Naruto Storm 3: Ring Out, Slight Stage Destruction Video

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Namco Bandai Games Europe has today released a brand new Naruto Storm 3 video. It features Minato Namikaze taking on Sasuke Uchiha in what looks to be in Saiyan Island’s opinion, a rebuilding Hidden Leaf Village. As you will note, there is some stage destruction (nothing to significant) in addition to ring outs. Supports can save the player’s character, but if they don’t the match is over!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • IchigoUzumaki123

    Is that a new stage?

  • aleksa555

    hell yeah !!! :D DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Gabriel Duarte

    I Dont Liked this Ring-Out

  • Benjamin Jenkins

    they have now ruined the game (somewhat) with the ring out~ Easy Win ~ Especially with the naruto/minato res. 

  • Obi ShynObi Egwu

    This isn’t dbz tournament mode, people are gonna spam this endlessly. This is the only bad feature I’ve seen!

  • Dylan Harter

    YAY! My idea finally in the game!

  • Mateo Mancera Camacho

    ring-out spammers coming soon! ¬¬

  • André Carriço

    Team Taka blasts of again!!!

  • braxton4715

    i wish they would take out the ringout feature and make it a stage transition like in naruto clash of ninja revolution 2

  • Demin Kittie

    this is not a good idea for a game like this itll just make the battle shorter i hope theres an option to where u can turn it off

  • Niño Infierno

    wtf did i just watch , this is horrible , they should of made it like DBZ Tenkaichi where you can only get ring out in 1 stage 

  • Jonathan Gruber

    Wow… this is terrible (except for the Destructible environment). The Ring out made is a TERRIBLE idea. Hopefully, we have the option to Enable/Disable that… also PLEASE do not be in ranked match. I can already imagine spammers spamming people out of the map… :c  

  • funi22

    hahaha very cool :-D
    the game is getting even better

  • Scott Ledford

    Ring out is meh feature. Still more positive things to say about this game then negative.

  • Sigvon SinTei

    It’s a lot harder to fall than it looks. You have to first destroy the fence, then the 1st support can catch you, then the 2nd. You have 3 chances not to fall. Also that’s from a certain part of the stage. You have fences all around. You will only fall if you’re caught off guard or isn’t skilled enough not to stay away from the potentially deadly background. If your opponent is a spammer, then evade it and use it against him and let him fall! His reaction should be epic.
    I only hope that they add a special recovery from falling off the stage. Like consuming 50% of your health or chakra in the process. Then we’re going to have a short animation were the character jumps of buildings and roofs to get back into the game. That would be a nice addition. The ring outs is a bit anti-climactic end to finish the game. Stage transition would be a lot epic though.
    But I still like the ring out. I need to practice saving my supports from now on. :) )

  • Vergil Uchiha

    ummm … Im Not Hatin On The Idea Of The Ring Out But ! … The Match System Is Already Short With The 2 Health bars , and this will makes it even more shorter lol and not to mention the spammers haha! but other than tht its all GREAT! :)  

  • trinitystrike

    To everyone saying “This is going to suck, its just gonna get spammed” 

    Ok? Was it pretty much not the goal when EVERYONE played the DBZ tournament arena stage? You people act like there’s absolutely no prevention from this. 

    1. You would have to be angled to able to be hit out of the area.
    2. This sasuke is an idiot and didn’t sub out – though he shouldn’t have for display purposes.
    3. If anything this adds more strategy, like a check-mate. Position yourself and get yourself into a position to do a ring-out or make the opponent think you’re trying to go for a ring out and just end up killing him if you aren’t.

    tl;dr this is a great addition, both minor stage destruction and ring-outs.

    PS: Every stage wont have this obviously 

  • Dmitriy Nagato

    Прикольно! Очень даже )))

    Very coll ;)

  • daewoo94

    No, no, no. I am NOT a fan. How is this realistic? Do you really think that someone falling out of the map in the Naruto Universe would result in their defeat? Not realistic to the Naruto world at all. It just ends the match too quickly. 

  • Danny Stewart

     still waiting on taka in the akatsuki robes -_-

  • Vergil Uchiha

    u make it sounds good lol :) but yea hope ur right. 

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    please take it off this with ring out….

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    Ring out: because Kiba vs. Sakon was actually a double K.O. before it even began in the manga.

    I agree with braxton that it should be a stage transition instead of disqualification.

  • Bryson Koetsu

    Such a terrible idea. Ring out has no place in a deathmatch or a Naruto game.

  • Niño Infierno

    the concept would of been great for Road Of A Ninja , but Storm is an adrenaline rush , not only do i have to worry about jutsu, ultimate jutsu , support , spammers and lags but now getting knocked out the stage? im not complaining i will buy the game but honestly they could of put something way more interesting then ring outs

  • Checho Toledo

    and that is when your playing in team what about those who just enjoy fighting solo only one chance to survive

  • Jacob ProudMoore

    Guys GUys Guys listen, i love the fact about ring out, besides it is a mode select like survival match or tournament. You decied if you want to do it or not, so just stop Bitching and just dont do that mode

  • RedDragon10

    That’s so awkard.  Sasuke flying out of the stage as if he’s dying. 

