Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Manga to Have Simultaneous Release in North America, Japan

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Starting January 21, 2013, Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha will bring North American fans the latest chapter of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and a host of other manga the same day it comes out in Japan! The announcement was made on Viz Media’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Previously, Shonen Jump Alpha was being released with a two week delay to Japan’s Shonen Jump.

A yearly subscription of the digital magazine can be purchased for $25.99 at Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha can be read on the PC, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) devices.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Now people can’t use the “i have to wait 2 weeks” excuse to pirate manga instead of subscribing to SJAlpha. Will the people who used this excuse stop pirating manga now? Nope.

  • narutobleachop

    They will now say it comes out a few days late.Which is true, unfortunately since it leaks out.

  • ibster

    you forgot about the people in Europe 

  • Tobi

    ( •_•)
    Count me
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ In

  • Nigel Davis

    That’s awesome to know that they are thinking about the American fans!

  • ichigokun

    wow, great news! They should sell these in stores as magazines too so people can see them and the fan base gets bigger

  • EA575

    Other excuses: “I have no money.”
    “Other translations are better.”

  • DavidSennin13

    Someone please tell me this, I do not understand, please, I would greatly appreciate

  • DavidSennin13


  • DavidSennin13

    please someone tell me I beg you, explain to me this subject well, I do not understand anything

  • sailorsteph1

    You can if you don’t live in the US, they never think of the Europeans countries. But to be fair I buy all the books.

  • Jack daniels

     American’s will gain access to the manga the same time as Japanese citizens do.

  • RedDragon10

    Basically, the way most of us read manga is illegal.  Going on manga streaming sites is technically not allowed, and some sites have even been caught and threatened by this (such as mangareader for JUMP titles and even mangastream for awhile, also with JUMP titles).  Most of the time, people use the excuse that manga takes forever to be processed and translated by legal subscription sites such as Shonen Jump Alpha.  Well, now we can’t use that excuse for all the JUMP titles are being released on the same day it’s released in Japan.  Will this stop people from going to manga sites? No.  Many will view the subscription price too high and pricy while we can just read all the manga we want with a click of our mouse and for free.

  • Shogunreaper

    How is the translation compared to fan versions (EX: Mangastream)?

    is it like super localized?

  • Hagareno

    I’ll use both the fan translated version and this. Viz tends do I say…soften most phrases. I expect to see lines like dumbhead, jerk, and loser replacing the japanese profanities like they have thus far. Profanity doesn’t make a series, but replacing them with horribly unfitting lines kind of ruins the immersion. I take my manga seriously. Either way…I’ll be sure to compare the 2 once the service starts in january.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Am I the only one that when I read Naruto (and Bleach, but mainly Naruto) I imagine their individual voices in my head? Naruto’s is almost the same as the English dubb but its more of a serious not yelling voice. Like when he says “How am I supposed to be Hokage if I can’t even save one friend?” that’s how my Naruto talks most of the time. But when he’s stern and that it’s good ol awesome Naruto voice from not Shippuden but Naruto in the 230 on up episodes

    Killer Bee is like the voice of Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4   (Look it up, fits him really good)

    Kurama is the voice kinda like…….Megatron from the movies
    Real Madara is like Ansem from KH

  • Grant Tatum

    Let me clarify, while America will get it simultaneous with Japan, illegal manga streaming sites will still upload first. Why? The internet gets a leaked shonen jump roughly around Tuesday/Wednesday, which that same shonen jump will release in Japan the following Monday. Unfortunately due to this illegal manga reading will be preferred, as it will release roughly five days earlier than the official release. Plus with the added fact that it is “free” compared to the “cost” of Shonen Jump Alpha.

  • narutopiece1

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, why don’t they release it in europe too? why do US fans only get the good things?  >:(

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    lol @ the top wallpaper XD

  • Allen Stuart

     Unfortunately, the only way Shueisha will ever be able to beat the people who snag magazines from early shipments and upload the contents online a week in advance, will be to release them in online exclusively, in English and Japanese, a week in advance. And even if Shueisha did that, the bootleggers will just steal the online editions and distribute them anyway.

  • Allen Stuart

    Because different companies own the publishing licenses in Europe.

    Viz is actually *owned* by Shueisha, the company that publishes Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, which means that in the US, Viz basically has access to almost all of Shueisha’s Jump manga series.

  • Edward Watkins

    i see a lot of ppl wondering about the translation being different from what they’re used to. this is great and i hope ppl dont pass it up just because of that. 95% of the readers cant understand japanese anyway so who are they to judge whats more accurate and whats not? 

  • Hagareno

    I’m fluent in Japanese, but manga comes out in america in translated format only, so I can’t read the original when it comes out. I DO know from past Viz releases that I compared to RAW, that they take out almost every profanity and replace it with this or that. When you read them side by side, the Viz translation sounds pretty simplified and childish. It just got on my nerves is all. If I’m paying to read it, I’d want the translations to be as close to the original dialogue as possible. 

