Naruto Storm 3 – Scan 12, New Stage Confirmed

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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YOSH! A brand new Naruto Storm 3 scan has been revealed! This is scan 12 here on Saiyan Island and it shows the Leaf Ninja taking on the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist. Not only that, it confirms a brand new stage! By the looks of it, it’s a rooftop in the Hidden Leaf Village while it’s in the rebuilding process.

You will note towards the bottom left of the scan is a screenshot with Naruto taking on Yamato. If we understood correctly, and we could be totally wrong, players can knock their opponent out of the battle arena. This may also have a component similar to the stage transitions seen in the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series. Of course, we are just guessing, we hope to have more info as soon as it is revealed!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • Hason Peart

    Reminds me of Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution games :3
    Bringin the Classic Backs with better graphics :D

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    man saiyanisland, you guys are up to date!!! i like it!!!

  • Salvador

    stage transitions!! Free Roam! omg Yess

  • Alex Marrero

    Hmm… knocking the opponent out of the stage. If that’s what it is, I wonder if it’s a KO situation or a Stage Shift.

  • ResidentMetroid

    I wonder if we’ll see more crossovers, maybe a stage from another Bandai Namco game? 

  • Kira

    knock their opponent out of the battle arena Totally Awsome

  • robert gray

     um i think it’s transition and not free roam

  • Roy Thuis

    It’s funny how this little image at the bottom of a page made my day

  • AssasinXHunter27

    Stage transitions in this game would be sick!!! Reminds me of clash of ninja revolution 3 which was a pretty good game

  • Visions

    Wait a SEC!!!!!! is that stage transitions? If it is, they listened my suggestion OOOMMMGGG!:’D:’D

  • RedDragon10

    I hope so.  The past 2 Storm games’ stages have pretty much been a circle with a change of scenery from here to there.  

  • Salvador

     dammit but still nice

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Tsunade’s boobs should be good playable stage lol.. joking, but anyways I do believe naruto’s samarui costume will have new movesets clearly, such as he’ll actually be using the sword. with that said, it would make more sense that goku costume naruto will also have new move sets, maybe naruto will even use goku’s power pole instead of just staying on his back or for cut scenes. and you know what kinda boggles me? is that if their going to give the costume naruto’s new movesets, why not give sasuke (karin) a new moveset instead of the samething with hebi. theirs no way they could’ve made made these naruto alternate costumes without thinking about sasuke, even if it’s just canon.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I hate it when you’re right 

  • RedDragon10

     Hey, the truth speaks for itself.

  • Mickeycuzz

    Oh snap, so 40% new gameplay mechanics. Nothing I asked for or expected, but you have to admit ..that’s pretty BOSS !

  • AldouphusWilliams

    the lower right scan looks like its free roam huh?

  • jason bradley

     it eaither looks like free roam is back in or you can do new things in the arenas this game just keeps on giving

  • James Smith

    might as well say that the seven swordsman are playable. YESSSSSSs

  • Sharkskin_kisame

    no its hack n slash

  • Akio Takeshi

    Sakura has a jounin outfit on if anyone hadn’t noticed.

  • Nikhil Kalia

    By the looks of the two stage images on the bottom left. It looks like naruto has kicked yamato off the stage. If you look closely  you can see the railings on the left are fine but on the transition they have broken off. That is just awesome! Imagine how cool it would be if you could do that in the final valley where you can finally fight near the waterfall instead of the ass pulled rock.

  • Zeke Asakura

    not confirmed,idiot.

  • Graham

    Can they please just confirm the swordsmen -__- I would enjoy that.

  • † Itachi Senpai †

    Nem tinha percebido….acho que todos terão…

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    WOW FREAKING AWESOME! btw in 2 canon episodes we should get to naruto vs itachi and nagato and then 6 canon episodes later to madara but right now fillers have taken over …..

  • Deno13

    Guys just think wat u would be able to do with that action on the samurai bridge u can kick someones ass off the bridge onto the water where Naruto and Sasuke Clashed wooooooohoooooooo im ready for this game

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    I hope they have the stage where sasuke fought killer bee.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    I wish you were right for stage transitions, by the look of the images, it seems like you can really throw the opponent out the arena to another one below ! More maps should be interactive, I guess the Iron Bridge is.
    I also wish the 7 swordsmen are actually playable !

