Naruto Storm 3 Ultimate Ninja Kit (France Only)

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Namco Bandai Games France has revealed the Naruto Storm 3 Ultimate Ninja Kit! As of right now, this has only been announced for France and does not include the game. It is it’s own separate item and contains the following:

  • 12 cm figure
  • €5 voucher to buy the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 game.
  • A pair of chopsticks stamped “Ichiraku ramen”
  • 5 Naruto costumes for download on the PSN or Xbox LIVE to the game’s release
  • A repositionable sticker of the Nine Tailed Fox
  • A 3D illustration
  • Gold Scratch ticket (one trip for two to Japan to win)
  • A game case that replicates the the cover of a boo from the Icha Icha series<
  • 45 days of free and unlimited access to the site anime streaming site
  • 4500 loyalty points for the Namco Bandai Games VIP Corner shop

The Naruto Storm 3 Ultimate Ninja Kit will go on sale December 14 on Amazon France for €14.99 (about $20 USD). There will be a PS3 and Xbox 360 version, with the only difference being the Icha Icha series game case.

There will be 39,000 copies of these Naruto Storm 3 Ultimate Ninja Kits, with only one containing the Gold Scratch ticket to win a round trip from Paris to Tokyo and six night hotel stay at Shinjuku Prince Hotel with breakfast included.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and Europe in March of 2013. It will begin with the incident with the Nine Tailed Fox from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering latest episode of Naruto Shippuden before the game’s release.

  • narutopiece1


  • Pablo Gonzalez

    keep calm

  • sasukeOrochimaru


  • tin4o19

    for a moment i tought itachi is confirmed

  • KuroPansa

    This is much more economic than the special edition. I live in Belgium but as french is my mother language, I pre-ordered it and will recieve it next week. I can make an unpacking video if you want.

  • slicethemadara

    yea you should whats your youtube channel :)

  • James Soldier

    I can’t wait for this game to come out. I will be uploading walkthrough and gameplay on my youtube channel.^_^

  • eduardo aparecido de lima

    18 days, no trailer or screenshots or scan

    I think storm generations, marketing has far more than the storm 3 =

  • Nigel Davis

    I actually would not mind getting this. For only about $20, that’s a good deal, but will they ship to NA?

  • tresk495

    No love for north america as always

  • Caique Justino Deodato

     yeah! much more!
    will be disappointing, they are investing in customes, modess, probably because the story is too short!

  • khmerack

    I feel discriminated :( .

  • Daniel Breimann

    bullshit I tried to order it for ps3 but it said “ne peut pas être expédié à l’adresse sélectionnée”
    aka they cant ship to my adress in TX, maybe ebay will have some of it later, none for now though
    NA should get this stuff spam storm 3 sugestion box to include NA!!!

  • Daniel Breimann

    sell me one on ebay ill buy it with an added fee, I want the chopsticks and makeout case (sob)

  • KuroPansa

    That’s Keviouk, but I’ll send the video to SaiyanIsland anyways :-)

  • Zeus Nation

    CC2 feels they can do whatever they want and we will still buy the game……………. Sadly this is true. I will probably wait until the price drops though before i buy it because if i a game is not worth 60 bucks, then i will start waiting.

  • Naruto fan

    didn’t the “France Only” help O_o

  • devaughn chambers

    why do they get the good stuff in france and we get nothing special in america?

  • Guest

    CC2 hates america, we couldn’t even get NUN5 from them 

  • Guest

    smart choice, don’t let these leeches rip you off just cause it’s naruto

  • *Super~Sayian*

    That’s because if they show everything they got around this time, then everyone will realize not much as changed. 

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    Ok what about if I import it to the US and I get gold sticker

  • slicethemadara

    you should wait, it might go on ebay soon.. or just make an account with your paypal on amazon and buy it from there :)

  • tin4o19

    i hope that before 21.12 they make a new trailer with kinkaku and ginkaku vs darui, sasori and deidara vs kankuro, mifune vs hanzo, kakashi guy sakura and lee vs the seven sworsmen of the mist + haku, ino-shika-cho vs asuma, choji and choza vs gedo mazo and maybe naruto and bee vs raikage

  • ace

    Its not even love for Europe though. As of now its only France. Other Europeans should be upset before NAs get to complain like always in my opinion.

  • Zeke Ferguson

    you know. CC2 needs to be reminded that we love naruto too. start sending them a reminder. 

  • LiL JJ

    Now you know PAIN (Pain voice)

  • Daniel Breimann

    for the country, they should still ship to the usa, the uk amazon does

  • LiL JJ

    NA loves Naruto too, I mean come on! Do they not know about the BIG fanbase here or what?

  • Zeus Nation

    I never understood how NUN1-5 could have long ultimate justus on ps2, but storm on 360 and ps3 gotta have short ones. if someone knows why, please let me know??

  • KuroPansa

    I’d like to help you but I don’t have any credit card so I had to borrow my mother’s card. But I’m pretty sure that some members will sell some kits on eBay. They will be available on December 14th so I suggest you to keep an eye on the website on that date. You can also take a look at FNAC french website to see if they ship kits outside Europe. I have some doubts about Amazon FR, but you can try, as slicethemadara said.

