Naruto Storm 3 – Edo Asuma, Deidara Confirmed

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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A brand new partial Naruto Storm 3 scan has been revealed! It confirms the Edo Tensei reincarnated Asuma and Deidara as playable characters in free battle. Additionally, it shows White Zetsu as the enemy in the hack and slash story mode, but we all knew that one already.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • Joshua Waddilove

    sick!!! hope asuma has his wind style jutsu other than burning ash.

  • James Sylne

    LOL Damn u Joshua.

  • James Sylne

    I hope they gove Diedara that Awakening when he sought Sasuke and blew himself up.

  • Nicholas

    lol is y’all taking pics wit your feet

  • Omar Ali

    Cool , Looks like there’s Edo characters . 


  • Haoshoku_Haki

    considering where the story picks up I think having the alive versions of these characters would be unnecessary, I just hope they change my main Asuma up, he needs a new ulti!

  • Serket Hamo


  • Murzsa Roland

    they confimr characters eally really slowly i hope is for the goood couse, and not the opposite!:D

    Sorry for Bad English!

    And i hope Deidara got new Moves and new ultimate!!!! And Asume to :D :D

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    oh and Saiyan Island, in the article you said Hack and Flash, hahaha

  • James Sylne

    They need to give him that ultimate when he blew himself up against Sasuke.:D

  • Omar Ali

    I guess Battle of Ino-shi-cho vs Asuma be on Hack n slash mode , like 3vs1 Co-Op it will be More Better ! 

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    just to clear it up, burning ash is a fire style, not wind

  • Murzsa Roland

    YEAAHHHH That would be Awsome!!!

  • ziad demnati

    i want madara and obito *_* but awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • idonkzadja

    please make anko and Shizune as playable characters, as they already showed his ability in the anime

  • Serket Hamo

    That would be awesome. but when he use that jutsu he should lose some health cuz its so powerful

  • Maksymilian Kacperski

     Where is Sasori !!!!!!!

  • Rafael Georgiou

    I am sure he will be confirmed soon we just need to have patience

  • Joshua Waddilove

    just to clear you up, i was on about him having his wind release dust cloud jutsu other than him having burning ash because thats the jutsu he used more recently… not that burning ash is wind style… awks..

  • uchihasasuke993

    obito is playable i asked my friend to ask cyberconnet2 when he went to comic con 

  • James Sylne

    Which Obito though?

  • Michael John William McCroy

    I hope they have different moves.

  • Sal Ior

    i think sasori will not get edo..cause he is only control sai’s brother..

  • tin4o99

    the one deidara is fighting is 100% kankuro if you look carefully you will notice his puppets

  • Jaylin RJ Anderson

    let asuma have a new fighting moves and diffent justus

  • Donald Barnett

    They say over 72 playable characters so madara and obito are BOUND to be among those 72+

  • kisame007

    i just want to know if the seven swordsmen of the mist are playable or not!!!!!

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    i hope these edo characters alternate costume is their alive versions =/

  • MurryEggplant

    Yay I love edo Deidara!<3

  • Matthew Elderhorst

    Isn’t that Kankuro in War outfit.

  • ntlg504

    i hope they confirm gold and silver bros also all the tailed beasts

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    i think they will confirm sasori, sai’s brother, kakuzu and GINKAKU & KINKAKU. They are just doing it slowly because of the huge gap between now and the game’s release date. 

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    There’s also Saï and Kankuro… That was predictable. And I think their gameplay weren’t much changed… I hope Shin (is that correct?) will be playable.

  • imam pratama

    well, how can Sasori being playable?
    i mean, he just used people to fight.
    And what will be he’s awakening?
    i mean, his body is not Puppet anymore.
    This is edo tensei, a true body

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Actually, that is partially what I want.  It would also be noce to see them with different moves.  Example, Deidara could use his C0 as his ultimate, but his ninjutsu looks to still be c3 twin birds.

