Naruto Storm 3: Kimono Sasuke Confirmed (Europe DLC)

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Namco Bandai has revealed Kimono Sasuke will be available as downloadable content (DLC) for those who pre-order Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 in Europe!


Saiyan Island has complied a list of confirmed DLC so far by region. Europe is confirmed to have at least have two more DLC costumes. It’s unknown if North America or Europe will receive any others.

Japan’s Confirmed Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 DLC

  • Goku Costume Naruto
  • Samurai Naruto
  • Swimsuit Sakura
  • ANBU Kakashi
  • Road to Ninja Hinata
  • Road to Ninja Sasuke

Europe/Australia’s Confirmed Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 DLC

  • Goku Costume Naruto
  • Samurai Naruto
  • Swimsuit Tsunade
  • Kimono Sasuke

North America’s Confirmed Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 DLC

  • Goku Costume Naruto

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and South America on March 5, Europe and Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.

  • James

    If America doesnt get this then that sucks eggs :c

  • khunglongconduy

    Do CC2 think Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 like One Piece:Pirate Warriors?And i think Sakura is suitable for kimono than anyone in this game

  • David Fletcher

    not too excited but cool!

  • Ronald Ramos


  • ChakraMonsters

    Is shukaku goin to be in??

  • Ronald Ramos

    Hopefully North America will get Swimsuit Hinata, that’d be the best costume, and she’d become my main character. o3o

  • kevin

    everyone has atleast 3 and then theres North america

  • ChakraMonsters


  • jonathan gruber

    It seems really unfair that North America only has 1 costume while Japan and europe get 4 and 5 pre order items :l where are our costumes?

  • dennis castro


  • valo

    WTF !!!!!!

  • dennis castro

    like anbu kakashi and road to ninja hinata

  • JohnSenpaiii

    WTH. I was expecting something more epic like i dunno samurai or sodier costume sasuke maybe. x(

    Doesn’t stop me from getting the game though.

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    Wow I’m kinda mad we only get 1 dlc while the others gets 5 they need to stop picking on us

  • Michael

    I hope they reveal some fr us later.

  • ChakraMonsters

    Nvrmind just found out that he’s not goin to be in the game :(

  • Sergio Andres Toledo Sepulveda

    not sure if good or gay

  • TheGameTagerZ


    But only because you said please.

  • Uzumaki Naruto

    I want all DLC in South America!
    translated by Google :(

  • Twice_The_A

    Japan – 4 DLC Costumes, Europe – 4 DLC Costumes, North America – … 1! DLC Costume -_-….What the actual F*ck -_-

  • ChakraMonsters

    Is menma goin to be in it ??

  • uchihalord1994

    IM WITH EU! :D DD Soo pumped up!!! xD but what the f*** ?? NA gets one dlc ? o_O seriously ??? i hope this gets free to all regions later!

  • Heath S Rills

    please give north america Swimsuit Tsunade

  • Roy Thuis

    I don’t care if you are from EU, Japan or US! I don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, black or white. But I know ONE thing for sure and that is that, just like me, you want ALL of the costumes!

  • uchihalord1994


  • Georg Grossmaier

    Pretty sure you guys will get something too :)

  • DeSean K Curry

    Can we get alittle love in the US. At least give us some Road to Ninja DLC.

  • igori40

    cool cant wait

  • thekira708

    lol figures wow there whorin NA hard now i swear we better get more the one stickin DLC this just ridicules

  • unknown

    We better get KURAMA SWIMSUIT :3

  • thekira708

    there really shitten on NA wow they really gonna give us 1 DLC whille europe and japan get like 5 and are getting more wooooow

  • SalvadorRamirez

    ahhaha funny thing I was watching the naruto endnngs to see which character will have a different costume n i saw that one and now I;m thinking eh they mught but we already got RTN sasuke

  • MurryEggplant

    huh… kimono Sasuke actually look’s pretty badass

  • MurryEggplant

    I am sure NA will get all these costumes as well.

  • Dewayne Glass

    thats some bulls*** japan gets five dlc australia gets four and we only get one but i know we will get it in future dlc.