  • ichigokun

    long jutsus are fun to watch a few times, but after that they get boring and repetitive. Also it becomes an even bigger pain when somebody else ultimate jutsus you. Plus they slow down the game.

  • A_Cold_Angels_Wind

    It’s Pretty much because of lag. The longer and more over the top the ultimate jutsu, the more memory it will take, the more lag it will have, the more people will leave in the middle of one, and the less characters and other things they’ll be able to put in the game.

  • Tobi

     North American’s have the right to complain. France get this new Special Edition and the rest of Europe gets another kind of Special Edition while the North America gets nothing. I think that leaves plenty of room to complain.

  • tresk495

    Well ace does have a point, North America doesn’t have the best of sales but it definitely sucks that we only get a standard. I think they should do these special edition world wide not just certain spots. If they are worried about making to many copies and not selling them then a good way to prevent that from happening is to only release the amount of copies that are going to be sold. They could do that by a preorder. Then they would know how many will sell because they’ll have already technically sold them. In my opinion that’s what they should do. It’s only going to make the company more profit and if they make an exact amount of special editions then they won’t lose out on money, though I doubt they ever have extra any way.

  • Boomer6574

    To be honest, I think the only reason people are in love with Storm 1 is because it doesn’t have an online.

  • Karina :)

    :o I want “Icha Icha” xdd

  • Alex Marrero

    This is actually not that bad of a separate promotional kit for Storm 3.

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    Not true. We didn’t get NUN5 because the previous didn’t do as well as the other UN games in the Us. So they decided not to ship it and actually saved money this way. It was meerily a business situation. Now, if they rereleased, because Naruto Shippuden has a wider fanbase here, it would probably be sent here. Too be honest, they seem to be going across the map, from East to West, starting in Japan. They’ll get to us eventually. Give them time.

  • Hason Peart

    Well, I at least HOPE that they do something for North America too cause i want all the cool stuff Europe it getting D:

  • Boomer6574

    Hold on a minute there’s 5 Naruto costumes for download?! I thought it was just the Goku outfit?!

  • 6ThunderHorse6

    We need some fucking real news already, i’m sick of all the wishlists and kits that are available in different countries:/                              

  • khmerack

    mmmmm, naw thats not the reason. online is great!

  • khmerack

    for french and only french -.-’

  • Alex Marrero

    I know and not only I know. ^_^

    Not in France, but I can still say it’s not that bad. I’m not selfish.

  • David Han

    I admit, this is actually pretty good. Lucky french bastards… I think CC2 is trolling us. If I remember correctly, 66% of their sales came from NA. But we get nothing. There is definitely something wrong with that picture.

  • Boomer6574

    You sure? Because these talentless players are forcing players with talent from the game.

  • ace

    When you put it like that, reminding me of the other special edition you do have a valid point. I myself was somewhat upset that the Sasuke set (even though i hate Sasuke) wasn’t global since the box art for that is sooo much better than the generic one. Still, until this gets announced for all of Europe its more like lots of love for France rather than anti anywhere else. They do always show up to the French expo after all. 

  • deav0084

    They’re probably just trying to get more sells from other countries. Strictly business

  • Joshua Eason

    Looks like they cant let Hiroshima go

  • Ken

    and there’s the naruto samurai outfit :P

  • David Han

    Yeah but don’t you think us fans from NA deserve at least 1 special edition? I mean, we make up two thirds of CC2′s income so something unique would be nice. But that’s just my opinion, others might differ.

  • Boomer6574

    Well there’s 2. But just what are the other 3?

  • Rayson

    No Sasuke then the trailer is pointless u named the unpopular and some popular no sasuke then its bs i want to see sasuke and danzo that’s pretty important right now because if we get an generations kind of fight then. ._. that entire arc is bs 

  • deav0084

    Of course I do. It is irritating, but who knows they might come around

  • Mina

    Can’t wait to get this next year!!!! HEY YOU GUYS HAVE NARUTO FANS IN NIGERIA TOO, YA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mina

    The ring outs are gonna be sooo fun

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Where’s the scan that confirms the next character already?!

  • tin4o19


  • Sasuke-Kun

    it’s awesome but it’s still not enough, this is getting really stupid i mean day by day goes by and still nothing good to show, bullshit after bullshit.

  • Ruseo

     its because they know we americans will spend 80 bucks on it no matter what but they feel obligated to give special gifts to other contries that buy it :/ i want special gifts

  • tin4o19

    like if you think the next GIANT BOSS BATTLE must be Naruto Bee and Itachi VS Nagato and the Multi-Headed Dog and his other summonings

  • devaughn chambers

    oh yeah i forgot about that.

  • Pedro Cascudo

    hashi is the only ornament or you can use it to eat sushi?
    They can answer me please.

    if augum error sorry I’m using google translator.

  • Vasto_Lord_Dizzy

    ppl in na can still get this no prob, just go to their amazon and buy it cause i know the dlc will work on na copies, even for xbox, just dont expect a use for the $5 off. 

  • daydera

    apparently, at сс2 in November holiday began.