  • Damian Uchiha

    Not good idea at all

  • tsukuyomiCheed

     Im not sure about the ring out feature i thought it was gunna be stage transaction but i like the thing in the stage breaking

  • Sigvon SinTei

    LOL. You should look at Sasuke’s face when Suigetsu caught him. His impression looks bromance. hahaha. It’s around the 0:28 mark.

  • braxton4715

    they shouldve just made u lose a little health instead of making u lose the whole battle smh -__-

  • Marco

    Why :( …. So if I play online and your opponent is almost dead and you got still full hp he can use the coward way to push you the ring out….

  • 202jkdc

    Are you sure its a mode and not in every stage? How about the destructible environment being able to be played without ringouts?

  • dark_flame360

    Do you know for a fact that it’s only in a specific mode?

  • aleksa555

    they didnt screwd up u fools…the ring-out wont be on every stage….:-.-

  • Jacob ProudMoore

    Guys u selet if u want to ring out or not, so if u dont like the idea dont do it, i love it

  • 202jkdc

    I agree also and stage transitions would be great for the Uchiha hideout.

  • banditxchief

    dont see why people are complaining? Its more than likely going to be an optional thing, so just dont do it if you are not a fan of rings outs… Its really that simple lol

  • fabricej

    Ring out is a not a good idea whether its optional or not, there are so many things they could have done instead like stage destruction or transition between stages mid-battle. Why waste time and ressources on something that doesn’t make any sense in the context of a Naruto game. Damn it CC2 get it together, you’re ruining the game.

  • Mickeycuzz

    Lol wow, I must be the only one who appreciates this feature. It adds depth and strategy to the game that wasn’t present before, you cant just spam away with your support and hope to win! By the way, this video was OBVIOUSLY for display purposes [the first thing Sasuke does is retreat to a section of the stage that can be destroyed] as the entire match consists of no substitutions and hardly any dashes.

    If I had one complaint it’d be that the stage damage was a little  .. eh…WEAK! Would’ve been much cooler if Minato got hurled into the structure, or the stage received massive destruction after an ultimate jutsu ..but keep calm guys, there’s still more cool features to come! (I think …) ^.^)/

  • KuroPansa

    For once you’re late SaiyanIsland, and you forgot the new screens on “Naruto Games from Bandai” facebook page :P

    Ayway, here’s my opinion : arenas destruction looks great !

    As for ring out… well, there’s a serious problem about this. I think the support using is not really a good point. We should be able to go back on stage by ourselves, with a Chakra Dash (triangle+X on PS3). If we don’t have chakra left or if we miss the manip, THEN a support should help us. Plus, the support shouldn’t die instantly, but lose half his life bar (or 1/4 if you have only one support). Because with ring outs, jutsus and counter-attacks, supports will die too easily.

  • kratosgod45

    Preach it man! Preach it!!

  • fabricej

    But your support dies instantly after saving you and you can’t go back on the stage on your own, so if you have one support then all I have to do is send you out of the ring twice to win. That’s ridiculous. 

  • kratosgod45

    How is it strategic to auto win your opponent out the stage?

  • NarutoUchiha1

    This is freaking amazing! I think its cool that they added destructive environments for a change!

  • Mickeycuzz

    Good question. The strategy comes in avoiding the ring out.

    Considering how easy it is to win (via ringout) you’ll have to think critically and analyze the best strategy to beat your opponent, while at the same time avoid getting knocked out of the arena. It’s a chess match. Fact, not opinion .. at least, if you want to win.

  • Mickeycuzz

    I like your thinking, but your opinion suggests it’s super easy to get knocked out of the ring. I assume you’re a pretty decent player in this game, therefore it wouldn’t just be 1,2, 3 YOU’RE OUT! Players are constantly moving around ..dodging, subbing, running, blocking .. there’s alot more depth here than you may think.

    Your other point brings up a good question too, and I can’t confirm .. but usually 1 support gets the same benefits as 2 .. so perhaps Cyberconnect will implement some feature that will allow players with 1 support not to be ringed out so easily. If not, then yes .. that is rediculous! 

  • Mathew Gibbons

    This feature needs fixing. It has the potential to work but here it looks like it happens too quickly. Sasuke lost a support early in the fight and didn’t even loose his second before getting knocked out. And when he got hit with the Rasengan that did cause the ring out he still had a reasonable amount of health. Ring outs should be like team combos that only work against an opponent with low enough health.

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    watch all those spamming d***s gong to pick deidara and spam till its ring out smh i dont like it only destruction


       Nice but now we have more problem with spammers like onoki or other stupid jutsus -.- I dont like to get spammed i mean hidan kimmimaru as support and then jutsu spamm thats all to win ??? no thx hope to see BETTER features.we wanted clashes but we dont get that -.-we wanted 2 vs 2 we dont get that as wellBut ok im positive ^-^ the new stuff looks great and its a amazing  but im not sure about that :/I dont like to get spammed i mean hidan kimmimaru as support and then jutsu spamm thats all to win ??? no thx hope to see BETTER features.we wanted clashes but we dont get that -.-we wanted 2 vs 2 we dont get that as wellBut ok im positive ^-^ the new stuff looks great and its a amazing  but im not sure about that :/

  • Mickeycuzz

    You honestly believe they were fighting seriosuly? No subs, no guard, no dashes .. I’m convinced this was for promotional purposes to show off the new features.

