Naruto Storm 3: Over 72 Playable Characters*

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm has 25 playable characters, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has 42 playable characters, and Naruto Storm Generations has 72 playable characters. If Saiyan Island has understood the brand new interview correctly from popular Japanese website Famitsu with the president of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, Naruto Storm 3 will have over 72 playable characters! Again, we have to say if we understood correctly, which we may not have (that is why there is an asterisk in the title).

Most of the interview covers content that was revealed at the North American San Diego Comic Con and Paris’ Japan Expo, both of which took place in July. This includes information on the success of Naruto Storm Generations, Naruto Storm 3′s secret factors, and quick-time events.

Matsumuya-san mentions Ultimate Decision mode and from Saiyan Island’s understanding (again, we could be wrong) he explains that players can take two paths – one from the standard Naruto story and the other which differs. The example he gives is players can select whether they take part in the battle between Minato and the Masked Man initially (which is what happened in the anime) or they can participate in the battle between the Third Hokage and Nine Tails first (which is what happened second in the anime). The other example he gives is from scan 8, either Naruto can fight the Nine Tails alone or with the support of Killer Bee and the 8-tails.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    what the hell? wasn’t it over 100? well they could make up for that my doing the most important thing and that is greatly improving the game play and fix all the broken characters and supports balanced. though it said here over 72 which means the final number might not be finalized yet it is coming out in spring next year.

  • Joker Phantomhive

    The interview was great it let me know that not all characters can awaken from the beginning and You can have so many different choices in the online and story mode.

  • jermar

    remember part of generations 72 was part 1 characters, so this 72+ will mostly be new

  • l.wongseng ϟ

    the 7 mists swordsmen :D . the undead kages. madara more more :D every character that ever lived through naruto timeline

  • Ppnjelly

    i wonder who the others characters they have planned are

  • MasterAfroNinja

    Im guessing 81 play able characters

  • Captain Vizard

    Over 72 playable characters ok awesome, So plus all the characters they showed through out the war will be like… almost like 100 playable characters sort of say. Oh and plus a guest character from any anime. *Crosses Fingers*

  • josealmonte27

    lol didnt they say generation was going to have OVER 72 characters? and what did we get? exactly 72 characters. lol in storm 3 i bet this time by OVER 72 characters they mean 73 characters

  • unleashrage

    over 72 playable characters and i bet that includes 3 different versions of naruto and sasuke, instead of just giving them jutsu and costume customisation *sigh*

  • Dewayne Glass

     yeah i hope so.

  • Fira_Fist_Ace

    do you think half will be part 1 characters i hope there not not that i dont like them id just want one set for all of them and the rest be all new what do yous think  

  • Brenda Booker

    I thought I’d be first…Nevertheless, my comment:

    I like this idea. But I really think they are taking a step in the wrong direction if they plan on letting you customize your own character and that malarchy. I’m so-so fond of this Ultimate Decision factor, I’m not sure how I’ll take it on but I have good expectations of it.

    josealmonte27- They said it would have over 70 characters, from the best of my recollection, not over 72. Its their job to stretch the truth either way…

  • RedDragon10

     It was already confirmed that they’re not in the game.

  • ichigokun

    they said over 40 characters for storm 2… we got 42
    they said over 70 for generations, we got 72 :) .
    they say over 72 for this, we will get 74

  • ichigokun

    they said over 40 characters for storm 2… we got 42
    they said over 70 for generations, we got 72 :) .
    they say over 72 for this, we will get 74

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    here’s an translation of the interview i belive from their web site (i translated it via google translate)