  • tin4o19

    okay guys i’ve thinked and here is my list of the STORY BATTLES that should be in the game:
    1. Third Hokage VS Kyuubi
    2. Minato VS Tobi
    3. Sasuke VS Samurai
    4. Sasuke (with Jugo and Suigetsu as supports) VS Raikage (with Darui and C as supports)
    5. Sasuke VS Samurai
    6. Sasuke (with Jugo and Suigetsu as supports) VS Gaara (with Kankuro and Temari as supports)
    7. Sasuke VS Samurai
    8. Sasuke VS Onoki (with Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi as supports)
    9. Sasuke VS Samurai
    10. Sasuke VS Mei (with Chojuro as support)
    11. A minigame of Ao falling into the trap of Fu and trying to escape
    12. Tobi VS Torune (with Fu as support)
    13. Sasuke VS Danzo
    14. Sasuke VS Danzo standing on Baku 
    15. Naruto (with Sakura and Kakashi as supports) VS Sasuke
    16. Bee VS Kisame (inside that water balloon)
    17. Bee and Raikage VS Kisame
    18. Bee (with the eight-tails) VS the Squid of the paradise island
    19. Naruto VS Dark Naruto
    20 Naruto (and the eight-tails as support and later with Kushina) VS Kyuubi
    21. Gai VS Kisame
    22. Tobi VS Konan
    23. Onoki (with Akatsuchi as support) VS Deidara
    24. Kurotsuchi VS Kabuto
    25. Yamato (with Aoba and Motoi as supports) VS Manda 2
    26. Minigames of Naruto’s training – Learning how to use his chakra arms to lift rocks (or something like tower bloxx) and learning how to create a tailed beast bomb
    27. Anko VS Kabuto (who is standing on a giant snake)
    28. Kankuro (with Omoi as support) VS Deidara (with Sasori as support)
    29. Sai VS Shin
    30. Kakashi, Guy, Sakura and Lee (with other ninja as supports) VS Pakura, Gari, Zabuza and Haku (with white zetsus as supports)
    31. Guy, Lee and Sakura (with other ninja as supports) VS Jinin, Mangetsu, Kushimaru, Jinpachi, Fuguki and Ameyuri (with white zetsus as supports)
    32. Kakashi VS Zabuza (with Haku as support)
    33. Kakashi VS white zesus
    34. Kakashi (with Ensui Nara as support) VS Jinin Akebino
    35. Lee and Sakura VS white zetsus
    36. Lee (with Sai as support) VS Gari
    37. Kakashi VS white zetsus
    38. Kakashi (with Sai as support) VS Fuguki Suikazan
    39. Maki (with Ruka and Omoi as supports) VS Pakura (with Gari as support)
    40. Kakashi and Gai VS white zetsus
    31. Kakashi and Gai VS Kushimaru Kuriarare and Jinpachi Munashi
    42. Omoi VS white zetsus
    43. Omoi VS Ameyuri Ringo
    44. Sakura VS white zetsus
    45. Sakura (with Lee as support) VS Mangetsu Hozuki
    46. Kitsuchi and Kurotsuch VS white zetsus
    47. Neji and Hinata VS white zetsus
    48. Kiba and Shino VS white zetsus
    48. Karui VS white zetsus
    49. Darui VS white zetsus
    50. Darui (with Samui and Atsui as supports) VS Kinkaku and Ginkaku (with white zetsus as supports)
    51. Darui (with Kitsuchi as support) VS transformed Kinkaku
    52. Kitsuchi VS white zetsus
    53. Hiashi VS Hizashi
    54. Choza VS Dan Kato
    55. Mifune (with samurai as supports) VS Hanzo (with Chiyo and Kimimaru as supports)
    56. Choji (with ino and shikamaru as supports) VS Asuma
    57. Ino, Shikamaru and Choji VS white zetsus
    58. Izumo, Kotetsu, Darui and Tenten VS Kakuzu (with his hearts and white zetsus as supports)
    59. Mifune (with samurai as supports) VS Chiyo, Kimimaro and Chukich (with white zetsus as supports)
    60. Choji (with Choza and Kitsuchi as supports) VS The Gedo Mazo
    61. Mei Terumi (with chojuro and omoi as supports) VS Black Zetsu
    63. As Naruto trains he finds out something is strange and ends up fighting -
    Naruto (nine tails chakra mode) VS Iruka, Muta Aburame, Ensui Nara and the two Akimichi
    64. A Minigame of Naruto and Bee breaking the barriers
    65. Naruto and Bee VS white zetsus
    66. Naruto uses shadow clone to help the shinobi defeat the enemy:
    67. Naruto Clone VS white zetsus
    68. Naruto Clone VS Chiyo, Kimimaro and Chukichi
    69. Naruto Clone VS Black Zetsu
    70. Chojuro VS Black Zetsu
    71. Naruto Clone VS Toroi
    72. Gaara VS The Fourth Kazekage
    73. Onoki Vs Mu
    74. Bee VS Itachi 
    75. Naruto (with Bee as support) VS Itachi (with Nagato as support)
    76. Naruto VS Itachi
    77. Naruto, Bee and Itachi VS Nagato standing on his Multi-Headed Dog (with his other summonings as supports)
    78. Temari (with other ninja as suppports) VS The third Raikage
    79. Naruto Clone VS Muu
    80. Sasuke VS White Zetsu
    81. Naruto Clone (with Dodai and Temari as supports) VS The Third Raikage
    82. Gaara and Onoki VS The Third Mizukage and his Giant Clam
    83. Gaara VS Jouki Boy
    84. Naruto Clone, Gaara and Onoki VS Mu’s second half and Madara
    85. A Minigame of teleporting Tsunade, A and Mei to th location of the battle
    86. Naruto Clone and The 5 Kage VS Mu’s second half and Madara
    87. Naruto and Bee VS Tobi and his six paths
    88. Naruto and The Eight-Tails VS The 6 bijuus
    89. Naruto, The Eight-Tails, Kakashi and Gai VS Tobi and the 6 bijuus
    90. Sasuke and Itachi VS Kabuto
    91. The Five Kages VS Madara’s Wood Clones (and theirs susanos)
    92. Bijuu Mode Naruto, the eight-tails,kakashi and gai VS Tobi And The 6 Bijuus
    93. Sasuke and Itachi VS Sage Mode Kabuto
    94. The Five Kages VS Wood Forest Madara
    95. Bijuu Mode Naruto , The Eight-Tails, Kakashi and Gai VS Tobi and The Gedo Mazo
    96. Itachi used izanami on kabuto, we see a flashback of kabuto’s life and then he stops the Edo Tensei. All but Madara go back to the afterlife
    97. The Five Kages VS Perfect Susano Madara
    98. Sasuke Ressurects Orochimaru
    99. Naruto shatteres Tobi’s mask and we see it’s Obito
    100. Obito flashbacks his life after the Kanabi Bridge Incident
    101. Young Obito VS Kiri Shinobi
    102. We return to the present
    103. Bijuu Mode Naruto, The Eight-Tails, Kakashi and Gai VS Tobi, Madara and The Gedo Mazo
    103. Bijuu Mode Naruto and The Eight-Tails VS Madara
    104. Kakashi and Gai VS Obito
    105. Kakashi (with Bijuu Mode Naruto as support) VS Obito
    106. Gai (with The Eight-Tails as support) VS Madara
    107. Bijuu Mode Naruto, The Eight-Tails, Kakashi and Gai VS Tobi, Madara and The Ten-Tails
    108. The Allied Shinobi Forces VS Tobi, Madara and The Ten-Tails