    I’m feeling your point about the low health thing though, nice! Like after your health reaches a certain point you’re prone to get ringed-out easily.. might diminish some of the backlash this new feature is receiving.  

  • Tonza Uomala

    You, sir, are exactly right. I’d say 25% of remaining health or so would be quite reasonable for this situation, would it not?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Whose Dumb Idea was it to add ring out into this game? I’m going to be pissed off if support characters can also knock someone out of the ring, like a fireball etc.

  • Can Evans


  • Nigel Davis

    You need some way of saving yourself or just make ringouts deal damage then you get back to the battlefield. This instant win is a horrible way to go!

  • Wayne

    ring outs are cheap lame-o!

  • XxBryanXxLee


  • Tyler Casilio

    I doubt all stages have ring out

  • Ryan Wilt

    this isn’t a wrestling game, come on

    don’t ruin this game
    i LOVE this series and i have loved every change so far BUT this one
    EVERYONE wants you to change it, so don’t put it in, PLEASE
     i beg of you, i want to have a nice gaming experience
    imagine, you are having an epic battle in storm 3 and you are winning, but suddenly the enemy uses on rasengan and you lose because of ring out
    the feature is useless and obviously not wanted. please take this out or don’t make the game at all.
    thank you,
    Ryan (a concerned fan)

  • unleashrage


  • Aaron Koslow

    I don’t really have a problem with this. If you look carefully only a knockback attack can cause a ring out. However, I do have a problem with that guy in the video using Rasengen 3 times in a row to try and get a ring out. Rasengan is to fast to sub sometimes… So I worry about jutsu ringouts. Most of the fight takes place in the center of the ring. I also doubt all the stage will have ring out compatability. So just avoid the stages that have ringout. I could be wrong though.

  • Ryan Wilt

    ring out is stronger than every super special
    getting a ring out is a cheap and stupid move to win
    another thing that needs to be out is super specials on awakenings
    this make awakenings like susasnoo and 8 tails COMPLETELY useless
    dont add new features, just add new characters
    dont change the entire gameplay experiance

  • fabricej

    It may not be super easy but consider this; there are so many attacks that push you back or throw you like rasengan or Darui’s throw move etc. All it takes is a well placed attack and you’re out of the ring, if you weren’t quick enough to summon a support or didn’t have any then you lose no matter how close the fight was.

    This just comes as a cheap way to win, this does add depth but not in a good way. Not to mention it’s unfathomable that a ninja loses a battle because they got “ringed out”. CC2 was really close to something special here, had they made Sasuke fall into a different stage and lost health instead of losing I would be loving this, but this is just a bad idea. I can’t see any scenario where this becomes endearing.

  • Justin McSherry

    If there is going to be ring out, it should only do as much damage as a justu followed by the character jumping back in the arena. I would like for there to be no ring out at all but for the love of God please don’t make this an instant loss.

  • Jonathan Gruber

    And… if it ISN’T optional? THEN, it is worth complaining about. 

  •ózsef-Pálos/100001576711815 József Pálos

    And when they only do that, people crying because there is no new feature…
    It’s a loss-loss thing anyways, and also, this feature is actually really cool in my opinion, now you have to look where you stand, not just buttonmash.

  • David Mendez

    Wow……that is dumb, Im alot less enthused for this now.

  • Frank Cerullo

    wow now rasengan spammers can win in one hit -.-

  • Yonbi4tails

    Gameplay of goku naruto on nsunstormcommunity channel.

  • Saheem Iqbal

    They should increase the number of time it takes to break the barrier around the ring.
    Like the fence broke in one hit instead increase it’s durability that way the match won’t really end quicker. 

  • Alec Langlois

    You can tell that there are going to be TONS of spams using the ring out


    This ring out thing doesn’t make any sense at all!fuck this shit!!!

  • Frank Cerullo

    but this is similar to dbz ring outs, if it works tehre should work here to

  • kratosgod45

    I mean IMO they could’ve just spent more time and effort trying to come up with something more deserving for the game. I say deserving because if anything ring out belongs in games like dbz or tekken. In the world of Naruto never have they once fought on ring out terms.

    Still, it would be nice if it was optional and not just, “Oh well if you want ring out play on this map. If not, then don’t.” That’s not very fair. What if I want to fight in Hidden Leaf rebuild stage, but don’t want ring out style play?

  • MasterAfroNinja

    It should be that you get hit some where else like to the gate and you finish the fight there or some where else because the fights will be boring if you can just kill someone that quick. Other then that everything looks great.

  • Sigvon SinTei

    LOL!!! Rasen-kamehameha!! Hahaha. The movement is the same though. With a few tweaks in movement and saiyan like chakra charge. They did mention that it’s still under development. Looking forward to it. Was that a secret factor that showed up?

  • King Uchiha


  • Yonbi4tails

    I don’t think it’s a secret factor, maybe a cool new feature they’re implementing to make ultimate jutsus a little flashier and longer in length (without slowing down gameplay). Also, did you notice they changed the awakening power down animation? Looks alot smoother now.   

  • Frank Cerullo

    whats the sites name?

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Sigvon SinTei

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Looks like the pause transition was gone. Before the ultimate, there’s a japanese character at the top of the items. It might be a secret factor signal or something. I think I’m going to get this costume. I love it. :)

  • Yonbi4tails

    Go to YouTube and type in NSUNStormCommunity and view their channel. I’d post the link but then my comment wouldn’t get approved.

