Project Versus J – Scan 4

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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From V-Jump magazine comes another scan for the anime crossover game for PS3/PSVita, Project Versus J! This is scan 4 of Project Versus J here on Saiyan Island, but unfortunately it fails to reveal anything new and exciting. All of the contents have been revealed in past scans or screenshots. Still, for completeness of our coverage, we have it for you below! Maybe you will note something we didn’t!

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  • Bobby Jennings

    Nothing new, but still amazing. Just reminding us that it’ll be there with Storm 3! :D

  • Maaz Shaikh

    Aaaaaaand here’s your very FIRST REPLY! X’D

  • Maaz Shaikh

    Hopefully, we’ll see a bit of a rivalry in (marketing and sales) b/w THIS and Naruto Storm 3 next year! XP

  • Naduri

    So who is the blue haired dude? Does anyone know cuz I would really appreciate if someone told me :)

  • Daniele Prati

    I don’t understand why Naruto isn’t in -_- He’s the second main Manga of Shueisha in Japan and supposedly the most famous manga character in the world -_- I don’t understand..

  • narutobleachop


  • ruderhymer

    I think Naruto won’t be in this game because all these 3 anime belong to Toei Animation and Naruto belongs to
    Studio Pierrot so this can be problem but if Naruto gonna be in this game maybe Namco Bandai doesn’t want to reveal it yet for the good of NS UNS3.

  • Dewayne Glass

    hes in the game!

  • Hollow V2

    No need to bother with him. Pointless character from a pointless show.

  •ózsef-Pálos/100001576711815 József Pálos

    This scan reveals that Luffy can use Gomu Gomu no gattling, Goku can use kamehameha and Toriko can use whatever he uses (I don’t read that).
    Awesome ! ^^

    So anyone speaks Japanese and cares to translate the text? ^^

  • Guest

    You have mental problems 

  • Guest

    who cares, you have storm 3. quite frankly I’m getting tired of looking at naruto

  • Guest

    he’s in the game, they already shown him twice in the scans. just hold your balls. you people are acting like this is the only game naruto would be in. I’m sure most of you narutards would rather have storm 3 over project Versus J if it came down to one or the other. so chill out 

  • ruderhymer

    apparently alot of people care because it will be pretty interesting to see 3 big anime characters in a PS3 fighting game.

  • Mister Kring

     Why is there so much hate towards Toriko, I rather enjoy the series alongside Naruto, One Piece and Bleach.

  • Buster

    I think Naruto will be in the game but like you said Namco Bandai doesn’t wanna reveal it. I don’t think that Naruto belonging to Studio Pierrot has any effect because Naruto has been on other crossover games in the past(Jump Ultimate Stars and Battle Stadium DON). Plus Toei and Pierrot have worked together before like that theme park they’re making.

  • Buster

    Lame. They just combined previous scans in one.

  • Buster

    Anyone see that Naruto Chapter? NaruHina for the win!

  • shatti

    Dude.. I dont watch Toriko and i am pretty sure you haven’t either, but that gives you NO reason to bash a series that you haven’t even watched. People like diffrent things and that is what makes us as human beings interesting. Some people like One Piece over Naruto for a reason, and some people like Naruto over One Piece for a diffrent reason. So what we SHOULD do is respect them for their opinion instead of hating on it and call them faggots and such. Espesually if you haven’t even given their show a fair chance. I’m sorry for behaving like this but i just think we should all respect eachother :)
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Jay Brown

    You should read it. I admit, it takes maybe the first 20 chapters to really get into but after that it’s a great ride.

  • tgohan

    oh yeah!!! i loved that part so much!!!

  • Gadiel Olivera

    the one form above is a HATER!! Chill out!

  • uchihalord1994

    Hell yeaa c: (spoilers) tobi was waiting for naruto’s response ! lmaoo he thought he was gonna rage like sasuke xD and that holding hands part was kawaiiiiiiiiiii <333 haha

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore


  • EA575

    Hinata’s response was complete BS in my opinion. Tobi just gave Naruto a reality check.

  • Jesse Torres

    more info, we already know that goku luffy and toriko are in this game.