  • slicethemadara

    oh god how long did this take you..

  • Boomer6574

    No way in hell.

  • tin4o19

    about 2 hours

  • tin4o19

    that’s nothing did you saw this:
    combos-same as storm 2
    jutsu-heaven kick of pain
    ultimate jutsu-strength of a houndred technique
    awakening-chakra enchanced strength
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-heaven kick of pain (larger scale version)
    awakening move-L1 or R1 body pathway
    derangement (paralysing the enemy)mei:
    combos-same as generations
    jutsu-water release water encampment pillar
    ultimate jutsu-boil and lava great explosion
    awakening-mizukage mode
    awakening combos-same as generations
    awakening jutsu-lava release lava monster technique
    awakening move-boil release skilled mist techniqueonoki:
    combos-like in generations
    jutsu-rock fist technique
    ultimate jutsu-dust release detachment
    of the primitive world technique
    awakening-tsuchikage mode
    awakening combos-powerfull earth release attacks
    awakening jutsu-scattered rocks technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 earth release moving earth coregari:
    combos-fast light attacks
    jutsu-exploding fist
    ultimate jutsu-exploding release giant landmine fist
    awakening-exploding release mode
    awakening combos-fast heavy explosive attacks
    awakening jutsu-mighty exploding fist
    awakening move-L1 or R1 mighty exploding kickpakura:
    combos-fast light attacks
    jutsu-scorching murder
    ultimate jutsu-scorch release extremely steaming murder
    awakening-scorch release mode
    awakening combos-fast heavy scorching attacks
    awakening jutsu-mighty scorching murder
    awakening move-L1 or R1 scorching fisttobi (new costume)
    combos-powerfull war-fan attacks
    jutsu-chakra chains
    ultimate jutsu-uchiha flame battle encampment
    awakening-summoning gedo mazo
    awakening combos-tobi and gedo mazo attacks
    awakening jutsu-izanagi
    awakening move-L1 demonic statue shockwave   
    R1 demonic statue chakra blastpain (deva path)
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-almighty push
    ultimate jutsu-planetary devastation
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-almighty push (bigger version)
    awakening move-L1 or R1 universal pullpain (asura path):
    combos-robotic attacks
    jutsu-flaming arrow of amazing ability
    ultimate jutsu-chakra explosion
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-flaming arrow missiles
    awakening move-L1 or R1 chakra propulsionpain (human path):
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-soul punch
    ultimate jutsu-soul removal
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-soul drain
    awakening move-L1 or R1 soul dashpain (human path-old and new)
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-water release wild bubble wave
    ultimate jutsu-pain summons all his beasts and they attack the enemy
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-pain’s summons attack
    awakening jutsu-amplification summoning technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 green egg bombspain (preta path)
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-blocking technique absorbation seal
    (when your opponent uses ninjutsu and you use
    this technique you absorb the enemy’s ninjutsu and you gain some chakra
    ultimate jutsu-pain concentrates all his chakra
    in one powerfull punch (chakra punch)
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-blocking technique
    awakening move-when you press L1 or R1 you will drain chakra from the enemy
    if you hit thempain (naraka path):
    combos-the naraka and the king of hell attack
    jutsu-chakra chain
    ultimate jutsu-the naraka path summons the
    king of hell and he swallows the enemy
    awakening-six paths mode
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-chakra chains
    awakening move-L1 or R1 punch of deathshizune:
    combos-shizune and tonton attack
    jutsu-prepared needle shot
    ultimate jutsu-combination attack
    awakening-medical mode
    awakening combos-like the normal
    awakening jutsu-poison mist
    awakening move-L1 or R1 shizune’s attacks become poisoninginoichi:
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-mind body paralysis technique
    ultimate jutsu-mind body switch technique
    awakening-mind body switch mode
    awakening combos-normal powerfull attacks
    awakening jutsu-mind body paralysis technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 mind body disturbance technique
    (when the enemy uses support attacks and you press L1
    or R1 you turn the support/s against the opponentshikaku:
    combos-shadow attacks
    jutsu-shadow paralysis technique
    ultimate jutsu-black spider lily
    awakening-shadow mode
    awakening combos-like the normal
    awakening jutsu-shadow sewing technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 shadow binding neck techniquechoza:
    combos-slow bo and partial multi size attacks
    jutsu-human bullet tank (hold down-spiked human bullet tank)
    ultimate jutsu-super multi size technique
