Naruto Storm 3: Goku Costume Naruto in Action

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Naruto Storm 3 will contain a special Goku costume (from Dragon Ball Z) for Naruto which will be obtainable through a special downloadable code in North America and Europe. At Paris Games Week, Naruto in Goku’s costume was shown in action, complete with a two handed Rasengan that looks like a Kamehameha and an ultimate jutsu that shows Minato to somewhat mimic a Father-Son Kamehameha. Thanks to YouTube user CharismaticOne96!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • aleksa555

    the only differents beetven regular naruto and goku costume naruto is jutsu . ;)

  • Rock Wood Lee

    Italy <3

  • Durose James

    Kamehameha rasengan 

  • pedro juan barguil navarro

    well i was especting another max atack like a rasengan kyubi stile

  • RedDragon10

    That kamehameha pose for the rasengan is just awesome.  But the father-son reference was kind of stupid.

  • OtherWorlded

    This is EPIC 

  • Checho Toledo

    actually he use the stick in the combos

  • † Itachi Senpai †


  • Tae Norman


  • Nikhil Kalia

    I love that rasengan - kamehame style! The animation of it looks
    awesome and they even utilized his weapon in the combo, can’t wait to
    see how it looks in final! 

  • OtherWorlded

     Man, I haven’t been here in a while so what did I miss. I got work soon so can someone please fill me in on whats been happening in Storm 3. It is going to take a while for me to get back into the loop.

  • Marcus Strahl

    This is what would have happened if Naruto had trained under Goku instead of Jiraiya.

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.


  • Saul Diaz

    You can tell its an early build cuz naruto’s in normal outfit when in “tailed beast mode”

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    i wanna see new scan with new character or new trailer(no with cutscenes).

  • Giovanni liuzzi


  • Frank Cerullo

    kakashis support pic look! head band is up we get full sharingan all teh time yes :D ! and this looks pretty beast i love it

  • Frank Cerullo

    the awaking they didn’t even bother to take teh head band out :|  

  • danilo1985

    very cool

  • aleksa555

    am i the only one who see sakura in her war outfit. :)

  • Chase Phillips

    Sweet. I’m definitely going to preorder.

  • JusticeManJoe

    its a early build its not the way its gonna be in the end

  • braxton4715

    nope this must mean that we get to play as her and the rest of konoha 11 in their war outfits during free battle :D

  • braxton4715

    i hope we some gameplay of samurai naruto :D

  • braxton4715

    hell yea me 2 :D

  • Shogunreaper

    Looks more like the rasengan naruto tried to do when he couldn’t properly handle it.

  • heartlessniggasprosper

    RASENGANAMEHAA!!! loll and the Father-Son Rasenganameha….

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    it would be cool if his tilt is him using the power pull and extending it, kinda like the third hokage’s pole/monkey thing

  • Kira


  • Ppnjelly

    the ultimate should have been Minato’s spirit helping Naruto with a rasengan

  • Corey J.

    So the only thing that’s different about Naruto in Goku Gi outfit is that he does a Rasenhameha? They could have gotten bit more creative with this one but what can you do eh?

  • daydera

    I’m thought that Naruto costume Goku, naruto will use jutsu goku and his fighting style ,i upset.

  • chez123

    wouldn’t it be cool if instead of the 1000 rasengans he used the clones to create a giant rasengan to represent a spirit bomb and hit the enemy with it!

  • treeko

    Ripoff DLC told you people it should be free…….

  • 6ThunderHorse6

    his ougi should have been a father son thing like at the start naruto and minato are standing next to each other then naruto goes for a resengan and minato throws a kunai and appears behind the enemy so naruto rasengans the front of the enemy and minato rasengans the back  

    lol does that make sense? 

  • Salvador

    awesome rasengam kamehameha man they should change the movesets later they will and the ultimate ehh seems same -__- like with jiaiya in storm 2 vs pain secret fartor like that it should be like

  • KuroPansa

    I thought it was forbidden to record there ? Anyway, the Rasengameha looks great ! But I’m still worried about that ring out feature, I hope they will make it less… definitive and powerful.

  • KuroPansa

    Why Ripoff ? It’s free if you pre-order the game and with the special edition, you get 6 costumes like this.

  • WiiStation360

    Holy crap they actually did the Rasen-Hameha XD Too bad he didn’t he a Spirit Rasen-Bomb, but Goku costume looks pretty awesome

  • WiiStation360

     or did some kind of Meteor Rasengan Combination

  • XxDecimoxX10

    That’s more like a team finisher which this game should also have.

  • Keston Felix

    Yea nice Nice keep the good news coming

  • Cloud S

    I think he means it should be free because the first Storm game had loads of support characters for free, yet a costume like this will (most likely) cost money, and it is just a simple costume + rasengan style.

