Naruto Storm 3: Scan 10 Full Version, Naruto’s Unique Costume

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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YOSH! The full version of yesterday’s Naruto Storm 3: Kakashi, Lee, 7 Swordsmen in Hack & Slash Mode partial scan has been released! The scan also shows Naruto in a unique, samurai costume. In case you are wondering, a similar costume was also featured in the Nintendo Wii action/adventure, Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • beslic.josip

    Some translation would be interesting …

  • VzqcHD -45


  • imam pratama

    i can read hiragana and katakana. but i cant read kanji zzz.
    i need someone tell me is 7 swordman will playable for free battle?
    or just for hack and slash?

  • chris_23

    Every single person wanting this game just had a eyegasm!! This hopefully means that the seven swordsman are playable, and NOT just in the story mode!!!!! :D


    Naruto sucks 

  • Scott Turner

    I recognize that outfit from Kishimoto’s art book. Awesome!

  • MattUK92

    No you.

  • Khoo Boo Chuan Kenneth

    EPIC!!!!! EPIC!!! :D I wan this game now!!!!

  • Mitchell Kroon

    I feel the urge to ……….. buy this game ten times ……… then play it over and over again (^_^)/

  • Lumi Parashumti


    Dont talk about naruto or ‘ill rasengan your ass

  • shatti

    naruto has a sword in the picture. So i think it would be pretty cool if he used combos with shadow clones that use these blades. That would be epic :)

  • Joker Phantomhive

    Dlc costumes will be in this game for sure

  • Roy Thuis

    Maybe I’m a little to fast but this does mean we get to Gin/Kin very soon.
    Maybe some playable character reveal!

  • Christian Ferguson

    Is this from the dragon blade game from the wii?

  • supersaiyanbardock


  • supersaiyanbardock


    1. The features of this game
    2. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is coming this Wednesday on PSN & XBLA O_O


  • narutopiece1

    I know how you feel, the more new things i see, the more my urges to play this game increases :-D

  • treeko

    What sort of holy fuckery goes on in Cc2 XD,they just keep making the game better. 

  • Ahmed Khaled

    where are Ginkaku and Kinkaku ?
    I hope they are in the game

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Me too XD

  • Hollow V2

    They’re packing in all this content to ease our dissapointment when the anime doesnt get very far, neither does the game.

  • Sigvon SinTei


  • Frank Cerullo

    trying to translatre but can’t even find out the first word >.< theres a site somehere that will allow you to copy image text someone look it up download it and copy this text then Google translate

  • Salvador

     the sites name?

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    awesome!!! i wonder whens the official release date imo i think they should release in in may if it means better game. i really want the unmasked tobi in but i doubt we’ll get that far damit! 1_1

  • Frank Cerullo

    look up how to translate text from images there some steps i myself can’t follow, any site will work

  • Frank Cerullo

    yup, see thats how cc2 works  storm 4 ( if this really isn’t the last game they make for the ultimate ninja seris) will focus all on naruto madara and obito everyones gonna want to buy it.  hopefully they don’t have to re start from the begining when they start the new brand of naruto games :(

  • Frank Cerullo

    and crap i think this means haku is support only :(

  • Shogunreaper

     Why would they do that? Support only is for characers that haven’t shown enough in the mangaanime yet.

    Besides, they already made a full haku character.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    What an ugly costume… instead of putting offical costumes like Kakashi ANBU or Itachi without Akatsuki robe, they put this awful Samuraï outfit…
    Glad for the 7 swordsmen and the hack ‘n slash stuff though.

  • Frank Cerullo

    google translate can now translate text from photos from your phone try it theres a site explaining it look up google translate and text from images translate this and tell us what it means!

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    ok maybe ugly for you but what about when you see the moveset. UH? SO DONT GET TO SAD OR DESPERATE TOO EARLY

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    YOSH! do you know what this means?….
    yes. 7 ninja swordsmen are playable + new outfit of naruto

  • enkitheanunnaki

    the outfit is bah, but im excited about this new feature

  • Dewayne Glass

     i hope we get that far.