    awakening-multi size technique
    awakening combos-multi size attacks
    awakening jutsu-giant human bullet tank (hold down-giant human bullet tank)
    awakening move-L1 or R1 bo slamakatsuchi:
    combos-slow heavy attacks
    jutsu-earth release golem technique
    ultimate jutsu-akatsuchi jumps in the air
    then he uses earth release hardening body
    technique after that he falls on the opponent
    leaving a giant hole on the ground
    awakening-golem mode
    awakening combos-like the normal
    awakening jutsu-earth release big golem technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 earth golem combo attackchojuro:
    combos-hiramekarei attacks
    jutsu-hiramekarei unleashing hammer
    ultimate jutsu-hiramekarei unleashing long sword
    awakening-confidence mode
    awakening combos-hiramekarei smashing attacks
    awakening jutsu-hiramekarei unleashing hammer
    awakening move-L1 or R1 hiramekarei splatting attackmangetsu hozuki:
    combos-water attacks
    jutsu-water release water dragon
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-powerfull water attacks
    awakening jutsu-water release great water dragon
    awakening move-L1 or R1 water release water whipkushimaru kuriarare:
    combos-nuibari attacks
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-piercing nuibari attacks
    awakening jutsu-piercing and stitching
    awakening move-L1 or R1 wire pullingjinpachi munashi:
    combos-shibuki attacks
    jutsu-shibuki explosion
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-exploding shibuki attacks
    awakening jutsu-shibuki great explosion
    awakening move-L1 or R1 shibuki scroll capturingfuguki suikazan:
    combos-samehada attacks
    jutsu-hair spikes
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-samehada draining chakra attacks
    awakening jutsu-big hair spikes
    awakening move- L1 or R1 samehada blinding attackjinin akebino:
    combos-kabutowari attacks
    jutsu-kabutowari smash
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-kabutowari heavy attacks
    awakening jutsu-kabutowari mighty smash
    awakening move-L1 or R1 jumping smashameyuri ringo:
    combos-kiba attacks
    jutsu-lightning release kiba slash
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-seven swordsmen mode
    awakening combos-lightning kiba attacks
    awakening jutsu-lightning release spinning kiba slash
    awakening move-L1 or R1 lightning dashzabuza (edo tensei):
    combos-same as generations
    jutsu-water release water dragon technique
    ultimate jutsu-silent killing
    awakening-demon aura
    awakening combos-like the normal but faster
    awakening jutsu-water release great waterfall technique
    awakening move-L1 water prison technique    
    R1 hiding in the mist technique (when you press R1 you produce a mist 
    then you dissapear and appear behind the opponent)haku (edo tensei):
    combos-same as generations
    jutsu-thousand flying water needles of death
    ultimate jutsu-demonic mirroring ice crystals
    awakening-ice mode
    awakening combos-like the normal
    awakening jutsu-certain kill ice spears
    awakening move-L1 or R1 ice release ice domekimimaro (edo tensei):
    combos-like in storm 1
    jutsu-dance of the willow
    ultimate jutsu-dance of the seedling fern
    awakening-curse mark second state
    awakening combos-like in storm 1
    awakening jutsu-dance of the clematis
    awakening move-L1 dance of the camellia  
    R1 dance of the larchdeidara (edo tensei):
    combos-like in storm 2
    jutsu-exploding twin birds
    ultimate jutsu-c0 ultimate art (after exploding deidara regenerates)
    awakening-c2 dragon mode
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-c3 (miniature version)
    awakening move-L1 c1 a flock of exploding bats  
    R1 c1 exploding owlanko:
    combos-snake attacks
    jutsu-hidden shadow snake hands
    ultimate jutsu-twin snakes mutual death technique
    awakening-cursed seal of heaven
    awakening combos-like the normal but poisoning
    awakening jutsu-many hidden shadow snake hands
    awakening moves-L1 poison snake bite     
    R1 fire release dragon flame techniquekurenai:
    combos-genjutsu attacks
    jutsu-genjutsu flower petal escape
    ultimate jutsu-demonic illusion tree binding death
    awakening-genjutsu mode
    awakening jutsu-genjutsu flower petal escape
    awakening movve-L1 or R1 genjutsu clone attackkinkaku and ginkaku:
    combos-i think the playable character will be kinkaku and ginkaku will be like pain’s paths
    jutsu-bashosen coil of fire
    ultimate jutsu-it should be something like sealing the soul (the chakra) of the enemy
    awakening-kinkaku’s six tailed form
    awakening combos-something like naruto’s
    awakening jutsu-tailed beast sonic roar
    awakening move-L1 or R1 attack with the biggest tailitachi (edo tensei):
    combos-same as normal
    jutsu-fire release phoenix sage flower nail technique
    ultimate jutsu-amaterasu
    awakening-complete susano
    awakening combos-susano attacks
    awakening jutsu-yasaka magatama
    awakening move-L1 or R1 izanamifourth kazekage:
    combos-gold dust attacks
    jutsu-gold dust wave