  • Keston Felix

    All the Edo Tensei reincarnated characters would be playable up to “Uchiha Madara” story line from the manga. They Might Go As Far As “Bijuu Mode”. So for changes that you all would like head over to their suggestion web site which is not only for Jutsu Clashes its for anything and more feedback the better soo come on people lets hit that site with as much and all the contribution as possible to make this the best naruto game yet :)

  • Al D.

    … Really? Same exact stance as the Storm 2 artworks for these guys? I hope they get new ones… that’s kind of sad.

  • Berki Boy

    I see the destroyed beach as a new stage! ^.^

  • Berki Boy

    It will be weird if they leave Asuma and Deidara with STORM 2 Artwork -_-

    Deidara should get different combos so he isn’t considered spam anymore, and why does Asuma have his trench knives? they’re Shikamarus now :o

    I guess they’ll fix this later :3

  • Marco

    Art is an explosion!

  • imam pratama

    Kankurou not used Sasori Puppet?
    well, that sucks

  • Fahri Tiftikci

    if you look carefully you can see Kankuro and ino-shika-cho

  • Kanaval

    sasori is proberly his awakening 

    -they still keep the reel kankuro real

  • Kamishuriken

    So Deidara can now have C0 as his ultimate, because now they can make it so, that he regenerates after he blows himself up :)

  • Otaku Kun

    well, you got to remember that he is also able to control liveing creatures as well not just puppets

  • Otaku Kun

    wow i wonder how thats gonna look on the game

  • Otaku Kun

    I hope they change sai’s Ultimate jutsu to his seal jutsu, that way it can fit with the story. and cause it seems like a cool jutsu

  • Otaku Kun

    well, they just got a couple of months left so it shouldn’t be long until they can confirm them. but also remember that it’s better not to confirm everyone to keep you second guessing yourself. knowing is good. but finding out is more fun :D

  • Otaku Kun

    if they confirm Ginkaku & Kinkaku, as well as the other Jinchuriki, then the next thing that they need to do is confirm their awakenings, cause i’m not sure bout you, but i want to transform more in this game, and not just power up, it not asking alot. realy XD“

  • Brandon Flash

    Diedaras got the same jutsu when he releases them 2 birds!! i hope they  haven’t got the same jutsu. If it does turn out to be the same combos as storm 2 and generations i dont think ill get it this time :/

  • Otaku Kun

    They had better put choji’s awakening with butterfly wings, or someones gonna be very dissapointed.

  • Quinn Noble

    they better have different combos and ultimate cause it be pointless to make them if they dont 

  • Vergil Uchiha

    is tht choji with Asuma ? ._.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    tht Seal Jutsu Was A Filler Actually! I didnt See It in manga ! But They Should Put tht gaint buy Move Tht He Did Againts Sasori&Deidara (I Forgat the Name Thou) lol 

  • Vergil Uchiha

    his ? lol 

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    yes is the Choji :)

  • Waxgyi

    Guys if you look carefully
    That choji fighting asuma.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Deidara is fighting Kankurou in his war outfit. I can see the puppets and his armor
    and Choji in his war uniform

  • XxBryanXxLee

    Please Change Edo-Deidara Move Set To A Fight. Range Type… Please…

  • NarutoUchiha1

    Deidara’s special should be when he self destructs into a explosive figure like from the anime!

  • braxton4715

    kinkaku and ginkaku should be confirmed soon since they have the stage where they fought darui

  • braxton4715

    and it looks like choji shikamaru and ino are in their war outfits as well

  • chrisosag

    Really?What is the point of adding Edo Asuma and Edo Deidara into the game??They showed nothing different in the anime and dumb CC2 propably won’t even change their movesets besides maybe ultimate jutsu.Please show a scan of Edo Itachi and Edo Nagato who actually showed more abilities and are badass anyways:)

  • walking_dead_robert_kirkman

    who is the person on the very top screenshot? I cant tell,but all i can see is who ever it is,is using water style.