  • Kira

    Really Awsome costume

  • disqus_A7BEizGWtu

    Swim suit TSUNADE? This game will turn in a porn soon enough

  • Dewayne Glass

    i just pay off my pre order of storm 3 now just waiting for it to come out.

  • Shinta Urashura

    Love how the guys get cool costumes and the girls only get Swimsuit costumes. Sexism at it’s most subtle.

  • christinaluna11

    give us ANBU ITACHI !!!

  • Tyler Sims

    The kimono Sasuke looks cool. Seems like it’ll be a costume for Sasuke with Kirin or chidori true spear based on the hair. Hopefully the US gets 5 DLC costumes too if we have to wait for them to release regularly then I’m going to be mad. Do they seriously think that giving us the game first will compensate for the lack of costumes they’re showing for the us. I mean Goku naruto is cool and all but 1 costume when EU and JP get 4 and 5 costumes that’s bogus. But maybe they’re saving our costumes for last since we might have the best. Also, did anybody else notice that the US doesnt get Samurai Naruto? But also are there any GOOD players on Gens for Xbox 360? Add me at TAIRASHIMUZU. Because I’m tired of all of these spammers and wanna fight someone who actually knows how

  • KuroPansa

    I’m sad they made that stupid choice… Road to Ninja Sasuke is better, and we have enough ordinary costumes for Sasuke. My hopes for Kakashi Anbu and Itachi Anbu are disappearing, I wish we could download JP costumes from the JP PSstore


    I want HIKARU NO GO’s main character’s costume for NARUTO!!! Just saying…

  • jourdan penn

    I luv the costume looks beast if you ask me

  • njreyy

    Seriously can’t wait!

  • Alex Marrero

    Well, revealing 1 DLC a day. Maybe once they reveal the last 2 for EU they’ll reveal some for the U.S.? I’m hoping this is the case. But if not, I highly doubt they won’t be DLC in all regions eventually.

  • ottel12

    Fucck this shiit only one dlc. for USA?

  • Guest

    Everybody chill,
    america will get 5 extra costumes surly too, just let them finish announc
    the european ones and then we will see

    I would be cool if we get anbu yamato for europe and anbu itachi for usa, so we have all thre anbus :P

  • MurryEggplant

    People should chill, I don’t see CC2 only giving us one DLC we will get more in the future even if we don’t does it really matter? what’s more important is CC2 is taking forever to release information on new character’s.

  • Tyler Casilio

    There’s no way that NA won’t be getting these costumes. They’ll be DLC

  • Stjepan Beslic

    Everybody chill,
    ´merica will get 5 extra costumes surely too, just let them finish announce
    the european ones and then we will see

    I would be cool if we get anbu yamato for europe and anbu itachi for usa, so we have all three anbus :P

  • anthonydenizard23

    Ok this is getting ridiculous! WTF?!

  • Mathew Gibbons

    Well Hinata gets her Road to Ninja costume. That’s pretty cool, sure it’s also revealing but it should come with the attitude. The problem is we won’t get it here until the Road to Ninja DLC pack gets released.

  • Mathew Gibbons

    We haven’t really had a Kimono ending though.

  • Mathew Gibbons

    CONFIRMED costumes. They’re confirming the European costumes one at a time and could easily reveal what the US will release. The annoying thing is that we have no idea when we’ll get the rest.

  • samuel_h_97

    i just want new scans, not news costume c.c

  • Mathew Gibbons

    Either way a swimsuit pack based on that ending in inevitable with Hinata, Ino and Tenten being the most likely other members.

  • MurryEggplant

    *only cares about seeing some edo Sasori game-play CC2 stop torcher-ing me I wan’t to see how edo Sasori is played gosh darn it.

  • Al D.

    I might just have to make a European XBL for that tsunade… O_O

  • toomuchttake

    Uhh only two girls have swimsuit costumes. the problem here is just you.

  • toomuchttake

    How so? its sexy theme not sexual.

  • Blaze Gunn

    If they don’t give us all of them we better atleast get Menma exclusive even tho lmao none of us seen the movie

  • Caique Justino Deodato

    Naruto Jonin from Jiraya’s Book, would be epic!