    ultimate jutsu-gold dust tsunami
    awakening-his eyes are turning black
    awakening combos-big gold dust attacks
    awakening jutsu-gold dust shower
    awakening move-L1 or R1 gold dust wallsecond mizukage:
    combos-fast water attacks
    jutsu-water gun technique
    ultimate jutsu-jouki boy
    awakening-summoning giant clam
    awakening combos-like normal combos but when you are hit you will get no damage
    awakening jutsu-mirage genjutsu
    awakening move-L1 the clam casts a genjutsu that removes the enemy’s guard for a certrain 
    amount of time R1 the clam casts a genjutsu that brings the opponent to sleep for a certrain amount of timethird raikage:
    combos-slow powerfull attacks
    jutsu:black lightning
    ultimate jutsu-one finger hell stab
    awakening-lightning release armour
    awakening combos-fast lightning release taijutsu
    awakening jutsu-three fingers hell stab
    awakening move-L1 or R1 four finger hellstabsecond tsuchikage:
    combos-fast attacks (and some invisible)
    jutsu-rock barricade
    ultimate jutsu-dust release detachment of the primitive world technique
    awakening-splitting technique
    awakening combos-the two halfs are attacking
    awakening jutsu-double rock fists
    awakening moves-L1 or R1 rock wallnagato:
    combos-six paths attacks
    jutsu-universal pull
    ultimate jutsu-chibaku tensei
    awakening-summon nagato’s animals or asura path
    awakening combos-nagato’s animals attacking or asura path attacks
    awakening jutsu-almighty push
    awakening move-L1 blocking technique absorbation seal 
    (if anyone attacks nagato with ninjutsu and the player press L1 he 
    absorbs the ninjutsu and gains chakra) R1 chakra explosionkabuto:
    combos-same as generations
    jutsu-dead soul jutsu
    ultimate jutsu-summoning edo tensei
    awakening-snake sage mode
    awakening combos-taka and sound five jutsus (except tayuya her technique is kabuto’s jutsu)
    awakening jutsu-demonic flute phantom sound chains (if it hits the enemy it stuns him)
    awakening move-L1 or R1 sage art white rage techniquemadara:
    combo-madara is a legendary ninja so i think his combo should be legendary
    jutsu-fire release great fire annihilation or amaterasu (i think amaterasu is better)
    ultimate jutsu-meteorite technique
    awakening-perfect susano
    awakening combos-susano attacks
    awakening jutsu-big susano sword attack
    awakening moves-L1 yasaka magatama     R1 wood release advent of a world of flowering trees (miniature version)konohamaru:
    combo-i dont know what combos he should have but i guess fast normal attacks
    jutsu-sexy jutsu (if he hits the opponent the enemy gets stunned(harem jutsu))
    ultimate jutsu-giant rasengan
    awakening-he gets faster like in his battle with pain
    awakening combos-like the standart but faster
    awakening jutsu-rasengan
    awakening moves-L1 shuriken shadow clone technique   R1 fire release ash pile burningdarui:
    combo-slower attacks because of his cleaver sword
    jutsu-lightning release wave of inspiration or water release water wall
    ultimate jutsu-double black panters or water and lightning combination
    awakening-dull mode :D
    awakening combos-the same as the normal
    awakening jutsu-storm release laser circus
    awakening move-L1 or R1 lightning release black panter (or just black lightning)sasori:
    combo-same as storm 2
    jutsu-iron sand shower
    ultimate jutsu-iron sand unleash
    awakening-puppet body
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-red secret technique performance of 100 puppets attack
    awakening moves-L1 flame throwers     R1-water stream shootersjiraya:
    combo-same as storm 2
    jutsu-needle jinzo(hold down-hair senbon)
    ultimate jutsu-ultra-big ball rasengan
    awakening-sage mode
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-rasengan
    awakening moves-L1 fukasaku’s toad tongue slash R1 shima’s toad tongue bindkakuzu (edo tensei)
    combos-same as storm 2 or maybe normal attacks when he uses earth release earth spear to harden himself
    jutsu-fire release intelligent hard work
    ultimate jutsu-fire-wind-lightning combination attack
    awakening-earth grudge fear
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-fire releasse intelligent hard work (bigger version)
    awakening moves-L1 wind release pressure damage     R1 lightning release false darknesskonan:
    combos-same as storm 2
    jutsu-paper chakram
    ultimate jutsu-paper person of god technique
    awakening-angel mode
    awakening combos-same as storm 2
    awakening jutsu-paper tornado
    awakening move-L1 shikigami dance    R1 paper spearsasuke (ems):
    combos-they should be something like sasuke (mangekyo sharingan)’s
    jutsu-fire release great dragon fire technique
    ultimate jutsu-transforming into-final susano and making a devastating attack
    awakening-final susano(ems version)
    awakening combos-devastating susano attacks
    awakening jutsu-amaterasu
    awakening move-L1 or R1 blaze release magatamanaruto (kcm)
    combos-same as storm generations
    jutsu-rasengan(hold down-giant rasengan)
