Naruto Storm 3: Grab, Ultimate Jutsu Awakened Characters, Ring Out

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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The 2012 Paris Games Week is underway and interesting news has come out for Naruto Storm 3. First of all, a scan from a weeks ago showed a ring out feature. Any characters who are knocked out of the ring automatically lose the match. How characters can be knocked out and any details on this are not available at the moment, but we certainly hope to have more on this in the future.

Secondly, characters who are awakened in Naruto Storm 3 can be grabbed or hit by an ultimate jutsu. As shown in the videos below, once they are hit by an ultimate jutsu, the awakened character reverts back to their normal form.

Credit to IchirakuTV and NSUNStormCommunity for news and videos.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • Vorgo13

    I don’t know how I feel about those ringouts…

  • Mustafa

    first but ring out come on thats no fun

  • Afro Silent

    booooom thats how its done

  • Joker Phantomhive

    Susano is completly useless now

  • Tanner Geiger

    The only thing I don’t want is the ring out feature, unless of course it will be optional to choose that setting. Then I don’t have much of a problem.

  • Nikhil Kalia

     especially in team battles.

  • gaarag4

    Idk how i feel about the ring outs that makes me feel that sum ppl are going 2 rely on that alot 2 win

  • LiL JJ

    I don’t know about the new ring out feature,it adds something new but I thought it was gonna be like you could knock a person out the arena and a cinematic scene happens. But dang you automatically lose,that’s what most spammers want,is an easier way they can win. As for the new awakening,this is an improvement because it adds suspense because now you have to be on your toes and make sure to sub at right times so you wont get hit. Also, people can’t just wait to use their awakening and be cheap,it makes things more balanced. Sorry Susano lovers.

  • James Soldier

    LOL@RING OUT. When Naruto became wrestling?

  • NarutoUchiha1

    so thats not even like a stage transition how lame…

  • Hornswiggle Finlay

    I’m french and i have news about the game:
    -The story mode can be finish in 30 hours at least so they are more chapiters than storm 2
    The demo that the CEO have shown is the story mode with Zabuza
    1 road where you have to beat the 6 swordmans in once
    and the other road where you have to battle in 2 vs 2 survival.
    After that: Zabuza vs Kakashi
    - Kakashi Awakening confirmed : the Raiden (chapiters 568) so we can say that the story mode will reach at least the jinchuriki
    (the man who played the demo was about to lose so he did it, this is a instant awakening)
    - As for the Sangoku costume costume he as been shown in a naruto vs narutogoku match and for a rasengan naruto do it like a kamahameha quite badass

    - For the ring out Matsuyama have said that if you have supports, this is goo you’re not died they save us but if you don’t have supports you died.
    We can see it in the demo of narutogoku naruto is saved by Sakura with a big punch!
    -The game will be out in 2013 March for sure
    Source: Gaara France

  • Tonii_Montana


    The Good
    1. Opens up a new and refreshing form of gameplay, with more strategy involved.
    2. Environment becomes more interactive (use it to your advantage)
    3. Battles become less predictable.
    4. Even when your having a bad match, you still have a chance of winning.

    The Bad

  • David Han

    Lots of people are gonna spam ring out moves and ultimates when their opponent awakens it seems. Though at least awakening isn’t invincible anymore. I’d prefer stage transition over ring out.

  • James Soldier


  • David Han

    Is this actually official? Because a lot of people will be cussing at you if this info is wrong.

  • Michael John William McCroy

    They are trying to give the opposing player a chance at winning.

  • cheapshot326

    ringouts…you mean like Soul Calibur? *facepalm* This can’t be happening

  • Hason Peart

    “Ring Out!?”
    First Thing i said when i saw the title…
    Still getting the game, makes things interesting o3o

  • David Han

    Oh lord Jin. I’m gonna laugh at all the people who will attempt that and fail so hard.

  • XxDecimoxX10

    Do you have to press L1 or R1 for the supports to save you? Or do they come out automatically as soon as your about to get a Ring Out?

  • Hornswiggle Finlay

    Gaara France is my France Saiyan Island, i go there for my french scan, they are fans like us.
    So like Saiyan Island
    There were here in the Paris games week and the demo of the game and they interviewe Matsuyama in Manga café, a famous spot for the fan of manga in Paris so i trust them.^^ and decimo for this question sorry i don’t know that but i don’t think you have to push a button for.

