Naruto Online Games for PC by Namco Bandai, Tencent Games

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Namco Bandai Games Japan has today announced a partnership with major Chinese Internet company Tencent Games to jointly develop Naruto online games for the PC. CyberConnect2, the developer for the Ultimate Ninja games, will lend their expertise. No specific details were announced, but a game will be released this year in China.

The Chinese online games market is worth 44.6 billion Chinese yuan (around $7 billion USD). Tencent offers a number of online, multiplayer games through it’s portal site, QQ Games. Their repertoire includes the massively multiplayer online side-scrolling fighting game Dungeon & Fighter and the first person shooter CrossFire, both of which saw a North American release.

Namco Bandai has sold over 10 million Naruto games worldwide to date. At this time, however, it seems the Naruto online games will be developed for China. Though you never know, they could bring Naruto to PC (and mobile phones) in the future to other countries. We at Saiyan Island certainly think fans around the world could appreciate that!

  • narutobleachop

    That would be cool. I’d love to play a Naruto MMO! Hehehe imagine the epicness they could create!!

  • Atarada

    It’s using Storm Generations’ artwork (worst artworks to date), how fun. Wonder what it will be like. No 3D I assume.

  • ichigokun

    To me the art isn’t that important If they make a great game, I’m all for it! I wonder how many people would buy a game for their PC.

  • Atarada

    If they have to use another game’s artwork, you can already tell how low is the budget for it.

  • ichigokun

    lol true. lets hope these are just temporary.

  • Sky

    oh snap XD Naruto games are selling so much they decided to make some for the PC it’s already on PS3 and XBOX360 what next? hells yea :D

  • Reid Smiff


  • Ignas

    They could just port over storm 3 or generations and sell it online. Surely that wouldn’t cost much and I’m fairly certain that those games aren’t very demanding.

  • Maaz Shaikh

    Kewl… best of luck to them for this project/breakthrough!

  • Ronald Ramos

    The artwork used in Generations was awesome in my opinion.

  • SuperdeadlyKing


  • *Super~Sayian*

    automatic dislike

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Finally my wish came through, we can dislike people’s comments now.
    - brandon lee’s on my top list of who to dislike

  • Tommy Faust

    what they should be developing is a naruto tablet game

  • Nigel Davis

    I can get behind this.

  • ilyaskiller

    I hope they gonna make ultimate ninja storm 1 and all the other games 4 pc ;3

  • GKage

    *gasp* saiyanisland has the better version of disqus now? finally

  • Tyler Casilio

    Don’t you just love seeing Generations absolutely terrible artwork again?

  • Brandon Lee

    and by the way, this is not about making storm games for pc, this about a naruto mmorpg.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Salvador

    hmm not bad I like it:D

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    Dibs on have explosive style!

  • Mathboi

    cool if they make a game on android and apple now that people use phones alot and tablets

  • MasterAfroNinja

    I think the big news coming is confirming the endo kagas, American demo release date and maybe some pictures or new game mode, just a guess.

  • A.Z.

    SO COOL!

  • Gohan7861000

    Naruto is already the top earning anime ever

  • Zzaraky

    Hope it comes on Europe too.

  • Pain

    When will naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 release in middle east ?

  • AdrianH20

    i bet anyone with TenTen moveset is going to be stronger then anyone with an Uchiha moveset

  • Zzaraky

    It will be brwoser based lol , that sucks

  • Taijutsu-Joshua

    I saw “XD” and “Naruto” too close to each other and almost panicked.

  • Mathboi

    Thumbs up for an android and a apple game !

  • Mathboi

    they should remake storm 1 for pc :D

  • Mathboi

    that would be lame tbh i want a new mode lol

  • Shuran

    they will make it like dragon ball online and its not like you think it is well its not like i care for naruto anyway

  • Guest

    you mean second place in the top

  • Shuran

    you mean second since your only talking about the anime

  • Boomer6574

    They’re making a what now?

  • Gohan7861000

    Oh yea. I forgot Dbz lol

  • Uchiha, Blaze

    There not making a storm game for the PC. Its an mmorpg and if its a point and click like dragon ball online then no thanks I’ll just stick to fighting on my Xbox.

  • Tony

    The idea of a naruto mmo is great, but unlike dbz online i hope they’ll make it a great open world with lots of free features, for example you can’t fly in dbz online which is hilarious. I hope for super jutus with destructive power, and dude, wall walking water walking and all the features that are in the anime. Peace

  • sami uchiha


  • sami uchiha

    who like naruto,DBZ or one piece

  • ishi


  • sami uchiha

    im actually a girly noob and i like r@ping people

  • 8DBitchesLovesGamers8D

    8D Dayummm All these new pc games coming glad to be a pc gamer :3 btw all game systems are good i just think pc is best in my book.Interact with people online actually.And the rages get way lot more funnier than game system rages online i think.

  • Mohammad Bablly


  • Jack Uri

    uh… its almost december 2013…. what happened to the game???