  • narutonatsu

    lol thats pretty cool

  • InSaNeHaX

    this is just pitiful this shows exactly how lazy they are. no new moveset, no new stance, just same old naruto dressed up as goku. AND THEY WANT US TO PAY FOR THIS!?!?!?!?!?!? FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

  • Mario Mirabile

    guys this isnt the final its just like a little test run it might be different when the game comes out

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    All i want is the option to change the number of health bars in the settings.(in free battle)

    I dont really mind anything else.

  • KuroPansa

    I hope so mate. I hope so…

  • daydera

    totally agree

  • KuroPansa

    You won’t pay for this as it’s a free pre-order bonus, idiot. And it’s only a COSTUME. Do you understand that word ? C-O-S-T-U-M-E. Where did you see it had a new gameplay, seriously ? Some people should really get a brain.

  • David Han

    Dude for the past like 7 comments you’ve been asking the same thing. Once or twice is enough already.

  • Alex Marrero

    The Ultimate was lame…

    He looks badass in the costume, but this doesn’t even come close to making up for the ring outs.

  • XxDecimoxX10

    How many times did you send it to CC2?

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    A few

  • alben rosario

    naruto should have dragon fist with the rasengan as ultimate, lol, it was kinda wack my opinion, goku is a big hit, CC2 should’ve al least completely change naruto’s fighting style,and amybe his awakening state

  • RedDragon10


  • Rayshawn92


  • Yonbi4tails

    It’s time to speak up Storm Community. This Ringout feature is a nightmare and as a community we need to let CC2 know how we feel. Sure, we can bash CC2 all we want on here, but the best way to get our point across is by sending them some critical feedback via twitter @cc2information:twitter or the suggestions website. And let’s try NOT to be so negative!! After all, they are the ones creating this game for us. Instead we will let them know how we feel (calmly) and offer some helpful suggestions as to how they can improve this ringout so that it’s not so cheap. If enough people can reach out to cc2 then they will have to respond with some type of alternative.

  • jerseygrl

    I think the ultimate is whack. They should have given him one where he makes like, a Rasengan spirit bomb or something. In line with the rasengan-kamehameha reference.

    I just think that as a tribute character, and a pre-order special, a tiny bit more work should’ve gone in to it, but I still like it a lot. Can’t wait to see the samurai Naruto and other costumes in action!

  • alexis cortes

    LOL What’s next? A Vegeta costume for Sasuke? Sasuke in spandex.

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    How about you say something ON TOPIC for once instead of rehashing your same washed-up desire countless times on EVERY DAMN NEW ENTRY!

  • Tyler Sims

    I Have No Doubt That This Game Will Be Good And I Still Have Faith. The Goku Costume Looks EPIC But… They Should Change His Fighting Style To Match That of One Similar to Goku’s, Also Should Change Ultimate TO One That Looks Like A Rasengan version of The Spirit Bomb

  • Tyler Sims

    Well Theyve Came out with Special Edition Sasuke version and naruto version FOR UK ONLY. Theyve introduced a new ring out system. Theyve introduced new support system where supports can die from protecting you and stuff

  • Freesun4

    No, thanks. For some reason Toriyama started drawing less armor as time went by.

  • GameFreak667

    I can imagine. Naruto, in the middle of the UJ, turns Sage Mode and forms a Sage Art Giant Rasengan. Then he lifts it up with both his hands, and slams it down to the opponent, saying “Sage Art: Rasengan Bomb!”.

  • GameFreak667

    If only he had a Super Saiyan awakening. :P

  • Drexlar Mutant

    The more I watch this Goku-Naruto clip the more I see as some bullshit, and pure lazyness really. I don’t giva damn about this costume!!!!!!!!! They should change that ultimate jutsu and the awakening…otherwise this is some lame shit!


    his hair is already yellow

  • Zeke Asakura

    Stupid camera man. He keeps spazzing.

  • Devaughn Chambers

    is this costume dlc still in develop? i was hoping if they make naruto use the pole

  • Feliciano PlayboyPasta Vargas

    Naruto: B!tch I look like Goku

  • Fire_Fist_Ace

    you never know maybe there not changing the fight style for the costume because Goku will make a debut wahttttttttttt =0 never knoww 

  • Wayne L. Townsend

    1-Choose Female or Male Base

    2-Choose Skin tone, hair style, hair color, clothes, eyes, mouth, body type, size, voice more in depth physical features.

    3-Clothes (the clothes have to be separated (trunk, pants, shoes, gloves, earrings and more …)

    4-Choose your Village 

    5-Choose your Combos, your away do gain more chakra, to grab, and more…

    6-Choose your speciality (Taijutsu (like Rock Lee and Guy, Asuma, Kiba, Tenten, Neji), Ninjutsu or Gengutsu(like Kurenai or Itachi)

    7-Choose your awakening mode.(we can get stronger…or something else…)