  • Feliciano PlayboyPasta Vargas

    Ring outs???? not the Stage Switch thing that’s in Clash Of Ninja wow more reasons why I say fuk Online play 

  • Hornswiggle Finlay

    Yes, i’m sure nigel, they are real fan like us i go thre for my scan, there where here in Paris Games Week for the demo and they Intervieving Matsuyama in Manga Café, a famous spot in Paris for the fans of Manga so i trust them.^^ and decimo i don’t know sorry

  • Kira

    “Any characters who are knocked out of the ring automatically lose the match” —.— and very very Nice in awakening you can be hit by Uj

  • konanNmadara

    Those who are saying that the ring outs may be used for spamming can shut up, we all know regarless of what they throw at us well always find a way around it, if you can’t beat a spammer join em

  • James Soldier


  • *Super~Sayian*

    Poor sasuke susano’o he’s already slow & vunerable, being able to use UJ is murder

  • daewoo94

    I dont know how I feel about this…

  • KuroPansa

    Wut ??? Any characters who are knocked out of the ring automatically lose the match ??? That’s just ridiculous. Isn’t it a translation mistake ?

  • enkitheanunnaki

    as long as this is a turn on/off features, its ok for me, i just dont like that u can use ultimate jutsus agaisnt awakened characters

  • James Soldier


  • KuroPansa

    Hahahaha ! Seriously, that must be a finish move or something, but I doubt you can knock out someone and get a KO if he has the HP bar full. Or maybe it’s a translation mistake, and the opponent just get damage while being knocked to another part of the stage, like in Dead or Alive, or Tekken.

  • KuroPansa

    It’s not a good idea for awakenings like Hachibi, Susano or Deidara’s dragon. They’re already weak in Generations, now it’s gonna be useless. They have to find a solution for this.

  • KuroPansa

    Si tu as raison, ce sont d’excellentes nouvelles !

    Y a juste le truc du “ring out” que je ne sens pas trop…

  • fabricej

    Im not sure I like this new feature. Huge awakenings were already at a disadvantage for being slow but now they’re essentially useless.

  • dark_flame360

    You guys act like if you couldn’t guard or substitute an UJ. It’s actually a bit unfair for you to be unable to hit someone that’s awakened with an UJ. Basically giving you less chances at being able to fight someone who’s awakened. So I welcome this feature.

  • Alex Marrero

    Spammers think twice before spamming randomly, or you’ll find yourself plummeting off the side of the ring when I’m through with you. Want to act cheap, then bring it on.

  • Alex Marrero

    Ikr. How is this a bad thing? I get what people are saying about Giant awakenings, and it could be an issue, but you can substitute at nearly ANY time. If they attempt an Ultimate all you have to do is sub with a giant awakening then punish them by trapping them in a combo. It’s still smarter to combo a giant Awakening then to randomly attempt an Ultimate.

  • 202jkdc

    Ring outs! !! Are they serious? I won’t be getting this one. I’ll rent from red box for game fly storymode and that’s about it. They’re making it less like the anime and that was storm 1 trying to do. Check out the old trailer for storm 1.

  • Alex Marrero

    According to someone on here who translated the French HD videos that show off the support system, if your support is active you’ll be saved, similar to balance support. I.e, don’t SPAM your supports.

  • Alex Marrero

    It won’t be. How would you even do that online anyway? Rock-Paper-Scissors with your opponent for who chooses (sarcasm)?

  • Alex Marrero

    I bet only certain stages will have ring outs. So, if you’re the host and don’t like the idea then don’t pick one. If your the one searching and have “cojones” then live with your decision if you get ringed out.

    Also, again, someone said supports can save you according to the “nsuncommunity” videos on Youtube (they are HD gameplay videos of a demo copy they obtained, in French) and considering a couple of the other things he mentioned I’ve also heard to be true, just don’t SPAM your supports and you’ll be okay.

  • Alex Marrero

    *Ignore this comment*

  • Otaku Kun

    yes, and no. they arn’t really useless considering the huge amount of damage they dish out if the right person is playing them, but also i dont think they really intended to have practicly no chance at even landing one hit, so they might have fixed the generations giant problem by haveing it be a little bit but not storm 2 harder to get them in combo. so try and think ofwhat they might actually add to support them like the special attacks. XD

  • Otaku Kun

    well they could use the info cards battle feature for that.