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    me too =/

  • jason bradley

    i just hope the 7 swordsmen are playable 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Thank you! I’m not the only one who is upset that they won’t put additional canon outfits or “what-if” outfits that are actually relevant to the manga, such as naruto or sasuke wearing leaf flap jackets. I tell ya, namco bankai or whoever they’re called are really bad at anime fan service/ more options

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    i wish they would give us an option to create our own costumes for each character now that would be epic though i do like this outfit for naruto.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I would rather play as naruto in his pajama’s

  • narutopiece1

    hahaha i forgot about that, that had that outfit in Storm 1 right. I hope they bring that back as DLC :)

  • Nagato Juonys

    WOW Naruto as a samurai nice 

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    I hope so, especially for the 7 swordsmen !

  • enkitheanunnaki

    i would rather choose naruto with rock lee’s outfit, than that

  • TomasBnc

    the yesterdays patial scan is ALL the scan, but im not disapointed

  • Brenda Booker

    I just want the game to release -.-

  • hawksasuke17

    then wait you wanted generations to release no you have it no you want this to release slow your rode

  • RedDragon10

     Moveset?  It’s just alternate clothes, he’ll have the same moveset as before. 

  • AldouphusWilliams

    is it me or that new costume make naruto look fat? they should of just made mema a costume for naruto

  • beslic.josip

    Stupid Naruto costume, I want:

    Naruto with Green Gai/Lee Stretch thing
    Jugo, Karin, Suigestsu akatsuki Costumes
    Itachi without akatsuki outfit
    Kakauzu with akatsuki outfit
    Kakshi and Yamato with Anbu clothes
    All Chunin- with old clothes AND War clothes

    At lest two or three colors for the clothes, to select on purpose

    And please don´t list three times the same naruto with different Clothes at the online ranking…

  • thatchinkykid

    People are forgetting that Storm 3 is NOT going to have pts characters.

  • mag88

    i dont care about costume, all i care about is the characters.
    so is the 7swordsmen confirmed to playable or not ?

  • Deidara19

    I wonder if this costume will change naruto’s moveset slightly becuase If you noticed in the scan he has a sword attached to his waist.

    However I really like this costume, I just hope its not something they only do with Naruto

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    no they are confirmed as mini bosses on story mode

  • Ppnjelly

    that costume better not take a character slot…

  • Ppnjelly

    they are in the game, just not sure if they are playable or not

  • Buddy Thompson

    A new costume? Is Samurai Naruto just a swap of either Naruto or Sage Naruto, or is it a new character?

  • NarutoUchiha1

    The 7 swordsmen have to be playable or that will be a sorry excuse….

  • Hollow V2

    Ikr… worried about that too.

  • Mimi Sonoku

    for all that they should give everybody who were in Dragon Blade all their costumes I would love to play with Lee Sakura and Sasuke 

  • Mimi Sonoku

    they better if they want my FUKING MONEY

  • Ronald Ramos

    Both of you guys think about movesets, send them to CC2 and lets see if they consider it. You guys are asking for a lot of stuff which you won’t even use. :

  • Graham

    Asking for the 7 swordsmen is too much??? Not at all.

  • Graham

    how do you know for sure? can you read japanese?

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

     lol true

  • Ignas

    He has a katana in the scan ,so there is a possibility that this Naruto will have a different moveset. Really doubt it though.  Costume will probably be available for those who pre-order ,as a cool little thing, that would make them feel special.

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    If 7 ninja swordsmen are or were playable and the samurai naruto….
    then imagine naruto samurai with sword vs all 7 swordsmen specially with his sword costume which is the same( samurai ) you know…
    That will be EPIC

  • Enmanuel Castaneda

    Wow the only thing left is that they make us costumize the jutsus in other characters but only ninjutsus…..NO ULTIMATES

  • CJCon

     It’s most likely just a different outfit for normal Naruto. I doubt they’d go through the effort of making a new moveset or anything.

    I don’t really mind tho. I’m a huge fan of alternate costumes (instead of alternate colors).

  • gracien jean

    think they only put characters who have shown a special move set from the anime if the 7 swordsmen are not in it then its because they haven’t shown any of there jutsu it likely they will make them support

  • Kanaval

    this is to good to be true;/

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Looks like it O_O

  • trollbito


  • trollbito

    we better get jugo cursemark level 2 nuff said

  • Alain Sokhon

    is this naruto new costume is gonna be in the game??

  • Tobi

    I hope Kakashi get a few new moves cuz he deserves some 

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    yeah this the new costume for naruto and yes is in the game….

