Naruto 62 is #1 (Japanese Comic Rankings, October 01 to October 07)

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Naruto Manga Volume 62 Cover The sales numbers for Naruto manga volume 62, which hit Japanese retailers just last week on October 04, are in! After just a few days on the market, Naruto 62 is #1 by a landslide! According to Japanese statistics company Oricon, 660,402 copies of Naruto manga volume 62 flew off shelves, which is almost triple the second best seller for the week of October 01 to October 07!

How does Naruto manga volume 61 fare against some of the past volumes in the series? Saiyan Island has compiled a summary of the past 10 releases in their first week on the Japanese market, check it out below!

  • Naruto #62 – 660,402
  • Naruto #61 – 706,697
  • Naruto #60 – 847,826
  • Naruto #59 – 668,680
  • Naruto #58 – 704,610
  • Naruto #57 – 716,937
  • Naruto #56 – 538,406
  • Naruto #55 – 650,587
  • Naruto #54 – 694,023
  • Naruto #53 – 819,243
  • Naruto #52 – 846,206

Here are the top 10 in the Japanese Comic Rankings for the period of October 01 to October 07.

  1. Naruto #62 – 660,402
  2. Gintama #46 – 229,133
  3. Toriko #21 – 223,330
  4. Kimi ni Todoke #17 – 188,768
  5. Glass no Kamen #49 – 147,644
  6. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #23 – 143,886
  7. Worst #30 – 139,093
  8. Beelzebub #18 – 111,234
  9. Thermae Romae V – 92,885
  10. Ooku: The Inner Chambers #8 – 89,409
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