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    What about the clashes?! We wanted the clashes, too!!

  • fabricej

    If they balance it properly as you’re saying then it would be fine. I just cant help but think back at generations at how slow and vulnerable they are, especially to fast characters like the 4th. They do dish out huge damage and whos playing matters, but it would suck if they kept it as the last game and now right after an awakening I get blasted by a special and lose it.

  • Otaku Kun

    I gonna laugh even harder when you are beaten countless times

  • konanNmadara

    Clashes aren’t needed and wont be in, but wall running should comeback how could that possibly screw up online play

  • Otaku Kun

    Well its not the fact that we’re disapointed eigther way its that they should have given us different information that might get us even more excited. like when they put in the choice feature

  • Mathew Gibbons

     I don’t. Besides it’s better off staying in story mode only.

  • Alex Marrero

    LOL, true. But I hate things that rely on luck. 

  • Alex Marrero

    How could it possibly add anything either? “Look the camera tilted 90 degrees, oooohhh.”

  • Alex Marrero

    Umm… this DOES make me excited.  I care more about the battle system then characters and gimmicks. Excitement is relative.

  • 202jkdc

    But why is it in the game at all?

  • vestlus1

    the old same Ultimat jutsu, do they make this game suck on purpose?

  • Kamishuriken

    Ring out? That sounds like a cheap way of winning and I don’t understand why they put that in the game. I mean when have you ever seen a fight in Naruto end because somebody was thrown down somewhere? This should at least only count for stages that are actually higher than the surrounding area otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

  • imam pratama


  • randy191993

    I like the grabbing and ultimate-revert (although since chars don’t turn back when grabbed i wonder how that would look like for huge chars like Eight-Tails, Susanoo or Chouji)

    But i hope the ring-out will be very rare or just on certain maps. It might be a nice addition but i can see it screw up online play rather badly.

    If they readd Awakened-Ultimates like in Storm 1 now i’m happy ^^

    and to the people damning CC for using the same ultimates: Just wait! If you remember Some of the generations chars had the same old jutsu in the demos as well but had a different one in the final game (Young Naruto for example) so just wait and see.

  • unleashrage

    The UJ should of broke through Susanoo to hit Sasuke and then disappeared not just that it disappears and then Sasuke gets hit. :/

  • James Soldier

    I know man it look like a shitty glitch and seem stupid if you ask me lol.

  • Zeke Asakura

    OMG YES! 

  • Zeke Asakura


  • Zeke Asakura

    Nope. No. Clashes. :P LOLOLOLOLOOOOOOL!!

  • Matsu96

    Oh no!! I hope that ring out feature is only an option.

  • imam pratama

    i wonder how about Deidara.
    He flying, and Sasuke, Kakashi (kamui), or Yamato can hit him easily with ultimate jutsu

  • Zeke Asakura

    - w- 

  • Zeke Asakura

    now…..I can win a lot easier… >:P

  • nasama

    So if u awaken when your health is low then u won’t get hit by ultimates?

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    They should allow you to use your ultimate jutsu while in Awakening mode like they did back in the first naruto storm

  • Serket Hamo

     u would get hit with ultimate jutsu with low health awakening and instand awakening

  • RyanBSmith

    Indeed CC2 is just being lazy right now.

  • King Uchiha

    urggh why the hell did they add ring out?? As if people don’t win in so many stupid ways as it is.


    This is stupid. Why would they add an out of bounds for a Naruto game where the fighting environment is suppose to be massive? I hope that is a feature that can be turned off. And now people are able to take you out of your awakened state with ultimate jutsu, too…

  • 202jkdc

    I totally agree about that ring out and environments are supposed to be bigger

  • OnlineVirus

    I thought awakening’s have Ultimate Justu by the title….

  • Wildman or Shadow

    I thought same. Stupid misleading titles these days. >_>

  • Marco Rivera

    ok, here are the questions I have:
    1.)Is it only the characters who can awaken early who are susceptible to UJ and grab while in awakening, or everyone in awakening?
    2.)How will grab work on giant awakenings?
    3.)If awakenings can’t use supports and weaken you afterward, AND can get hit by UJ’s and grabs, doesn’t that kinda make it pointless to awaken? So are we gonna be able to use UJ in awakening again?

