One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer

Posted by Omar Khan
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YORODEMO! The first trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 has been released! It features Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Enel stick it to Skypiea’s police force, the White Berets! As the video mentions, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will be at Jump Festa ’13, which takes place on December 22th and 23rd in Japan. Saiyan Island expects more footage to be revealed there.

Check out One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer 2 or One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is an action/adventure in development by Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force. The game will be published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan (PS3/PSVita) and Europe (PS3 only) sometime in the summer of 2013. No word on a North American release date at this time.

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  • Killer Popo

    definetely getting this for vita

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  • Shogunreaper

    How did he do elephant gattling when he only blew up one hand lol?

  • Cloud S

    uuuuuuugh. WHY I ask, WHY can’t Storm get info released this efficiently?

  • uchihalord1994

    so are we getting anything new for storm 3 in jump festa ?

  • Saiyan

    Storm 3 will be at Jump Festa. It’s unknown if anything new will be shown at this time, however.

  • Brandon Gray

    Ugh so much One Piece can we get some new UNS3 news? 

  • Chris

    sooooo much one piece news lately. i have nothing against one piece, but weres the storm 3 news? cc2 has been quiet the whole month so far :/  but no surprise since the fillers got pushed till january.

  • ZSlasherX547

    CC2 just hasn’t released any storm 3 news lately and it’s not saiyan island’s fault. You should know by now the minute they have news its posted here. It sucks, but however let’s say saiyanisland ONLY did storm news. Can you imagine how dead and dull this site would be for some people when CC2 doesn’t bring a lot of news?

  • ZSlasherX547

    CC2 just hasn’t released any storm 3 news lately and it’s not saiyan island’s fault. You should know by now the minute storm 3 news is out its posted here. You have to yell at cyberconnect2 not saiyanisland. And I like Dragonball Z, One Piece, and Bleach so it’s not a big deal for me.

  • Sharnerius1

    So will Punk Hazard be in the game?Luffy uses gomu gomu no UFO which a he just used a couple of chapters ago

  • SuperKamehameha

    Why are you telling this to Saiyanisland?They have no control over what comes out,all they do is post it.This isn’t a Naruto only site.Get over it.

  • Joe Wright

    Yes! This looks amazing. I can’t wait! I would love to see that new move Luffy did in the latest chapter in the game too. From the cover, it looks like we could get Film Z in there too. But I don’t know. We haven’t seen New World Ao Kiji anywhere other than Film Z atm and it doesn’t look like he’ll make an appearance in the manga any time soon.

  • ShisuiUchiha88

    If this game have online battles like in Naruto Storm games or something similiar i gona pre-order it !

  • k.k.kwt120

    Next year is a year with awesome games , Storm 3 , Pirates warriors 2 and Project versus J !!!

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    Wow so great! Luffy has gear 3 stuff as part of his regular moves and UFO, that was a shock. 
    Elephant gatling looks epic and I really hope Grizzly Magnum is in it too!
    however i wonder why they are beating up Skypiea guys in new world attires.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    quit making new accounts troll 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    cause storm 3 has little changes so it’s wise they wait till it’s near release date 

  • Guest

    because unlike one piece, CC2 did little changes for storm 3 ( as usual ) so they’re saving all their crap till it’s near march , other wise people will wise up and realize it’s just another rip off. 

  • Damian Uchiha

    It won’t This is hack&slash it will be just like in the first one.

  • Damian Uchiha

    In your dreams. it;s just a copy of the first game with new characters and moves. In my opinion Storm 3 is much better.

  • Damian Uchiha

    Kids needs crap like that to be so happy xD Funny

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I hate it when people compare Naruto’s brilliant success to that dog pile called shippuden , it’s like comparing dragon ball Z to freaking dragon ball GT. it’s a insult, I never seen a anime drop so low since bleach, the only thing keeping naruto shippuden in the top 5 in manga’s and anime is because of part 1, why? cause veteran naruto fans want’s to continue the story, even if it means they have to suffer through it. ( 4th war ) 
    Theirs a reason why naruto is shown and not shippuden, sure disney is the one who own shippuden but do you honestly think it was canceled or hiatus because of the ” violence” ? oh please, disney knew darn well what they were getting into, they only canceled it because of lack of views, and the 100+ fillers after part 1 canon forcing everyone to watch shippuden (sub) is the main cause of that. ugh…theirs a reason why 90% of OP fans were once naruto fans, you naruto only supporters who hate one piece for being so popular in japan and the #1 selling manga? then BLAME shippuden! 