    ultimate jutsu-sage art massive rasengan mega barrage
    awakening-kyuubi chakra mode
    awakening combos-same as generations
    awakening jutsu-mini rasenshuriken
    awakening move-L1 or R1 super mini-tailed beast bombmifune:
    combos-sword attacks
    ultimate jutsu-lai beheading
    awakening-samurai sabre technique
    awakening combos-chakra sword attacks
    awakening jutsu-laido (more powerfull version)
    awakening move-L1 katana slash (flash slash) 
    R1 rush impact (stunning the enemy)hanzo:
    combos-kusarigama slashing attacks
    jutsu-explosive tag technique
    ultimate jutsu-hanzo grabs the opponent with the chain of his kusarigama,
    then he summons ibuse who makes a poison cloud after that hanzo pulls the enemy and slashes him with the kusarugama blade
    awakening-summon ibuse
    awakening combos-hanzo and ibuse attack
    awakening jutsu-poison cloud
    awakening moves-L1 hanzo’s attacks become poisoning for a certrain amount of time     
    R1 when hanzo is hit in direct contact the enemy gets poisoned for a certrain amount of time (these two moves can’t be used together)kurotsuchi:
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-water release water trumpet
    ultimate jutsu-earth release opening earth rising excavation
    awakening-normal power boost
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-lava release quicklime congealing technique
    awakening move-L1 earth release earth dome 
    R1 earth release earth flow spearskitsuchi:
    combos-slow powerfull attacks
    jutsu-earth release fist rock technique
    ultimate jutsu-earth release sandwich technique
    awakening-earth release hardened body technique
    awakening combos-slow powerfull earth punches
    awakening jutsu-earth release rock punches combo technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 earth release rock shelteromoi:
    combos-sword attacks
    jutsu-cloud style front beheading
    ultimate jutsu-cloud style crescent moon beheading
    awakening-omoi infuses his sword with lightning release chakra
    awakening combos-lightning sword attacks
    awakening jutsu-cloud style front beheading (larger scale)
    awakening moves-L1 powerful lightning sword attack  R1 cloud style reverse beheadingchoji (war):
    combos-slow partial multi size technique attacks
    jutsu-human bullet tank(hold down-spiked human bullet tank)
    ultimate jutsu-super open hand slap
    awakening-butterfly mode
    awakening combos-fast powerfull attacks
    awakening jutsu-butterfly bullet bombing
    awakening move-L1 or R1 butterfly crushing attackjugo (taka):
    combos-powerfull partial transformation attacks
    jutsu-piston fist 
    ultimate jutsu-chakra blast cannons
    awakening-full sage transformation
    awakening combos-fast powerfull attacks
    awakening jutsu-piston fist style one
    awakening move-L1 or R1 destroying axe fistsuigetsu (taka):
    combos-kubikiribocho attacks
    jutsu-water release water dragon technique
    ultimate jutsu-water release demon fish
    awakening-water release great water arm technique
    awakening combos-fast powerfull attacks
    awakening jutsu-water release water dragon technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 water release water fang bullet techniquekakashi (war):
    combos-same as storm 2
    jutsu-lightning blade(hold down-lighting beast running technique)
    ultimate jutsu-lightning transmission
    awakening-mangekyo sharigan mode
    awakening combos-same as normal
    awakening jutsu-kamui
    awakening moves-L1 water release water dragon technique
    R1 fire release great fireball techniquetenten (war):
    combos-ninja tool attacks
    jutsu-exploding sphere summon
    ultimate jutsu-manipulated tools heavenly chain of destruction
    awakening-summon bashosen
    awakening combos-bashosen attacks
    awakening jutsu-bashosen flurry of wind
    awakening moves-L1 bashosen wave of lightning     R1 bashosen coil of fireasuma (edo tensei):
    combos-same as storm 2
    jutsu-chakra blade combo
    ultimate jutsu-flying swallow cut
    awakening-flying swallow
    awakening combos-like the normal but more powerfull
    awakening jutsu-welcoming approach thousand armed murder
    awakening moves-L1 fire release ash pile burning
    R1 wind release dust cloud techniqueizumo:
    combos-normal attacks
    jutsu-water release starch syrup capturing field
    ultimate jutsu-kotetsu appears izumo uses his syrup technique 
    to capture the opponent and then kotetsu attacks the enemy with his mace
    awakening-kotetsu appears
    awakening combos-izumo and kotetsu’s attack
    awakening jutsu-water release starch syrup capturing field
    awakening move-L1 or R1 kunai blade slashkotetsu:
    combos-atacking with his mace
    jutsu-mace slam
    ultimate jutsu-izumo appears and the two attack 
    the opponent with their kunai blades
    awakening-izumo appears
    awakening combos-izumo and kotetsu’s attack
    awakening jutsu-mace slam
    awakening move-L1 or R1 kunai blade slashtorune:
    combos-insect attacks
    jutsu-insect fist
    ultimate jutsu-insect sphere
    awakening-venomous insect body
    awakening combos-poison insect attacks
