Naruto Storm 3: 40 Screenshots of Naruto and Sasuke

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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40 screenshots of Naruto Storm 3 have been revealed. 20 of these are brand new in screenshot format while the other 20 are from Monday. The only difference between today’s old screenshots and Monday’s screenshots is that these are all in higher quality for your viewing pleasure! As the title mentions, these 40 screenshots are of our hero Naruto and his eternal rival Sasuke! Screenshots include those of Naruto’s boss battle with the Nine Tails and Sasuke engaging in some hack and slash against samurai!

Naruto vs Sasuke

Sasuke vs samarui


Naruto vs the Nine Tails

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    here come the same generic “disappointed” comments

  • narutobleachop

    the graphics look really good! does sasuke have multiple jutsus now!? i see hum using susanoo and fireeball jutsu…in the air! unless that’s his combo… having a brain freeze

  • braxton4715

    looks like the samarai bridge(River) will be a new stage hopefully

  • Jesus Villa

    Flashback fights during midfight like on Storm 2? awsome!!

  • enkitheanunnaki

    HI MOM

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  • Ppnjelly

    its just the same info, naruto vs kurama and sasuke vs samurai, i’ll wait for a better update

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    “Hamlet Villa Hernandez” was right, you guys are so repetitive…

  • Felipe

    Yes mate, this is getting old. Also, i’m really tired of this “I want Edo Madara” thing; not that i don’t want him to be a playable char (it’s totally the opposite, lol), but is this request necessarily needed to be repeated on every single entry? Looks like people think that Saiyanisland administrators work for CC2 or something like that. 

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    same old comments
    no life
    by looser

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    i was the 5 comment, u’re just jealous, k?
    5 gates open k?

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    -___-’…….C’mon dude, who would be jealous of this stupidity?

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    You should grow up…. virgin.

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    Looks good.

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    Same here.

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    MiguelYou should back off… LOSER.

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  • supersaiyanbardock

    I just finishing reading Naruto chapter 603, shit just got MIND BLOWING O_O

  • JusticeManJoe

    It was so crazy my mouth dropped at the end. so much was answered 

  • Christian Ferguson

    Zetsu + Obito= masked man /*_\

  • DivineKingdom

    *spoiler, I think perhaps traces of zetsu were used to artificially age Obito, as be seemed to be an adult whilst fighting the first yet pieces of him were falling off. Its a nice but sad twist, similar to how Nagato was twisted both physical and mentally, to become such an extremist despite the teachings of Jiraiya, and the same appears to have be done to Obito despite the teachings of the 4th.

    But if Nagato was so Hell bent on his goal, yet was able to return to his former self and redeem himself moments before death by Naruto, perhaps there is hope that Kakashi will do the same (would allow the focal antagonist to be Madara)

  • Matsu96

    To everone who complains about “the same thing being repeated”: Don’t act like douches!! You just got an EPPIIICC trailer!! Do you think they will reaveal everything one after another?

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Have you seen in the last trailer, when Mifune fights Hanzo, there’s a kind of little tree in the arena… maybe destructible element ?

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    What’s the point in that spoiling comment ? People like you should be instantly banned.

  • yosef hurbosh

    finally a water satge

  • unleashrage

    i found the chapter to be quite funny because of the childish topic lol. it was also a good chapter coz of the last few pages with know..trying not to spoil it for others lol

  • Rias Gremory

    naruto and sasuke in pts form again? 

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    yep it was epic and funny lol zetsu was funny XD 

  • Marco

    Put comments like this in a manga episode or something. We reading this to know more about storm 3 and not to get spoiled or something..

  • KyosukeUchiha

    Although i dont agree with spoilers i will say this for those of you getting butt hurt about people spoiling within the feed this Is an open discussion site where you can post whatever you aren’t obligated to read the comments

  • Brenda Booker

    This sucks; I hate scans. I like actually finding out about the game, not looking at little tid bits of it which aren’t cool at all. (My opinion. Don’t like it? All your replies go to the spam folder anyway, and I won’t check such a boring page ever again so good luck getting your voice heard :P )

  • Christian Ferguson

    Finally a fight on water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Ferguson

    Eat a butt bro, if u thought i spoiled it, its cuz your not updated by the manga so stfu :) )

  • Nathaniel Fernandez

    this is the last game they should put evry charecter like rin obito with no mask and rikodou sennin if not thats suck and waste of money but i like how they are starting off im impressed.

  • SasukexNaruto2

    Sasuke looks like he will have the same moveset :(

  • MasterAfroNinja

    They have fighting on water in every naruto game

  • Billy Strudel

    put clash in

  • joshua ?

    put luffy,zoro and goku on here atleast

  • Nathaniel Fernandez

    i wanna see more new charecter shown already im tired of waiting lol? its boring.

  • Mario Mirabile

    they should makeone more game aftr this if they do it should be called somthing like generations 2, ninja storm 4 or naruto shipuden the final ninja storm

  • konanNmadara

    konan, I wanna see konan. and kurotuschi*and Ao

  • DivineKingdom

    Not a majority water stage

  • Jake Protagonist

    Do any of you think this will get a port over to the Wii U? Or, at the very least, have a future game on there?

  • braxton4715

    i wanna see pakura and i hope temari gets a new uj

  • GameFreak667

    Has anyone else noticed that the crest on Naruto’s jacket looks less jagged than past  games?

  • Tony Colarusso

    This is the stupidest and most boring news I heard in a naruto game. so Pathetic.

  • Brenda Booker

    Wow, even though this is reaaallly boring, I did end up coming back :D I guess that’s what happens when they don’t give me new info every day D: Anyway, I’m not coming back THIS time :D

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    I hope Naruto has in-game transformation during the Musou parts

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    Wii u please.

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    Your weird O_o
    I like it.

  • chrisosag

    Wasn’t it already bad enough that it went to 360 as well which is why we get a lame watered down version of the game for Ps3?

  • Brock Cooley

    Im hoping for nii yugito, shizune, anko, kurenai, kushina, kurotsuchi, samui, and kurui… heheh i think the more kunoichi the better :3

  • Jake Protagonist

    …Wii U… The next gen console… That isn’t out till November this year… I thought I made this pretty clear… NOT the Wii… It could run Storm 3 EASILY and THEN some.

  • Jake Protagonist

    @google-667c9296aa9e2be5d87c4251e97d2bcd:disqus Wii U… As in, the next gen console… That isn’t out till November this year… NOT the Wii… I thought I made this pretty clear… It could run Storm 3 EASILY and THEN some.

  • TheWichi

    Who the hell is Samarui????????!!! I think he is probably the best character ever!!… oh wait, they spelled wrong samurai, haha sorry my bad…

  • TheWichi

    I hope no… I prefer the clash of ninja games, and with the Wii U power the graphics would not be a problem anymore… so it would be awesome graphics plus the gameplay of a real fighter… equal EPIC WIN! 

  • Rayson

    um no naruto won’t ppl don’t even use naruto they hate sasuke but use him 10 times more than naruto idk y its stupid but yet ppl still think naruto is stronger and fast ha no not at all

  • Rayson

    no thanks

  • Rayson

    We don’t care ps3 and 360 will still out sell it and then some..

  • Dashie Willams

    Naruto is actually stronger then Sasuke when they clashed after when sasuke killed Danzo,Naruto was better then him.Naruto right now with the kyuubi chakra can run laps around sasuke and beat him up

  • Ppnjelly

    after seeing the game, it looks like they wanted to show only the cool stuff, so that went the story got boring we would remember the scans and continue…