Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 Now Available in North America

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Back in August it was revealed Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 – The Will of Fire will be making it’s way to North American retailers on October 23rd. Well, today is October 23rd and the movie is now available for fans to legally purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD! The price for Blu-ray is $18.31, you can purchase it from The price for DVD is $14.99 and it can be purchased from

As with all Naruto anime products in North America, Movie 3 comes with English and Japanese audio tracks and options for English subtitles.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 hit Japanese theaters back on August 1, 2009 and was released onto DVD in Japan on April 21, 2010. The plot of the movie focuses around the disappearance of ninja with Kekkei Genkai from the Hidden Sand, Rock, Cloud, and Mist Villages. With the Hidden Leaf Village as the only village not affected by the events, people start to suspect its role in these incidents, and rumors of a possible rebellion begin to circulate. With the other nations gathering troops on the borders of the Land of Fire and threatening invasion, the Feudal Lord of the Land of Fire orders Tsunade to capture the real culprit and prove the Leaf’s innocence or face the destruction of the village in the name of world peace.

  • SaiyanGirl02

    English Voiceovers XD !! They Suk Balls !!! :P

  • Salvador

    Were you born in America or Japanese?

  • Zeke Asakura

    - w -

  • Zeke Asakura

    . _ . And your still watching it. Stupid idiot.

  • Viah H.

    now, if only the Road to Ninja movie was miraculously released (w/ subs).

  • SamK

    This trailer does not look convincing whatsoever…BORING!
    But the movie was actually pretty decent. Not as good as Blood Prison though, in my opinion.
    I think in order from best to worst w/o Road To Ninja goes 1.Blood Prison 2. Naruto Shippuden the Movie 3. Will of Fire 4. Bonds 5. Lost Tower
    Lost Tower sucked in my opinion. I thought it was cool how Naruto met his dad in the past but I honestly did not like the movie. Sorry though if you did like it thats just my opinion! :)

  • Devaughn Chambers

    you know i just watched this movie last night on my PSP in English Subbed.

  • walking_dead_robert_kirkman

    i totaly forgot about this movie,the only one im looking forward to is road to ninja.

  • jermar

    this was actually the only movie besides road to ninja (which i haven’t watched yet) that i liked

  • oaktree123

    This is great viz, NOW WERE THE F*** ARE Naruto shippuden eps. 154-166 dub!!! They were suppose to come out two weeks ago, come on viz those are some of the best eps especially 166.

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    I always wanted to hear Hiruko’s voice in english!

  • braxton4715

    is this gonna be online soon i wanna see it in english

  • Chris

    lol viz is a FAIL and i feel sorry for the people who support these ripoff junkies. why should we have to pay over 20 bucks for a dvd with zero extras? what happened to the viz in 2009 that included bonus trailers, booklets, great packaging, and 2 disc dvds? not only that, they are extremely behind on their dvds and yet they expect people to pay almost 50 for only 13 episodes. I stopped supporting them years ago and if many of you were smart, you would do the same. Not trying to get after you guys, but viz is a terrible company as a whole. im soo glad scanlations are taking them out of business, so maybe they can reconsider their ripoff products they produce for us naruto fans. Another ripoff is their manga. 9.99 for 1 book? while in japan its like 5.00?! please people just stream the thing and be done with it. wasting your cash on this cash-in company is beyond ridiculous.

  • Shogunreaper

    If you want to talk about rip offs then look no further than japan’s blu-ray business.

    Charges hundreds of dollars for 2 episodes on a single blu-ray disk.

    I honestly feel sorry for the people who buy it.

  • Shogunreaper

    according to the wiki that doesn’t come out until January 29, 2013.

  • Chris

     japan (especially tokyo) is one of the most expensive places to buy in the world. i agree that their prices are ripoffs, but actually it depends on the anime. a bad selling anime like deadman wonderland only had 3 eps and charged 80+ for them and nobody really got it. while animes like bleach and naruto ( that have 4-5 eps plus physical extras) are worth the money. i used to import alot of anime a few years ago. but trust me its worth the money. if viz would have stopped being lazy money hungry assholes, then maybe i would have gotten there stuff. but i refuse to pay for any anime dvd that lacks extras.

