Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, One Piece Film Z Special Movie Ticket Pictures

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Remember that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods scan from about two weeks ago? Well, in case you don’t we will remind you! It had a picture of Luffy and Goku to jointly promote a special movie ticket that gets fans in Japan to both One Piece Film Z and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The limited edition ticket went on sale November 23 for 2,600 yen ($32 USD), and well, some fans now have it and are sharing pictures of goods with us on the web! As shown in the image with two tickets in a hand, you will note each has it’s own unique number.

Battle-of-Gods-Ticket.jpg Battle-of-Gods-Ticket-2.jpg Battle-of-Gods-Ticket-03.jpg
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Thanks Elijah!

One Piece Film Z is the 12th movie in the One Piece series. It will be released in Japanese theaters on December 15, 2012. The movie will be the first to take place in the New World, pitting the Straw Hat Pirates against their strongest enemy yet – a man named Z. Drawings and commentary by Oda-sensei indicate he is a human with cyborg enhancements and unreal power. One Piece Film Z is being marketed as a movie that will “surpass Strong World” and contain a “heroic battle” between Luffy and Z.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, before before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either movie.

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    I wish I lived in Japan! I want to see both of these movies so bad!!!

  • Sandrie Manzano

    Where`s bleach movie then? 

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    You mean the live action coming out?..if so most likely summer 2013 at the earliest.

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    I’d buy the DBZ ticket separate unless it’s around the same price. Might as well check out OP, maybe it would change my mind about it.

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    Epic just Epic! this would be a good time living in Japan. Man I would definitely pay 32 dollars to watch these two films.

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    stop sleeping on one piece it goes hard only fags dont know that