  • Rafael Georgiou

    So the 7 swordmen are playable or…?

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    No.  The costume from dragon blade chronicles wasn’t as heavily armored and the color scheme was more diverse.  But very cool nonetheless.


    I hope we get Co-op and all the 7 swordsman playable! Also Zabuza without the sword, wich means that we could also have Kisame without Samehada!!! (^0^)/

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Nobody knows for sure until Saiyanisland or some other credible website says so.

  • Berki Boy

    Special moves? Like Mifune maybe? :>

  • jason bradley

    it wouldn’t make much sense for cc2 to make them unplayable after all they made edo tensei hanzo playable and the only jutsu he was shown using was his summoning jutsu and the one were he controls explosive tags

    at the very least if cc2 don’t make the 7 playable they might make them part of edo tensei zabusa’s moveset but i doubt that will happen

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    no waythey will all be their own characyer ic ant wait to play  with all of them

  • Frank Cerullo

     honestly cc2 has been making me mad since the beginning of this game, yes the graphics are epic the game is cool there some new crap. but they released it to early  i have almost no faith we’ll make it to madara, if they put him in it’ll be their trump card. they just want money, the majority of storm 4 will be naruto vs sauske/sauske vs kabuto/Naurto vs tobi/five kages vs madara/naruto vs tobi and madara who won’t wanna buy it. plus there’s even more after that ten tails revival and stopping the tentails all that junk. ( if they even have a storm 4 my idea is that since this is the last storm game they’re gonna start again from the Beginning with a new series of naruto games starting from part 1 that includes the fillers greedy ***** ) never trust anyone they’re out to get money nothing more, if they put everything into this game whos gonna want future games? an example.

    after budoki 3 all they had left to turn to was gt crap, and adding extra chars making the game more fun they jumped though hoops because they made the mistake of giving us the games with the full story mode, lucky for them we’re saps who will buy a game just because they added nova shenon and gt goku or even just because they added super sayian bardock. cc2 knows this and are taking their time making games making a new one each year with just a small amount of new story mode so they get the most outa us as possable, they aren’t making the same mistake that the people in charge of dbz games made. 

    really no one would be buying the new kinect game if it didn’t have super sayian bardock, no one would have bough raging blast with out ss3 vegeta. no one will buy storm 3 with such a short story mode unless they include all these epic graphics new modes/fighting/costumes/large char roster ( which i assume is every shippuden char/new and old versions of each one like alive haku and alive zabuza/alive itachi and alive nagato and chuunin jacket kiba and normal kiba and so on) and no one would buy future naruto games if past ones have already done it all. who would buy storm 4 if they gave us everything in storm 3? its all about the money

  • Frank Cerullo

    and anotehr example what jugo fan would buy storm 3 just ebacuse he finally has cc2 if in generations he already had it? ( some jugo fans out tehre that would buy a game just for that new awakinging) 

  • UltraKid


  • taz mazia

    Well it is buisness you know , but I agree with you claims.
    Just for you to know that DBZ games and Naruto games are all apart on the category of “anime games”. Anime games suppose to have an lagre amount of characters from the series with all their known forms and dreamed forms (life SSJ3 Vegeta). In addition, anime games must have epic graphics which will allow characters’ moves and attcks to be “badass and flashy” (if you know what I mean). They don’t need to be necessary be about have a good fighting game engine.

  • SamK

    Yeah, over 72 characters my arse! I bet 4 of those will be Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi in that Samurai outfit! And I guarantee that Samurai Naruto will take up a slot. If this is true then he should have a different move set with that sword.
    Will anyone like to take the time to translate this for us? Thanks!

  • Killer Popo

    Isn’t that Naruto’s costume from Dragon Blade Chronicles?

  • Carl Foming

    i think that samurai naruto might be the guest character.dont we hav enuff narutos?sage,wind style rasen shuriken,nine tails rasengan,five kage summit,hokage,now samurai?

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Actually, I do not care about the costumes, just the features, free roam & Boss battles XD

  • Zeke Asakura

    OMG YES~!

