Naruto Storm 3: Kakashi, Lee, 7 Swordsmen in Hack & Slash Mode

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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A brand new Naruto Storm 3 partial scan has been released! It features Rock Lee taking on the 7 Swordsman of the Mist (well 4-5 of them) and Kakashi taking on Zabuza and Haku in hack-and-slash mode! By the looks of it, Rock Lee and Kakashi will be playable in addition to Sasuke. It’s unclear if the Swordsmen or Haku will be playable, but they will at least be enemies to fight against!

Also, if you note, there is another character in the Rock Lee screenshot (that looks like Lee or Guy). Could it mean co-op? Guess we will have to wait and see!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • beslic.josip

    For a sec I thought the Lee was the PTS version, scared the crap out of me xD

  • Rafael Georgiou

    Awesome!Maybe there is Co-op battles?!

  • Nikhil Kalia

    looks like theres a good chance that all the hidden mist swordsmen could be playable as characters. cant wait to see their movesets and how cc2 puts difficulty in this.

  • layemou99

    i really hope there is co-op and the seven swordmen

  • Ē

    judging by the Lee and Gai picture, Lee just really looks like support for Gai; co-op for Kakashi and Gai, Lee = support.

  • Omar Ali

    OMG LEE IS HERE VS 7 Swordsmen .

    This game will be cool !!!! 

  • Willian Pauperio

    wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww NECESSITO DESSE JOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Berki Boy

    Sakura is there too…she’s in the crater infront of Lee.

    but with her normal clothes. -__-


  • Eduardo Aparecido de Lima



  • treeko

    I am sold,take my body and soul,fuck I want a demo right nowwwwwwwwwww.

  • treeko

    when is the new trailer addressing this,ahhhhh,more news soon please,and if there is co op,even if it is offline,it’ll be epic,and please make these challenging,not like ultimate ninja impact.

  • Lumi Parashumti

    i’m in love

  • shatti

    i hope they add co op because then you can play it with youre friends or online!! And plus they can make awesome team ultimates that you can use!!!!!!

  • Rafael Georgiou

    YES!Maybe that’s why maybe they put co-op battles now.Ino-Shika-Cho combo ougi,Double Lariat,Super Rasengan,8 Gates combo?!Now i am hyped!

  • Salvador

    itsgreat you fight 2 agaist them

  • Matsu96

     How could you recocnize this? o_0
    no :/, I hope Konoha’s eleven will wear Konoha vests. Is it so hard to make new costumes? because revived Akatsuki will need new ones, too.

  • Александр Чернобуров

    there are all swordsmen on scan, except Zabuza. Even Mangetsu is there, behind Guy (or Lee)

  • Александр Чернобуров

    oh, no, one is missing

  • HiiRo Senpai

    if that in screen guy it mean coop ill be so awesome really soo so exciting for more info
    thank u

  • SuperdeadlyKing


  • Maaz Shaikh

    Actually, that’s Lee in the BACKGROUND (on Sakura’s left) and ol’ Guy is the one most near to us! LMAO

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    cool now i just want them to focus more on the game play like they need to add more air cobos, extra grabs and balance the characters and supports, if they can do this then that would be awesome oh and also they should make the cpu offline harder and tactical cause i remember in storm 2 it was easy even in generations.

  • Rodolfo Souza E Silva

    INCREDIBLE!!IT WILL HAVE MULTIPLAYER FOR MORE THAN TWO PLAYERS(if you see clooser, you will see sakura next to lee, hitting one of the opponents with the cherry blosson clash)

  • Rodolfo Souza E Silva

    Se voce ver direito, vai ver que sakura esta lá tambem….

  • Jahad Hydara


  • Kanaval

    zabuza and haku are fighting kakashi probaly

  • Steven Ly

    7 Swordsmen aren’t good enough as playable characters?

  • ntlg504

    that looks epic but they better put the 7 sword men as playable characters!

  • Kanaval


  • VongolaBoss

    Looks like they’re not gonna be playable.

    GJ Cyber Disconnect 2 lol

  • jason bradley

    for the love of god cyber connect 2 let the 7 swordsman and haku be playable

  • XGriever

    i dont think thats sakura i think its the swordsman jinin Akebino striking the floor with his kabutowari

  • Hollow V2

    Who cares about the 6 out of the 7 dickmen, just let us have zabuza and haku, kthx. And madara too if the anime could stop putting out filler.

  • daewoo94

    I can’t imagine that Haku would not be playable. As for the swordsmen, they will probably only be support characters. :/

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Ok, my mouth has no words to say but EPIC XD

  • supersaiyanbardock


  • Berki Boy

    Hmmm…it seems more like Jinin is the one getting knocked into the air. Notice above Guy’s hair: You can see her red shirt with the white circle in the midst of the crater.

