Naruto Storm 3: 20 Screenshots, English-Subbed Trailer

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Namco Bandai Games has released 20 screenshots of Naruto Storm 3! They feature the battle between Naruto and the Nine Tails, Naruto vs Sasuke, and Sasuke against Samurai! Also, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer 2 is available with English subtitles! The Tokyo Game Show trailer has been given a title of “When Destinies Collide!”

Naruto-Storm-3-1011.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1010.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1009.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1008.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1004.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1005.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1006.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1007.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1003.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1002.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1015.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1014.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1013.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1012.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1021.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1020.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1019.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1018.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1017.jpg Naruto-Storm-3-1016.jpg

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • AldouphusWilliams

    shut up and take my moneyyy!!!!!!!!

  • imam pratama

    cant wait to see Tobi Rinnegan screenshot!

    i wonder what Tobi jutsu (Triangle+O)

  • Minato Yakuza

    Shut up and take my soul

  • ichigokun

    i pre-ordered this game already!!! i wish i could get it early!!!

  • julian2kriss

    ppsh nothing new here then

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  • Steven Tibirius Kirk

    i want uchiha sasuke die… please draw sasuke death, i sick of uchiha sasuke, he don’t derserve to live!!!

  • ichigokun

    English subs? some screens look new too!

  • Joker Phantomhive

    LOL please draw Sasuke’s death? gtfo

  • Vergil Uchiha

    Wow lol Talk About Sasuke’s Hatred :P P

  • yosef hurbosh

    why is there a picture of pts naruto and pts sasuke ?????

  • Devaughn Chambers

    hey, they might put in pts naruto and sasuke only in this game you never know

  • Markus Parsons

    when does the story start and end?

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    starts at the five kage summit arc and ends somewhere probably in the war arc.

  • Mimi Sonoku

    Thats it I need a demo 

  • Jayashan Perera

    Nothing like a good HD video the trailer is amazing BTW i wonder if you can walk on walls and battle like NUNS and have a free roam with any character you want like NUNS and NSUN 5 and probably more new features tht may enhance the players methods i hope they have in game stratagies and not the run around and fight kind of thing and i would love to see the new PLAYABLE CHARACTERS other than the playable characters we already know i’m also hope’in too see some online playable stuff tht we can do and probably a character creator up till then i am just waiting 4 this game to be released ^____________________________________________________________^ 

  • Brenda Booker

    Wow, we’re finally getting info as often as we should!

    I know the end of Naruto! *SPOILERS*

    Make a long story short, Naruto robs Sasuke of his evil chakra and dies trying, Sasuke becomes Hokage but he puts a Statue of Naruto grinning right next to his own face on the great Hokage mountain! The end. I heard it somewhere, I’m 90% sure its legit.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Nice troll.. but kishimoto doesn’t even tell his own assistance about spoilers

  • Brenda Booker

    I feel the same but ten times worse times a billion to infinity all the way through the threshold of reality onto another plane of existence….but Sasuke becomes Hokage…see at the end of the vid when Naruto switches them? Well, I searched the web for ever to find something that seems legit! Naruto, with special chakra, takes Sasukes evil energy and kills himself in the process! Sasuke becomes HOkage but naruto face still next to his on the wall of hokaga faces…someone had a buddy tht wrked at naruto and kishi decided on tht ending! Lame, huh? 

  • treeko

    Hey did anyone notice,the battle between Sasuke and Naruto, is gonna be like the battle between them in storm 2 with those flashbacks,but there is also a pic showing the flashback from part 1 Naruto’s last battle.

  • treeko

    I’ve been hearing about this,I think it’s a troll,everyone has been predicting how the story will end after tobi’s identity was released,so don’t believe this guy here people.

  • Brenda Booker

    No, this guy worked with Kishimoto and they decided on that ending. I said 90% sure, and besides, the thing at the end onf this video with Naruto switching them kinda confimrs my suspiricons. “Sasuke, you know, we could’ve taken on each others roles.” Or something to that effect. 