  • Alex Marrero

    “I.e. DON’t spam your supports.” What did you NOT understand about that statement?


  • Alex Marrero

    Pointless? You get an Attack buff when awakened. UJ are difficult to land anyway. Grab WON’T work on Giants, it’s already been said (SI neglected that part). What is everyone’s deal here?

  • Alex Marrero

    You barely get hit by UJ anyway. If your a decent player then you’d know that.

    Ring outs are anti-support spam. You want to not be auto KO’ed, don’t use your supports recklessly so they can save you. And wasn’t “spam” one of the TOP complaints? So you want your spam to dwindle but your not willing to give up anything for it.

    I complain about nothing new, so they add some things = I’m happy they are at least trying.
    90% of you complain about nothing new, so they add things = you’re still mad. There’s no pleasing people who complain for complaining’s sake.

  • Alex Marrero

    I agree. I’m not against awakenings being hit by UJ and grabbed, but they should at least also get their own Ultimates, then if it lands they revert to normal just to balance things.

  • Alex Marrero

    Only if certain stages have them and others don’t.

  • Alex Marrero

    What? Why not? Ultimate Jutsu the awakening makes sense logically. So you talk logic with your first example but completely throw it out with your second? Sounds hypocritical to me.

    Rage quitting will be at an all time high. CC2, this is your warning: Add the ability to gain a win upon your opponent disconnecting at the very least or there will be hundreds of people with dc frequencies like 8/10.

  • Alex Marrero

    Stupid ways? You mean KO or time? Let’s see… nope those have been the only ways to win that I know of. Though winning through time is a bit annoying, I’ll give you that.

  • KillSasukeHaters

    ring outs are stupid…just fucking stupid.

  • Errieleeze

    thats the last straw….ring outs just cost them $60. I am not buying this game unless  they get rid of that

  • Errieleeze

    thats the last straw….ring outs just cost them $60. I am not buying this game unless  they get rid of that

  • Errieleeze

     and then there is you. the person who just doesn’t think. For most characters, you awaken at low health. if you can land UJs. you wont even have enough health to survive. and the solution to support spam does NOT need to be ring out. if they make the time before you can use supports longer that might help. They can do something else to stop support spam if they use their brains. which so far they have not used their brains…..


    Excuse me, but did you even read my comment? I actually had a problem with ultimate jutsu being able to take a character out of an awakening not the fact that awakened characters can actually be hit by them. So before you comment and attack the opinions of others, actually take the time to read the comment in all its entirety. Also, do you even know the definition of “hypocritical” because I certainly did not use logic with one idea and no logic with the other. You just read what you wanted to read. Now, have you ever heard of a jutsu, besides a sealing technique, that takes an opponent out of a special state in the manga, anime, or any other game?


    Thanks! At least I know someone agrees with me. I just believe that ring outs would nullify everything CC2 has done for the Storm series’ fighting environments. Plus it’s not true to the Naruto universe. Who has ever heard of a ring out in Naruto PERIOD!??!

  • Yonbi4tails

    I couldn’t agree more, your comments are always so intelligent.

  • jermar

    call down guys, the ring out feature is probably going to be a optional feature or feature thats going to be in its own mode, like most dbz games’s tournament mode on the tournament ring stage

  • Tyler Casilio

    Ring out: ? Dumb
    Everything else: I like

  • Yonbi4tails

    Are we really complaining about ring outs? At this point I’m willing to accept any new gameplay additions cc2 adds to keep it from feeling like past storm titles. We haven’t seen any gameplay, and we haven’t tried it ourselves so the worst thing we can do right now is ASSUME we know whether this is a good or bad feature. I like new, I like refreshing, I like innovation. Even bad ideas can pave the way for newer, revolutionary ones.

  • Alex Marrero

    Thank you. People complain about more of the same, but when CC2 actually changes something they are up in arms. 

  • Alex Marrero

    Not happening, LMFAO.

  • Alex Marrero

    I already mentioned myself dumbass. I’m not saying it’s the BEST idea, but it is DIFFERENT.