  • Axel_Lea

    it looks amazing and i hope the seven swordsmen and haku will be playable

  • nasama

    i cant get a good guess as to the location where they’re fighting

  • Ronald Ramos

    Well, think about a Moveset for each one of them, send them to CyberConnet2, and let’s see if they consider it.

  • Khoo Boo Chuan Kenneth

    EPIC!!! Wish there is Co-OP!! THen it would more epic!!

  • *Super~Sayian*


  • Anthony

    Co-op would be awesome! And SaiyanIsland, Guy is in front, Lee is in back. Rock Lee where’s the leg band and Guy doesn’t. Just a heads up

  • enkitheanunnaki

    LEE <3, hachimon TONKOUUUU

  • Frank Cerullo

    ultimate decison for this will be fight boss zabzua and haku or hack and slash the seven sorwdsmen. so buying this game now

  • joseVQZ

    he’s fighting sakura

  • Brenda Booker

    I don’t see what’s the hype everyone always has for these scans, I mean, they symbolize they’re putting something cool in the game, sure, but if you think about it they are actually really lame. Seriously, they could at least put the whole scan in there -.-

  • Omar Ali

    284 will be filler about these swordsmen , i think on this episode they will show some fighting moves , and if so they can add it to the game and make these characters playable .

  • Дмитрий Нагато

    Супер! х)

  • treeko

    I am guessing this was one of the rumors about Storm 3 having 2v2 battles,I am guessing we’ll have it this way,cause if look at the previous scans sasuke is having his Sub bar in hack’n'slash mode(keep in mind if you look as the previous trailer it shows sasuke doing combos identical to Generations battle mode only difference was his grab move),it’ll be pretty useless to have it if this mode is only gonna be offline(this is just speculation),but if you think about it,its either to make the game more challenging or to allow these sort of battle to take place in multiplayer,either way is good as long they allow co op boss battles,online and offline,ahhhhh,why’d you have to waste TGS on that trailer,you should’ve shown us what you guys are doing with hack’n'slash mode cc2.

  • jermar

    it may be lame for you, but for other people, a hack and slash mode like this is what a lot of people were waiting for. which is why they are excited, some more than others of course lol

  • Torune

    Why? The swordsmen out rank haku in every way

  • treeko

    why do you think they won’t be playable,I am pretty sure they’ll be playable at least in the normal Battle mode,if not in Hack’n'slash,I think its okay if they aren’t playable in hack’n'slash mode considering the fact that they only had a small amount of work done in the war,well then again I’d be happy to see every characters playable in hack’n'slash mode,but one thing that keeps eating my mind is are these hack’n'slash battles gonna take away the place of free roam?I hope not I’d like to roam around village to village hacking and slashing my way through.

  • braxton4715

    awesome but wheres pakura and gari they should be in also

  • Amir


  • Amir

    naruto storm 3 like naruto impact .all jutsu and all sammuned and all characters and co.op and multerplayers 4split scren like dynestiy wariors.only grathic like naruto storm

  • Amir

    2vs2 like dynesty wariors .anime naruto very very like game koel: daynesty wariors

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    cool name.

  • AldouphusWilliams

    with this new hack and slash screen shot im starting to think that old team matches are gone and 3 on 3 matches are in well im okay with it but i bet a bunch of others are gonna complaining about it

  • Ahmed Swag Fareghi

    call of duty had 4 player splitscreen since 2001, dynasty warriors copied it

  • fabricej

    CC2 seems to be making all the right choices so far.

  • AldouphusWilliams

    at first i thought the haku and zabuza vs pts team 7 was gonna be a boss battle in generation (until it was announce gen dont have boss battles -.-) but now storm 3 can finally give us what we wanted and besides kakashi was the only one who haven’t had a boss battle yet epic

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    dat needle swordsman +o+

  • Putney Belmont

    Where’s Pakura and Gari? GTFO

  • treeko

    I agree to an extent,but this is something you can’t pass by without noticing.

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    7 ninja swordsmen my life is awsome now HOLEY SHEETT FINALY A MERICLY

  • braxton4715

    maybe they’ll show them later on since they didnt show danzo,foo,torune ,kurotsuchi,akatsuchi, and ohnoki in the five kage summit trailer

  • 7thRaikage

    Yosh! Hope their all playable!

  • fred loh

    Just add the ability to do other jutsus with key presses ( eg: performing a summoning by pressing a combination of keys ) and u have a perfect Naruto game.