    Created characters can not be a bijuu.
    Created Characters have levels:
    -at level 5 you rise up to genin(unlock bandana, and we have to choose where we put it);
    -at level 10 you can choose a second element(there you can have two justsus, and you swicth between them in the character selection) or you choose the same element, to have better justus(but with this you cannot get kekkai genkai) or have a basic ocular jutsu(if you have sharingan/rinnegan/byakugan);
    -at level 15 you rise up to chuunin;
    -at level 19 you get your kekai genkai(water+wind=ice rock+wind=sand…);
    -at level 25 you rise up to jounin(unlock jounin outfits);
    -at level 30 we can have combos with our speciality on it;
    -at level 35 you can have perfect ocularjutsu/gengutsu/taijutsu/ninjutsu;
    -at level 40 you rise up to ANBU (unlock anbu outfits);
    -at level 60 you rise up to Sannin;
    -at level 99 you rise up to Kage(unlock outfit from all kages that are playable);

    We can unlock some new awakenings, as we evolve…
    Some invocations that we can get when we are already at level 13. As we evolve, we can evolve the invocation(and it can be use as awakening, jutsu, grab, or in the combo.
    As a DLC you could launch sharingan rinnegan and byakugan.’

  • Juytgsd

    Nice, but there is a problem, you can’t have 2 elements unless you’re a Jounin so having Kekai Genkai, which requires 3 elements most of the times, before Jounin doesn’t make sense. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a Kekai Genkai in a character, 2 elements should be alright once you reach a certain level.

  • greggy

    sounds more like you want a mmo

  • Ismail Refaie


  • Ismail Refaie

    Wait, what?! You mean people who pre-order won’t get the costume!?

  • Ismail Refaie

    Yeah. I don’t like the idea much.

  • Ismail Refaie

    You could’ve stated your opinion in a better way really, cuz I, for instance, like this costume. ._.

  • Justin Kashi

    I got a question. If you want Naruto Goku Costume DLC, do you HAVE to buy the collector’s edition the first day (or pre order it) or can you simply buy the game, and an other day buy the DLC from PSN?  
    Please answer.

  • Sage Waitkus

    pre order

  • Sasuke-Kun

    wow that was awesome

  • Elwood

    He uses the Rasengan using the Kamehameha stance.

  • Guillermo Rocha

    now they should do same with sasuke only in soul reaper outfit

  • Imran Kadiry

    so do you get the goku costume if you buy it just as a normal edition or do you have to buy it as the will of fire edition 

  • Gerson Costa

    anyone noticed that when he awakened he had a headband?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    sorry dude, if I’ve seen your comment sooner I would’ve replied lol, basically as you can see from the article you’ll be getting DLC this time if you pre-order it and maybe more down the road of it’s release, as usual you’ll get the limited editions if you’re from UK, if not… tough break, unless you port it. 

    they also have a new features to the game such as early awakenings, so you can transform into ex; Naruto’s KCM anytime, however thou you will have side effects, so you have to be cautious about using it. another new feature they have is that your supports will have there on special to help do a combo and not only that but your support will have health meters and CAN die if it reaches zero, and the support will actually be dead and remain on the map laying down. 

    another new feature they have is that awakening modes CAN be grabbed now unless they are giants, also they can even be vunerable to ultimate attacks, such as if sasuke uses his UT on 6tailed naruto, the scene will show regular naruto getting injured, or if we lucky they will use the kyuubi in the scene. also they added map destructions, thou unlike dbz it’s very small so don’t expect much and the last thing I can think of is that they added ring outs, however thou it’s used in a really bad way, which works for budokai but NOT naruto, hopefully they’ll remove it, but that’s just my opinion. and then last but not least story mode will have a hack N slash method similar to ninja impact. 

    that’s all they have for now, the CC2 CEO recommended he might add clashes back in, however thou the translation was that he might add it to a future naruto game. that’s all the updates for now. we STILL don’t know how far the manga will go, in my intelligent opinion we might only reach up to naruto fighting  3rd raikage. we might get madara as a special bonus, but unlikely it’ll be the current RG madara in the manga.

  • Michael

    Does anyone else think Kabutos sage mode should be in this game? it would be epic!!!

  • Dizzeh

    To be honest i dont have a problem with Naruto having the same move set as regular Naruto. What really does bug me is that its a pre-order exclusive and there is only one MINUTE difference in how he plays. I would be happy if CC2 made a rasengan spirit bomb of some sort

  • Ryan Fallenangel Mclain

    .Lol Since Naruto Is Gonna Be In Goku’s Costume Why Not Let Sasuke Be In Vegeta’s or broly’s costume 
    && Let His Chidor Become Likee A Galick Gun Chidori Or Chidori Bomb

  • OtherWorlded

    Thank you for updating me. I am glad to know all of this. I will follow along and thanks for keeping me posted.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Yea that was me, accidently clicked the “x” button on the disqus site, but yeah no problem lol

  • CJ Here

    lol Super Sayian NARUTO!!!!!! :D D

  • CJ Here

    I like it if you started off in the clan and what not. I don’t think the rinnegan, though. To OP. And for the Sharingan I would think restrictions would be put on it in such a game.

  • Dakota Lee Barber

    They should have made a Vegeta costume for Sasuke.