    Don’t even get me started on storm games, you wanna know why we have barely any storm 3 articles? because they’re hardly have anything new, most of the stuff we seen were just about 90% of the game’s content. all that’s left is rosters and the plot. if you really think the plot will reach up to madara let alone obito.. keep dreaming, if that stupid matuyasama guy wasn’t so greedy and kept his promise, we will be waiting till the manga/anime ends in 2013-14, ugh.. I sware that guy is no different from COD games. that’s why he is doing all these dumb market sales and limited edition crap, while leaving us american’s out of it just so he can get more money without spending more money for us. you really think storm 3 is going to be epic? LOL, yeah will see when storm 4 is confirmed, and I bet you most of you guys will say storm 3 will be slightly better than generations only because they re-added story mode. I’m done talking about this. end 

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    says the narutard with nothing better to do than stalk one piece articles.
    i’ll say the same to you when crap people like Kinkaku and Ginkaku get confirmed playable

  • Damian Uchiha

    I don’t give a damn about Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

    So you’re Luffytard

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    how unoriginal
    anyway stop mocking people for liking one piece more than naruto. it makes you look idiotic

  • M.C.M

    Oh STFU Narutard, all i’m seeing is you getting annoyed by people getting hyped for this game, why even click on the article if your not a fan of OP, stupid ass troll 

  • timanel1

    nice :) i wonder how many bosses this game will have.. hope it has same or more like previous game

  • shin016

    plz make this game for xbox360 too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T_T”

  • Damian Uchiha

    Bye Luffytard

  • SuperdeadlyKing

     oh great the naruto and OP fanboys are arguing with each other what else is new? lol, must get a vita for this finally we are getting some anime games for vita ! =D

  • Damian Uchiha

    So you’re Zorotard? xD

  • Damian Uchiha

    Please NO, this shit will be enough for 2 consoles…

  • shin016

    what is your problem with this game?why cant we like one piece naruto and bleach all in the same time they all give us good memories and a lot of fun if theres a time that i have to chose one of this awesome anime i dont think i can do that they are all precious part of my life if you dont like one piece then dont waste your time bashing this anime because millions of people like this game and you cant change that and just so you know i love naruto too and i like bleach and dragonball they are all important to me so plz just stop and get out of this page!!!

  • RP14

    I think Punk Hazard arc will be in, if you pause the video and take a look in the image in the background of the part where is the information of the platforms that the game is in and some of the credits you can see that is a part with fire and more faraway you can see a lake and the ice part whith the Ceasar’s lab in it

  • mike sisto

    LOL ill take Luffytard and Zorotard any day then a lame ass Uchiha
    Tard, at least I didn’t name my username off of something from Naruto

    One Piece is better then Naruto, quit crying about it on all the One Piece comments and DEAL WITH IT

  • Oliver Twit™

    I can’t express how dumb this post is…. If you hate naruto so much then stop talking about it then :| I love both One Piece and Naruto and yeah, you’re free to like what ever anime floats your boat but don’t go literally ripping the series to shreds. I found this post quite immature if I’m being honest.

  • Guest

    typical retard, the answer to your idiotic question is in my post idiot 

  • Damian Uchiha

    After Ace death i started to hate OP… I would like to write here anyway…

  • Damian Uchiha

    I see… Have a nice day Kiddo. One Piece is much worse than Naruto… (After Ace death of course)

  • mike sisto

     Keep telling yourself that :)

  • Darkblondie

    you are talking about Storm games being same I agree with that. Storm 1 is still best game in the series for me because they removed alot of fun features in next games but what about that Pirate Warriors 2 ? Namco Bandai quickly wants to release 2nd game and we won’t have too much new arcs and hack and slash games bad side is they are repetitive. They are making a new game because Pirate Warriors sales good in Japan. Same goes for Ninja Storm series its sales good worldwide. it is not Matsuyama it is Namco Bandai who is greedy.

    well I think Naruto Shippuden better than part 1 and One Piece but I like both series. No need to start a fan war here

  • Edward Syeiko Ruiz

    THis is STUPID

    Luffy Post TimeSkip in skypeia

    This is really stupid -.-

  • houseofskeet

    Woah guys chill out, you think maybe the reason they have post time skip characters in skyppeia is to show off the new content at one go?  Or would you rather they showed the exact move set from the prequel in a new level???

  • Jay Brown

    So what? It’s not accurate but far from stupid.

  • Jay Brown

    There is no way to prove this statement: cause veteran naruto fans want’s to continue the story, even if it means they have to suffer through it.
    There are people who enjoy the manga for what it is you know. And don’t compare shippuden to GT since shippuden is technically canon.

  • RedDragon10

    Hold on…Isn’t that exactly what Storm 3 is?

  • Guest

    Their is PLENTY of proof, I’ve been in so many forums that mentions they can’t stand the war, and only keeps reading cause they invested so much time in it. even before the war the views AND sales were drop dramatically ever since nagato revived the village. yes I don’t have solid evidence, but statistics from views, sales, forums even the quality of the anime is a good start to getting an understanding. not saying everyone feels this way, but majority do. I don’t speak for all, I speak for majority. 