    The “Narutimate can play longer” “3″- This time, the battle system is so changed considerably.Hiroshi Matsuyama (hereinafter, Matsuyama) I changed the system a little bit in the “generation” of the previous work, I was able to reputation is very good, to achieve one million worldwide, thank you. The “3″ Then, more, I’m going to change completely, the battle system. ▲ Naruto (Kyuubi chakra mode)- System “awakening” can experience new TGS, right? Mean one of them.Matsuyama yes. It was a form of it, awake state changes in response to the damage, in the series of works up to now, to be a pinch. Although I think you are looking at the original, and you know, but to the training, “Bijuu chakra mode” of Naruto, but it is not accustomed to this state of one’s own free will, for example. So, I did start to be able to at the same time as the game suddenly waking. – I see. It is also why I changed it, along with the development of the original system.Matsuyama however, does not mean you can be the first awakening from all characters, you can start at the same time as the awakening is the only character that matches some of the image. – As far as the 試遊, I thought as a rather powerful.Matsuyama also, strongly, it is not only to be useful. Ninjutsu is always associated with the risk because, once awake suddenly, “something” than I would decreasing. So, you can be in trouble later on, there is always risk. In the TGS version, so you have to recreate the Battle of the original scene, it does not put out for elements that decrease. – Such as the battle, it is not being able to awake as much as you like.Yeah Matsuyama. Or the system is in use when the stick awakening is that left to the player’s strategy. – I see. Their tactics are so hot.New elements of the battle system Matsuyama, there are many others as well. Exceed the 72 people, “Generation” This will be the record number is definitely playable character. And renewed the battle system, so make adjustments to hijack it, but I also think character ever, touch and feel and change everything. – The new battle system, what has been produced based on the concept of what?It is a “Matsuyama Narutimate to play long.” I think up to now, after clearing the story, and it feels like playing online …… little by little. Battle online, you can enjoy long after the clear, but this time, I want to be born perfectly but what kind of bargaining. I have put the system in exactly the way wins, players like and will want to Good. – The called “How will want commitment to win”, it is seems to have been in the works as well as a series of ever …?Matsuyama also, it is not it is part of the aesthetics of the player. “At the end refers to the final blow in the mystery” or. But I see, does not it? Tend to be sober battles that no longer use the mystery, and it boils down to normal attacks become good people. I would have thought so, because we have put a new system, and burns very well. – Even if the fight between advanced and become flashy game “3″?Yeah Matsuyama. I’m good thing you’re on a system that occurs in the game, and how to win like that. So, I think I will stick to how to win even good people. Also, I think that happens, because I like born there, good people and bad people even fight, and to ensure that it is a decent game. – Will you mean, there is merit to that mechanism in the system, how to win cool?Matsuyama yes, there is a good thing. In a survey that was carried out after the launch of the “generation” of thought and try to such a system, there is also because I’m actually had been requested by many. Web site is available in the form of CyberConnect2, this is an opinion I have recruited from all over the world, more than 17 000 opinions about is received in a month. – That’s great!Matsuyama anymore, it was more than just very divided (laughs). The greatest, but by opinion still like “! Have to be able to use the character date”, or “! Take out the guy”, I’m there were many demands on the system “system only want you to do this change,” such as I. – You know that many fans hot.Matsuyama also recently, also, the timing of the announcement in the “3″ was solicited opinion as well, in about two weeks time the opinion of more than 30,000 (laughs). – I was even more! (Laughs)Matsuyama However, I have to be able to enter Japan is divided into four, Asia, Europe, North America area, I’m terrible breakdown it is a little (laughs). About 60% of the total in the United States, about 30% is about 10% in Europe, and the remaining regions of the other. And only in Japan, it was about 170. – There is a strong title, especially in Europe and the United States certainly, even when compared to domestic sales volume, it is quite unbalanced.I guess I’m modest Japanese Matsuyama (laughs). Of this total 1 million, 10% of the total since we are selling in Japan, but I is not supposed to be funny if you have opinions of 30000, even though Japan accounts for much of 3000. Anyway, so get a variety of opinions, “and this is because of your tendency, let’s perfectly good fight,” and every day talking. – By the way, you can experience battle TGS version, what degree of perfection, such as how much?It is at all still Matsuyama. Range and it is visible, but I have not seen much only about 20%. I think the feeling of when I play, and vary considerably.● Power up even Boss!- Please tell me about the other elements of the battle.Means “Narutimate Storm” of battle-focused, “Generation” Matsuyama He could also be willing to get everyone to achieve one million books. After all, I was told from people all over the world, “What happened to the Boss,? I do not why,” and though. – Boss Battle “1″, “2″ was so amazing, it would be expected.The current work is a game because of the material, and are making every year, but I’m caught up in the original Matsuyama said. If you do not open the period to some extent, I will get something unsatisfactory in volume. Has made the “Generation” Is there any reason why. – I see. You can work out the other axis that play specialized, it is possible to release a new one that is consistently so that ‘s, became possible.After all, it is said “Boss! Boss!” From everyone in Matsuyama. As such but I know (laughs). In a way that is powered up, put a Boss various adventure mode, I’m making to be able to experience the story, the drama firmly in that, also, this time. Begins with experience in TGS “Kyuubi incident 16 years ago,” Kage meeting, it is expected to draw up to now the latest episode of Shinobi War.