Naruto Shippuden – Filler Anime Arc Coming November

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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2012 has been a great year for the Naruto Shippuden anime. We’ve had 36 canon episodes and only 4 fillers, which is excellent! However, the time of story-following fun may be over for 2012. TV Tokyo, the TV station which airs Naruto in Japan, has announced there will be a 6 episode special arc – Chikara (Power) – beginning November 22. The reason for this special arc? To celebrate over 500 anime episodes of Naruto! To date, there have been 220 episodes of the original Naruto series and 283 episodes of Naruto Shippuden. There will be a few more episodes of the anime between now and November, making the total count of Naruto anime episodes an upwards of 503 episodes.

There isn’t any other information about the filler arc, but TV Tokyo has released an image featuring Naruto, Kabuto, Deidara, Hidan, Sakura, Yamato, Sai, and a few generic characters. Check it out below!

Thanks Stefanos Koyl for the heads up!

  • Vorgo M.K

    Gosh damn it! Again!?

  • enkitheanunnaki

    2 gate is open
    2 hokage

  • Rafael Georgiou

    I hope these episodes are all in one thursday as i translated

  • daewoo94

    What better way to celebrate over 500 episodes of Naruto then by giving us fillers that nobody cares about!! What fun!! -_-

  • Murzsa Roland

    WHAT the **** they thinking siriuosly? they Dont care about the Story lenght of Storm 3 or what?? We get a Story mode full with fillers or what the Iraccional ****??

    IM SO PISSED NOW:@:@:@

  • Hason Peart

     LOL the funny thing is that this is suppose to be looked at as a good thing and the website makes it look like it will be
    But everyone is pissed about it…

  • Rafael Georgiou

    We must demand Storm 3 to follow the manga!!!Anime is not going as i thought it should be

  • fillerhater

    i agree mate this is taking the mick out of all of us storm three wont have madara sauske ems or quite a few otherdesirable characters that should be in

  • Rafael Georgiou

    As i said above story must start to follow the manga…

  • ibramdd

    To celebrate 500 episode, they can make anything like 2 hours special canon episode. Not this fucking, sucking filer’s. The japanese people have very strange thinking.

  • Rafael Georgiou

    I agree as you said they should make 1-2 hour special canon and not  6 weeks of dam filler!!!T.T

  • Deno13

    FUUUUUUUCK FILLERS do they care about Storm 3′s story mode no we still have a chance the Game need to follow the manga

  • narutopiece1

    At least this filler has Akatsuki and 4 tails naruto in it, that is something worth watching :D

  • SamK

    Well at least Hidan is in it…I like him.


    YEAH !!! love Naruto filler or not i watch it and i like filler ^^. Anko Mitarashi <3  filler special would be nice but this is just a  dream <3

  • Nathan Turple

    so let me get this straight they are trying to celebrate it by ruining storm 3′s story mode? 

  • Amaterasu4

    They really got lazy designing those new characters. The guy with the glasses looks nothing like a character in the series.

    “The reason for this special arc? To celebrate over 500 anime episodes of Naruto!”
    No! I’m pretty sure that’s not.

    EDIT: Well at least it’s going to be short unlike the Bleach filler.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Translation.. get ready for storm 4 or Generations 2

  • Berki Boy

    Guys, this is NOT A FILLER ARC! They will VERY likely release those 6 Episodes together on ONE DAY, closed up kind of like a movie. Which makes sense when it’s a celebrational filler. Instead of giving us the usual episode, we will have a whole 1 and a half hour story arc for one day!

    Called it. :3

  • Hagareno

    The whole japanese entertainment economy is messed up. They don’t take breaks for shows so they can focus on quality, they literally try to milk it to hell. 

  • Rafael Georgiou

    I hope this is the case.How do you know?

  • Tyler Casilio


  • Tyler Casilio

    If each episode looks as good animation wise as this poster does I won’t mind.

  • Berki Boy

    I’m just trying to make it seem realistic…well, i have hopes in the anime team, because if it’s really 6 weeks that would just suck and i’m pretty sure they KNOW we want to see more of the war.

    they never before said “here, take this filler as a reward for watching Naruto. We’re sure you like it and would rather see generic unknown characters fighting then finding out how the war continues. Alligato!”