  • jason bradley

     so you’d rather they just leave out edo characters then

  • jason bradley

     and if you look carefully you can see kankuro fighting edo deidara

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    it is Darui 

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    yeah i have see it this :P

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    2 words, F!@#$%^ AWESOME XD

  • AldouphusWilliams

    what the heck they just use the same art from storm 2 but just put it in there edo tensi form cc2 i really not creative with there character arts :/

  • jason bradley

     not to mention they were in the war begins trailer

  • braxton4715


  • tsukuyomiCheed

    hope kinkaku and ginkaku get confirmed soon and storm 3 is gunna be really awsome

  • shatti

    wow…… just because of two characters you are going to drop this whole epic experience? wow….. just wow…..

  • Damian Pawłowski

    I’m think they will have that same moves, it will be only different costume for them on L1 :

  • Edorta Serrano

    I hope Deidara gets as an ougi the C0, where he explodes himself, then resurrect again because of edo tensei, it would be epic

  • Quinn Noble

    cc2 are stupid because if you look ino shika cho have there war outfits but are the same cc2 please give every war outfit character a new move set 

  • jermar

    They use the same art for these two characters because thats exactly how they staid in the show. They’re not just going to change it because its the same as their last game, its the same because they’re the same in the show.

  • jermar

    they’re not going to change their move sets unless they did something new and the only new thing is deidara blowing himself up and reviving again. plus im sure the edo characters are going to have a special feature with their regeneration. so this is why they are adding edo characters

  • RedDragon10

    I’m going to be pretty disappointed if these are just alternate costumes without a single change in their movesets.

  • Zerog

     when someone uses the reanimation justu, they bring you back to when you were at your strongest

  • Guest

    quit making dumb excuses 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    WRONG if that was the case then nagato and chiyo would’ve been revived to their younger and healthy status, which they didn’t. if you’re referring to madara, then you’re wrong cause he is the only one that kabuto bothered to revive in his “strongest” moment, that’s why he said prime. 

  • Tobi

    Does any know how many CC2 claim to be in the game 

  • R0xasXIII

    I totally agree with you.

  • poster234

    did they seriously do absolutely nothing but change their eyes (im not counting diedara’s costume)!? what a dick slap to the face dude…………..

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    On the first and 3rd screen, it seems like a new level!

  • Bryan Alexis Mejia Diaz

    they should create a non spam deidara..

  • jason bradley

     well they are following the design in the manga when the characters were ressurected but i think they will at least have a new ultimate like deidara he could swallow his clay and explode and then just regenerate

  • jason bradley

    one thing that would be cool is when you play as an edo tensei zombie you take real time damage like in the tenkaichi series and eventually the charactersd have cracks on their skin same for the other characters except the have cuts and bruises

  • jason bradley

    not real any number has been given but they said in an interview there will be a robust roster so i’m assuming a lot

  • SasukexNaruto2

    Asuma should have that wind jutsu he used in the anime as his main regular jutsu a different ultimate would be cool also

  • WHY1254

    hopefully deidaria wont spam

  • Matsu96

    Hopefully Deidara has got a new UJ, like for example C0 since he is immortal in his Edo-mode.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    thts how he is in the anime lol they cant change tht!

  • Vergil Uchiha

    Im Sure They’ll Change The Ultimate At Least :P P But Movesets Is Im Not Sure About ! 

  • Matsu96

    Hahahaha!! look at this, they just took the character designs from storm 2 and changed them. 

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    I wonder if kakuzu’s monsters will be mixed in with the zetsus during hack and slash.

  • Shay Conrad Morris

    We clearly see that deidara is fighting the new kankuro his outfit looks good ^^

  • walking_dead_robert_kirkman

    anyone willing to bet that the other side of the scan has Sasori and Kakazu?

  • jason bradley

     most likely

  • jason bradley

    i wonder if edo characters like deidara,hanzo and asuma when in their awakening mode their health regenerates

  • konanNmadara

    Wind style: dust storm?

  • Wayne

    does that mean Hidan won’t be a playable character/sub character?