- It is going to be amazing also volume. Boss on power-up, would it be more specifically in what way?Such as before and during the battle started, this Boss Matsuyama, I was confronted to the player selected. It is called “Decision Narutimate Substitute” Now, it is a such thing as “the ultimate choice.” Version of the TGS, but I have been part of Removal “ultimate choice”, in this volume are actually faced with the choice. – More specifically, what the “selection” is?Matsuyama root of two is presented, the player can decide how I fight. It is called “hero root” and “root” hero now, I think the “root hero” is a standard, and would choose a lot of people here. “Root hero” is, There are many users, especially Europe and the United States, it is the root from which you have prepared for those who seek a battle that is more crunchy. – Is it the fact that differences in the degree of difficulty?Matsuyama also extremely different and difficult, I’m different from the contents of the play. In the TGS version will have Kyuubi attacked the village, and also appeared in The Man in the Iron Mask …… for example. Do you think it is here, but four Hokage is hero, save the village somehow the Kyuubi, or think that Yondaime should kill the man in the iron mask before it is first. Depending on whether you care about either, I change the order in which fighting. – The order in which the fight, what changes would happen?If you have previously Matsuyama fight Kyuubi, but the scene is shifted from the state during the battle, the battle of the Fourth Man in the Iron Mask vs “Already at that time the Fourth?” On the other hand, after Kyuubi first played the game begin. So it will not start from the situation in which it is incurred damage to each other to some extent. – I see. It is not a big difference in the degree of difficulty there.In addition to Matsuyama, in the middle of the story, for example, in order to control the power of the Kyuubi Naruto, enter into the spiritual world, there is a scene to fight the Kyuubi. In the ultimate choice here, you can choose whether to fight Naruto alone, or in cooperation with the Killer Bee fight is a teacher now. Of course, the better to fight alone, but it is the “root hero” difficult. – I heard many people choose the “root” hero, will want to do both.Matsuyama course, for people who want to do both, have to be able to experience clear properly after. I do not that I “do it again from the beginning.” Because it is a user-friendly company CyberConnect2 (laughs).- In addition, there was a new element made apparent at the moment, please let me know.There is an element called “Secret Factor” Matsuyama, when a certain action in the battle, a special rendition that reproduce the original flow. In the midst of the game, for example, the tips are pooled or have Sasuke Chidori in motion mighty long wait. I feel when I make a Naruto Rasengan by this is that …… you possibly …… that scene switched. I will find that the mechanism which reduces the life to some extent, and the story has raised the flag stands, flag stood acceptance of the secret factor. – Even TGS version, there was a secret factor against the man in the iron mask vs Yondaime Hokage. Instruction has come out to put out the “chakra dash” on the screen, if you issue the “chakra dash” as directed, special scene is played.In the TGS version Matsuyama, but they’ve completely tell you the answer, “and recall the original, such … Is not this kind of thing” Maybe, in fact it would go and explore. But actually “2″, to battle Sasuke vs Itachi, hidden commands of reproduction is original is I did A~tsu in lithospermum. – Is it I was right! ?Yeah Matsuyama. When a player hits the Shuriken Sasuke chakra, chakra shuriken have also shot a weasel of CPU accordingly. Then, the offset occurs between Shuriken, shooting scenes with hundreds of original reproduction, the shuriken is’m flowing. I’m Info impressions from people who have noticed this, “It was good to get used to feeling as if he has been involved in the story,” he said. Well then, this time, I’ll make you put in a lot of battle, the original secret factor of such reproduction. Therefore, in large Boss, I have a secret all factors. – Finally, do you have a message to the readers.And want to tell you that part of the battle, the story mode, but this time it has changed quite Matsuyama first. After that, “Narutimate Series”, a place that I had accumulated more than 9.8 million books. 10 million book, just “Narutimate” a Mochoi. I think it probably can be achieved in this year. – It is a tremendous number! So, as well as commemoration …?Matsuyama of course, I think Mr. NAMCO BANDAI Games will ask you for the full promotional spend money (laughs). Since the exhibit in New York Comic Con from October 13 First of all, I think there, trying to a major announcement on “3″. So I think, somewhere in the three days of the 15th, and announced that from October 13, so please look forward to it. ● Bangaihen interview: Please also tell the story of “JoJo”!- Even though I’m afraid “interview: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3″, speaking of Mr. and Mrs. CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games, has been exhibiting at TGS also “Battle Star JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Here also, can you tell us the story?In the TGS version Matsuyama became a form without a fight CPU, I enjoyed the match with lecture staff. However, even if not they teach, I’m supposed to let you play. Was also introduced in Famitsu, if they accumulate even gauge, just roll □ button, there is a system of “Easy Chain” out mortal, to heart heat attack, if Wamuu “Sandstorm” God, if Jotaro “Oraoraoraora Because I lead easily to ッ! “. – I’m glad action is also versatile.Since putting the command twice as much Matsuyama normal fighting game, the action it is often crap. Instead’re gonna make a fighting tool, only, it is the “ultimate game Jojo” just. – I look and see the Command Table, also seem to be fighting game quite like …?I think style Matsuyama is a game style of fighting, and completely different to the touch. I have become a super game Jojo (laughs). – Who can 試遊 at TGS, per that will have been able to feel sure. Is there anything to the person who has been 試遊, you should tell you something?Matsuyama fact, I have been trying to do without thinking too much gap between, I’m thinking of looking for feedback from people who touch. At a later date, so providing the form to the official site of the “Battle Star JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, please let us hear your opinion. I’m thinking this is that you have said from the beginning, because we think it has made representative of the fan, and I want to make together with our customers. This time, TGS, but was happy to present something “This is our answer,” that, because it is the work which has continued for 25 years at any rate, there is absolute respectively everyone, I want to Oh, that’s it, I want it like this I think. I want to say I were rather the opposite position, absolutely “and listen to me” (laughs). – Is not it a lot of fan work that much hot. Production teams, or just love “JOJO” significant?It is abnormal Matsuyama, those guys (laughs). Recently, JoJo exhibition has been held in Sendai, it also, because I ride an airplane in everyone pocket. Well, it is really fun to make, however. It is unbearable (laughs). – I look forward to completion. So also “All-Star Battle JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, please give a message to readers who are looking forward to it.More at the official site of Matsuyama, because it also exposes the new trailer, which was announced at TGS, please take a look too. I’m also certain “Battle Star JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Actually, even if they are not part of the show is also all battle system, are still in secret. So now we will give information on a regular basis, so please look forward to it.