  • thatchinkykid

    Is it going to be available on iTunes??

  • Shogunreaper

    If they don’t include every single episode its a rip off in my mind.

  • Sandrie Manzano

    No thanks. 

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Haoshoku_Haki

    I certainly see your point man, here in Australia the prices are more, for example 16 dollars is one book, and the naruto movie is 30 here, not to mention game prices. but i don’t mind paying such prices because we make so much more money than you guys do, i mean i work at mcdonalds, sweeping and cleaning tables and I get 700 dollars a week! (granted i am a manager so my pay is especially high)

    But really man, its not so bad.

  • Christian andreas

    i want….

  • unleashrage

    I am BD crazy when it comes to anime and movies but with naruto i just won’t spend money on the BD movies for it same with the Bleach BD movies. I just dont get urge to want to buy it or see the point maybe its because they cost £22-24 where i am.

  • Alex Marrero

    Best Naruto movie. 

    *SPOILERS* No random ass character thrown in so Naruto can “friendship” them to death. *SPOILER*

  • *Super~Sayian*

    kinda sad that the whole movie is really based off of what obito said, and well.. we all know what happened to that.. those who abandon friends are worst than trash.. unless you had child hood crush with a girl who didn’t even like you which gives you a excuse to flip out and go completely 180 personality.
    - sorry I had to repost, misspelled a word by accident that ended up being a potty mouth word which is why it got flagged by the computer A.I

  • *Super~Sayian*

    kinda sad that the whole movie is really based off of what obito said, and well.. we all know what happened to that.. those who abandon friends are worst than trash.. unless you had child hood crush with a girl who didn’t even like you which gives you a excuse to flip out and go completely 180 personality. which kinda sucks cause I had so much respect in obito, but I guess his quote still is important even if he’s a bad guy, just that it doesn’t hold as much value as it did when people still thought he was dead. later

  • *Super~Sayian*

    blame fillers, cause of them viz was forced to reduce the 28 range of episodes down to 13 and was force to raise the price of 25 dollars up to 36-50 dollars and because of fillers, they were force to make small cheap boxsets instead of cool ones like they use to do before shippuden and that includes removing extras and to make it worst fillers caused the animators to limit there budget which means the artwork of episodes have decreased compared to part 1 and because of fillers, shippuden was canceled from disney XD channel cause by then most viewers migrated to sub version online cause fillers were too long in part 1.

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    Fullmetal Alchemist on blu ray is truly special, Dragon Ball Kai is great too but not crazy wow like FMA

  • Alex Marrero

    I’m pretty sure Shippuden got cancelled on Disney XD because there was no way they could edit the rest of the Immortal Duo Arc without explaining away Hidan’s jutsu using blood, his decaptation, oh and his body being blown into several dozen pieces then buried alive.

    I would have loved to see them try though. :)

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    im glad its out but. cmon that trailer sucked at trying to make it dramatic

  • Alex Marrero

    The whole plot is riddled with hypocrites, but that’s the point. Naruto is the only one who sticks to his beliefs, his convictions, as evidenced by his treatment of Nagato despite his overwhelming urge to kill him. He doesn’t abandon values just because he is under tremendous distress, unlike every other character who has claimed to believe and abide by that belief.

  • David Breimann

    hey you know how they say love makes you do crazy things
    well it worked for obito, and madara’s power of Hitler like persuasion

  • Allen Stuart

    This is one of the better Naruto movies. Good action, great music, and a cool villain.

    Also happens to feature early glimpses of Pakura, Toroi, Gari and Chukichi, though their kekkei genkai don’t match those Kishimoto later gave them in the manga.

  • Allen Stuart

    The thing you have to get about Obito is that he just doesn’t care about reality anymore, because he’s going to use Tsukuyomi create a new reality with a new Kakashi and a new Rin.

    It’s not that he has abandonned them — they’re essentially just figments of a nightmare that he intends to wake up from by creating a new world.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    if they were going to get cancelled cause of something like that, then they would’ve edited the scenes dramatically, and besides disney is smart enough to know what’s going on ahead of time before the episode takes place. clearly the only reason they got canceled is because of the low views.. just like every other show.. if I’m correct I think that’s how naruto got cancelled in the first place.