  • Sigvon SinTei

    youtube. just search for NSUNStormCommunity

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    I rather have the substitution bar taken out, that totally killed online :(  

  • Yonbi4tails

    Oh the Japanese Character that pops up is just signaling ‘Danger’ because opponent is near a DANGER ZONE where he can be ringed out :) . It’s a way of warning inexperienced players to avoid that area.  

  • devantwilliams

    Ring outs are annoying to deal with in Tekken, because you could get cornered easily and the fact that the stages are so small, compared to Naruto Storm however, it should be easier to cope with ring outs, plus your support can save your life at the cost of his own, I like it, and the stage destruction is super sexy

  • Alex Gill

    Wow you must be kidding, a ring out after 1 Rasengan? Really? Not to mention you lose your support character too. Dislike.

  • King Uchiha

    Yes bro I agree.. Stage destruction is Niiicccceeeeee.. , but ring outs just don’t belong. It would of been much better if they took the fight to another part of the map.

  • Junaid Ansari

    This is a stupid feature. Hopefully we can turn it off during battles if the player would like to.

  • Frank Cerullo

    guys head band always up kakashi is confirmed look up on youtube naruto in goku costume gam eplay and look at kakashis support photo :D

  • OnlineVirus

    New Goku Naruto Gameplay!! It’s on the youtube channel NUNS Storm Community.

  • Art

    This is probably the most senseless mechanic that I’ve witnessed on a
    storm game. It is wrong in so many levels. Out of so many things they
    could’ve added, they add this? I guess cc2 needed to somehow outdo
    masked man in storm generations. And I had some faith on them after

    1)When first sasuke gets rasengand he would’ve landed safely on a rooftop and wouldn’t have needed saving from suigetsu anyway.

    2) Suigestsu just leaves because he saved sasuke from getting launched out? ok..

    2)LOl physics? when sasuke hits the edge the second time due to getting hit a
    second time by rasengan he somehow magically floats away and gets ko’d.

    3)Even without taking into consideration that many characters can fly and
    others have ways to avoid the fall, it’s idiotic to think that a naruto character can just simply die or get ko’d by falling of a building. Imagine if in the manga madara just got trolled/defeated by simply getting launched of a high spot.

    4)2 hits to win the game if you don’t have a balance support? Not sure if serious. Even in games like DOA or DBZ where they have some sort of ring out, ring outs are
    more limited and don’t equal an automatic win. Can’t say that it should
    be easy to evade given how many moves can easily toss you across the
    stage. grabs, jutsus, items, pretty much everything can launch you
    across the map.

    While I don’t personally like ring outs, I’d be ok with them making them like the previous ps2 games where getting hit off stage simply meant taking damage. I’m going to be pretty pissed if ring outs are by default on for ranked and the player has the ability tochose a stage. I guess I’ll be forced to host all my online games to avoid this crap.

    Is it really too early to pass judgment based on what
    we’ve been shown?

  • Tonii_Montana

    I can’t take this anymore you guys sound like a bunch of babies. Do you seriously want Cyberconnect to hold your hand and make things easy for you? I sure as hell don’t! My god, take on the challenge of ringouts as an oppurtunity to improve your skills as a gamer! Some of the best gamers I’ve played against in DOA, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat are the ones who use the environment to their advantage. Now CC2 has given players a chance to be more dynamic in their play style. If you want a simple game with little to no dynamics, play MVC3. It’s a button masher and its super predictable. Yea, there are cheap players, but cheap players don’t always win! How about before going online and getting frustrated about how cheap people are you hone your skills in practice mode by setting the a.i to recycle specific behaviors. And if you can’t do that have a friend help you. This is how I learned to adjust to cheap puppet users who spammed the tilt cancel function.  

    Overall this is NOT a bad feature, it’s just going to make you work alot harder as a gamer. (Atleast if your someone who plays with integrity) Anyone ever seen the “Don’t Spam Me” videos by Ichikaru? This is proof that even those who play cheap can be beaten by adept/experienced players in NUNS Generations. So stop crying, accept the challenge, and man up.

  • ntlg504

    this sucks like alot it should not end the match im okay with it if only a couple stages have it or we can trun it off

  • Yonbi4tails

    Epic Bro.

  • narutorinnegan

    what is it called when you get thrown back to the arena it in chinese i can’t read chinese pls answer

  • AdrianH20


  • Frank Cerullo

    guys head band always up kakashi is confirmed look up on youtube naruto in goku costume gam eplay and look at kakashis support photo :D

  • Pojomon

    People who are really disliking this are the ones who can’t win for shit. I will agree that the ring out can lead to conflicts in the future but this isn’t like tekken where it hard for you to get out of one corner, you can just sub and chakra dash back, or sub and and then knock that person out. You guys wanted something new do deal with it

  • Sigvon SinTei

    Oh. I see. I really wanted it to be a secret factor though. Lol. Anyway I like this new update. Ring outs and costumes that has a few tweaks. It brings something new to the gameplay. I’m more eager to get this game now.

  • Sigvon SinTei

    I just don’t get other people. Why do they think that they will be thrown out of the stage. Shouldn’t you guys be thinking of how will you get the spammers to be thrown out as punishment for spamming?