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Since second trailer already… You’re a bit late.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    That’s not 40% yet, maybe 30% max.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    You’re not the only one, a majority of us asked it.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Look at Yamato’s HP bar, he’s got one left, so it’s not a KO situation. It’s a stage shift :)

  • David Han

    Nice to see more new stuff from CC2. They should confirm the Seven Swordsmen already though.

  • Jordan Wilson

    YES!!!! this was one of my suggestions XDDD
    The gods of CC2 have listened to most of my prayers as of now XDDD
    Now for Anbu Kakashi and Anbu Itachi..fingers crossed

  • WHY1254

    they havent confirm kinkaku or ginkaku .  ._.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    I Really Like How The Game’s GOinG So Farr! C: SEEMS like the 7 sword mist are playable . but theres one thing im worried about ! which is Jugo !!! :P They havent Update His Latest Moves & and CM2 , it would suck if their leaving him the same as storm 2 or gen!

  • Abdi Hassan

    Yeah im starting to get suspicious about that my self.

  • Felipe

    O.O’…OMG, STAGE TRANSITIONS??? YOSHAAAAA!!! CC2 UR AWESOME!!!…..Also, I like how all the Swordsmen screenshots have their names on it (yes, the Kanjis in purple are the names of the Swordsmen), it might mean that they’re actually individual characters, which leads to….PLAYABLE!!! Let’s hope.

  • jason bradley

    it looks like each individual swordsman are having one on one fights with the characters so hopefully they could be playable and it looks like they’re names are in each individual image of the swordsman 

  • jason bradley

     they were in the war begins trailer along with the others who were ressurected so they are in the game they will probably be playable

  • jason bradley

     dude that was in generations

  • Frank Cerullo

    we saw their bodies in the trailer showing tobi, and yes stage transformations and possable seven swordsmen playablty this game is epic but the goku costom dlc is my entire reason for having pre ordered it already

  • Frank Cerullo

    and its already been confirmed in the mid combo awaking scan

  • jason bradley

    i personally think the swordsmen will be playable i don’t think cc2 would leave them out of the character roster just gonna have to wait and see

  • Frank Cerullo

    don’t know how you guys can see that small pic at the bottom so well xd but awesome! :D

  • narutobleachop

    click on the pic… it makes it bigger

  • dark_flame360

    Are you forgetting about all of the the kage fights? Gaara against his dad. There’s Fu, the Raikage. More than 2 episodes

  • dark_flame360

    You can’t assume when it comes to movesets. The sword and pole can easily be props.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Only A Fuking ( misspelled on purpose ) would make a samurai outfit, and NOT make them use a sword, you could be right about the pole since goku never really used as often, but the sword is a must! so I can assume , unless CC2 really are retards.

  • Feliciano PlayboyPasta Vargas

    Yes I love the Clash Of Ninja games with stage changes and it does look like the Swordsmen are playable I really want to play as Mangetsu too bad Raiga is filler tho 

  • narutopiece1

    Is it just me or does that (bottom left picture) look like free roaming, where naruto is jumping on building. its looks like the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist are playable judging by their movesets shown on the scan :D

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    I prefer Jinpachi over all of them.

  • Khoo Boo Chuan Kenneth


  • Tonii_Montana

    Do you guys think the stage transitions will be cinematic or real time?

  • Felipe

    It will be a Cinematic Animation, probably.

  • Felipe

    The graphics were improved. Ameyuri’s Lightning looks better than the one in the screenshot….see? They’re still working on the game.

  • shafiq95

    does this mean we can fight on water on the valley of the end stage..

  • XxDecimoxX10

    Thats what I thought at first too, but it’s not. It’s hopefully a more enjoyable Konoha

  • Tonii_Montana

    That’s where players were fighting in the comic con demo.

  • Tonii_Montana

    That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Seems that since storm 1 they cut back on a lot of the cinematics during free battle.

  • jermar

    for me the clash of ninja series was my thing back in the day. i didn’t start playing the ultimate ninja series till storm 1 came, but clash of ninja ruled



  • Mickeycuzz

    Instead of asking for Jutsu clashes , we should ask for a longer story mode ..this game has too much potential to end at some random fight. Atleast edo tensei release !