  • RedDragon10

    Over 72 playable characters probably means 75 characters, if the interview was right.  I wonder if support characters were counted in generations for that 72 count. That along with the multiple versions of sasuke and naruto makes me go -____-

  • NarutoHirashinXD

    Just give me Madara Uchiha,thye real one.

  • Carl Foming

    i would choose the boss battle OBVIOUSLY!!!!also ill be cocky and fight alone hehehe i mean i am the main character

  • Nathaniel Roberts

    well unfortunately in another interview they said they werent gonna have Part1/PTS characters :|

  • Nathaniel Roberts


  • Nathaniel Roberts

    HA XD

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I feel bad for his co-workers, they have to wake up early in the morning everday stare at that ridiculous overrated red jacket the moment they walk in their office, if he keeps it up I’m going to start hating sagemode lol, atleast take the jacket off, makes me wish I was color blind… okay personal immature insults are over. 

    now on the serious note, I think their was like 24-25 characters in part 1 that was in generations? I don’t remember, anyways that means storm 3 will be about 40 characters that has already been in storm 2, so if saiyan island said itll be over 72, then it’ll have to be atleast 30 or so characters new/upgraded characters..  note: I’m just making an estimate and not actual caculation of characters. 

    now I wanna know if this 30+ or whatever characters all the ninja’s from the war? cause we got 7 mist swordsmen, 4 sound nins, 6 jinks, 2 brothers, 5 cloud nins, 4 kages, that’s near 30+ characters minus upgraded naruto, sasuke, kakashi, etc. which combined with 40 characters in generations ( shippuden ) that’s 70+, with that said I think that almost garuanteed we’ll get madara and tobito, I didn’t even bother adding nagato to the list, so that assures me this storm 3 will make it to madara vs kages the least.

  • Fire_Fist_Ace

    to bad they couldn’t make them like alternate characters like Naruto always has like 3 forms like i wish you could pic a character and then it would ask you what version you wanted to be kinda like some of the drangonball z games could do. 

  • Eduardo Aparecido de Lima

    Your account may be wrong, in the beginning of the storm Generations news, saying it would be over 65, and had 72, so it’s too early to tell how many characters will have, I believe in tonrno 81-82;)

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I don’t see an problem with it, most of the important ninja’s in this war rounds up to about 74 when combined with previous shippuden roster, if it really is over 72 such as 80 ( not that it’s needed ) then it pretty much wraps up all the characters in shippuden. which is an good thing btw :)  

    the only thing that COULD ruin this is if the the EDO zombies are part of this roster list, I’ll be pretty pissed off if I have two different asuma’s or diedara’s when it could’ve been someone actually relevant that’s alive. of course I’m not talking about edo characters who haven’t been introduced of course such as neji’s uncle.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    aside from my eye balls bleeding from reading all this without you spacing it, it was pretty good, thanks for posting it, I like how he mentions about the secret factor and all the opinions people sent him, I just wish he talked more about multliplayer. 

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    opps sorry about that lol i had a feeling i should of spaced it, yeah same here , i really hope this game lives up to the hype lol -_-

  • XxBryanXxLee

    to be honest doesnt sound like alot of characters like they made it sound lol. most extensive roster my assssssssssss

  • Louis Lopez

    that shouldn’t bother you i really do not care whether he wears that jacket or not. because i see nothing wrong with it. lol is like if you were to wear the same shoes everyday it would def get annoying.

  • Naitsirc AD

    If they take out the PTS characters that weren’t revived by Edo Tensei and it’s still over 72 that’s dope. 

  • Joseph Morse

    samui :3

  • Grimmjow66

    …Wasn’t this supposed to have more characters than any Naruto game ever made ? 72=72 wtf ?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    theres nothing right or wrong about it, but comparing it to shoes? it depends, are the shoes regular black or big ronald mcdonald clown shoes? cause if it’s the latter I’m pretty sure people will get annoyed looking at clown shoes everyday, same applies to this annoying jacket. besides it’s my personal pet peeve, if it doesn’t bother you kudos to you, me on the other hand seeing constant red gets an bit annoying, makes me wonder if he even washes his clothes lol. kidding

  • Art

    I say we can expect more or less 15-20 new characters for a total of 75 playable characters or so. 15 pts chars from storm gen will be removed (the konoha and sand rookies) leaving the gen roster at 57. I expect kimimaro, zabuza and haku to stay since they have a role in the war, and because the last two are new chars (I think pts kakashi and obito will stay because of this too).  This would leave the current storm 3 roster at 60 if we include darui, mifune and hanzou who have already been confirmed.

    If they really plan on adding the jins and all previous kages, the roster will fill up pretty darn quickly.  I think the Jins may not make the cut and just be a part of tobi unless the roster is closer to 80.

    Of course certain chars like Chouji will be updated, but I don’t think they will count as new chars. It would be really cheap if they did IMO.

    My new chars prediction:

    *Likely (12) + 3 Less likely chars
    4 Edo Kages
    1 char incorporating the other swordsmen
    KCM Naruto
    EMS Sasuke
    Obito w6 Jins

    *Less Likely
    6 Jins (each playable individually)
    Kitsushi (only missing commander)
    Edo itachi (he will certainly be in the game, but as alt costume w diff ougi or as a new char?)