    You see, spammers are noobs right? They result to spamming because they can’t win normally. So why not out maneuver them and throw them out of the stage. While their life is still green. That way they will be pissed.

    And this game is still under development. Every time new demo or videos show up something changes. Let’s just wait to get the final product, finish it then judge it.

    But the way things are. This game looks way better that the previous storm games.

  • EDGEucator

     I remember in the 2-D Budokai 3 on PS2 they had beastly a** stage change animations.
    But here in NS3 , all you have is your butt buddy flipping you back into the arena.

  • Al D.

    It looks so derpy when he flies off the stage… Not even a sound effect?

  • Narnar91

    My main issue with this is that it is very un-Naruto like. There is no “ring outs” in the Naruto show. This isn’t a Dragonball Z tournament fight where you can ring out. I’d rather them add something to make it more Naruto like, such as the stage destruction, ect.

  • braxton4715

    really i liked the sub bar

  • Karim Serafini


  • Adison Peña


    So we must dead if we get thrown out of the stage and do not have enough assistance meter for calling our support character to help us ???

    WHAT A SHIT in my opinion u__u

  • khodor zayat

    these ring outs shouldn’t end the game but take the battle to a different arena (removing a little health from the one getting knocked back when he hit the ground on the other battleground ) 

  • Hason Peart

     This is gonna be terrible especially if this includes Single Matches, One wrong move and your match is over… If so, I’m Done with Single Matches. :[

  • Kira

    Awsome stage and Ring Out…. if you are knocked out of the ring you lose the match really STUPID

  • Mickeycuzz

    I’m sorry, I thought I was in a community full of experienced gamers who enjoyed a CHALLENGE! All I hear is “spammers this, spammers that” .. are you THAT afraid of losing? Sheesh, I welcome spammers with open arms!! They’ll teach me to maneuver around cheap tactics .. yes, there’s a bit of a learning curve now ..but that’s the beauty of it ; It’s NOT the same game people!

    So what now? Bash at Cyberconnect2 for trying to make the game more fun and innovative (in hopes that they’ll eventually remove ring-outs)? Check the polls .. more gamers LIKE this new feature, so it’s not going to happen.

    If anything, make suggestions for limitations to this feature.The site for suggestions is still open .. someone mentioned ring-outs for players who’s health has reached a critical point, or the ability to sub out of a ring-out.

  • Anthony

    EXACTLY, god people are such winers…

  • Tonii_Montana

    You’re a wise man sir.

  • LiL JJ

    I like that this is a new idea but it still doesn’t change the fact that there is more of a limitation now(in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong I think it’s pretty cool but why not expand instead of limit? Oh well,the destruction damage was neat. Also, can everybody respect everyone’s opinion? people have the right to be dissapointed with this just as much as people happy about this idea. Me, I’m in between.

  • dikkesjonnie

    Can you believe this shit, so this is where CC2 is wasting there time and money on??

    Its not an challenge anymore its motherfkin ridiculous, it requires no skill at all…..AT

    Im not gonna buy this crap anymore if cc2 keeps breaking my heart and
    mistakes me for an donkeyass.. and i thought u could fight on in another
    stage or rooftops or something (c’mon they could manage it), and im
    pretty sure that is not what we meant by interactive/destructible
    stages, if you’re going to reply don’t come with things like its not
    finished yet… its finished for the most part they keep saying that for
    you to keep drooling and maintain an hard on a little longer…

    Seriously if this is not going to be optional and they really wont add
    dept into gamplay F**K THAT… I don’t care who they put in the game..
    never did.. it never really matters.. i enjoy UNS the most as we all
    know it has 20 characters..

  • Bob


  • konanNmadara

    Your measly* 60 bucks wont matter

  • konanNmadara

    Im loving this level though it’s a awesome interpretation of the destroyed village

  • Isaiah French

    pleease remove the ring out system. it does not relate to the manga/anime in any sense. 

  • XAssGodX

    That guy is right on a point though, if ring out is not optional it sucks. The ring out takes out all the challenge of the game and the game wouldn’t require skill anymore, IMO ring out is a bad idea but let’s see what they do with it. BUT they must do it optional or at least not put it in every stage, please. So stop replying like a retarded kid please even if you have a different opinion.

  • treeko

    The way Sasuke got ringed out was sooooooo retarded,this feature is already broken to me,picture Sage Naruto spammers yourself people and you’ll understand what I mean.

  • treeko

     Said like a true consumer bro.

  • treeko

    The 489 people who voted the poll as the ring out feature being awesome,are retarded people who just want eye candy……

  • konanNmadara

    After watching this video i don’t agree with the ringout, it seemed to easy to do, ringoits should be under extreme circumstances. Like no chairs or no subs or both. I also think when we actually get the game we will find a way around it.

  • AdrianH20

    anyone else like when suigetsu toss sasuke back in? it was kinda of epic

  • Fabbri Maurizio

    Wow…. spammers gonna spam more with this ring out!!! dumb idea

  • NarutoCandelaFan

    This sucks!.. At least what they should do about the ring out thing is if you get kicked out from the ring or something

  • jalojoes

    Naruto Smash Bros

  • bndn989

    so a easably spammable jutsu is now an insta kill and if your support saves you they are automaticaly dead. WHAT. THE. HECK. IS. WRONG. WITH. THESE. CREATORS.