  • Faiz Ali

    I really think that hidans in coz they said part 1 exclusive arent in but previous shippuden characters will be in.So i think youll jus hav ta have hope

  • Faiz Ali

    cant wait for this to cum on psn

  • Faiz Ali

    i dont know about history mode but this ias what is sent
    this is what i sent dunno why i sent more then jutsu clash but plz resend this if likedcover till the end of shippuden if there is a chance make history mode for storm 1 and 2in the middle of match your awakening is slowly upgradedexample
    is naruto 1 tail cloak—– complete combo—–turns to—4 tail
    cloak———get attacked by 3 melee attacks and use tilt move
    —-turns to—-6 tails——–get hit with justu 2 times——turns
    to——– 8 tails mode but make its power fair etcmake this available for only 40% of characters(or if possible…more)full army of edo tenseiat least 25 edo tensei charactersjustu clash(optional)health percentage choice

    sent to cc2 if u liked 

  • Otaku Kun

    they don’t just watch the gameplay of hanzo when he awakens, his health doesn’t change. i think that would be a bad idea though.

  • Otaku Kun

    im betting on Gari, and the other girl who’s name escapes me. you know the one with melting style: jutsu

  • ace

    Edo Asuma shouldn’t have the chakra blades…

  • walking_dead_robert_kirkman

    ok,the winner will get the pride of being right!

  • Abdi Hassan

    Oh nooooooooooo, it looks like Deidara has the same jutsu.

  • Otaku Kun

    Honestly the history thing sounds cool… for the story mode, but haveing upgrades during it,… no. It’s better to just have the battle going normaly with the history no setting changes or awakenings being shortened or lengthened. thats just all bad ideas. the history replay during battle however sounds good enough, and it will go best with the story. such as the battle with choji and asuma, or Mifune and Hanzo. Also another cool ideathat would be cool that they should do is since the story goes through alot of flashbacks, that for free battle mode we can combine stages, as if it were a flash back, like every 10 seconds the stage changes to the 2nd choice in the dimmed lighting and recorded version of the stage then it would return to the 1st choice. and who can forget the music. we should be able to pick our own soundtrack for the battle.

  • Otaku Kun

    true, the game is suppose to apeal more to the manga readers, but who says they shouldn’t an apropriote attack like that in game, considering they will also be following some of the Manga. Also yes that attack did look cool, hopefully they change up sai’s moveset so that some of his attacks will feature that attack.

  • Tobi

    All I want is for Edo Itachi and Nagato to confirmed and I’ll be a happy camper. 

  • Tobi

     You have a point there…..

  • Kira

    yeah AWSOME Now i want C0 for deidara Uj pls

  • Kira

    yeah True for sure will put choji’s awakening with butterfly wings and new Uj

  • timanel1

    looks amazing.. too bad this game will end in some stupid point in the manga..

  • Dominique

    He was reborn in his Ninja gear he could have had back ups

  • jason bradley

    if you look carefully this scan also confirms ino,shikamaru,choji and kankuro in their war time outfits it’d be awesome if sasori in his edo tensei look was on the other side of the scan 

  • konanNmadara

    They couldn’t have created no images for the character select screen?
    Or maybe this is a trick and the characters will be 3d like on the demo

    And also if neji, hinata and kisame take chakra when they transformshouldnt characters like hidan when he transform and gets hit the other person loses damage or something similar to that with every character

  • Ppnjelly

    that seal jutsu appears in the manga, the giiants should be his new jutsu

  • Kenta Mikuriya

    hidan has to stay in his circle to damage his opponents lol

  • XGriever

    there just character arts…who cares?

  • XGriever

    I think they will get new ultimates at the very least, and they will improve on the combos they already have and switch them up in places such as Minato doing a forward kick at the end of a combo where he used to do a slash in the NY Comic Con Demo. As for character arts who cares since were most likely going to see there in game models like we did in the demo. They have the same Jutsu but dont forget the new awakening action.

  • ace

    They’re custom made one of a kind and Shikamaru has them. The anime also showed him fighting with a regular kunai.