  • XxDecimoxX10

    I wouldn’t be so sure about the WS Rasenshuriken and NT Rasengan, since he doesn’t use moves like those anymore, I think you might only have to worry about only 2-3 Naruto’s

  • XxDecimoxX10

    OR they could make Menma his own character, afterall they did advertise the hell out of Road to Ninja. What better way to advertise than w/ movie characters in video games :D

  • Zack David Baker

    they’ve said already in an interview that most if not all characters will have alternate costumes maybe this is naruto’s

  • Brock Cooley

    Well this is ok….. I am still waiting for the conformation of kurenai, anko, shizune, nii yugito, kurosuchi, kushina, and pakura….. The more kunoichi the better because I’m sick of barley and female ninja’s playable when they have earned a spot on that character roster, Please don’t tell me the weak as hell because they would kick your ass :P

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    yeah all these companies are money grabbing ***holes, they made a million quick of generations now they are probably gonna keep milking it, its either generations 2 or storm 4 after storm 3 and they will have more tricks up their selves and return the game play back to 2d like the ps2 ones. yeah they have been DBZ games alot it seems though i love GT so i’m annoyed that its not in RB2 but at least that budokai 3 hd is coming which doesn’t have online for some reason -_- make my word after storm 3 you will either see a egenerations 2 or storm 4 and even more after that i don’t they would stop making games as long as they continued to sell. i like the cc2 naruto games for ps3 but they could do better i believe they could add more air combos and balance all the characters and supports and also they focus too much on online and leave out the hardcore offline gamers. i think offline should come first imo cause ina few years there probably wiil ne less people on storm 3 with more games coming out and who knows when naruto goes old people might move on then there will be less people online, they could at least leaves,clashes,long ultimates and wall fighting for offline at least in my opinion. 

  • Alex Marrero

    Well, unless he never takes the sword out of the sheath, that Naruto will be a separate playable character. Most likely his moveset would have to change considering he is using a sword at that point.

    Sounds interesting. Even though there are enough Narutos already, it’ll depend if it’s just a costume change and whether or or not he’s a badass.

  • ichigokun

    wonder if he will play like sasuke who also has a sword

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    It’s in the description.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Don’t you think this is too much ? Seriously… We’re not talking about Activision !

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Yeah, I wish we could play him with another outfit and awakening… Just like new moves for Konan (new ultimate, new jutsu) and Choji (new awakening).

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    We’ve seen their abilities in the anime. Plus, we’ve never seen any of Karin’s jutsu, and they made it a playable character. 

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Jutsu clashes would be cool too. Can’t wait to see other characters and places… hope we won’t be disappointed, but I trust CC2 on that!

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Personaly, I love swordsmen, especially the tall one with big hair and a strange mask. He’s so cool ! That would be better to have them playable instead of another boring and non-sense Naruto… I would like to play with Jinchurikis too, Utakata and the little Mizukage are great.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Except the ones from flashbacks (3rd and 4th Hokages for example), and PTS Naruto and Sasuke that we’ve seen on screenshots.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    SO agreed!

  • Killer Popo

    Oh didn’t see that 

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Yeah. . .  I fully agree!  Although I hope that if free roam comes back, its better than in storm 1 (Come at me Strm 1 fanboys!).

  • ARandomBlackKid

    He was already confirmed in scan 2..

  • dark_flame360

    Kurenai I am so sure won’t be in it. She hasn’t done anything at all in Shippuden, same as Anko. She barely did anything when she got captured. 

  • dark_flame360

    Hokage will probably be the same thing except just a different costume, so why complain if it’s just a costume?

  • Brendon Ravello

    Dude, this Naruto was from the 2009 artbook.

  • michael walker

    They should make an alternate version of Killer Bee where he uses Samaheda.

    And they should change the awakenings of Suigetsu and Jugo……just a couple of random suggestions:)

  • Daniele Prati

    But, the Seven Swordsmen of The Mist, are playable or not? This would be a very important addition!

  • Damian Pawłowski

    Now just pray, that the computer will not stand in one position like an idiot. I want hardcore gameplay

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Its confirmed that boss battles and free roam will come back.

  • Mickeycuzz

    It’ll be interesting to see how all these battles pan out given they’re not just 1 on 1 ..I wonder if they’ll still incorporate cutscenes! (most likely)

    - side note , it’d be cool if a second or third player could contol some of the leaf ninja ..then again that’d probably be too easy.

  • Mimi Sonoku

    I’m not asking for movesets and I’ll use everybody except for online, I don’t even play online

  • kisame007

    cmon cc2 just say the seven swordsmen are playable

  • mayuran10

    shut up pls. Just seeing that ur still in here is shit and now u start comment again. Just stay away please..