    But making a new movie for us, even if filler- that’s a present, sure. :D
    Just my 2 cents, you know? :)

  • unleashrage

    I know Hidan is awesome!

  • Berki Boy


  • Uchiha_Clan_Ancestor

    how do i contact those who make storm 3 about ideas and stuff? By sayanisland or…?

  • timanel1

    wow after a fantastic announcement saying that storm 3 will be released in march 2013 now we have the best announcement ever !! 6 filler episodes.. what we needed..

  • sva114


  • *Super~Sayian*

    most of these 500 episodes were full of fillers, and was the primary reason why the budget of naruto plummeted in the first place, did you guys ever wonder why the detail in shippuden looks worst than it did back in part 1? Because of fillers after sasuke left village, majority of fans quit watching and supporting naruto dub on tv. and watched the subbed version of shippuden or read the manga for free. instead of celebrating something that almost ruined them, they should wait until their is 500 canon episodes. that’s worth celebrating, for both anime and storm 3 fans. no?

  • Shogunreaper

    Whats naruto using the kyuubi cloak for? He’s outgrown that.

  • ayubtub tub

    WTF! are they trying to are they trying to ruined storm 3

  • Kuroko Sempai

     I hope your right dude because i really want to see Uchiha Madara and EMS Sasuke in Storm 3

  • Kuroko Sempai

    Let”s hope this filler is at list good or else… 

  • sva114

    its both cc2 and the anime teams fault for being stupid

  • mag88


  • SuperdeadlyKing

    oh no shitty fillers -_- its going to take even longer to get to mr badass uchiha who has the rinnegan……. i really wish storm 3 followed the manga =/

  • RedDragon10

    Fillers will be the plague that ruined this anime.  20 years from now, are we going to remember the animation during the early episodes of shippuden, or the 85 episodes that preceeded its airing?

  • ayubtub tub

    i personally think thet storm 3 wonth have madara but i do think they will have the previos kages and edo Itachi and edo Nagato (srry for my bad english)

  • Scott Ramen Boy Baker

    swtfu dude  id rather have fillers then this end up like half animes that over run manga and get CANCLED, or On hold for months till manga gets back on track,  fillers are there for a reason so QQ. the animators dont give a shit, life sucks in times deal with it

  • Donutman92

    “at list” omg omg u are retared

  • Donutman92

    cc2 has no say in the matter ur just pointing fingers cuz ur inpatient and ask for to much out of ppl  

  • Donutman92

    omg did you read this sorry ass comment before you sent it. i have a name for people like you retarded.

  • Alex Marrero

    Storm 3 takes another hit. I could call someone out like he’s been doing to me, but nah, he knows who he is anyway.

    Sucks though, I really didn’t expect this, maybe 1 or 2 episodes a month but not a whole arc. Still, I don’t think characters will be much of an issue with Storm 3. 

  • ayubtub tub

    now there is little hope left for madara there is a chance if cc2 make him as a free dlc

  • Donutman92

    the make filler in inconsideration of the anime vs the manga not the video game   

  • tresk495

    Well there is such a thing as lets take a month long brake so the manga can get further ahead, Honestly I wouldn’t mind this if it meant the series would be better and more accurate. This would also help the company save on budget and thus give more money for better animation.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    ur the stupid Here Son ! Lol 

  • saar azari

    dammit the game will come on december guys keep it up stupid idiots i want a full game fullllllllllgameeeeeee

  • tresk495

    Well this time around they have actually announced that the storm 3 game will have DLC so it is very possible that even if the anime doesn’t have Madara storm 3 will, it might take a few months after the release but it would be awesome, I just hope that the dlc is free if not I’d probably just wait till the next game in the series, depending on how much dlc there is anyway.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    How Is He A Retard ? O.o He Spelled It Wrong Thats All ! U Just Made Yourself Look Stupid Kid lol 

  • timanel1

    if this is true , there is no hope for madara since the game comes out in march

  • Pengu97

    Hope your right

    But then again, our reward for 100 episodes was finding out that Kakashi wears 2 masks… -_-

  • Vergil Uchiha

    I Don’t Know About u Guys xD But I Don’t Really Hate Fillers :) I Think They’re Good Except Those WithOut Story Fillers But The Ones Like Sora’s Arc And Others :P I Hope This One Is Good Enough! GIVES ANY FILLERS U WANT JUST DON’T END NARUTOOOO :’O LOL 

  • Pengu97

    The reward for 100 episodes was seeing what was under Kakashis mask, so I’m not getting my hopes up

  • Deva_Pain_Path

    Well the episode can say good bye to us fans because we really hate the fillers and are going to stick with the managa….so I’m pretty sure storm 3 is going to get a bad reputation.