  • Alex Marrero

    Except the “nightmare” is reality, while the eternal Tsukoyomi would be the “dream.” Obito gave into his hatred, just like Sasuke has, despite once believing that his friends/comrades are what matter. He’s very much a human being: flawed and subject to biased justifications for his actions.

    The only characters who really are above this are Naruto and, believe it or not, Madara Uchiha. The two of them stand by their beliefs, one good the other not so much. It’s interesting when Madara remarked that ninja of the present are far weaker then in the past, perhaps implying not just stength-wise but also in their convictions. Intentional or not by Kishi, their God-like powers reflect this superiority over the rest of humanity.

  • dark_flame360

    FMA Brotherhood is the really good one 

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    oh yeah that’s what I mean, pardon me.

  • treeko

    I am craving for Storm 3 news right about now……

  • Omar Ali

    best movie after road to ninja of course !

  • Turbotrup

    From all possible news these are the lamest one. In addition to that, I had to watch the picture of it every time I came here (something like 6 times) which is very annoying experience.

  • OnlineVirus

    Just saw will of fire today… AWSOME!!

  • Sasukechidori16

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  • Deno13

    Man that movie sucked

  • RedDragon10

    In my opinion, 90% of all anime movies suck.

  • Waxgyi

    The dub is so freaking terrible, almost made me not like naruto anymore!

  • Eoenki

    Wow… this goes to show that the only good english anime dub is DBZ & Cowboy Bebop

  • Marco Rivera

    @facebook-100001286123697:disqus : I strongly disagree. Madara and Sasuke are almost the exact same person. Both of them are adamantly obsessed with vengeance. Sasuke was always an avenger and he has never strayed from that path. Madara actually gave up on his convictions since it’s likely he was fine with his clan being killed off, despite being so protective of the Uchiha at first. Obito is more like Naruto than you give credit for. To that, Naruto would be no different than any of the villains if not for his loved ones guiding him, he himself admits this and is probably his greatest strength. Naruto’s already starting to loose it against Madara.

  • RedDragon10

    I’ll throw in Yu Yu Hakusho and the original air of full metal alchemist. 

  • Eoenki

    I agree with you 100%…. ONLY if full metal gets brotherhoods ending

  • narutopiece1

    I like naruto/shippuden in english dubbed, i actually prefer dubbed over the subbed (most of the time), and i agree with you the fact that cowboy Bebop having good english dubbed but not DBZ. I actually think that Cowboy Bebop is by far the best dubbed anime ever.
    Anyways i am definetly buying this movie :D

  • issa williams

    u gota be joking? it was the best one! second one was a complete let down first one was koo  fourth one didnt have enought  you know …. what we wanted and we cant watch road of ninja this one had the best fight scenes in any movie of naruto hands down

  • Deno13

    I didn’t find it entertaining

  • Reiko Sama

    Ironic how these dub-hating commentors don’t even know a lick of Japanese, therefore they have no credibility to judge. If you don’t like it, don’t watch, simple as that. No body cares what you think so why even bother in the first place.

  • Reiko Sama

    There are other good dubs out there, it’s just that you’re not open-minded enough to go and look for them. Stop acting everything is 4Kids standard ’cause it’s not. Moreover, lots of dubs nowadays tend to be better than the subs which means they’ve come a really long way.

  • nicopena52

    do you guys know who is doing naruto’s voice… maile flanagan.. she’s a “actor” for the show lab rats….

                                                                                                 quotes on actor 

  • RedDragon10

     Deal, I preferred Brotherhood’s story anyway. 

  • Salvador

    going to watch this right now!!!

  • SamK

    How come we aren’t getting any new news about Storm 3 from the comic con?! It’s the second day of it and nothing for us.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    That’s a good ass movie! I’m huge fan of the dub. If CC2 decides to put fillers in Storm 3 then this deserves a spot in the story mode.

  • okayletsrespond

    in america first!!!!!