  • A.Z.

    Sir, I absolutely agree with you. To be honest, all CyberConnect2 is doing is just taking in suggestions from us fans and trying to satisfy our desires for future games. It’s highly possible that the ring-out idea came from one of us fans. People should stop bashing CyberConnect2 for trying to satisfy us fans… If you don’t like this feature, then get in contact with CyberConnect2 and suggest that they remove it! Just cussing in your comments DON’T HELP. -.-

  • Matthew Pernell

    I’m not a big fan of ring outs but I don’t think they take the challenge out of it. I know one wrong move and its over but lets be real; if you play online against a seasoned player then one wrong move will easily get you specialed to death. Thats what makes them fun, every move counts and you will pay if you make so much as a wasted punch. Ring outs are more harsh but its still challenging. That said I don’t necessarily like the where the focus moves. I prefer to think only about pummeling my oppenent. Not about ring outs. 

  • jermar

    im hearing a lot of complaining but for the wrong reason. most people are complaining that spammers are going to over use this system. my only fault with the system is that i may accidentally ring out my opponent. i actually love the fact that my opponents can ring me out because then it becomes more of a challenge to me. when it comes to spammers my philosophy is dont hate the player (you decided to play with them), dont hate the game (you decided to buy it), hate your lack of skills. if you hate spammers and want to beat them without spamming just become better than them without spamming. its not impossible but it may be a frustrating journey lol  

  • slushiefan101

    Now everyone is gonna use rasengan to ring out people .. Greaattttt. That jutsu is bad enough

  • konanNmadara

    I agree with you alot, but this will inspire alot of rage quiting

  • Rudeboyred

    Its NOT ABOUT SKILLS!!! Ring out is terrible how can the polls (you guys) possibly condone it?? WTF this isn’t a tournament! In DBZ ring out was only possible in the WORLDMARTIAL ARTSTOURNAMENT! Because it happens in the STORY!!! u out, u lose!! Where in naruto have they stopped due to being knocked out the area?? Huh?to make it worse they even make it look like u died due to falling -_- This is terrible and has nothing to do with the naruto we all love,they fucking up!

  • Keston Felix

    So ring out is crap, and this Slight Stage Destruction is not what we said we wanted cc2 Stage to Stage Destruction is what we wanted no ring out please fix you all still has time or put in  an option to turn it on and off. more good news and a demo release date

  • khodor zayat

    instead of wasting their time adding these satooopid things to ruin the game they can give minato sasuke karin etc some new combos -_-

  • narutonatsu

    not gonna lie thats pretty cheap, every rasengan can get a ring out

  • jermar

    Thats true

  • Cloud S

    Why on earth must the destruction disappear, though? Dude, if you can keep a dead support laying down, then you can keep broken things and wood, around. It makes for an awesome developing fight. They need that, and if they’re going to take any good notes from Soul Calibur and other games, they need to get some armor/clothing change throughout battle. Eh, headache. No more comments for me. e ne

  • Keenan King-Leemur Pledger

    nothing you’ve said has changed the fact that this is a BAD system for this game..where the end of almost every combo is a knockback…jutsus have knockback, some throws..tilts..etc. if they wanted something like that they should’ve brought back wall combat.. this is just aweful.

  • Alex Marrero

    Crap, and here I was standing up for the ring out feature. Now that it’s confirmed a SINGLE Rasengan can ring you out and your support MUST be active, as well as the support INSTANTLY dying afterwards, I’m not so thrilled anymore. -_-

    The only good thing of note is that it seems only stages that are higher up will have the feature, so hosting online will keep you safe from things like this.

  • Alex Marrero

    Ugh. You’re right. -_-

  • Alex Marrero

    And here we were praising it just not too long ago. I’m sorry I gave CC2 so much credit and thought they wouldn’t make ring outs so simple. 

  • Alex Marrero

    Screw the Rasengan, Shikamaru’s c.kunai can cause a ring out. WT-MOTHER-F???

  • barockyourmomma

    so…..single battle? are you pretty much fucked?

  • Tonza Uomala

    Anyone else catch around the 10 second mark that you no longer get hit by Sasuke’s jutsu again after subbing it? God I hope they’ve fixed the substitution issues.

  • Alex Marrero


  • Alex Marrero

    Matter of fact, I don’t remember seeing anyone substitute and get caught back in a jutsu, etc. yet in a video. Still too early to say, but yeah that part at around 0:11 seems promising. 

    The true test will be Ohnoki and Pein’s Jutsus. -_-

  • Tonza Uomala

    Indeed, and let us not forget the all time favorites Masked Man and Hidan.

  • Alex Marrero

    There’s only so much you can do bro. No one is good enough, nor can they be, to say that they never will get hit by a Rasengan, or Shikamaru’s/Gaara’s chakra kunai (there’s no way you’ll avoid those kunai all match), or anything else that can easily cause a ring out at least once a match. And that’s all it takes: 1. 

    So your fighting, you destroy the boundary yourself while kicking the opponent’s behind, and, for whatever reason, you get hit by a Pein support, or the inevitable Shika balance, since balance will be picked often now and who better then him. (no subs, didn’t guard, guard break, glitch, lag, etc.). That’s OKAY with you that you should lose because of something you can barely (if at all) control? You can’t stop it from happening, you’ll get hit sooner or later. At that point it becomes luck, there’s no skill involved in more then half the ring outs that will occur, because I assure you most will be accidental. Now how’s that fair?