  • Brenda Booker

    Im sorry, that was mean. i just keep forgetting i can’t let people like you get to me. It should’ve been obvi you were serious. if you were, whatever. byebye.

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Dude, just grow up, stop acting like a 3 years old child replying to me without a reason you pathetic fool >_<

  • michael walker

    They should make an alternate version of Killer Bee where he uses Samaheda.

    And they should change the awakenings of Suigetsu and Jugo……just a couple of random suggestions:)

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Sorry I don’t have time to deal with a 3 years old child like you, replying to me saying I did something rude, and I didn’t fucking reply or was hitting  on you stupid fool ffs , why do retarded people think that I did something so rude that they reply to me in a insulting way 2012 is just a screwed up year for people O_O

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Next time, before you act like a retard replying to me check if I replied to you, you are just embarrassing yourself, tbh, and next time your parents permission if you can chat with the guys ok >_<

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Oooh whats the matter, are you a chicken that you can’t reply back :P

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    i thought it was gay how suigetsu just gets a huge arm instead of turning into a water blob that can do anything and juugo never got his cm2 form when he faught raikage he better get it in this game since they go back to the kage summit

  • MinatoKV1

    they could instead put samurai characters without even a drawing, putting manga characters that already have a design and scams

  • MinatoKV1

    I think the anime are creating filler episodes to help inclusion of new characters in storm 3

  • CoolDude14

    Wouldn’t it be sick if this naruto can go into KCM!

  • Patrick Sciammas

    i am pumped for thursday

  • Jonathan Dhaiti

    MADARA UCHIHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Marrero

    Ha, I had to laugh. 

    I just tell it like it is. If I see something with potential or that peaks my interest, I’ll say it (like I just did). If I see something that is an obvious attempt at rousing fan interest with shallow reveals while ignoring the important elements, I’ll say that as well. 

    I want the game to be as good as most of you. I’m just not under any delusions, nor will I assume it will be everything it should be, until I see everything it will be.

  • XxDecimoxX10

    What am I complaining about???

  • supersaiyanbardock

    the latest Naruto chapter HOLY SHIT O_O

  • Omar Ali

    is it great ? 

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Me 3 XD

  • supersaiyanbardock

    lol dude, you read my mind, speaking of mind, I read the lastest Naruto chapter O_O

  • supersaiyanbardock

    Wait till you read it, O_O

  • Niño Infierno

    it was predictable 

  • supersaiyanbardock


  • WHY1254

    hope for 7 swordsmen to be playable

  • Kira

    yeah custumes Finally alternate costume for minato and sasuke

  • XxDecimoxX10

    Link please?

  • imam pratama

    they will playable?
    i think not :(
    my opinion just a support character

  • Kyle Combs

    they shod have Kakashi  with zubuza blade 

  • Kyle Combs

    they shod have kakashi with zabuza blade  

  • hala

    What? Where?!

  • Antawn

    they should have anbu itachi and anbu yamato and anbu kakashi

  • Anastasia Jordan

    I agree I’ve been wanting Anbu Itachi and Kakashi since storm 1 

  • ImaRuffRyder

    i hope they give sasori the costume before he turns into the red head i like his scorpion shell with the hat and the bandana 

  • Dashie Willams

    This will look soo cool

  • Damon Breazell

    I hope they have omoi cuz he killed ameyuri ringo

  • Damon Breazell

    What about pakura she’s a important character

  • Abcd1234

    They better put the 7 swordmen as playable characters

  • Abcd1234

    If the 7 swordmen aren’t playable I’m returning this game

  • Bryan Sanderson

    actually in his ground combo he does use that katana once, it’s very quick, but that it the only time the katana can be used with samurai naruto.

  • Bryan Sanderson

    even the goku alt has diff move set. a diff style air kick which is goku’s air kick and the rasengan turns into the kamehameha rasengan and the ultimate has a slight difference in it as well. that resembles what happened when gohan used his kamehameha agains cell in their final fight.

  • RedDragon10

    this was a long time ago, before the release of the video. but either way, i stick to my earlier assertions. Even though the style changed, rasengan is still rasengan. the slight differences doesn’t mean the moveset is chagned. I don’t recall an air kick