    *Long shot
    Sage Kabuto
    Guest Char

  • Sandrie Manzano

    I don’t care how many characters are there as long as I can play the game.

  • Abiola Young X Oretade

    if that really bothers you bro youve got serious issues and he wears it to fukin game conventions and cons to show fans how much he likes naruto. i doubt hes going to wear it to work. 

  • iHokage

    Let see,there’s written Naruto storm Generation has 72 playable characters ok what I understand this time there will be no young version of naruto and all others.So if they say there will be more then 72playable characters in Naruto storm 3 so I guess we can see so many new characters.
    This Wht I think. :D

  • supersaiyanbardock

    I am predicting for 120 characters O_O

  • timanel1

    if this only have 72+ … so this game will only add 12-15 new characters…that sucks so much..

  • Irgendwas

    Is ino yamanka in this game.

  • braxton4715

    ofcourse shes gonna be in storm 3  she was in all the storm games :P

  • Devaughn Chambers

     yeah she’s like in every game. come on!!

  • Devaughn Chambers

    i just hope they make a tournament mode like they did in generations

  • Minato Yakuza

    Put zetsu put fucking zetsu

  • imam pratama

    Is Ebisu will playable in this game? 
    (wtf did i just ask?)

  • Rafael Georgiou

    This is exactly the number naruto generations had
    How is this roster going to be the largest yet?lol.If i count PTS out then 20 + spots will be free.Which leaves war characters i hope we get a lot of them…

  • Brock Cooley

    Im hoping for nii yugito, shizune, anko, kurenai, kushina, kurotsuchi, samui, and kurui… heheh i think the more kunoichi the better :3

  • ntlg504

    i want madara playable 

  • XGriever

    hmm since generations had a playable count of 72 he could have just basically meant it will have more characters than generations.

  • Mimi Sonoku

    of course since the younger generation aren’t playable here

  • Mimi Sonoku


  • treeko

    Not believing it,they have to add a lot of characters this time at least a 100.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    get off your computer brat, isn’t time for you to be in your middle school class? how about you take care of what’s important isn’t of insulting an guy on the internet about his pet peeves as if you have no life and have nothing else to do in your free time. I know why he wears it mr young G or whatever you people call it these days, and fyi I bet he does wear it to work, look at this picture about you, you think that’s an convention? no it’s an office, so slap yourself in the face. thanks. 

  • CM Punk

    just think about it….NS:UNSG had 72 characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
    in NS:UNS3 There will be MORE than 72 Shippuden Characters …that means MORE than 25 new shippuden Character:)
    Also it’s not 72 it’s OVER 72 Shippuden Characters

  • treeko

    I know but I don’t want a number like 80 or 92,they have to add all the main characters from the war arc,one’s who played a role in the big battles including the edo tensei characters like the past kages,talking about past kages why aren’t they confirmed yet,we are nearing there battles you know,when you think about the number of characters who played a role in the war arc,it’s over a 100(Including storm 2 shippuden characters,as well as storm generations shippuden characters), so they should at least add about a 100,to satisfy,and they know that sometimes characters become repetitive,because of the less amount of combos,they should add a large variety to characters combos,and some which are really different,Naruto is damn boring in almost any of his different characters in storm generations,the same old rasegan,the only one I think was good was sage mode Naruto at least they remade his combos,and kage arc Naruto was BS,I mean why did they put KCM Naruto as awakening he was suppose to be his own characters you know.

  • XGriever

    i mean the OVER part hopefully we get at least 80+ but characters arent the only thing that make a game after all, if they sort out the battle mechanics and give us a fresher feel then thats great. i just hope the kage bodyguards are playable i really wanna play as chojuro,Ao,Cee & Kurosutchi 

  • Peter Stephen

    And between Storm 3 and storm 4 they will probably make the Generations 2 with all storm 3 chars + youngs ¬¬

  • Berki Boy

    No need to take his statement seriously…i don’t think he was supposed to reveal a number actually close to the character count because it would leave too many guesses open and disappoint fans of less likely characters in the end. Possibly all he wanted to say was it’s going to have more chars then Generations, which had the biggest count until then.

    but even if they’re gonna troll us again…
    give me Zetsu and i’m fine. :3

  • Jaylen

         I honestly don’t think 72 characters is necessary, think about it .. when do you actually play with ALL characters in a Storm game? You probably have a rotation of no more than five or six. I’ve probably use Choji like twice! By adding all these characters it means less focus on NEW gameplay mechanics .. and if that’s the case it might as well be downloadable content! Seriously, we’ll see the same old recycled moves and Ultimates .. 100 characters? That’s ridiculous, if they want to produce a GOOD game that feels like an actual sequel as opposed to storm 2.7 then they shouldn’t do more than 40 characters. 

  • Berki Boy

    It’s an Anime game…the whole PURPOSE is to play as pretty much everyone you like from the series -_- If you feel the need to play a game with 25 or so unique characters, go for BlazBlue or something. But not a licensed Naruto game. Imagine they cut out everyone but Naruto, Sasuke, Madara, Tobi and the Konoha rookies. It’s no fun playing Naruto without using those ninja you love from the series.
    /Rant, just my opinion.