  • ace

    Yea that’s true, but i think he means there sbould be a point to his awakening since he goes cursed mode

  • konanNmadara


    Do you think that tsudade will get her Mitotic generation seal released for her awakening
    I tink it will constantly recherge chakra or constantley recharge the sub bar

    I’m on my phone sorry for the sentence slaughtering

  • konanNmadara

    Yeah ;)

  • Tobi

    All I know is CC2 has no excuse out of giving Edo Tensei version of characters a new moveset because even if the characters haven’t done much in the manga or anime the can still give them moves because they have done it before with Karin. Karin literally does NOTHING in both the anime and manga and CC2 was able to make her a playable character so there really be much trouble give ET versions new movesets. 

  • Paul Santilla

    choji vs asuma should be Boss mode I want butterfly mode

  • Abdi Hassan

    Guys i have been thinking and i know why Deidara and Asuma have the same artwork. Just think back to storm 2, Sasuke Kirin and Sasuke Chidori Spear they had the same exact artwork just different outfits and all you had to do was press RB (L1 PS3) to change between the two. Thats what they are doing here they are going to add previous versions of the edo character’s, ex: Deidara akatsuki robe and Deidara edo form. 

  • Reda


  • Reda

    he he he

  • Zeke Asakura

    Those blade is what makes Asuma,Asuma. xD

  • Zeke Asakura

    Mizukage Mei? -_-

  • Salvador

    lol umm i cant tell that 1st pic? and they the same pics from storm 2 just with edo tensei eyes and clothes which i cant wait for itachi and nagato almost here

  • Tonii_Montana

    The rest of this scan is probably really lame and nothing new. Unfortunately that’s how its been for the last few scans, where the real meat is revealed prior to the filull scan release.

  • ace

    Yea, but giving him the blades back is ignoring important details, like the fact that Bee has had Samehada FOREVER or if they ignore that Kakashi has been fighting with Zabuza’s Executioner Blade up until he joined with Naruto

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    great ideas but you have to except that they cant make it for everyone, if so you could expect 1 or 2 people that have one that is a little cheat

  • Nikhil Kalia

     I don’t think Hidan will be in the game cuz he wasn’t revived by edo tensei due him being stuck in that nara clan woods, plus i hope he doesn’t anyway meaning one less support spammer out of the way.

  • Hollow V2

    Can’t reveal much till the crappy anime catches up to the manga…

  • walking_dead_robert_kirkman

    no he means the edo girl pakiri or something like that,when he said Gari that girl should be the first thing to pop into your mind

  • Rafael Georgiou

    The anime needs to speed up.i want the game to end at Edo tensei’s release

  • aleksa555

    the anime wont speed up ! -.-

  • Elvis Sanchez

    i hope butterfly choji is his awakening

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    In chapter 568 of the manga, kakashi used a move called the lightning chain.
    I hope he gets to use it in the game.

  • jason bradley

     this game isn’t going to be released in a while so their taking their time

  • drakeuchiha007

    the same picture in storm 2 and the same moves, nothing new just deidara’s clothes and his eyes and asuma the eyes too hmmmmmmmmm…………… at least change their moves -_-’

  • LibanonFighter

    Avatar aang adult has to be as a Special character in Storm 3. THAT Would be awesome!!! :D D

  • Steven Gouthro

    They’re just costumes. lol

  • Steven Gouthro

     They’re just costumes anyway.

  • Alex Marrero

    Costumes. But hey, they didn’t show anything new so I expected this. 

    What more is there to reveal? The new features were in the demo, we know most of the info on story mode, it seems to be just characters we’re waiting for. Since most of them are rehashed, I’m not that excited about them anyway. I feel like they’ve revealed just about everything already except possibly 10 or so characters. 

    Even CC2 has looked lackluster at their events. Matsuyama doesn’t look as enthused about Storm 3 as he has in the past about Storm. They look tired of it. 

  • lXl_Sage of the six Paths_lXl

    i’m kicking ass in storm generations, and i’m gonna Continue kicking ass in storm 3. i’m talking about an era here a legacy, the legacy of the sage of the six paths.