  • Jaylin RJ Anderson

    i rlly want the clash back plzz bring it back it will make the game rawer and can   u rlly knock ur opppent out the arena 

  • konanNmadara

    It looks like the seven swordsman will atleast be support

  • drakeuchiha007

    no they will not be support they’ll be characters we can play as them, don’t worry you’ll see.

  • drakeuchiha007

    no they will not be support they’ll be characters we can play as them, don’t worry you’ll see.

  • drakeuchiha007

    it’s just the Beginning be Patient.

  • Serket Hamo

    CC2 is stepping their game up i see knock people out of the arena thats real NICEEEE!!!

  • Murzsa Roland

     ummm… i played Storm 2 and Geneerations alot, and im Sorry for my stupidity but…. What is Stage Transitions??:$$

  • Pojomon

    Alright on the early ultimate ninja title (ultimate ninja 1) during the fight you could go from one stage to another, for example : you can go from the chumming exams (finals) to the top on the stadiums were the third hokage fought orochimaru all in one match

    And in the later games, you could fight on different parts of certain stages

  • Murzsa Roland

     oooooo:D Thats Sound Awsome!!! thanks for the Explanation bro!!!:D

  • Edwin

     I think so. In one scan or one trailer there was shown the Valley of the End Stage and it had a fence or something at the borders.

  • Savoy Truffle11

    Just imagine that, at the valley of the end knock some of your opponent out and get to water stage where naruto and sasuke fight. awesome ~

  • XGriever

    well considering the japanese says its a “RING OUT” feature id say its instant KO and not a stage transition. there’s nothing suggesting a stage transition at all people are getting ahead of themselves.

  • Putney Belmont

    I want Pakura and Gari :/

  • Nelson Alves

    Lol he explained kinda right but wrong at the same time cause in the Ultimate Ninja series you could only stage transition at a certain time and random time while with in the Clash Of Ninja series when you at a certain edge of the map at a certain area and do a combo that sends them flying to the right area it will then show a cutscene you you chasing them this could be running down the waterfall at the Valley of End or chasing them through trees in the forest of death just so many things and somehow their are Incorporating that into storm3 =) which will be the last Storm game but not the last Naruto game cause this game wont have Madara in it so guys be prepared for the Ultimate Naruto game ever.

  • Devaughn Chambers

    wouldn’t be cool if you could fight in space too? example, in Outlaw Star you can fight on top Gene Starwind’s (which is the name of the ship Outlaw Star) it would be cool or you can fight on the lower part of the Final Valley though that would be cool too.

  • Nelson Alves

    Pakura FTW!!!

  • Devaughn Chambers

     of course there going to be in the game watch

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    I NEED PAKURA!!!!!!!  AND JINPACHI!!!!!  And Kimimaro if they don’t forget about him.

  • Vergil Uchiha

    nah this One Is More Like Tekken! But I Hope Ur Right THOU 

  • Nelson Alves

    My characters if they were in the game or not

    Characters allowed to Rank Match lol
    -EMS Sasuke
     -Itachi (Edo Tensei)

    Characters Allowed to Player and anything else
    -All my past characters 
    -Tsunade (if she has new combos)
    -All Jinchuriki
    -Sage Naruto(Orange jumpsuit)-Has brand new move set
    -Guren (Wish she was playable)
    -and ill play as Serious Tobi once cause he is a fag =P

    I’ll still play as my other characters like Pein, All Sasuke’s, All Itachi’s, Minato, Tobirama, Hinata, Killerbee and thats really 

    Clan Curse Of Hatred GT Akuatsukiman if you wanna join must be really experienced

  • Sigvon SinTei

    WOW. So this is one of the 5 new battle system upgrades that CC2 mentioned. Looking good!

    -New awakening system
    -New team attack system
    -Stage transition (upgraded stage system)

    We still have 2 more upgrades left.

  • Matsu96

     Mangetsu looks epic!! But I don’t understand how they could make the seven swordsmen playable and the sound-quartet and especially the kage bodyguards support-only?!