  • Hollow V2

    never used chojji, hes fat.

  • Dustin Hempstead

    madara better be in this game

  • Jaylen

    I can agree to disagree, as you stated .. YOUR opinion. (I can have plenty of fun playing with just the characters who have significant roles in the war, and not random shinobi). Can’t wait to try out Sakura’s cousin, Ino’s dad, Shikamaru’s uncle, and everyone else who exist in the Naruto universe that do pretty much nothing! Who cares if they all have the same moves as long as they’re in the game, right? ;D

  • Justin Brown

    Just give me Reanimated Madara, Third Raikage and I’m good.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I’m dawg Sorry but for you Dara fans it’s not looking that way.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I’m about too watch it for the time in awhile but i TV TOKYO is in a filler arc with Naruto. When I heard that i like ” DAMMIT TV TOKYO WHAT ARE THINKING?! I MEAN OF ALL TIMES!”

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Don’t pout guys it could be like when they said Generations was going to have over 65 characters and then ended up having over 70. This is probably what they’re telling us for now.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    But look on the bright side, it doesn’t look like Hidan’ll be in this one.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Me on the other hand,I’m crossing my fingers for Sage Naruto without the cape.

  • Dann Beltrán

    it’s F…. great….

  • Maxim Beke

    Of course it’ll have more characters than ninja storm generations, it’s a brand new game. It’ll have all the characters from storm generations and many more.
    I’m hoping around 20 new characters:

    Playable Shizune, Sound 4, Anko, Kurenai, madara  and all resurrected ninjas from the war arc.

  • Nathaniel Fernandez

    um hidan is gonna be there

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    dude stop

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    awesome but i want madara and obito with the rinnegan

  • DoomTater

    I’m pretty sure I read something about them taking out all of the part one characters so this means that they have added even more characters to make up for that.

  • Kira

    Over 72 —.—- AGAIN

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Don’t look that way. Cuz CC2 said that the game would start from the time Naruto was born and skip straight to the Kage arc and then after that it’s the CJ and Ninja War Sagas. Hidans only chances of getting  in this is if they do Road to Ninja story.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Sorry to disappoint you but They said no Part 1 characters will be in this. Of course they didn’t anything about characters who’re in both if ya get where i’m goin’ with this?

  • braxton4715

    yea im looking forward to seeing anko kurotsuchi and pakura x3

  • SamK

    Ok guys obviously some people who were before the Kage arc will be in the game. Jiraiya, for example, has played a HUGE role in the series as one of the main characters. Taking him out would be a major upset for many people and they said that for this game they are trying to please the fans. I think the fact that Jiraiya being out of the game is very slim. The same goes for other charcaters. There is a possibility that characters such as Pain, Konan, or Hidan won’t be in the game but, again, this will upset a large amount of fans, considering that many have requested all 6 paths of pain including Nagato. Plus, I don’t think they can replace ALL of the the PTS characters with brand new ones. There’s just too many to replace. That’s another reason why I think Hidan and the others will probably be in the game. And one more thing, the Sound 4 did somewhat get resurrected by Kabuto when he fought Sasuke and Itachi. It was only for a slight amount of time but that means that there will be a chance that they are in the game. But if I remember correctly he said no Sound 4 so I could be wrong.

  • Felipe

    Konan will SURELY be in the game, she fought against Tobi, and Jiraiya will be in too. Hiroshi said that all the Shippuden characters who appeared in the past Storm games (except Lars) will be in. I think that the Sound 4 might appear in Kabutomaru’s Jutsu/Combos/Grab/UJ or whatever, but i see all the 6 Jinchuurikis who got ressurected (i already made a list after all :p) being playable characters. They did a lot in the “Naruto & Bee vs Tobi” battle, and for some reason, i think that there’s a high possibility of this happening (after seeing Hanzo and Mifune, which i had no hope for, everything is possible). Talking about this moment, CC2 better not make Rinnegan Tobi work like Pain (with the Jinchuurikis appearing in his Combos), that would ruin the character.

  • Felipe

    Actually, it’s not “AGAIN”. Generations was supposed to have “over 65 characters”, and we got 72. This game will have over 72 chars, so, we might get 74 or luckly 79/80.

  • Alex Marrero

    Matsuyama already stated all Shippuden characters that have already been in a game will be returning. They don’t have to be part of the story to be playable, never have. Look at Generations numb-nut. 

  • José Carrasco


  • Cat Carl

    72 characters? who cares, almost everyone will be using minato, naruto and sasuke -.-
    i hope they include konan! but im pissed off cuz kabuto couldnt revive her.. so no edo tensei konan , i hope her alternate costume is without the akatsuki cloat, just her normal attire 

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Fool look at Storm 2 no Part 1 characters! Generations only because of the storylines!