  • Abdi Hassan

    I have to disagree with you on that. They would not show us all the game mechanics this early in marketing. Matsuyama himself continuously mentions that we have only seen 20% of the game. Considering this is CC2, i do however know they are most likely going to recycle old characters from Storm 2/generation’s. But you also have to factor in the fact that, CC2 in my opinion is really trying please fans by adding new features/ideas and rejuvenating an old formula that has been mostly kept the same since Storm 1 this time around. So in conclusion i am 100% we are not just waiting for 10-15 more characters.

  • konanNmadara

    Yeah I’m with you on that one and plus we are atleast waiting on 25 new characters something similar to survival modes and new online features its to early for them to be throwing all the big whoops and wows.

    Sadly I still doubt that any of the characters from storm 2 and generations get any new movestes or ougi but ill still buy the game and drown myself in hundreds of hoursof gameplay

  • konanNmadara

    Please give Konan a new ougi and jutsu I can deal with the moveste but give me something

  • Benson Price

     in the NYCC interview, matsuyama stated that we have only seen 20% of the GAMEPLAY MECHANICS that have been changed/added. that statement got me really excited, considering that the NYCC demo had the new support attack system and new awakening elements. if thats only 20% of the new gameplay mechanics, then the other 80% will hopefully really freshen up and deepen the possibilities for gameplay

  • Anderson Sanpai

    kid obito.

  • braxton4715

    i hope pakura gets confirmed soon

  • ace

    I sent a suggests to CC2 about the movesets with possible changes listed for some. For Kakashi I said, he could have a different element each combo. Nuetral combo Raikiri, Down combo Water Shark/Dragon, Up combo Earth Style Summoning Dog Wall from his fight with Pain, and Side ccmbo Great/Grand Fireball Jutsu. Grab could be Thousand Years of Pain  (which I don’t know why they never gave him) and his Ougi could be this. He sends out a Lightning clone which does Raikiri, after it hits,it explodes into a paralysing electric shock which is followed by a Kamui. It would initiate like Pain’s Ougi.The clone running at target with Raikiri while he stands back building up Chakra for Kamui 

  • braxton4715

    hey guys ps360hd2 has uploaded the full scan on youtube check it out

  • konanNmadara

    Who knows the name of those 2 twins that got suckung into the gold brothers gourd they should both be in the game or atleast support

  • John Haliburton

    Add me on Xbox JHaliburtoN

  • braxton4715

    atsui and samui yea they might be support

  • konanNmadara

    Yeah let’s. Hope

  • Mitchell

    your a spammer so dont brag

  • uchihasasuke993

    obito with the rinnigan 

  • Alex Marrero

    Sure they would. 90% of Gen’s mechanics were revealed near the beginning. Sub bars, chakra dash cancels, confirmation on character balance tweaks, air chakra dash, no more infinite NM > kunai, etc within the first few months. They even spelled it out on the official website. 

    Little things like NM cancels were left to the player to figure out and that’s it. 

  • lXl_Sage of the six Paths_lXl

    dude please……

  • jason bradley

     another thing that would be awesome is more NARUTO charatcers to be shown in this NARUTO game like ginkaku and kinkaku, edo itachi and edo nagato and others that were in the war begins trailer cause y’know they’re NARUTO characters

  • Otaku Kun

    dude please nothing, your a spammer so you get no respect. if the sage of the six paths were to see you. he would obliterate your entire existense for haveing no honor as a true ninja or gamer. your kind is unwanted, uneeded, and just a sad group of sorry saps that believ that they can be the best by useing the same s**t over and over. when really you couldnt battle by yourselves withought spamming. if they put a limiter on how many times you caould do your actions. you’d be burnt down. So no legacy for you no way you could ever become a legacy. and no way you could ever be shown respect by spamming. weakling

  • festtim

    wow Edo Tensei is Back

  • Alexander Romero

    CC2 better not troll us and make edo asuma and deidara with the same combos as their regular state combo or this game will drop in rates

  • Christopher Tran

    they did xDD

  • Christopher Tran

    Im sad about edo sasori not making it though

  • GamerGirl123

    What I want ? C0 for Deidara !!