  • Alex Marrero

    Idk, I had an old nickname for CC2 during the Gen development: CC-Troll. I think I’ll start using it again…

  • Damian Uchiha

    I guess you love it… not “we” moron

  • Mickeycuzz

    So after some careful re-evaluating, I’ve come to the conclusion that this ring out feature (as is) is probably not such a good idea. Initially, I liked the feature because it gave the game a new feel and [I thought] it added more strategy, but after some serious consideration it’s actually backtracking the Storm series! The ring-out over powers Ultimate Jutsus; meaning skill has become a non-factor and matches are based on LUCK. For this reason, the fighting will transition into a cat & mouse game in which players’ primary focus will be on knocking their opponent out of the ring, as opposed to actually defeating them. 

    It’s ALMOST a good idea, but once you really think about it ..accidents [in this game] will turn into losses. I’m fine with losing 20 matches because I got out-witted by my opponent, but 50 losses to matches that I KNOW I should’ve won. That’s bullshit.

  • Alain Sokhon

    no mickeycuzz youre wrong. because as you see it is hard to get your opponent out of the ring there is just a few places you can do it . so it isnt easy to do it .
    and the opponent isnt idiot to stand still you will probably get the opponent out of the ring 1 time in 5 matches

  • Serket Hamo

     only time will tell. cuz i dont agree with you

  • dikkesjonnie

    &BOB…. I have shoes smarter than you 2 if you think its about the 60 bucks.. an yeah not only you love it most ppl do so they don’t have any reasons to improve it cause you guys will buy it anyway.. call me whatever u want but there is nothing wrong with wanting true for you’re money.. something you guys(most ppl) don’t understand cause they all like to believe its all fine and Dandy

  • dikkesjonnie

    thnx man, still some hope for this world..XD

  • banditxchief

     you are right if it is not optional then it is worth complaining about. You are also right in saying we will not know until CC2 confirms this. Yet people are still already complaining when we dont know lol.

  • Alex Marrero

    1 time out of 5? Even if that were the case, that’s still TERRIBLE. But it’s not the case. All it takes is 2 strikebacks: one from EITHER player to break the boundary, another to ring them out. And even if your support saves you, it puts you at such a disadvantage you might as well have lost.

    “Idiot to stand still?” How are you supposed to deal with your opp, his supports, while watching his sub bar, your sub bar, AND worry about what side of the arena you’re on? Lets say guard breaks due to chakra dash spamming (happened all the time in Gen). Now what? Can you MOVE then? It’s ridiculous the amount of possibilities, and you can’t possibly account for them all while worrying about everything else.

  • Alex Marrero

    Indeed. That’s what I hate: the accidental ring outs that will occur. I can swallow an intentional ring out, where my opponent positions me just right. But, I’m going to lose when my opponent never could or even intended to win? WTF is that about?

  • Mickeycuzz

    Agreed, and we shouldn’t have to avoid certain maps just because they have the ring-out feature ..heck, most stages look cool! Hopefully only about 20% of the arenas have ring-outs. Cyberconnect2 should consider re-evaluating this feature .. it definitely needs polishing.

  • Yonbi4tails

    It’s time to speak up Storm Community. This Ringout feature is a nightmare and as a community we need to let CC2 know how we feel. Sure, we can bash CC2 all we want on here, but the best way to get our point across is by sending them some critical feedback via twitter @cc2information:twitter or the suggestions website. And let’s try NOT to be so negative!! After all, they are the ones creating this game for us. Instead we will let them know how we feel (calmly) and offer some helpful suggestions as to how they can improve this ringout so that it’s not so cheap. If enough people reach out to cc2 then they will have to respond with some type of alternative.

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    Speak the truth!!!  I’m pretty pissed about this feature.  And after I got so hyped about it too. . .

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    Ring outs suck, They should have made it so that if you get knocked out if the ring you would just lose extra health.

  • KillSasukeHaters

    The rings out aren’t even cinematic or creatively done. At least fall into some spikes or lava or some shit! All for the sake of creating something new they just put lame ass rings out >_> lol

  • GameFreak667

    Mmm… well I’m pretty sure people will be smart enough to try to avoid it (getting away from the edge, subbing or blocking, avoid combos/jutsu that would affect it (like fireball jutsu), etc.)

    So… where was the stage damage?

  • Raquan95

    For real but is this KSH from PSN if it is then this is Satin

  • Matsu96

     same opinion here.

  • Deva_Pain_Path

    The ring out idea makes this really dumb….majority of spammers that use knock back are going to rely on that to win the matches online…..I really suggest that they remove that online!

  • Cj Coleman

    the ring out idea is beyond stupid its a disgrace to naruto fans everywhere

  • Zeke Asakura

    WELL ITS NOT YOUR CHOICE! :P So don’t play it.

  • Zeke Asakura

    Only to you. Shut and don’t buy it then.

  • Drexlar Mutant

    I am a naruto fan and I don’t have an issue with this feature, get over yourselves folks, and speak for yourself dude, not all of us hate the idea. And yes its not perfect, but its not stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drexlar Mutant

    I agree with you Alain, people are just posting stupid comments without analysis…that is lame!!!!