    That’s what makes it worst, At least GT has a excuse to be bad, kishi doesn’t… naruto shippuden isn’t completely bad, but slowly and steadly it just became bad, in fact this recent chapter is the first time in like 40+ chapters I had something slightly positive about the war. kishi can save his manga, but I doubt it. you can take my post as fact or opinion. but the evidence is there. later 

  • Killer Popo

     Just because YOU hate OP doesn’t mean that you have to go around trolling on One Piece posts. You don’t see One Piece fans trolling on Naruto posts about how much they hate Naruto right(Unless SaiyanIsland posts too much which they haven’t done in a while and I applaud them for balancing out both Naruto and One Piece a lot better nowadays)? They only do it on pages about ONE PIECE and they only do it to counter Narutards that blindly hate on One Piece for simple-minded reasons. If it wasn’t for people like you that constantly try to start fanboy wars, SaiyanIsland would be such a peaceful place.

  • Damian Uchiha

    Easy Killer Popo hahahahah If you want to hate Naruto than hate. Not my problem…

  • Damian Uchiha

    i will

  • Idy Inyang

    I need to go to Japan. YOU GUYS DO REALIZE WHAT TOMORROW IS, RIGHT?!?!

  • James Soldier

    no, tell us?

  • Thugnificent

    maybe he did it with one hand lol

  • echem2011

    One Piece film Z and episode of luffy

  • Thugnificent

    now you f*ckers know how we fell when Siayan Island kept releasing Naruto sh*ts

  • kevin garcia acevedo

    so this game goes up to punk hazard because luffy is using gomu gomu no ufo and elephanto gatling

  • Asura Drago

     xbox sucks, it can’t handle this much awesomeness, or data.

  • Asura Drago

    we NEED this to be dubbed! and on a physical copy in america! i hope timeskip brook, mihawk and shanks will be playable!

  • GKage

    Prepare for Vita sales to spike in Japan.

  • Heero Yuy

    I blame the fact that there was no new Naruto news, so they had to go to the OP page and troll

  • Heero Yuy

    Don’t mind the hypocrite, this game was just announced recently, what the hell would he kno. And to your question, I wouldn’t count it out.

  • Heero Yuy

    Haha! That shit had me dying! lmfao

  • Heero Yuy

    Oooooooo burn!

  • Shogunreaper

    Gatling uses 2 hands…

  • FL4G3RT

    Yeah Dragon and Kaido too ,get real. It will probably be till punk hazard if luffy has elephat gatling as a special and ufo as a combo and we saw on the scan that had red hawk too so…. I believe that Mihawk will be playable but no to his full power. I am really hoping for the supernovas and Whitebeard pirates commanders

  • bentre345

    I agree with RP14 about Punk Hazard possibly having at least an appearance in the game, since the logo and information screen at the very end (after the Jump Festa 13 part) depicts a lava-like environment, with what appears to be a building in a snowy environment in the distance, separated by a body of water. Can’t think of anything else that might represent, but it’s not exactly surefire confirmation of Punk Hazard yet though. 

  • k.k.kwt120


  • Zero anime

    cool have one piece : warrior  only hope they put u can fight online with people 1vs1 and wit better graphic  like for example in the part the luffy was carried nami and sanji he was bleeding from his finger (anime) but in the game they dont should that :( they should but look like nothing happen . and another thing make  in CD with can buy it from gamestop,walmart,bestbuy etc love one piece and with can play with bad people  for example play with buggy etec 

  • Kira

    Beautiful Beautiful BEAUTIFULLLL GAME…….and Enel playable Too Epic

  • timanel1

    the game is +12.. ofc they dont put blood in it..

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    0:20 gomu gomu no elephant gatling !!!!!!!!!! EPIC

  • Amada Hem

    The weird thing is that the stage is SKypeia. Doesn’t make sense LOL but still cool to see new moves XD

  • Thugnificent

    implying that i said it didn’t

  • Thugnificent

    Just like your mom needs a d!ck to be so happy xD Funny

  • Shogunreaper

     ”maybe he did it with one hand lol”

    Read your own comment..

  • Thugnificent

    keyword “maybe”

  • Tobi

    Especially with the Good’ol Bundle technique ;D

  • Shogunreaper

     You still said it, meaning you think its possible.

  • Damian Uchiha

    Ugly, Ugly, UGLY too UGLYYYY

  • Shuran

    thumb down cause he still here cause he got nothing to do lol

  • Peter

    they should also make your player bigger and the battle ground bigger instead of just going square shape battleground to the next they should make it more like one piece unlimited adventure also white beard defitnetly be bigger more like dynasty warrior strikeforce but instead of being at a village you would be on your boat and continue with the story

  • Peter

    elephant gun needs to nigger also

  • alessandro vacondio

    hope to playing as mihawk as well **

  • Shafiq Mahadi

    quit comparing naruto and one piece , both are great anime i watch them both and love every pieces of it…so why dont you guys just enjoy it , peace! :D

  • killerz

    can you tell me what is the registration code?