    And no, if you get hit by an Ultimate jutsu then you just suck and or don’t know how to manage your sub bars/supports, or don’t understand how to keep safe until your sub bars are replenished. Most UJ have ONE chance to hit, the game SLOWS DOWN FOR YOU SO YOU CAN SEE IT COMING, and you have 4 SUBS you can use almost ANY time. How the hell can you complain about something with such a low hit rate?

    I hate arguing with people who don’t understand the subject they are so adamant about. It’s like arguing with an ant. In high level play, unless you can NMC with consistency, UJ are COMPLETELY useless.

  • Alex Marrero

    “This is stupid. Why would they add ring out for a Naruto game where the fighting environment is suppose to be massive?”

    ^^ logic when applied to the Naruto manga.

    “And now people are able to take you out of your awakened state with ultimate jutsu, too…”

    ^^ Not complete logic. How would Sasuke be hit by ANYTHING in his perfect defense (Susanno) unless it was nullified? Granted, something like KCM Naruto being broken from awakening does indeed not make sense. So it’s kind of a 50/50.

    And I’ll also say this: It’s NOT logical to argue the logic of a video game that has little logic to begin with. If there were logic, then there’s no way PTS Tenten would destroy Hashirama, because she does in Generations. Talking about “this would neve happen in the manga” is moot, because most things WOULDN’T HAPPEN IN THE MANGA.

  • Alex Marrero

    Who has ever heard of Hinata actually being able to beat Pain, or having time limits, or being able to recharge chakra quickly, etc.? You can’t argue THIS is flawed logic.

  • 202jkdc

    LOL right, they didn’t even have ring outs in the chuni exams and that should have been a place for ring outs if any was to be added. Instead they should’ve made it like the ultimate ninja series for ps2. If they fall off they loss some life not the entire battle. I’m sorry but this one takes the cake away for me until I play the game.
    They adding stuff like this and not more jutsu for everybody. That’s all I wanted.
    I looking forward to the anime now more than storm 3 once I heard about that.

  • Alex Marrero

    Sub, guard, NM, play with any kind of intelligence. Just a few ways you won’t get hit.

  • Alex Marrero

    LOL, it is a bit awkward. But little animations like that would have to be put for everyone, and that takes time away from actual development.

  • Alex Marrero

    Ring outs are new. The more new the less my money is wasted. And I doubt it will be that easy. Supports can supposedly save you, just one more reason to think before using them.

  • Alex Marrero

    I tweeted CC2 guy about the ring outs. I doubt he’ll be able to confirm or deny anything specific, but it’s worth a try.

  • lXl_Sage of the six Paths_lXl

    that will make the spamming less annoying.


    I agree with the first part of your arguement fully, and I give you props. But once again, you are using a word too loosely; that word is logic. Logic is reasoning that follows absolute validity. I should know because I’ve taken a Theory of Knowledge class before.
    You said:
    ” It’s NOT logical to argue the logic of a video game that has little logic to begin with.”
    You can use logic to argue the logic of a video game that has LOGIC whether there is insignificant knowledge or a vast amount. If there is validity in a claim or system, logic can be applied to argue that claim/system. So, can I ask you a question? What do you base the validity of a Storm game?

  • Errieleeze

    i didnt call you names. Looks like i made you mad.

  • Errieleeze

     its just a game. you have posted 488 comments on here. that is ridiculous.  you mad?


    You’re right. That isn’t flawed logic, but this coming from the point view from a fan who has been playing the Naruto games since the Clash of Ninja series from Tommy and Nintendo. After all this time why would a game developer add a ring out feature to a game based off a manga that has never mention rig out even in an arena.

  • gracien jean

    people that complain about ring out are just stubborn dicks if you don’t like it then don’t get the game as for me i want to try something new im glad theirs new gameplay i don’t want to be playing the same game over and over with just more characters people complain all the time then don’t get the game

  • KillSasukeHaters

    I dont care if its new. Its stupid. This isnt smash bros! Now ppl are going to be choosing certain stages just to ring someone out with spam or Pein or whatever. Thats all that battle will consist of. This Ring out feature dont need to be on Rank matches…

  • KillSasukeHaters

    Lmao at all the noobs liking Ring out. What? so you can just Rasengan, Almighty push, spam people to death out of the ring? Wow what a challenge…hopefully its not in a ranking match

  • King Uchiha

    I just don’t think this game needs ring out. Destructive maps yea that’s cool, but ring out.. no.  You have so many people already using cheap characters online and spamming just to get a win. Now we’ll also have to worry about some noob going for a early win through ring out. Idk maybe it’s just me but i enjoy a good match down to the last percent. We can’t control the time, but we at least know its there and try to whip as much a** as we could before it hits 0. To me the fighting system in this game doesn’t go with the new ring out feature. With all the combos, jutsu’s, awakenings, and supports ring outs may happen way too often. 