    awakening jutsu-poison insect fist
    awakening moves-
    when you press L1 and have direct
    contact with the enemy you stun him
    when you press R1 and you have direct contact with the enemy you slow him down
    (these two moves can’t be used together)dodai:
    combos-rubber attacks
    jutsu-rubber prison
    ultimate jutsu-rubber wall
    awakening-rubber mode
    awakening combos-same as normal
    awakening jutsu-rubber blades
    awakening moves-L1 rubber rope  R1 rubber defencekiller bee:
    combos-seven swords dance
    ultimate jutsu-tailed beast eight twists
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-heavy tailed beast attacks
    awakening jutsu:tailed beast lariat
    awakening move-L1 tailed beast sonic roar    
    R1 tailed beast super streamgaara (war):
    combos-sand attacks
    jutsu-successive shots sand drizzle
    ultimate jutsu-desert layered imperial funeral
    awakening-kazekage mode
    awakening combos-big sand attacks
    awakening jutsu-sand hail
    awakening move-L1 sand wave     R1 sand coffinkankuro (war):
    combos-kankuro uses sasori for his combos
    jutsu-red secret technique machinery triangles
    ultimate jutsu-black secret technique manipulated flame scorpion show
    awakening-puppeter mode
    awakening combos-same as the normal but poisoning
    awakening jutsu-red secret technique machinery triangles
    awakening moves-L1 water stream shooters     R1 flamethrowerstemari (war):
    combos-long range wind attacks
    jutsu-sickle weasel technique
    ultimate jutsu-wind release cast net
    awakening-surounding wind
    awakening combos-great wind attacks
    awakening jutsu-scythe weasel technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 dust wind techniquesai (war)
    combos-super beast imitation drawing technique attacks
    jutsu-super beast imitation lions
    ultimate jutsu-super beast imitaition giants
    awakening-drawing mode
    awakening combos-like the normal
    awakening jutsu-super beast imitation tigers
    awakening moves-L1 super beast imitation birds with exploding tags
    R1 super beast imitaition eagleroshi (four tails):
    combos-slow lava attacks
    jutsu-lava release scorching stream rock technique
    ultimate jutsu-lava release lava geyser
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-powerfull tailed beast attacks
    awakening jutsu-flower fruit mountain
    awakening moves-L1 or R1 lava release lava armour
    (when hitting the enemy he gets burned)yugito nii (two tails):
    combos-fast attacks
    jutsu-claw creation technique
    ultimate jutsu-two tails fireball
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-fast powerfull cat attacks
    awakening jutsu-mouse hairball
    awakening move-L1 or R1 cat clawutakata (six tails):
    combos-soap bubble ninjutsu
    jutsu-explosive bubble
    ultimate jutsu-water release bubbles technique
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-powerfull acid attacks
    awakening jutsu-leech gap
    awakening move-L1 or R1 corrosive gasyagura (three tails):
    combos-powerfull water attacks
    jutsu-water release water dragon technique
    ultimate jutsu-water release water mirror technique
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-tailed beast water attacks
    awakening jutsu-coral palm
    awakening move-L1 or R1 tailed beast water coral slashfu (seven tails):
    combos-fast acrobatic attacks
    jutsu-hiding in scale powder technique
    ultimate jutsu-bug stream
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-fast powerfull bug attacks
    awakening jutsu-hiding in scale powder technique
    awakening move-L1 or R1 bug poison bitehan (five tails):
    combos-slow heavy attacks
    jutsu-steam punch
    ultimate jutsu-horn breaking
    awakening-tailed beast second state
    awakening combos-slow powerfull steam attacks
    awakening jutsu-steam cloud
    awakening move-L1 or R1 steam clawryu (from street fighter):
    combos-kung fu attacks
    jutsu-hadoken (blue version)
    ultimate jutsu-metsu hadoken
    awakening-angry mode
    awakening combos-when you hit the enemy you will produce flames or sparks
    awakening jutsu-hadoken (red version)
    awakening move-L1 or R1 shoryukenjin kazama (from tekken):combos-karate attacksjutsu-lightning punches comboultimate jutsu-heavy lightning claw punchawakening-devil modeawakening combos-heavy demon attacksawakening jutsu-demon laserawakening move-L1 or R1 demon claw

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    Well, there’s a lot of people who wanted clashes on the new game, and I’m one of them.

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    Yes but that doesn’t mean they are necessary, you just want them. It’s not like there wouldn’t be a Storm 3 game without clashing. 

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    Also, it’s unlikely even if they did send out episodes everyday since there’s about 1 month left and they have to cover 70 chapters.

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    Has anyone played the 1 Naruto game that was PS3 exclusive? When did we allow the bar to drop?

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