  • Nelson Alves

    Characters that need to be fixed like if you agree

    -All Naruto’s besides Sage Mode
     Reason: You can’t dash in to his combos he is so f***ing broken  

     Reason: Double Dash, Combos turn around, Jutsu can still hit you even if you     
     sub, You sub into his combos >=(

     Reason: Jutsu is Op and will still get hit even if you sub even sometimes when  
     you are blocking, Only spammers use him XD

    -Masked Man
     Reason: Jutsu is way to Op and can still get it even if you sub

    -Sage Mode
     Reason: When you dont see the Dash Rasengan coming or when they sub   Rasengan F***ing spammers
    How to fix Naruto’s
    -Make it so you can dash into his combos or make it so Sasuke has the Same hit box =P

    How to fix Kiba
    -Make it so Akamaru does not dash into enemies
    -Which ever way kiba Goes when he uses fang over fang
     Akamaru goes in that direction to
    -Make it so Akamaru does not make you flinch but only attacks like an attack  
     support so Kiba then will not turn around 

    How to fix Tsuchikage
    -All you must do make it so you sub behind him you think anyone will play as  
     Tsuchikage if you could sub behind his jutsu no one will ever use him

    How to fix Masked Man
    -Make it so you sub on the side of his Jutsu or Behind him of where he would  
     end up

    How to fix Sage Mode 
    -Can’t be fixed =(

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Why 2 ? New awakening system and team attack were only 20% of the final gameplay. So the total of new features is 10.
    With the stage transition, there should be 7 features to be added, not 3 !

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    For Tsuchikage and Masked man, there’s another problem : they can finish their jutsu even if they’re stopped by another one. Masked man’s jutsu goes through everything but Shinra Tensei. And Tsuchikage’s jutsu is very quick to launch. It should take some time, just like, Kakuzu’s jutsu.

    But I agree on all that you said, and I would add Pain to the broken combos.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Kimimaro will be in, Namco Bandai confirmed the past characters to be in this game. For the swordsmen, I actually want all of them to be included as playable characters, such as the Jinchurikis.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    In fact, Dead or Alive had this before Tekken.

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    All possibilities can be imagined : Rain Village in two parts (where Jiraya fought Konan and where he fought Pain), Konoha of course, Akatsuki hideout (breaking the giant door by knocking the opponent through it), Valley of the end on the platform and on the water, etc. Can’t wait to see all that stuff!

  • Sigvon SinTei

    From what I understood in the interview, the translator said that, the new awakening system is just the 20% of the battle system upgrades that they have done in storm 3. So we have to wait for the other 80%.

    Though it would be insanely nice if we are to have 10 new features. That would be Epic and awesome. But a bit unrealistic.

    If they are to change 10 new features. That would be…

    -New awakening system
    -Team attack
    -stage transition
    -new sub system?
    -jutsu system?
    -moveset system?
    -Secret factors?
    -destructible envitoment?

    it’s a bit hard to name the 10. But awesome if it were true. :) )

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Yep you’re right, they were rather inaccurate on that point.
    I was thinking… maybe a counter-grab system would be nice. You know, not only with a combo hit, but by starting grab before the opponent’s grab reaches you, and then you counter-attack with a small animation. Looks similar to jutsu clash actually, but without the QTE. I’m also in favor of (optional) jutsu clashes btw :p

  • Kevin Ardoullie

    Karin was playable… so why not the swordsmen ? The support-only sound quartet was a big mistake, probably the biggest since Storm 1 where Zabuza and Haku were missing.  They shouldn’t do it again. That kind of characters are easy to make playable, as we see them fighting in current episodes of the anime. For the Kage bodyguards, only Darui and such deserve a full gameplay, because he had an important fight. I’m also waiting for Ginkaku and Kinkaku, only half-shown in the trailer.

  • KillSasukeHaters

    I think the sevenswords men will be playable since they’re doing these gay ass fillers with them >_>. So likely in the anime we’ll see each story surrounding them and wal la!

    I could careless about those goons >_>, I wanna play with my daddy Madara ._.

  • Adi Habbo

    From German to English with Google Translate: I think it would be good if the characters can ascend as in Naruto Impact level and its strength can be extended arbitrarily to a 100% scoring. Maintenance as with football, because you can change their abilities as you like.

  • Devaughn Chambers

    i don’t know if you guys care or not but it is possible if they can Gene Starwind or Aisha Clan Clan in this game. Bandai owns this and they own Outlaw Star. So i want Gene Starwind in this game. It can happen guys!