  • Minato Yakuza

     LOL no

  • jason bradley

    i just hope they add

    edo tensei itachi,deiadara,kakuzu,nagato,sasori(but they have new movesets)
    edo tensei madara
    the jinchuriki six paths(each playable but are also in war obito’ combo’s)
    ems sasuke
    bijuu mode naruto
    gin and kin
    konan with her paper person of god technique
    kabutomaru(with white sage mode technique)
    the edo tensei kages
    the other edo tensei characters like asuma,hake and zabusa but again have a new moveset
    the edo tensei 7 swordsaman fully playable(but if not at least make them part of edo tensei zabusa’s character
    edo tensei pakura,gari,shin as support characters or playable
    the kages henchmen fully playable
    juugo with curse mark level 2
    zetsu playable
    obito in his war time outfit with rinnegan and sharringan(unmasked or not doesn’t make a difference to me)
    and of course a ton of boss battles

    hopefully the game will cover all of the war but if not at least up to kabuto vs edo itachi and sasuke so at least these major characters will be in the game

  • Danny BelieveIt Duncan

    What the hell are you talking about?

    On Ranked Matches, the majority of players use Deidara or Kiba

  • Danny BelieveIt Duncan

    Are they going to include characters from Generations is my question.

  • konanNmadara

    I love you, no homo

  • Dominique Lee

    they said that most of the characters that show up in the anime when the game comes out will be in the game. the anime will definitely show edo-tensei madara so he’s in the game. I think youre for too much with sage kabuto, sorry.

  • gazastorm

    who ever that is getting one piece pirate warriors add me  on ps3- gshazaam

  • Buddy Thompson

    The story is supposedly going to pick up from Kage Summit and cover the war, meaning that they’ll most likely take out everything prior to Invasion of Pain. Returning characters I’d expect:
    Naruto (Sage Mode)
    Naruto (Kage Summit)
    Sasuke (Taka)
    Sasuke (Susano’o)
    Rock Lee
    Killer Bee
    Tobi (Orange Mask)
    Obito (Masked Man)
    Kabuto (Snake Cloak)
    Third Hokage

    Hashirama Senju
    Tobirama Senju

    Naruto (Bijuu Mode)
    Sasuke (Itachi’s Eyes)
    Chiyo (Edo Tensei)
    Zabuza (Edo Tensei)
    Haku (Edo Tensei)
    Kimimaro (Edo Tensei)
    Itachi (Edo Tensei)
    Deidara (Edo Tensei)
    Sasori (Edo Tensei)
    Kakuzu (Edo Tensei)
    Obito (Rinnegan)
    Ginkaku and Kinkaku
    Kabuto (Sage Mode)
    Orochimaru (Revived)
    Madara Uchiha
    Kushina (Support-Only, maybe)
    Menma (Evil Naruto)

    among others

  • khodor zayat

    no more pts though PLEASE !!!!! either fix them to fit with the sub system or just kick them out we don’t need them cause each one of them has an annoying trick up his sleeve well most of them 
    pts naruto : jutsu/tilt hits again after sub
    pts hinata: jutsu hits again  after sub
    pts kiba: cant sub his ulti sometimes , specially after subbing one of his hits
    pts shino : problem with grab when opponent’s health is below 1 percent .. keep grabbing and the enemy wont die till the third grab -_- 
    pts tenten : do i need to explain myself (ninjutsu spam)
    pts gaara: ninjutsu spam 
    pts sakura and pts lee: 1 short combo almost 3 -5 hits that can break your guard if it hits 2 times (1 after a dash) 
    pts kakashi: invulnerability before dashing while executing his jutsu (can be spammed) pts kankuro : tilt that makes one of the most annoying and hard to beat characters in the game and a jutsu that can hit multiple times after subbing it dealing 30 -40 % damage 
    pts sasuke pts lee and pts neji : uber fast and if you dash into them while they are using combos you rarely clash and get sucked back in their combos (including kage arc sauke orochimaru and pain)
    In general pts have ruined the game but we can’t omit the fact  that other characters did that too
    pain : it’s almighty push …. not pushes make it hit one time not 6 
    onoki : with his stupid ninjutsu that has a weird hit box keep it but let us sub behind onoki not above the rocks again taking the damage of the jutsu twice even three times if you subbed 2 times by mistake 
    masked man :  ninjutsu spam and btw his jutsu is like freaking plagiarism the jutsu was used on him by konan in a totally different way and not back then when he only used to be invincible for a certain amount of time  
    hidan s lee etc. (as support) : let us sub behind the opponent or the support
    s neji and masked man : invincibility after performing jutsu (neji) and failing in landing the ulti (mm) 
    s tenten : my main, too weak in this game i win a lot of battles with her but i either end up winning because of the time running out or it just takes a lot of time to beat them  because all she does is minimum damage and using her requires distance (can’t cancel my ranged moves into back-dash which makes it a bit hard and forces me to combo with her) 
    karin konan and zabuza : their aerial combos are ridiculously slow and leave them hovering in the air for hours 
    zabuza: if an opponent is near zabuza the jutsu doesn’t hit , executing his combos take a lot of time , his tilt takes ages to hit so how do you expect us to use him
    S kankuro: uber OP mode (awakening) getting hit by his jutsu in awakening subbing it and then getting hit by it again obliterates almost 50 % of your health
    kirin and taka sasuke : enhanced  shuriken leaves them hovering in mid-air for quiet sometime leaving them vulnerable to anything and they can also spam it 
    S sakura : endless tilt spam 
    chiyo : left combo that stuns you (stops you from moving completely) 
    S kiba : double dash with akamaru ,  it wasn’t a problem in storm 2 but here with the sub bar it is , i would sub kiba’s dash to find myself hit by akamaru’s and after subbing his combos you just get caught in them again 
    obito : endless grab 
    first hokage : endless grab (grab shuriken grab shuriken …)
    killer bee : jutsu hits again after subbing
    danzo : op awakening and endless tilt spam 
    they shouldn’t forget to give ranged characters cancels for their ranged moves 
    loss for those who dc
    being able to sub while jumping to the side (which isn’t available in this game forcing us to jump block –> guard braking faster .. DAT COOKIE GUARD ! 

