime (gai and kisame’s updated ougis in gen), so there’s still hope for a decent SM kabuto. 

    • RedDragon10

      I mean they’re fillers, but there expected fillers.  While reading the manga, we all must have come to the conclusion that they were going to add things, such as backstory and techniques, to the characters and story.  This will at least separate it from the manga chapters itself.  At least they’re not pulling what they did before and go all the way back to part 1 for random fillers with sasuke.  I understand that we all want to reach Madara for S3, but that’s likely not happening.  At least we’re pretty much guaranteed a next game though…

    • 7thRaikage

      Can anyone explain why it takes so long for the U.S. to get new episodes? I know I’m not the only one tired of the long waits.

    • Salvador

      its about time ive been waiting for this raikage punchest naruto but dodges it rapidly and going back to the past meeting minato then they let him go into the war and he saves everyones ass

    • Frank Cerullo

      because the people  at disney xd are d*cks :| they don’t wanna air it or advertize it correctly yet don’t wanna f*cking give up the owning rights so adult swim/toonami/ any f*cking one else can f*cking air it f*ck disney xd and phines and ferb stop airing american dragon gay long ehich ended years ago and start f*cking airing naruto motehr f*cking shippuden you bastar*s  :| 

      sorry for the rant

    • Art

      If they’re gonna add fillers, they should at least take the opporunity to add to off panels. Kakashi’s rampage against the mist swordsmen for example.

    • treeko

      Actually,what I think storm 3 will cover story wise is already planned,cc2 are directly linked with Pierrot studios,so they know better than any of us what they have to put in the game,and Matsuyama already confirmed storm 3 to have more boss battles than storm 2,so basically I think we will still have a fun game which will last longer than any in this series previously,even without the big battles,won’t you rather like a game where they have the peace of mind to sit and plan the game properly with our favorite boss battles,this is just my opinion everyone has there own right to post there opinions so don’t flame me for this.

    • SuperdeadlyKing

      bloody hell something needs to be done about this, this game needs madara, i can see him being in but i also want the unmasked tobi in and it seems its going to take forever to even get there in the anime to chapter 599, i can’t take it anymore why do they have to release this next year? they could just wait after naruto ends but we would be without a new game for a few years so i don’t know what i’m thinking lol. how many canon episodes will it take to get to madara?

    • Matsu96

      yes, but it seems there will be more fillers now.

    • treeko

      Yes this is something that I want more than the current battle going on in the Manga.

    • treeko

      I understand the hype behind Madara and obito,but storm 3 is already looking so good that I want to get my hand on it right away,but yeah one thing that I am pretty sure of is after the end of Naruto there will be a final game,with all the characters though one thing that we all know is that it will be on next gen consoles,Kishi says it’ll take 2.5 years to finish Naruto,so basically the year that we’re looking at it ending is mid 2014,its highly unlikely for another Naruto game to be on the current gen by then,BTW I am sure they’ll make another Naruto game like generations on the current with all those characters before they make a jump to the Next gen consoles.

    • Nathan Turple

      they gotta stop with the fillers this will mess up how far storm 3 goes.

    • SuperdeadlyKing

      yeah then comes the ps4/xbox 720 lol and wait 2.5 years? i thought it was only 2 =/

    • braxton4715

      atleast some fillers show some other characters like jinin,chojuro,pakura,kurotsuchi

    • Jesus Villa

      DELAY STORM 3!!!
      Just delay it till winter 3013
      We all want to play as Madara Obito and Bijuu Naruto. and sage mode Kabuto

    • Deva_Pain_Path

      Good job delaying storm 3 the best idea to throw in useless fillers

    • Tel Killboy

      turns out that kishimoto will have storm 3 favor the manga crowd which is like 20 chapters away

    • Tel Killboy

      turns out that kishimoto will have storm 3 favor the manga crowd which is like 20 chapters away

    • Tel Killboy

      turns out that kishimoto will have storm 3 favor the manga crowd which is like 20 chapters away

    • Tel Killboy

      Comon over 72* characters

    • *Super~Sayian*

      oh boy.. scared when that day happen, isn’t the 720 going to be digital games instead of insert disk.. lol.. gamestops going out of business soon

    • Victor

      They are all apparently going to do both digital and physical copies. Microsoft is going to prevent the ability to play used games though. Next Gen hardware wise will be a true console war because graphically they should all be really close. As in Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox close. Looking forward to it.

    • *Super~Sayian*

      oh that’s good to hear, I’m not ready to move from physical objects just yet, I heard rumor they’ll turn graphics up to 4K resolution with ps4, not sure if that’s an big jump or just litle difference with the current since i haven’t actually witness it yet, same with this Ads during gameplay stuff. sigh

    • Haoshoku_Haki

      Microsoft registered the name Xbox 8 so it may not be called the 720. And the ps4 will have hvds and 4k resolution, literally 4 times 1080p. Microsoft has no chance graphic wise

    • Deva_Pain_Path

       I don’t think they will even reach to where madara/obito get to naruto, killer bee, kakashi and gai….I’m thinking the farthest will probably be near nagato/itachi if not that…then most likely itachi/sasuke vs kabuto

    • Victor

      Highly unlikely sadly due to $$$. In all honesty we literally have 0 info on the PS4. The 720 supposed leaked spec sheet puts it stronger than the Wii U, but not by leaps and bounds. Yeah, liking my physical copies too.

    • Victor

      Oh and yes 4 k graphics are stupid good. Take a full 1080p game or rvedly and multiply the res by 4. The problem with a console doing that now is that it is expensive and those TVs are just now starting to trickle out….slowly. Unless Sony is serious about waiting until 2015-2016 to release their PS4.