  • Javier de Prada


  • Shinta Urashura

    2 of three girl costumes are swimsuits. I think That’s more then enough proof.

  • SomethingToRemember

    I know which DLC next.Its Hinata in Chi-Chi costume

  • Shinta Urashura

    Yeah, You think they’ll be more Road to ninja stuff? they look pretty swish.

  • Javier de Prada

    Will we be able to download all costumes ( I don’t care if I have to pay for it) or are they exclusive
    I mean, we get different costumes in the pre-order pack, but can we download them all for money?

  • narutopiece1

    I remember this costume well, it’s from Naruto Shippuden Ending 6: Broken Youth by Nico Touches

  • Tomáš Jolanda Plocek

    Yeah! Costumes will be limited in time? If I’ll preorder this game and the game will come week later, It’ll be late?

  • Guest

    Eh… not what I expected.. I was hoping for a leaf flap jacket sasuke or the black ropes he wore when he killed white zetsu. this one just looks like a deluted darker version of his hebi outfit.

  • EnmanuelCastaneda

    do you think the dlc are separate characters or downloadable

  • Marco

    Bring all this dlc to all country’s or something..

  • Scott Hickinson

    I want to pre order this now lol can anybody tell me the best place to pre order this at I am from the uk and want either the will of fire edition or the true despair edition

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    AWESOM & NICE /(^O^)

  • EnmanuelCastaneda

    do you think the four past kages plus tobi rinnegan akatsuchi and the other girl with the snake powers be support

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    Naruto Shipuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – DLC Costumes Edition

  • Bardock – SSJ2


  • John Ramirez

    Man this f’ing sucks. North America only gets Goku. Total Bullshit. I hope we can download these costumes from the PSN because if we can’t I’ll be super pissed.

  • warriorofgreat5

    relax guys. i’m sure all these DLC will be for the US after a few months when the game release. this is just a marketing tactic for them to get preorder sales up.

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe

    I know right!!!!!!!!!!! US only gets DBZ naruto!

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    Naruto Shipuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – DLC fahad Edition XD

  • MurryEggplant

    edo kage will be playable also Tobi (MS/Rinnegan) will be playable I am unsure about the other 2 though.

  • Hason Peart

    I laughed so hard when I went down the list of DLC’s. In the US we have only 1, even though I really want those DLC’s It’s kind of funny how we haven’t had any DLC’s confirmed for the US yet besides Goku Gi v.v

  • jay

    All these costumes and extra content surrounding the main characters i.e Sasuke & Naruto is pointless if the gameplay is still poor or they do not give the correct development to the other characters such as giving the1st hokage proper formidable wood jutsu, Orichimaru the Correct jutsu, Ino something other than flower bombs, Neji ground and air kaiten “outside melee” Itachi finger genjutsu, i could go on

  • Hason Peart

    But there are people who can preorder in the US, but who chose not too because they think it isn’t worth it. It would make sense if they gave everyone a preorder bonus.

  • Guest

    why CC2 did not decide to put all the dlc one place put in plastartion store and xbox live market place to buy it all for 15 10 dollars

  • jonathan gruber

    It’s unfair. Hopefully these costumes will be dlc for the US. it does seem like we are getting treated poorly compared to the others.

  • Andy Mestokosho

    Why just 1 DLC for north america WHY :’(

  • Tauseef Ahmed

    Three things. 1. Why doesn’t North America have anything besides the Goku costume?! Why does Europe always have better stuff than NA, look at their cool box arts and offerings! 3. Why does everyone want swinsuit sakura? I for one don’t want to play with naked characters online, what is this coming to?! This is Naruto!!

  • Shazen

    Because our continent is garbage!

  • Hason Peart

    I don’t think we’re getting the RTN DLC’s in the US , EUR, or AUS because we haven’t seen the movie yet. CC2 is trying to be far by creating other costumes for us. That’s why EUR and AUS have made up costumes. so I think at least before the game comes out, more DLC’s will be announced for the US

  • david paw

    North America only have Goku costume…

  • Baryll

    Has Storm 3 gone gold yet? More importantly, is there any news on a trailer or big announcement? Someone rumored something on the 28th, but it doesn’t sound likely.