  • KitahSenpai


    I didn’t want fillers because it means the game will be full of fillers.. damn it!

    But, if the filler is good (such as the sora arc) then I won’t mind, but other things like the 3 tails arc… oh gosh.

  • Ken Luong

    a filler with akatsuki, nine tails? how does this suck? its gonna be epic :D

  • jermar

    well everyone look at it this way, CC2 said this will be the last game for the storm series, but they also said that there will be DLC. Meaning that while there wont be anymore upgraded battle mechanics, you will still be able to download characters as the anime gets further into the story and i guess if they wanted to they could also have part of the story mode dlc as well. this is the only explanation that i could think of that would make sense for them to release the game in march and have be the last one for the storm series

  • timanel1

    since we are in the war arc and hidan is in pieces underground deidara dead and nine tails is on naruto’s control .. how can that be a good filler ?


    Did they really say that Storm 3 would be the last one?? I don’t remember they saying that!.. I think CC2 will come up with another one!


    I could punch someone right now. Storm 3 will basically have what we have already seen through the trailers. The game is planed to come out in March, and the 22nd of November through the rest of the year have been given to fillers…
    So January, February, and maybe a bit of March may contain some cannon content for the anime thus Storm 3. I hope the game goes further than the anime though. This is stupid.


    I also hope that the last two cannon episodes in November before the filler arc begins are hour long specials too. Gosh! I’m really upset.

  • Nicholas Shorter

    Dude you are fking right they screwed us over. We are basically going to be playing generations but added with a “few” new scenes from the war. The game covers all the episodes up till the game comes out so since were getting fked by fillers I don’t think we shall have the boss battle of itachi/sasuke vs sage mode kabuto and have Marada in the game. I am really really disappointed. 


    Exactly! This BS is ridiculous… Smh!

  • Nicholas Shorter

    Does anyone remember that announcement cyber connect said? How can we make this game better? If we don’t get Marada or Sage Mode Kabuto I say we spam them with it. I’ve been reading the comments and everyone wants those boss battles and playable characters. I want all the tailed beast to be playable with there own skills and awakening plus all the support characters not to be only support.

  • Nicholas Shorter

    we like fillers we just hate the fact we are getting them at a time like this dude. Fillers right now mean that when the game comes out most likely the anime won’t reach the fight between Naruto vs Pain/Itachi, Sasuke/Itachi vs Sage Mode Kabuto and Marada fight. We want that in the game. The game covers everything up till the epsiode of the game release date. If the game has all that I won’t care if we have fillers. 

  • Nelson Alves

    Think about it the game is defiantly gonna come out before the shows ends which means not everything will be in storm 3 that does not mean it’s the end of the games we are heading to the future maybe he wants to make a brand new type of Naruto game that is 100% different but awesome cause the ultimate ninja games were epic and i thought nothing would ever beat them but then the storm series comes out no 1 knows when Naruto is gonna end so maybe he will make a game containing everything in the anime and a new series of the Naruto games will begin at least i hope after storm 3 their will be at least 1more game but he could also just put everything in storm 3 which i highly doubt so..if Madara is not playable then guys say hello to a new Naruto game which will have Madara playable 100% hurray for smart thinking =) and if they end up doing his then the info won’t be released till almost the release of the game so like 6 months before the game would come out must have faith guys you never know

    He as in the creator of the games, This will be the last of storm series he also said

  • Nicholas Shorter

    I heard this is the last storm game in the series they are making so no 4 if that is true. 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    yea.. that was back when CC2 said they’ll wait until the manga ends and make the game in 2013-14, if they changed that to march of 2013, don’t you think they’ll change their mind about this being the “last” storm game?