  • Alex Marrero


    Of course it is in Ranking Match, there is no reason to believe it isn’t. A new feature wouldn’t be added that isn’t or it would be moot considering not that many people play player matches.

    You don’t even know how it works yet. You’re condemning the feature before it has even been tested. That’s like judging someone solely by a vague description you’ve heard about them. You haven’t even SEEN it yet for goodness sake to even have the chance to judge it by its cover.

  • Alex Marrero

    Bro, you don’t even know how it works. who says Pain can even do that? Who says a strikeback jutsu can? You’re jumping the gun and being ridiculous.

  • Sasuke The God

    this is not wrestling its naruto why are there ring outs? there may as well be a giant ring and a referee too

  • Saheem Iqbal

    I don’t mind Ring outs but grabbing awakened characters with ultimate jutsu might cause problems 

    This could be when using awakening mode it could  actually be like normal mode for some characters that don’t transformation during awakening mode like minato and so won’t really have the upper hand any more, also has problems during his chakra dash it could easily be dodged by constantly running away in generations   

  • Roy Pannebecker


    “Hey… remember that time those two ninjas were fighting… and the one ninja knocked the other ninja out of the ring and was crowned victor” said no body ever, because it’s stupid.

  • 202jkdc

    LOL, I think idea is unwanted and unnecessary in Naruto

  • 202jkdc

    I won’t

  • Waley Eweda

    1-That Ring Out Is Bad Idea Person Can Spamm With Pushes Attack Like Rasengan And Ring Out And Lose

    2- The Awaken Eat Chakra If One Want Do Ultimate Attack That Will Be Proplem But Idea Awaken Anytime Is Gd3-Ring Out Must Be Activated Or Disactivated In Ranked Game Bec If It In Ranked Game It Wont Be Fun And No One Will Buy That Game

    Storm 2 Was Spamm Substution … Storm Generation No Proplem …. Storm 3 Ring Out

  • Michael

    WWWWOOOWWW its bad enough naruto is dubbed a button masher!!! but at this point the storm series is going downhill IN Storm 2 there was a uncertainty as to who will win a match because there was no limits as to who can substitute as many times as they want! u can dodge or use jutsu with one bar, who misses making those decisions! Storm 3 will fail just like generations ppl only brought for younger cast and new characters!!!
    Heres some Ideas: how about keeping storm 2 concept, but instead of adding subst. bar  how about giving ppl more time to charge chakra like WHILE YOUR RUNNING. not ninja hops jus running! This way its easier charging for jutsus or subs,
    Want another great idea: Lets keep the cancel your combos then start them again thing! I lkie doing it but not when i cant sub out as many times {i think 4x max}. They should jus keep things on one chakra bar! As far as sharing these skills on one bar chakra dashes should jus cost 15% then subs 30 an jutsu 40% chakra so that players can focus on fighting more
    Your prolly thinkin thats a cheat or something or game would be easier with running an chargeng? {Solution: jus make it so your gaining chakra at half the rate(50%) it usually charges to be fair} Having to stand still to charge is something only Shikamaru does ;/ lol

  • Michael

    I think i said too much but CC2 doesnt kno wat theredoing…Sadly im a fan an prolly still gonna buy storm 3 

  • Ringgo Montaus

    OHHHH  so basically you just want to make things easier then. charging while running? im sorry but that’s just off. I would ruin the battle concept of the Storm series – which requires Strategies and Timing. In order to win battles, you have to time not only your attacks, but also your chakra charge so that you will not get pwned in the process. IMO I think the sub bar was a great addition to Storm Gen’s Gameplay because it limits substitution spam so that players can actually hit their opponents for once. And also in storm gen if the chakra bar is used for subs, then it would give chars like PTS neji a great advantage because they can steal your chakra – which in turn might make him the most used character in online because of spammers.