  • narutopiece1

    Warning: contains Spoiler

    I disagree, Hinata’s respond was unexpected but it was needed because Naruto was about to give in to Tobi/Obito’s BS. And it was finally time for Naruto to realise/hear the voice of the only person who’s been supporting since he was young. NARUHINA FTW :D

  • EA575

    @narutopiece1:disqus  ,  I still think her response was BS, because obito mentioned that Naruto said he won’t let anyone get killed, and yet…
    But I do agree it’s finally time Naruto finally acknowledges Hinata (took him long enough >_>)

  • narutopiece1

    WTF this not a new, i want to see a scan of my favorite shonen characters:
    . Naruto Uzumaki
    . Madara Uchiha
    . Obito
    . Minato
    . Kakashi Hatake
    . Neji Hyuga *RIP*
    . Sanji
    . Zoro
    . Luffy
    . Rob Lucci
    . Shanks ( i hope they include shanks but i don’t think they will)
    . Whitebeard *salute*
    . Admiral Kizaru
    . Vagito
    . Teenage Gohan
    . Gotenks
    . Kid Buu (BADASS MOFO)
    . Sasuke Uchiha

    I know i am forgetting more, but i can’t remember now.

  • konanNmadara

    I can’t help but laugh at your parenthesi* quotes

  • unleashrage

    You need some female characters in there.

  • BIgMam

    Vagito? Vegito

  • narutopiece1

    I can’t tell whether you are trying to correct me or just laughing about the star sign, and thinking that i used it as parentheses. If you are then let me tell you this. I just used the star sign (*) to distinguish it as a verb. You should’ve realised that my comment was already written in an informal language so you shouldn’t have bothered trying to correct me. However if you weren’t trying to correct me but just found my comment funny then ignore all that i have just said ;)

  • narutopiece1

    I can’t think of any cool/badass shonen female charcter except Android 18 and Konan. I don’t know if Revy from black lagoon counts, but i think she is the most badass female character i have ever seen.

  • konanNmadara

    Ignored (-__-) lol still bad ass mofo

  • konanNmadara

    Android 18, sakura, Frieza* he’s girly enough

  • narutopiece1

    Thanks for correcting me man, i was thinking of Vegeta, and you reminded me Vegito too :D

  • narutopiece1

    I hate Sakura, this is a list for the BADASSES not for the USELESS. Also i don’t like Frieza, something about him just bugs me, i can’t explain it.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    The only thing more useless than her starts with a H and ends with a A 

  • Guest

    Don’t worry, sasuke will kill hinata very shortly

  • Guest

    Yes those 3 will make the game much more enjoyable. 

  • Braxton4715


  • Alex Marrero

    “In case you didn’t catch the other 3 scans that gave you almost no information whatsoever, here’s another one!” -Namco Bandai Representatives.

  • Grayson Such

    Hope we get Naruto, Bleach. Hitman Reborn, D-Grayman, Saint Seiya and Hokuto no Ken!!!

  • italofdesouza

    someone remembers ”bobobo-bo bo-bobo” mangá???

  • Plasticore

    dont worry about hollow v2 he is just another nigger who has no appreciation for Shonen Jump titles.  Toriko is in that list because he represents the big 3 (google it).  Luffy and Toriko have some parts references to Goku whether it be “eating” “attire color schemes” and etc.  

    Toriko’s first anime ep was a crossover with One Piece and which they crossover again later on.  That alone says a lot.

    Back to the OP nigger word of advice, if youre going to bash one Shonen Jump title, dont bother following any of them.  Please do the community next time and pre-stfu before you post useless shit.

  • samael789

     Of course! I loved that series.

  • Killer Popo

    Because in America, most people are too prejudice to try out things that aren’t mainstream in their society…

  • DJrantz

    Hope they dont forget yuyu hakusho

  • jugun

    I hope this game has Tag teams with win quotes,would love to team up with a friend with him using Echzien from Prince of Tennis and Jotaro from Jojo’s,and having the win quote of them saying “Mada Mada Dane and Yare Yare Daze” would be so badass  

  • RedDragon10

    Moron…Just cause you don’t like a show doesn’t make it pointless.  I haven’t seen it but I can guarantee everything that I own that you haven’t either.

  • RedDragon10

    Tell me about it.  It’s like to them, the inclusion of naruto makes or breaks the game.

  • LoveAllGames 96

    wheres naruto??

  • robert hill

    Well this isn’t good news but hopefully they will show some new stuff next time

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Me too XD

  • SalsaMixRedevil666

    I HOPE SO !!!!!

    Next time, it better have some real news and awesome stuff, otherwise I will go insane for waiting !!!!!! XD Xb XD Xd XD Xb XD Xd XD

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vertti Sinisalo

    Jesus christ…

  • *Super~Sayian*

    sad but true 

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Sorry dude, but calling people the N word isn’t going to get anywhere, this isn’t your first racial comment either, so you need to be flagged. and based off your comment I’m pretty sure I know who you are from previous accounts. 
    - Flagged

  • The_UK_Kid

    I’m going to need Rock Lee, Kenpachi, and of course…a NA release. lol

  • Alex Marrero

    Lol, I refute this… but no it’s true. >_>

  • KRJx

    wherez sasuke?