  • TransGrahamGR

    Wow, Deidara and Hidan!!! This is exciting! The only drawback is that the story won’t progress far enough until storm 3 comes out… At this rate Madara may not be playable… :(

  • Goku

    Oh god no, F*** FILLERS

  • SuMbOoDy

    this sucks i wanted to have madara in storm 3 thanks to fillers

  • Goku


  • Goku


  • gracien jean

    didn’t you guys see the interview of hiroshi matsuyama he said there will be DLC maybe madara will be one of them

  • Matsu96

    If Madara won’t be playable, then this game just lost its BIGGEST potential…Well, it’s their thing.

  • Amaterasu4

    No Madara for Storm 3, and lets not even dream about Full Biju Naruto.

  • David Gomez

    Idunno why everyone hates on fillers. o .o 
    I like them, they present the chance to see characters that don’t usually get any screen time fight. o:

  • Pablo Gon-Co

    Filler Anime Arc to celebrate 500 anime episodes? of course!

  • Marco

    but its only 6 episodes filler that means the first episode of 2013 will be canon which means from january to march we still have 12 canon episodes and we will reach at least tobi vs naruto   or maybe not but i do think madara will be in the game

  • Hollow V2

    Well if the 9 tails goes berserk in the filler arc, it’s all good with me.

  • Nathan Turple

    dude who cares about spelling this the INTERNET!!!If anybody is a retard here it’s you.

  • Nathan Turple

    they said that?

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    I’m crying. I love Deidara and Hidan, but I’m so tired of fillers, I just wanna see the real story ! ><'
    Why, Pierrot, why ???

  • Rebecca Anne Cumbie

    Just hoping Kakashi is in this arc otherwise not watching haha jk Yamato’s in it sooo maybe I will haha

  • Dominique

    after those filler episodes there are only 10 or 11 weeks until March. Definitely no Madara, dang No Tobi’s 6 path’s of pain either. March is too soon.

  • Saheel Uchiha

     Fhak!! Shippuden Anime Production Why u have to Celebrate it everything with a Filler!

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    true that

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    no YOU stfu who do you think you are huh? oh look its another person insulting my opinion haha no i won’t stfu im here and i will comment so you deal with it! oh and btw i don’t care alright? filler ruin the anime for some people and plus storm 3 is released in march so no madara will be a let down to some fans but not all though.

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    then it will be very sad for me lol and no problem bro.

  • Skeima

    there arent many fillers this year…its weird to be tired of..
    this is bound to happen as it happen in the past so many times( for shounen in general), why? why? why didnt people get used to it??

  • Donutman92

    that’s just some sorry ass accuse to hide that your retarded don’t blame me cause your dumb as a plank of wood.

  • Kenneth

    DLC was mentioned for this game, so who knows? Maybe more cannon things will be added from the anime after the game’s release?

  • dark_flame360

    Bahaha yeah 

  • joseVQZ

    Maybe its like the Nami special episode of One Piece

  • silentknightxii

    hidan is back which means he may be in storm 3 D:

  • jermar

    no they said it will be the last game for the storm series, but this was said back in June when they were first mentioning the game, im not sure what there standing is now

  • *Super~Sayian*

    you’re arguing with a guy who liked dragon ball evolution, clearly he has bad taste, so don’t waste your time with him.

  • Viah H.

    oh FFS, Naruto’s NEVER going to make it to the battlefield this year {“-_-}

  • nasama

    Well we can forget progressing far in NS3, however, the fact that dlc can and will appear seems like the will release dlc to keep up with the anime in terms of story

  • Matt

    People need to stop and think. If they air all canon eps from the beginning of the year until march then that’s roughly 11 eps and considering each episode covers rougly 2- 2 and a half chapters, it’s highly probable that we will see madara and maybe the jinchuriki. The anime has currently covered up to chapter 545 and with 22 canon eps (hopefully) starting in january, then that will bring the anime up to chapter 567 which is actually in the middle of the jinchuriki fight.

  • Matsu96

    Japanese are funny. Just funny.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I doubt it since this is filler.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    This looks like a movie.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I hope all the episodes come on in day otherwise Storm 3 won’t get Madara. Not that i’m obsessing over whether he’ll be in or not.

