Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Promos and Tie-Ins

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is just two and half months away from it’s March 30th Japanese theatrical release and the promos and tie-ins have begun! A promotional booklet (HQ Version) was released back in December in addition to the trailer.

Around Japan, posters of the movie are now being posted!


Advanced tickets are being sold. You may have seen the Jump Festa and One Piece Film Z versions already here on Saiyan Island.


A Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods themed pen and Shenron night light that can be obtained with advanced tickets for the movie.

DBZ-BoG-Pen.png DBZ-BoG-Night-Light.png

Food company Ace Cook is selling Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods themed instant ramen at Japanese grocery stores. Purchasers of participating products can win one of 10,000 gift cards, worth ¥500 (about $5.63 USD) each, that can be used across bookstores in Japan.


Japanese magazine Weekly Young Jump announced there will be early screenings across Japan for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Shueisha magazines, including Shonen Jump and V-Jump, will feature lottery tickets for a chance to see the movie at 6:30 PM on March 12, 2013, over two weeks before the movie is officially released! The tickets will have to be sent an address in the magazine by February 20, 2013 for eligibility. The screenings till take place in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo and between those five locations a bit over 1,700 fans can be accommodated. Those in Tokyo will get to enjoy a special introductory greeting by some of the cast of the movie.

DBZ-BoG-EA-02.jpg DBZ-BoG-EA-01.jpg DBZ-BoG-Promo-03.jpg

Toei Animation has launched a DBZ logo maker. You can type in your name and it stylizes it in the Dragon Ball Z font. We’ve done a Saiyan Island version. You can do your own too by going here


Lastly, at the two minute mark, you can see the legs of the God of Destruction, Bils, in the Japanese arcade game, Dragon Ball Heroes.

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    I hope when the movie comes to the US, and it will eventually, they do some big promos for it. DBZ is so big but people are so hush hush about it.

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    Kid Vegeta is playable in Heroes.

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    That night light is pretty hardcore lol i want it. 

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     I predict that when it’s played on T.V it’ll be on Nicktoons.

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    Something tells me there’s instant noodles for Naruto as well.

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    yeah no news at all :/ this news is old though these promos were out for a week already

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    FINALLY we see Bardock’s crew in a game! it’s a shame it’s not a beat ‘em up…

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    My man i’d like to believe that to but Nicktoons owns the US airin’ rights to DragonBall nowadays. Things ain’t like they use to be.

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    I can see a new DBZ game being announced sometime in the near future, so they better step it up. I personally am looking forward to playing that one amazing DBZ game that is NOT repetitive.