  • Brenda Booker

    Not a troll, I didn’t even make this up, I heard it somewhere you bubblegum wadd. I said I’m not even sure its real. Ugh. Why do people have to be such harassing freaks these days.

  • treeko

    lol dude,do you even read the Manga or watch the Anime that was just something Naruto thought of when they were fighting each other after the Danzo battle,and if you don’t Mind can you tell me where you found that info on it ending like that,just direct me,and this battle has already taken place so this doesn’t confirm Naruto dying or anything(only thing that Naruto said was that he believed both of them will die after they fight each other for the last time),your comment is Invalid this is just the game it has nothing to do with how the story will end.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    based off your username, you’re an girl, only they would be sensitive enough to consider that comment as an “insult”  and besides I read ALL of kishimoto’s interviews in the past, I know his personality when it comes to spoilers, he will NEVER give something as vital as that, whoever told you this is an liar and you’re the idiot for believing it. now THIS was an insult.

  • treeko

    you’re a girl?not trying to act like a freak but really where did you get all of this from.

  • julian2kriss

    can understand jap… the screens isnt really revealing much…guess its still early. but nothing amazing as yet

  • Felipe

    C’mon…You can do better than that…

  • migo smoke

    uhm hey brenda u shouldve known that there was a theory about this and i guess somebody made up that he/her was kishimoto’s assistend But let me tell u Kishimoto mabey doesn’t even know how naruto will end(bad english sorry i’m dutch)

  • migo smoke

    Don’t listen to brenda thats all bullcrap sasuke will not die cuz the plot will be ruined

  • Manaf Hadou

    hey everyone check it out, look at the hanzo vs mifune fight, you’l see a broken tree near them, do you think they added destructive environments i mean its really close to them 

  • Felipe

    I have a theory…..What if the Chunnin Outfit Konoha 11 were totally new characters? We didn’t saw any screenshot, neither footage of them yet. If this possibility is true, for some reason, i think that the “normal” (without the Outfit) versions of these characters would not be in the game because they would be just waste of space, and pointless at this moment (I don’t want 2 Sakuras or 2 Sais, that would be stupid); same goes for Kankuro and Temari. I hope that it happens, cuz 2.5 years (and still going) of hard work must mean something extraordinary, and not copy/paste….would someone be disappointed because of “Old Version” Neji, for example, not being in??? (i hope not, XD)

  • Felipe

    Yeah, i hope that it’s like that. The broken tree doesn’t look like an “inert” part of the enviroment, it looks like a actual object.

  • Manaf Hadou

    Awesome theory bro !!! :D

  • Manaf Hadou

    if you look even closer, their’s some tree leafs on the ground right next to the tree

  • Hollow V2

    Ah, darui is soo boring… stop showing him -_-

  • Manaf Hadou

    darui is awesome, but their is just one combo they didnt show us yet, and mifune too, and there’s two combos for hanzo they didnt show yet

  • Markus Parsons

    will there be character creation cuz that’s something they haven’t used yet?

  • supersaiyanbardock


  • Felipe

    Thanks dude!!!

  • Felipe


  • jermar

    this video makes it seem this is naruto’s and sasuke’s final fight. Pshh as if, when they fight they’re going to explosions and craters everywhere 

  • Anthony

    So this game is covering the 2011 Naruto OVA lol that’s cool

  • Devaughn Chambers

    it looks like you get to choose who you wanna play as between naruto and sasuke

  • narutopiece1

    I Love it, i am so excited, i can’t wait to get this game. Now all that is left is for us to a trailer based on the war and Madara Uchiha looking like the BOSS he is, included in the trailer XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Kanaval

    real funny comment

  • Hollow V2

    That’s all I need

  • Kanaval

    If hashirama wants to stand a chance against madara(even if he is edo tensei)

    they need to give the 1′st a much stronger taijutsu, “bigger” ninjutsu and stronger ultimate jutsu..
    because he truly is stronger than madara!!