  • sailorsteph1

    The Viz manga in the UK are direct US imports and not published by UK countries.

  • Deno13

    Whoa whoa whoa ok i dont understand wat do they mean by the manga coming out on the same day as japan can someone explain all of this pleeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee

  • Hagareno

    You just said it….Japan releases manga, It takes english fans a day to translate and post it. Viz is going to have it done the day of the release in japan, so it’ll be released a day before fan translations essentially. 
    Naruto, bleach, one piece, all come out a day earlier for you if you have this subscription.

  • Deno13

    Thanks man i feel dumb lol

  • Allen Stuart

     I disagree. When I tend to compare the original Japanese dialogue to scanlations, scanlations tend to add profanity where there isn’t even any. Japanese doesn’t even really have much profanity in the first place, and certainly not that you see in Weekly Shonen Jump series. Usually the most risque stuff you see is “temee” or “kisama” which technically just mean “you” but is often translated as “bastard” to convey that it’s a rude way of saying “you.”

    Frankly, I think people who equate profanity with maturity are pretty immature themselves.

    WSJA is not censored and they freely use words like damn, hell, crap, and bastard. There’s no need to use them excessively or to liberally insert profanity to try and prove that a series is “mature.”

    I personally hate the fan translations of One Piece that throw profanity in every other word. It reminds me of the old days when DBZ fansubs were being circulated on VHS, and often the people who “translated” it didn’t know Japanese and just made up dialogue. Goku, a character who is so innocent and pure that he can ride kinto’un even after getting married and having two kids, should not be blurting out obsenities every other sentence.

    An example is Luffy’s “buttobasu” which a lot of scanlators translate as “kick ass” or worse, even though there is nothing profane about the phrase. It literally just means “beat up”, “clobber”, “pound,” or whatever. I’ve seen “Omae wa ore ga buttobasu!” translated as “I’m gonna f-ing kick your ass!” even though “I’m gonna clobber you!” is more accurate.

  • Allen Stuart

    Actually it won’t be released before fan translations, because Weekly Shonen Jump goes on sale on Monday in Japan, and fan translations are usually posted on Wednesday mornings, six days before that.

    FYI, the magazines get shipped out to stores about a week before their release date, so that they’ll have the magazines in stock. There are people in Japan who steal them or buy them early and then post the scans online. Then the scanlators find and download the scans and use them to make their illegal fan scanlations.

    The illegal scans that are going to be posted online within the next 8 hours or so aren’t going to be available to legit consumers in Japan until next monday. Of course, that’s one of the big reasons for Weekly Shonen Jump’s declining circulation in Japan — illegal scans are killing the industry, ever so slowly.

  • Hagareno

    That is correct. That is one of the problems with fan translations. They do like to add profanity when there is no need. I’m just saying that the way Viz handles certain dialogue is a big turn off for me. Sometimes they’ll have characters talk with very geeky mannerisms that I have never heard a normal person use. I know that Kono Yaro should not be translated as “you fool”; that is not a very good representation of that phrase in the english language. There is so many words in english that can be used for something that only has 1 word in Japanese. It’s open to interpretation, but I just feel weird with some of Viz’s work. I own a TON of viz manga, so I have some footing. 

    My point is not that fan translations are better, it’s merely that Viz’s style of translations seem a tiny bit off to me. I guess because I know japanese, I have my own english interpretations of words and such, and sometimes they clash with others’.

  • Hagareno

    Thanks for that. I didn’t even know that…I just hope even if people read the fan translations first, they’ll atleast have the decency to have a subscription from Viz. 

  • Allen Stuart

    Honestly, I think that “fool, ya fool” is a pretty solid middleground
    for “bakayarou, konoyarou”, if that’s what you’re referring to.

    A bit less crass than the Japanese, but in modern street slang
    “konoyarou” isn’t much worse than saying “hey, punk,” — it’s just
    something that punks and hipsters call each other, the way hip-hop
    artists might use the word “fool” or “foo”, so I think it works. It’s certainly not like B is trying to be profane or insulting.

    There’s nothing profane or vulgar about the word “yarou”, it just means
    “uncivilized young man”, in the old days it would’ve been translated as
    “rascal” or “scamp”, at worst maybe “gutter rat”.

    Certainly something like “muthafucka”, like certain scanlation groups
    use, is pretty over the top, IMO. Can’t even get away with that on a lot
    of cable networks.

  • Hagareno

    I wasn’t referring to bee, but I guess if you think of it as Fool in the way you say ( Ya foo), it’s not terrible.

  • Thomas Brito

    You’re wrong son, Japan has a “Weekly Shounen JUMP alpha”, the digital version of the manga is released on wednesday on Japan, the paper version is sold on Mondays.
    There’s no “steal” 

  • p b

     paper allergies.
    no postal service.
    respect for  intellectual property is forbidden by my religion