  • Devaughn Chambers

    yeah when goku was a kid he used that powerpole

  • Sigvon SinTei

    Yeah. A counter grab would be nice. It would prevent other players from exploiting the grab system. I like that idea.

    I’m also in favor of optional jutsu clashes. Having your opponent think that he would hit you with a jutsu then you suddenly counter it and win a clash would be great.

  • Devaughn Chambers

    Aisha Clan Clan is one of the characters that fans would like to see in the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The name has been associated with a possible guest star role but there is no official information.

  • Matsu96

     Yes, but if the swordsmen are playable, the kage bodyguards have be too because they are more important.

  • Warutsu Hiraoka

    interesting :)

  • Waxgyi

    Lars better be in this installment of the storm series.

  •ózsef-Pálos/100001576711815 József Pálos

    Interesting how people pack then thought that “Lars will destroy the game” and “why they put in in a character that is not a Naruto character” and such, and now everyone is “Put in this, put in that random character from random animes/games”….

  • Felipe

    He will NEVER be in any installment of the Storm series anymore, he was just a promotional character for the Tekken game (only because Kishimoto designed him). Lars would be totally pointless now. And what’s this “better be”??? Are you their boss?

  • Felipe

    People, just forget about Lars, he’s not going to be in. Even Goku would be more reasonable than him at this point. STOP DREAMING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

  • Felipe

    Typical “gamers” dude, unfortunately, the world is full of them. The only thing they do is complain and ask for stupid things…then complain again because it wasn’t exactly what their retarded minds wanted…

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    There should be optional jutsu clashes and an option to change the number of health bars.

  • Matsu96

     agreed! It’s not like I don’t like the seven swordsmen but Kishimoto didn’t show anything about them so they simply don’t interest me. And these fillers don’t change anything.

  • WHY1254

    what happens if u pre order the game do u get something cause i remember if u pre order in generation you get 3 free cards but if u dont u will still get the 3 cards

  • WHY1254

    ya u could be right but i find it strange there were no scan or game play hmmm maybe in a week

  • Vergil Uchiha

    wtf ! Why People Want Lars soo Bad ??? O_o He Wasn’t Even Good (My Opinion) lol but still …

  • Mr_OP_Emo_Eyes

    Storm 3 sounds pretty cool so far, and if they add jutsu clashes, than it would be plain f***ing awesome!

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Only if their optional, then everyone wins.

  • Alex Marrero

    Not if you use your subs and supports wisely. I’m actually very optimistic if it is a ring out situation, since this will hopefully deter those who recklessly use up their subs from doing just that, or at least minimize their chance of winning due to random attack patterns and decent players preserving their sub bars.

  • narutonatsu

    I rather have Natsu than one those of guys. He never got a game and he will fit in perfectly in the game. If his in … the best game ever. 

  • aleksa555

    what is optinal jutsu clashes?

  • Omar Ali

    It can help you to toggle the jutsu clashes option to on/off on the free battle . 

  • Rayson

    Not everyone is going to get what they want sorry and its full of complainers to…..

  • Rayson

    Funny I hope they mod madara so broken that anyone can beat him well anyone legit b/c u ppl only spam to win

  • Rayson

    Show those bitches who BOSS!

  • Wizi god

    the new stage is Konoha in construction…. Awesome

  • jason bradley

     why would you want lars back he was nothing more than a promotional character and was boring to play as no cc2 should focus on naruto content cause this is a naruto game after all

  • Waxgyi

    Lars for the win.

  • Trulynd Hall

    Oh my GOD!! SI just get a japanese translator, like seriously all he needs to know is hiragana(since most kanji have hiragana above it) and katakana.
    “Shin(new) Batoru(battle) suteeji(stage) jyouken(i think that means adventure)”
    “Ringu(ring) auto(out) ga… then you logo blocks of the rest”

    What’s that mean? 
    Possibly a switch stage and ring out feature in battle.
    Learn japanese for gods sake, it’s not too hard or get someone to help out.

  • ichigokun

    i thought they had one because they said exactly what u said

  • hala

    Naruto’s wearing something new in the picture that’s at the bottom of the scan! :o

  • narutowingman