  • Keston Felix

    has no one seen that on the 1:00-1:10min mark Naruto dose a dash guard DASH GUARD something new. And no New news from the TGS 2012 gave us. We want a demo CC send us a demo to keep us at bay for now. 

  • Jimmy Avila


  • Shogunreaper

    Or he might have been blown back by the nine tails attack back into a regular stance.

    Won’t know unless we see it in a regular battle i suppose.

  • WHY1254

    this game is to badass that we need to make a new word of awesomeness 

  • Rayson

    stfu u can’t even type properly u should die in itachi’s tsukuyomi 

  • Kira

    Nice Sasuke new Grab very Cool

  • Rayson

    Not really kishi makes the 1st stronger than madara because of plot no jutsu but i’m tried of happy endings its the same bs 

  • Rayson

    ikr it should have been the grab like he did danzo followed by the slam on the ground then hold them up & chidori spear them or chidori spear then flex it into more spears 

  • AldouphusWilliams

    at the 2:38 mark look closely at the samurai bridge as you can see there’s a giant whole in a bridge the same whole danzo made when he committed suicide that me the danzo and sasuke fight could likely be a boss battle  

  • Hason Peart

     For real atleast give us a demo so we can be satisfied for a while cause if there is a demo. Ha! i’ll play that til 2013 :3

  • Tobito023


  • Brenda Booker

    Why not? I like them.

  • Brenda Booker

    I would agree, but I’m not as big on Naruto as I was when I was seven :P

  • Brenda Booker

    Oop, wrong person, ignore last comment :)

  • gaarag4

    me to

  • Rayson

    wth is wrong with u o.O

  • Rayson

    Who cares this game is way better than COD ppl just buy it just cause then its bs after the first month 

  • DecimoXx10xX

    At 2:14 there’s a broken tree in the foreground, I wonder what that’s used for.

  • Felipe

    Lol, you must suck at Quick Time Events, HAHA.

  • victor manuel beltran panameño

    add uchiha madara , and im not talking bout obito xD

  • Tobi

    Seeing the focus this trailer being on the kage summit arc kinda worries me a bit…. 

  • dikkesjonnie

    at 2:07 when hanzo is combo’in… look at the stage there is a (half)tree in the stage….i don’t know what it means.. hmmm
    could it mean interactive levels?? hope so

  • Devaughn Chambers

    oh big time

  • RAKBoy

    i like this game and i cant wait for Danzo vs sasuke if thay make Boss fight

  • Turbotrup

     I’m still waiting on gameplay changes

  • Craig Campbell

    epiicc O_U

  • Riko Hasnianto

    please don’t add the mashing thing i’m really suck at that HAHA LOL :’)

  • chrisosag

    To be completely fair there is PLENTY of bs in storm 2 and especially generations.

  • Kanaval

    me to, it’l may be an excuse for not making the story that long right?

  • shatti

    if naruto dies and doesnt become hokage then ONE OF THE BIGGEST POINTS IN NARUTO IS GONNA BE GONE!! AND SASUKE BECOMING HOKAGE? WHAT??????

  • Alex Marrero

    Thank you.

  • Alex Marrero

    Everyone who is satisfied with their precious 10-15 hour Story Mode with cutscenes that take up half that time and a plot that we all (should) already know has some pretty poor standards. 

    Gameplay changes CC2. That’s all I really care about now. But since what we’ve seen so far is mostly more of the same, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Alex Marrero


    “Oh, oh, I can’t wait six or more months for my 10 minute battle! It will be epic for all of… 10 minutes!”

  • Killer Popo

    I can’t stand how modern video game fans are too lazy to get better at a game so instead they plead the game developers to take out the thing that they failed to get better at, it’s sad really. 

  • Alex Marrero

    I like a little more in my boss fights. “Skill” is one of those things.