  • Devonte Griffith

    Well there is Lala Satalin Deviluke, Medaka Kurokami, Clare, Ichiko Sakura, and a few others.

  • unleashrage

    lol don’t tell me tell the guy with the list. :)

  • Elwood

     And this is different from any other country how?

  • SuperdeadlyKing

     agreed i want to fire the REI GUN! XD

  • Killer Popo

    Because unlike every other country Americans are complete douchebags about it. Every single website that is on the internet that has any form of social networking on it consists of an American bitching about something that they dislike because they believe for some stupid reason that the world revolves around them. I understand that most people follow their society, but when you get so prejudice to the point where you automatically hate something just because you don’t know what it is and are too ignorant or stubborn to take some time out of your day to do research on it then that’s just sad. his is all coming from a born-and-raised American by the way.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    The ones making the game are the same ones who make the One Piece games.

  • Elwood

    From experience, I’m just going to say that every country is like that. Not just America.

  • Plasticore

    super saiyan what the hell are you talking about.   You made two mistakes.

    1) Its Toriko, not Torika, youre almost as bad as hollow.
    2) Where in this post did i mention Shippuuden.  Unfortunately, I follow Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Toriko, and like them all unconditionally.
    3) Youre sentence structure is horrible.  Did you finish high school?
    If you are basing the post mainly on “racism” that’s fine, but about what I do/don’t like  you better re-read my posts with better reading glasses.

    Bottom line, I’m a diehard fan of all and know each title in detail.  While I’m not being superficial, this alone is sufficient.

    Saiyan go back to training and bring Picollo with you, because you lack.

  • Ryan Corley

    is it just all mangas or just those three

  • SuperdeadlyKing

    need……….yusuke…..hiei……kazuma…..kurama and yoko kurama…….

  • Riry

    Err, no. Every country is like this.

  • Alex Marrero

    Most likely many manga, considering they stated it’s a celebration of 40 years of Jump magazine and Naruto was spotted in the background of a scan. 

  • Alex Marrero

    Well, America is known for it. There are people who are like that everywhere, of course, it’s just the U.S. has a bad reputation when it comes to egos. 

  • Alex Marrero

    I could argue, that the fact you think the U.S. is the only country like that and then complain about it, makes you no better then any other American since you are doing exactly what you hate (just against your own country instead of another). 

    But I won’t… just saying.

  • Jimmy

    let’s get tsuna in this. and i mean hyper dying will mode tsuna. not just being apart of normal tsuna’s special attack in jump ultimate stars -_-

  • Chance Davis

    Yea I started watching REBORN a few months ago and just finished watching it yesterday( will start on manga soon) and Tsuna should definitely be in the game. Based on the show I can see why they haven’t had much games because the characters are to off balanced in their skill set. Only Tsuna would be good for an all out Brawl and even though Naruto is my favorite (not sure anymore since I met Tsuna) Tsuna could beat naruto’s ass and could probably go head to head with his chakra mode. If I had to pick other characters though. Yamamoto and Xanxus and Hibari might work. Not considering the ARCOBELENO even though we all probably want to be Reborn and Colonello.

  • daniel rocha

    they need to add natsu and tsuna!!! oh and ichigo too!!!

  • Jimmy

    look, i’m not trying to be a jerk or anything and i like fairy tail alot, but would people please quit saying add natsu or any other magazine character thats not jump? its 100% unlikely that anyone that has no ties to jump will ever get in this game.



  • Hashirama-Mito


  • Ruseo

    Well americans are actually people from every single country across the world so i guess everyone is a douchebag lol

  • UpgradeJ

    how i see it the hype for the mangas mean that Naruto and possibly Bleach will be included in the game however everyone needs to keep in mind is that unlike JUMP Ultimate Stars this game is gonna lean more towards representing and hyping up ongoing manga under the Jump banner. with DBZ as almost character inclusion by tradition. The good news is this could mean that Blue exorcist, Beelzebub, Gintama, and Medaka Box have a shot of being included in the roster.

  • Bardock-SSJ2

    Kuwabara would be AWESOME, my favourite Yu Yu Hakusho character btw are watching Yu Yu Hakusho dub or sub?

  • Hinaru77

    I’m going to say it’s true, but not every American is like that though. Everyone is different. And probably think Americans are the most douchebags because that’s the number 1 country that you hear most about.

  • Hinaru77

    I think you need to read Naruto more…

  • Son Goku

    this game is best

  • Raymond Ise

    it will

  • Hiram Hernandez


  • Hiram Hernandez