  • Ppnjelly

    are they trying to make Storm 3 the shortest game ever?

  • Matsu96

     all episodes in one day? never ever.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    What is TV TOKYO thinking?! Really?! At game time?!

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    It’s just what I heard. I hope it’s accurate.

  • thatchinkykid

    What if they’re only stalling so when they make a new console they can make an entirely new game with all the characters, story, and more. 
    Either way we’re going to get a lot of DLC so??

  • Tonii_Montana

    Are you all really so naive to believe that this filler arc will slow down CC2′s intentions of getting deep into the war in story mode? Think again. CC2 works closely with the anime developers to PLAN AHEAD so that hey can end the game around where the anime will be when the game ships. Its not like CC2 is in mid production and waits for the anime episodes to be released before they put them in the game. They base all of their content off of the manga and the only role the anime plays is making sure the two story’s converge at a specific point so that players feel like they are playing the story mirror the anime as the story progresses. This being said, CC2 is going to end the game where it original planned too, regardless of the amount of fillers. If anything the fillers are just helping to make sure that the anime doesn’t progress quicker than the CC2 dev. team so when we are playing we’re not so far behind. We have 3-4 months people so we should be fine, the only way you should be worried is if this game released in January or December, but I’m predicting late march. I know we’re all super anxious because the anime reveals what we’re going to see in the game and seeing it slow down makes us uneasy. But come march 2013 you can expect that the game will have enough content to satisfy us players and they will release the game at a point that will end the story at a solid point and you can quote me on this (*SPOILERS AHEAD*) either “Naruto vs Tailed Beast or the release of the edo tensei jutsu. So yes, that means MADARA WILL BE IN THE GAME.

  • fabricej

    Nothing like pissing off your viewers by stalling. Damn you Tv Tokyo, stop with these stupid fillers, we don’t want to watch them so stop wasting time making them.

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    This looks cool y r u all complaining

  • Link0913

    You know, I’ve read comments on this site for the last year and a half since joining, but for some reason, and I’ve been waiting for someone to say it; exactly what you’ve said.

  • Tonii_Montana

    Yea its almost as if I know what I’m talking about. Unlike some people on here.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    It’s possible that CC2 doesn’t even know.

  • thecrows2332

    6 episodes is fine with me. At least its not like the Bleach Zanpakuto filler arc that went for 35 episodes!

  • Tonii_Montana

    No sir, that is not a possibility. If you really believe that, then you must have no idea how project planning works so allow me to enlighten you.

    Namco bandai/CC2 developers have a liscense to make naruto games and therefore they are allowed access to any content that is relevant to the production of their video game, because perrot studio is making money off of these games too. It’s all in the contract.

    When the cc2 developers work with the anime team for their games, they are given a schedule of the episodes that will be released for the upcoming year. CC2 then looks at this list and from it determines exactly were they would like their game to end. So yes, they are aware of the fillers.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I just meant that; yeah they’re gonna have the game go up to the Ninja War Arc but i’m not sure they even know where game’s story will end by the time their finish with the project.True they know about the fillers,but they might not get as much cannon content as we want if TV TOKYO keeps making these things.

  • Alycia Frank

    I am fine with these fillers if Hidan is in it ! :) <3

  • gamwtagiaponezakia

    stefanos koyl rocks, he is quite famous here in Greece! 

  • Sheng Fu COMICS

    welcome to the filler era!!….again…

  • Brooski

    Ohh for the love of God!!! they were getting soo close to bringing in Madara!! :|  

    Guess he wont be introduced in the anime until early next year

  • MattUK92

    Are these all airing over 1 day. Or spread out across 6 weeks?

    How is it a celebratory Arc if it’s 6 weeks of Filler. More like punishment.

  • Baylee

    We don’t need more Filler’s! Even if they somehow magically decided not to air anymore fillers this year, it’s not like the episodes are going to catch up to the manga chapters :/

  • Michael Smythia

    has the show ended or not i havn’t had t.v. since it came out i was trying to keep up with it on crunchyroll but i could’nt if anyone can answer this id really apreciate it