  • Alex Marrero

    Yeah you’re right. But there are gameplay elements in this franchise, as it has evolved, that are inexcusable. For one, being able to substitute at almost any given time means there is very little room for guaranteed damage. What do you call something that isn’t guaranteed? Luck. So basically you’re relying on luck and your opponent not tapping the sub trigger to do any damage until the sub bar has depleted.

    Second, characters are highly imbalanced. For example, Masked Man has invincibility frames for almost everything he does while most other characters don’t. Certain Jutsu can strike you multiple times for full damage each time after you’ve subbed, and guarding directly after a substitution doesn’t always seem to nullify this since it periodically fails.

  • Jaylen

    Call me crazy, but wasn’t Naruto in Sage mode when he fought Sasuke? o.O
    Epic trailer btw!

  • Gonjas

    you basically saying they need to make konohamaru as strong as masked man or make masked man as weak as konohamaru

  • Tentenfan

    all you people do is just want more more more. Making games DOES cost money you know. If you dont like what CC2 is doing then dont buy the game!

  • Tentenfan

    bring your negativity else where. He was just saying he wants to see this certain boss battle. He has just as much right to his opinion as everyone else does

  • Brenda Booker

    What are you talking about and to? I was talking to Tobito and you just waltz in here starting up a completely diff convo. Your reply doesn’t even consist of a thought that supports a valid argument or even thought, really. “I like a little more in my boss fights.” So do I, but their okay just the way they are for me, though it would be fun if they added more. “‘Skill’ is one of those things.” i like skill too. Are you saying because i like button mashing means i have no skill? You truly sound retarded, I can’t even fathom what you must’ve been thinking when you replied.

  • Brenda Booker

    No offense, but if you’re going to attack his grammar you could at least spell right yourself :P Shut the **** up* u* u* Itachi’s* Tsukuyomi* haha, yeah, that was a bit of a fail.

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    In terms of a video game, YES!  In terms of the actual series, HELL NO!

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Way to be a downer, bro. . .

  • Brenda Booker

    A) Why did you insult me? B) Why don’t you mind your own business? C) Just because I believe something that seems legitimate to me doesn’t make me an idiot. I don’t know why you’re so focused on trying to tell me off when we are supposed to be having a simple conversation you jerk. I keep telling ALL of you, I’m not a troll. I heard it somewhere and i think its real, does that deserve the death penalty? Just an opinion gets all this crap from you. Are you seriously that absorbed in the world of a drawing that you would actually get insulted by a theory I put out there? Wait, you must be a troll. I’ll just stop browsing this page to avoid hearing your idiotic, obsessive thoughts and replies to my simple opinions. Have a nice, absorbed in anime to the point of taking offense to a thought, freaky life.

  • Felipe

    Hey Saiyanisland!!! There’s a new gameplay of the Naruto vs Kyuubi Boss Battle. THAT’S YOUR CHANCE, POST IT BEFORE PS360HD!!!

  • Brenda Booker

    Actually, no, that wasn’t the right thing to do. After all, you’re a troll, you just want to cause drama and I played right into it. Sorry for sinking down to your level, Mr. Troll, I was supposed to be the bigger person and  let you be the little kid you’re trying to be – or maybe you are, it would explain your sudden temper tantrum. Have a nice, absorbed life in anime while I continue doing productive things, good bye.

  • Brenda Booker

    Or maybe that hurt your feelings too, fine I take it back, I wish I could say to patronize you but its for me. 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I didn’t know naruto and COD had similarities 

  • UchihaFox

    Hey Felipe! Where is that video? Could you tell me the link?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    first off get a life, secondly look up the definition of an troll, thirdly no one cares about your personal issues, and last but not least we don’t need you to spread your ignorant lies to other naruto fans. quit lying about kishi, and do your own research instead of making up “sh*t, I don’t care if you are an girl, I’ll tell the truth, even if it ends up hurting your sensitive feelings. good bye

  • braxton4715

    seriously????? link plz

  • Guest

    yea.. the cost of money is coming from 1million sales that people bought. derp

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    If he’s playable w/o the cape imma be like: HALLEJUHAH PRAISE THE LORD THANK YA JESUS!