  • KillSasukeHaters

    Yeah its me lol whats up…

  • King Uchiha

    Anyone who feels as strongly against this new ring out feature as I do. Go to “NSUNStormCommunity” YouTube channel. There is a ring out petition video which has a link to the petition underneath. We played 3 series of the game without stupid ring outs we don’t need them now!!.. I seriously doubt that’s what anyone asked for.  We wanted Broken Bond style tag matches!!, We wanted online practice modes!!, We wanted map transitioning!!!, We want new combos instead of the same copy and paste move sets!!!.. Don’t get me wrong Cyberconnect2 has by far to me produced the best Naruto game series yet, and I am thankful for them, and understand that they want try new things.. BUT not all change is GOOD. As a fan, and a Clan leader of course I’m gonna get my copy of Storm 3 regardless.. we all are. but if there’s a chance even a small one that I can help change something I know just doesn’t belong. I’m gonna do what I can to make it happen. For those who are okay with this feature.. I respect your opinion. This is for those out there who feel as I do. Go to YouTube search ”Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – Petition against Ring Out” it should be a 0.29 second video. Underneath the video you will find the link to the petition. Please guys the faster we all sign the sooner we will be heard. We can RIGHT this wrong.

  • 202jkdc

    Hope its not in regular fights in story mode cause computer might make you RING OUT LOL
    Its hilarious now that everybody doesn’t like except about 5 people.
    I don’t ever recall reading this idea in any suggestion forums about this game but I read a lot of wall climbing, character creation, open world , RPG, team UJ, and more jutsu
    But they give us RING OUT LOL

  • 202jkdc

    The only things that are destructive are the boundaries of the 360 to open the ring out. Does that mean stages with no ring outs won’t have destructive things to destroy if there are any stages without ringout?
    I think they could’ve made a few wooden houses that’s built within the 360 instead of the perimeter of it and have them be destroyed when hit.
    Get rasenganed through the house instead of

  • Narutoboy101

    Important I have figured out that ring out will be optional. First of all it might be impossible to have training mode if ring out is in it. If they can turn off ring out in training mode they might as well have it optional in online battle mode. Please reply if I am wrong.

  • Michael Wright

    You know.. I had to think if I like this or not.. I kinda like it.. but I actually have an idea that everybody would like. Instead of having “ring out, you lose” Let’s have “ring out, change of scenery” More like Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, and other games. So like, instead of Sasuke being Rasenganed off of a building and dying like its Soul Calibur, let him fall onto a “Market man’s stand” and ruin his day while Sasuke makes a mean face as Minato acts all cool and jumps down ready to beat his ass some more. This is where this series needs to be headed give us more than a lazy, “ring out, you lose”

  • King Uchiha

    Yea bro… Map transitioning. That’s what we all prefer. 

  • devion sosa


  • Gerson Costa

    it really looks like a glitch when he gets thrown off the stage

  • Flame Eternity

    oh i cant wait for this ring out feature, though with my bad luck i will never get a ring out xD, but i think this is a great idea because it will bring a LOL moment like in soul calibur when your friend is destroying you but you “accidentally” ring him out

  • Ivan Hernandez

     definitely!! i wanted that too!!! it’s boring fighting in the same place

  • Ppnjelly

    i think this feature will make the battles more intense to avoid being knocked out, which lead to epic fights

  • 202jkdc

    Yeah that would be way better than this

  • Minatosamaaa

    :( , I hope this get’s Fixed >_< *SIGH* It' , will never Be Like Storm 1 . Where it was actually realistic Like the series Storm 2 & Generations Was really a big Disappointment The new Substitution Bars , Whats going on Back then Substitution was Required with Chakra * Now you have to wait * :( For Example Everyone knows in Storm One it was possbile to Kick Punch, Throw , Grab , Raseangan Or Chidori Your Oppement . To the Wall & You'll jump on the wall Exactly with the Person 


    I could not agree with you more. Your idea is awesome! Everybody wanted stage transitioning, but CC2 did not think the way we did. You should totally give your idea to CC2′s oficial twitter if you haven’t already. If an idea is good enough, they usually respond back and give your idea to the development team for consideration.

  • Andre Bullock

    Am I the only person that see this ring out feature as a big problem online? I mean every time I see I cant help of think of all the ppl that are most defiantly gonna just  rasengan ppl off the stage the whole time come ranked match. CC2 really puts to much faith in the ppl that play their storm games.

  • AibakAwwad

    nooooo ring outs plzzzzzzzzzz

  • First L

    Ring outs could’ve been cool knocked someone to a different stage but death wtf are they thinking. I also hope the us version comes with the extras unless ima have to buy both from europe….

  • Shaun Randika

    I don’t know…Hmm….If u really want to make ring outs make them convincing u know like when they go out of the ring it should lead to a spiky kunai’s or even a huge stone which breaks down and buries them when they knock it or they fall to a burning fire place or to a quicksand or to a deep sea where the ninja gets drowned.U know something like that.

  • swag swag

    too dbz like 

  • sasukeuchiha1808

    I agree. Games like WWE for example are always getting improved every year but in the storm series it seems to get worse.

  • Immortal Prince

    This game and the rest have been build from copy and paste. Nothing more or less. smh