  • 7thRaikage

    That would be super epic…Kakashi vs. the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist! :)

  • Frank Cerullo

    but this is epic. and notice sakura is tehre to, so teh way i see this working is supports can now fight with you ( only the same one combo tough) but can’t be defeated they can however cause damage and get hit, they’d follow you like akaumaru, and i think we’ve now solved the kinkaku and ginkaku problem ( as darui vs the two of them plus ino shiaka cho they’d have to choos eone to be boss battle now it can be both in one fight)

  • Hollow V2

    I think they’re adding hack and slash to make up for the lack of actual content the game will cover, considering the pace of the anime. Unless they decide to please the manga fans, which would be nice.

  • Frank Cerullo

    this is cc2 we’re talking about if they add madara at all it’ll be as their trump card just like kabuto/serous tobi/lars were. all they care about is money if they really wnated to plase us they would have waited till the end of teh war is shwon in the anime to even annoce this game and have all of shippuden (I or atleast every char from beginning till end of shippuden ) in it 

  • MasterAfroNinja

    This is why i’m not and wasn’t happy about hack and slash. I was hoping this would be a boss battle. The 7 swords man got to be play able, they just got to.

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    The scan with 7 swordman and Zabuza with Haku is Mini Bosses battles…

  • KillSasukeHaters

    As long as Edo Madara and Rin/Shar Tobi is playable I could careless about the others…

  • Vampiric


  • timanel1

    so please help me out here… if all mounths we get 2 filler episodes , in may ( when i’m pretty sure the game will be released ) will be in what part of the manga , in the anime? 

  • Nagato Juonys

    Put fucking 7  ninja swordsmen of the mist playable characters
    and Zetsu most important of the game for me :D

  • Serket Hamo

     i would be untill madara joins obito i think

  • Frank Cerullo

    when does the full scan normally come out?

  • Frank Cerullo

    e3xactly where we are now, and tahts only of we have no fillers from now on and a may release go to the oct sheule page i posted a detailed idea of whats gonna happen

  • Rayson

    Then u won’t enjoy this game because the other features is more important than just one or 2 characters because the game would be boring as fucking trying to use the susanoo with the same cam features

  • Tobi

     What about Edo Itachi and Nagato :3

  • EA575

    Usually on Monday.

  • Berki Boy

    The anime should arrive at Itachi and Sasuke vs. Kabuto by then.

  • mag88

    i can’t wait for the full scan, i hope they confirm the 7 swordsmen and haku

  • *Super~Sayian*

    pfft team 7 hack and slash? give me madara hack and slash lol

  • treeko

    You talk only business lol Even I would look forward to playing as Madara with true susanno.

  • Kira


  • Rayson


  • Kira

    Cool Very cool i hope they confirm Haku

  • supersaiyanbardock

    True XD

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Nope, he’s speaking the truth XD

  • Anthony

    “there is another character in the Rock Lee screenshot (that looks like Lee or Guy).”   That’s Guy in the Front not Lee, he’s in the back. So Might Guy screenshot

  • Nathaniel Fernadez

    also there 6 swordmen in guy screenshot and zabuz is in the other screenshot so that make 7 not 4-5 they made a mistake


    Wow this game is going to be GEAT ! omg  5 kage vs Madara hack and slash or darui,chozi and his dad and other ninja vs tobi and Gedo Mazo !!!  wow they can make so many EPIC hack and slsh games i hope they do it in coop that would be great !!!

  • Lyonex Ghost

    Hope they’re not making all the fights, hack’n slash

  • Alex Marrero

    Haku and Zabuza WILL be playable, they love to copy paste and they will here. It’s a double positive for them and for fans of the characters. The real question is the seven swordsman, or some combination of them. 

    I actually like that there is confirmation of other playable characters in the “Hack N’ Slash” portions of story mode. But again, I’m more interested in the gameplay mechanics and what changes they (hopefully) will make to FINALLY balance the series.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Alex Marrero

    I agree, but a good portion would be nice. Changing things up is a plus, bringing new (if not completely unique) gameplay elements is at the top of my list for reasons to purchase sequels to any game.

  • Alex Marrero

    If they make certain characters STORY MODE ONLY that’s a huge slap to the face for me. If they appear in story mode as playable, even via hack N’ slash, I expect them playable under normal means.

  • Hickbo97

    im thinking that this could be a sort of boss fight in hack and slash mode which means they could make more sort of boss fight with other fights that wouldn’t necessarily be a proper boss battle

  • Brock Cooley

    Well this is ok….. I am still waiting for the conformation of kurenai, anko, shizune, nii yugito, kurosuchi, kushina, and pakura….. The more kunoichi the better because I’m sick of barley and female ninja’s playable when they have earned a spot on that character roster, Please don’t tell me the weak as hell because they would kick your ass :P

  • Brock Cooley

    Yup same here

  • braxton4715

    hell yea it sucked that mei was the only new playable kunoichi in generations and anko,shizune,kutosuchi,tayuya and kurenai were support only -__-

  • Deno13

    This Game is gonna have lots of fans i can’t wait

  • Angelous Ginanena

    this game is gonna rule!!!