  • Killer Popo

     At least you explain the REAL problems with the franchise. Don’t get me wrong I fully understand when a company creates a problem it’s only natural that you as the consumer would want it to be fixed so that it can be both fun and balanced, but what I can’t stand is when somebody wants to get something taken out just because they as an individual aren’t good at it. That takes the challenge out of video games which makes me lose my reason to play it.

    BTW not saying that spam problems in Storm are good but sometimes things like Spam or invincibility give you more of a challenge and make you better at the game I mean look at Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat….just sayin xD

  • konanNmadara

    My Characters
    Storm 2:Konan,Lars,Hinata
    Generations:Mizukage,Konan,Part 1 Gaara
    Storm 3:Konan,Ao,Kurotuchi*

  • WHY1254

    wonder if there going to confirm a new character?

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    Chains?? Kushina may just be a support character

  • A.Z.

    this.. totally.. spells… E-P-I-C. O:   [:

  • Daniel Leon

     hi nice to meet you jaylen my name is daniel and ur right naruto was in sage mood when he fought sasuke

  • Daniel Leon

    everyone wants to have madara in storm 3 and and everyone wants all 3 obito’s with the mask hope they have some edo tensei charters in the game if edo tensei itachi is in it that will be crazy or gaara dad

  • gazastorm

    who ever that is getting one piece pirate warriors add me on ps3- gshazaam

  • John Blecha

    they have hanzo

  • Mike Cardoza

     no such thing as supports in storm 3

  • braxton4715

    my characters

    storm 2 :hinata,temari,minato
    generations:,temari,pts hinata and ts shikamaru
    storm 3: pakura,anko(if playable),edo itachi

  • gaarag4

    he’s telling the truth i even didnt believe i until i went on youtube

  • UMad

    boring. rasengan and chidori collide in every single fucking game it’s not even interesting anymore.

  • JusticeManJoe

    where is it? i wanna see it

  • braxton4715

    lol yea i just found out ^^

  • Felipe

    It’s already here.

  • Cortez Beckham

    they only clashed three times now I ask you  sir, are UMad?

  • vestlus1

    It should have been Kirin and Rasenshuriken! 

  • John Blecha

    everybuddy stop talking bad about the game there’s still six months left and if u dont like the game then dont fucking by it u don’t half to but i am stop acting like biches if u like cod and battle field then ull like this they havent havent changed anny mechanics and u still love and enjoy them so just stop being biches en less ur a game creator and create a better just stop biching and buy it  

  • Deno13

    This is nice

  • Deva_Pain_Path

     That is the most retarded thing I ever heard of lmao….kirin comes from the sky when there are thunderclouds and rasenshuriken is a flying object…so how are those two suppose to clash?

  • Deva_Pain_Path

     Well they are the main characters…you want them to just run into each other and kiss?

  • Mickeycuzz

    Next trailer will most likely include more characters from the war, can’t wait! Looks like they’re going all out with these Boss battles!

  • braxton4715

    stop complaining -__-

  • morvnation

    dude kushina will never be playable she is shit she does ot fight souw stop saying nonsense

  • morvnation

    dont be so stupid and fuking ignorant you fag he will not die

  • morvnation

    mjm i dont believe you souw stop talking bullshits and craps you ignorant hater

  • minatonaruto510

    hey i saw something in the pics that might interest you: note that there are pics of one tails mode naruto vs CS2 sasuke int he valley of the end and another pic of naruto vs sasuke when they meet after the time skip at orochimarus base. both pics have this tint that CC2 use for flashbacks. so what I think is that the naruto vs sasuke boss battle whill have mid fight flashback like in storm 2, and the ultimate decision mode enables you to chose between the flashbacks being from the battle in the valley of the end and the battle in orochimaru’s base

  • Zelaz

    You make a valid point dude, but the difference between Shao Kahn and this game is that you’re losing your rankings as they spam and you know they’re gaining points for being cheap.