  • KyosukeUchiha

    I agree with you when you say having less characters focuses on better gameplay. Here is an example of proof of that(although 2 completely different games) the new smash bros game will have less characters because the creators stated that with less characters they can focus on building a better fightong experience

  • KyosukeUchiha

    However with the type of game naruto is having that many characters build the gameplay experience. Look at dbz for example with ultimate tenkaichi they only put forty some odd charcters in it and left out major characters and even characters that weren’t as important but were still fan favorites. I myslef play with all characters on generations so having a lot of character is a good thing. But they don’t need to overwhelm the game with characters that dont really need to be in it.

  • Joesph

    So it just jumps to the kage arc from 16 years ago, and then the very brief ninja war. Thats all there is to the game apart from the possible different outcomes? On the other hand it seems more interactive like the old xbox 360 Naruto games (Broken Bonds) with Sasuke fighting more than one opponent, like a story mode should be instead of just screen shots.

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    ‘Kay, so it goes from the report of over 100, to “LOLOLOL the same thing we slyly said for Generations” ._.

  • Tony Colarusso

    u forgot Zetsu

  • Matygoo

    I also heard that there would be 105 playable characters

  • UchihaSasuke_Sama

    Why don’t CC2 Remove Pain and put Nagato (with normal custom and edo custom)

  • Nathaniel Fernadez


  • devion sosa


  • devion sosa

    i hope so

  • devion sosa

    you list sounds bad-ass i hope they HAVE special guest characters ICHIGO n LUFFY and goku although they would have to ridiculously under power him 

  • DragonOtaku

    this better be a great game gen has to many problem people that think im wrong please go away because if you gen is just all wrong

  • Brock Cooley

    No offence but your a fail….. You spent all that time and they already conformed in the first scan that PTS would not be playable or make an appearance * Facepalm*

  • Brock Cooley

    Where are true kunoichi on your list? Kurenai, anko, shizune, pakura, kushina

  • Brock Cooley

    No soz but that is stupid as hell ^_^

  • Anthony

    DUDE DUDE, to much text, just wrap it up that PTS characters are something that you don’t want included in storm 3….. Also Agree with Brock Cooley, fail becuase they already said they weren’t going to include the PTS characters or will not make an appearance. Haku and Zabuza are going to be in it though, but as edo-tensi versions in the 4th ninja war, wich the game is going to be foucing on including all the characters with it…. Meaning – all those PTS characters with an added limit over 72+ playable characters = A hell of a lot of new characters in the game.

  • daewoo94

    Because why remove a character? That is just stupid. We want to ADD characters not take any away right?? Why doesn’t CC2 ADD Nagato AND KEEP Pain.

  • Devaughn Chambers

    i hope they put jiraiya back in this too and as goes for lars

  • Stunna

    you forget that the Generations younger characters wont be in there….so i would say were getting around 20-25 new characters

  • ninetail123

    why dont he put all the character from naruto 1 comic book until now

  • John Blecha

    ur just hatin im playing it rit now no problem at all

  • Errieleeze

     ….dude, really? he isnt just hating. your obviously a child. They didnt work on naruto ultimate ninja storm generations very hard at all. It had SO many problems. oonoki throws too many rocks, you substitute that jutsu at all. Young rock lee’s awakening jutsu is BROKEN. if it hits your gaurd type. it also hits you. Young Ten Ten throws too many weapons to be able to sub. They made a move set for karin. KARIN!!! then they said they couldnt put the sound four in the game because they didnt know what moveset to make for them. karin has NEVER fought. do you understand now? just because you dont understand doesnt mean he is hating.

  • Errieleeze

     I still think they should keep pain, but make nagato playable. as i stated in the comment above. They made a moveset for karin, she has never fought. never. and they didnt put in the sound four because they didnt know what to do four their movesets and jutsu’s. CC2 better blow me away with this next game or im not buying anymore of their crap

  • 69tails

    i am starting to think that mifune hanzo and darui will be the only new charcters

  • Amir Uchiha

    me too

  • rastamon9

    best idea ever… lol

  • rastamon9

    points made… lol

  • Cristiano

    i hope we can use Madara Uchiha and all other characters in the 4 ninja war like Nagato, Obito ecc. ecc.

  • Abcse12345

    I just want the 7 swordmen

  • disqus_0d3bL4O424

    im hoping that the Sevens Swordsmen will be playable, I’m pretty sure Zabuza is gonna be a playable because past Naruto’s games have Zabuza as a playable character, I hope that this new Naruto Game is gonna be EPIC! and SICK!

  • Jaceq

    I want Kurama mode naruto playable