  • Kien Mitchell

    I had a feeling they would introduce something like this for the war arc, i mean, how else would they really do naruto, bee, kakashi & guy against tobi and madara ? It’d be really awesome if they added a battle royale mode with no CPU characters to the online . 

  • Carl Foming

    i guess that online survey was true.blood,3 v 3,ultimate decision.We r gettin these in storm 3.if u dont believe the blood look at mifunes moveset again 

  • Matheus Ribeiro

    do you guys know when the Jump realeases?

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    i doubt the swordsmen are the same char their not like pain they have their own unique swords and powers i cant wait finally i can use kushimaru and ameyuri

  • Nelson Uchiha

    2v2 should be like hack and slash so in hack and slash you all your combos and everything so the 2v2 would start off with each person looking at their opponents 
    then like singles you would fight your opponent with no supports but any time during the battle you can switch your target and either double team your friends opponent with him real fast or switch off opponents this will make the game more crazy nd bring Naruto Storm series to a new level.

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Kishimoto is sexist.  I thought this was perfectly obvious by now.  With that said, I want Kurenai playable/

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Sounds awsome, but I highly doubt that that mode will be coming and the story is SOOOOOOO not going that far.

  • You’ll Never Know

     Explain more in depth what u mean?

  • You’ll Never Know

     3 verses 3?

  • Brock Cooley

    Yeah it really was a shame……………. Lets hope cc2 add more kunoichi ”If they KNno whats good for them 0_______0

  • Nelson Uchiha

    Ok so picture singles in generations and add two more people one friend on your side and the opponent’s friend on his side i would be taking on the main opponent and my friend would take on his friend now anytime during the fight i can easily switch targets and me and my friend can double team the opponents friend then i can either go back to who i was fighting or my friend can then target switch to the guy i was fighting nd take him on this could lead to deadly combos if you work together and makes it so unpredictable cause you never know when the the other opponent will double team you or when you will double team the opponent and make an ultimate combo 

    Example- I could do Susanoo Sasuke up combo then my partner in this case would be Itachi and after the up combo is done Itachi could easily switch targets and chakra dash then do his air combo while i switch targets to make sure Itachi opponents does not get close to them nd confuse the opponent i was just fighting making this 2v2 a very tactical game mode which is what i would expect from Naruto.

  • Nelson Uchiha

    whats the point of Storm3 then? the main thing is the war the main part of the war is Tobi nd Madara

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    I said I agree with what he said, but with the buttloads of filler and the anime’s slow pace, its very unlikely that the game’s story mode will progress that far.  Its bull I know, but it is what it is.  The game is going to be hella awsome already, so i’m not too worried about it.  However, if I am wrong (which I pray that I am), the that would mean we get even more awsomeness!

  • Danny BelieveIt Duncan

    Lee wasn’t even in the battle VS the 7 Swordsmen in the manga and anime, does this mean people can go back to hack and slash battles as different characters?

  • Nelson Uchiha

    you can’t forget both Storm 2 and Generations had things in the game that was just a lil past the anime and also they can make to game go up to where ever the anime will be by the release date of Storm 3 and maybe a lil further but we still have intill march or april to say anything about where the game is gonna end and if their will be another one so we have about 30 more episodes intill the end of april lmao yeah i dont think it will catch up but if their is no fillers it will be very very close cause Once sasuke sees itachi and they head off to kabuto remember Madara and Tobi are already on the battle field so you do have to think about that it’s gonna be a close one honestly.

  • Nelson Uchiha

    Maybe even with your friends

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    go back to those mangas and look closely cuz lee was like in two pages

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    i mean how else we gonna fight those shit loads of zetsu’s lmao

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    it would have been good is she was playable in storm 1 and generations but in storm 3 (since they are following the current anime eps) its unlikly since she’s pregnant

  • Bryan Alexis Mejia Diaz

    maybe they add her like in naruto heroes :P isnt always about story line :P they just add kurenai cuz im waiting for it too :# i really want more kunoichis

  • feness

    naruto saske

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    well naruto heroes is different but anyway i still want her

  • Abcd1234

    If they don’t have the 7 swordmen I’m returning this game

  • Abcd1234

    If the 7 swordmen aren’t playable I’m returning this game

  • crazyxgamer

    Will you be able to play online co op with friends?

  • Abcd1234

    I hope there playable

  • Abcd1234

    I hope for seven swordmen to be playable