    • Rafael Georgiou

      It would be better if Storm 3 followed the manga storyline.And when the player gets to the point where the anime is .Then pop uo a “SPOILER AHEAD YOU MAY CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK” so that anime only watchers may warned so they dont get spoiled.

    • Alex Marrero

      LOL. I imagine someone who just payed full price for the game seeing that and being extremely pissed.

    • Alex Marrero

      Just as I thought. A bit of filler mixed with canon each month. At this rate, Storm 3 won’t satisfy even the most superficial of fans.

    • Rafael Georgiou

      This is the best way to include the awesome battles that lie ahead.Storm 3 should include the whole war

    • treeko

      You guys do know the technology you’re talking about is gonna cost a  fortune to develop,especially the part of 4k resolution for the next play station I’d say its bogus,do you own a HD tv that show that much resolution yet?and looking at the loses sony has had with ps3 id be amazed if they pulled of what you guys are saying,they should do what they did with ps2(in my opinion ps2 was better than ps3 with a lot more to offer in its game library thumbs up if you agree)the next xbox and ps will have better hardware but as far the technology you guys are talking coming up in these 2 consoles,is first of all ahead of its time,secondly it’ll cost as much as a full gaming pc,if sony were selling ps3 at its launch with loses on each consoles as much as 200$,you can expect them to loose a fortune on each ps4 they’ll sell,Id rather have a ps4 which can do true full hd,and a xbox with more online features,rather than boasting a price tag of around 1000$,so basically its impossible for sony or microsoft to put the hardware you people think they will cause if they did I won’t be surprised if one these companies lead to the same fate as SEGA.

    • anza

      will there also be new opening and ending?? 

    • Rafael Georgiou

      Yes starting from episode 282

    • *Super~Sayian*

      oh yes indeed, i saw those tv bundles that supported 4K, price is overwhelming at least when IGN showed the average pricing lol. sony does need to wait 2015-16 to test out the system cause honestly I don’t think theirs going to be much differences from this gen, this technology advances is nearly at it’s peak, can’t really progessed to an whole new settings such as going from 64 to ps2. no instead now it’s more an tweek than jump advances. I’m sure ps4/720 is more about the money rather than the experience.

    • RedDragon10

       Are they even still broadcasting it on disney xd?  I think they stopped a long time ago. 

    • Victor

      Sadly yes its more about money now. Personally I will be happy with a Wii U and PS4 if possible. If SONY waits they risk coming out right when the other two go to another Gen. Ether the PS3 they can realistically keep up for atleast another year or two.

    • *Super~Sayian*

      Good point, honestly If I was the board director of Sony I would wait, cause I don’t think theirs much “progession” with consoles, especially the way the economy is now. but I guess theirs an reason why he’s the director making millions, while I’m the guy sitting home on his laptop lol so you’re most likely right. but yes, wii U has been getting ALOT of hype lately, I hope it pulls through or it’ll be forgotten just like the wii… sadly

    • quentin higgins

      Keep hearing people say that this game is gonna follow the manga storyline. Where did you guys hear that and why would this game follow the manga when the last three didn’t? Not saying that I hope it doesn’t but it just seems like you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you think otherwise.

    • anza

      nice! Thanks, buddy! can’t wait!


      I hope this doesn’t become a trend for the anime! If so, there will not be much more to put into Storm 3. I say this because one of the post from earlier said that the game would cover the Kyuubi flash back all the way up to the latest episode before Storm 3 is actually released. If you want proof here’s the name of the post: Naruto Storm 3: 40 screenshots of Naruto and Sasuke 
      I don’t know where Saiyan Island recieved this information though… So for the argument on whether the game will follow the anime or the manga, it’ll will most likely follow the anime if this information is correct. (60 chapters in about 5 or 6 months… I hope the anime can catch up before the Storm 3 is released. Please NO MORE FILLERS KISHIMOTO!)

    • Shehzore Ali

      most of ur predictions r right so ill follow ur predictions by the way how do u get to know about the filler episodes

    • Ppnjelly

      Kishimoto doesn’t make the fillers…

    • daewoo94

      so help me god if there are seven fillers for the swordsmen…


      Even if he doesn’t create the fillers, I’m pretty sure he and the anime directors still approve what is put into the anime to preserve the anime-manga gap.

    • XxBryanXxLee

      in the manga 544 = two suns. if they keep up with fillers we wont get to 584 wich is itachi izanmi fighting kabuto v.v man we need a complete game next year. stop with the fillers and release 6 episodes every month speed the processs!!

    • Stevie

      Im looking forward to 284 & 285, we will probs get a back story on the 2 characters, lets just hope it goes well

    • Deva_Pain_Path

      the only war arc filler I found very unnecessary was the episode about the allied shinobi moms….seriously a waste of time…..but all the other ones before that episode. They were fine…because zetsu was in all of them and hopefully they keep up with the actual war arc because at this rate. We aren’t even going to get to itachi/sasuke vs kabuto….and most definitely not to naruto/bee/gai/kakashi vs madara and obito

    • Niño Infierno


    • Viah H.

      great {“-_-}

    • narutorocksforever

      what channel does this come on on dish ?

    • narutorocksforever

      i never saw naruto because im 8 and i never saw it because i hated it all i wish is it to come on disney XD or adult swim please le it come back to south carolina!

    • manoahvdvelde

      You think Kisihmoto decides when fillers will air? :P He doesn’t care about that, he only checks if fillers don’t crash with his story, and that’s it. No it’s the anime producers that do that.