  • Persona

    Hmm,Great costume

  • Alex Gill


  • GreedIsSin

    I think the next costumes can be from ending 2 (Uniform
    Costumes) , from ending 5 (that “Gentleman” Costume) or from ending 15.

    Personally I think that the next DLCs may be Gaara’s costume from ending 5 or Rock Lee costume from ending 15

  • dragoonc34

    north america needs to get some more dlc and soon

  • Deidara19

    Soooo…like when are U.S. getting more costumes? This is ridiculous, Namco Bandai America is getting real shameful nowaways when it comes to releasing more information for games.

    But then again, they always reveal their DLCs, etc. for America close to the release date, so I really cant complain. Maybe the suspense is just overbearing

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    lol O_O

  • Alex Gill

    North America just need to wait. I’m sure every region will get 6 DLC costumes, and I bet they’re saving the best till last.

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    They reason they aren’t revealing any new characters is to avoid what happened with Generations. It was actually a good game, but people were let down because they already new all the content, and they’re trying to avoid that this time.

  • Baryll

    This news is boring the heck out of me. = _ =
    Woohooooo, a costume.
    Show me more ABOUT THE GAME, and after the game is released, show me DLC. Don’t be a bunch of cheap money-starved idiots and make DLC that could have been unlockable content.

  • Sky

    well i just hope the US gets something cool.. :( i want RTN outfits and no Sakura swimsuit :)

  • Madara Uzumaki

    Wait a second…We already confirmed Konan vs Tobi battle. Look at Swimsuit Sakura stage…doesnt it looks like the stage where those 2 fought? Or maybe not xD

  • Azmuth

    Where can I pre order this for UK to get Dlc

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    People need to calm their cleavage. We ARE going to get more DLC, it’s just being revealed slowly. CC2 doesn’t want to lose customers, and North America is one of their bigger exports out there. They would have no reason to jip us. If they do, then fine, call me wrong, but until then, SHUSH!

  • Baryll

    That’s the Kin + Gin vs. Darui stage. I was hoping for a more blue sea themed stage though, with waves and such. = _ =

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe


  • lightdarkgamer

    agree 100 % with you !!!!! all the world what all costumes …soo pls make it possible !!! :) ))

  • AdamSlasher93

    Oh god please Bandai enough with the Kimono’s had enough of them in Pirate Wariorrs

  • Tel Killboy

    everyones goona get 6 coostumes so we have to waait and see if they get anbu itachi :’(

  • sam

    This is so not fair, North American sales make up for about 50% of the games sales alone and we get one DLC costume which basically everyone gets anyways, this is complete bull.

  • Waxgyi

    Cliffhanger will show tobi mask coming off…


    You’re damn right bro!!

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe

    AND young yihiko, young konan, and young nagato!!

  • Serket Hamo


  • Brodie Mains

    europe was the same way until like 4 – 5 days ago guess aside from samurai naruto, be patient and ours will come, quit crying as well

  • Serket Hamo

    there is still 2 dlc left to be announced for europe dont know about america. hope u guys get some dlc 2 :)

  • Roy Thuis

    I don’t think you should worry, remember that the game isn’t released yet and we are still in the ‘announcing fase’. I can’t imagine that they would just completely forget about Amerika, so we should all just wait and see a little more. Also I think that all these costumes will eventually be released as dlc in all regions. Even if it’ll cost me some money I’ll definitely buy it.

  • Jeremy Pelletier

    considering we’ll be able to play against the other regions, we’ll get the DLC, just maybe not as pre-order freebies.

  • Rayson

    Well they don’t like sasuke like they do naruto you see he has like 6 new costumes plus new combos awakenings and jutsu we don’t even know if aka sasuke is in the game, they’re just giving naruto everything possibly making the game worse.

  • markus parsons

    for some reason i want to see this

  • SasukexNaruto2

    People need to calm down saying US isn’t getting anything lets wait and see EU has 2 more reveals then it will be US turn.

  • UN4Ever

    I don’t care about dlc just show me more of THE GAME and MADARA! -____-


    you all need to chill lol these are exclusive regional pre-order dlc they haven’t even shared dlc that everyone can get which has so much more surprises so people who want anbu itachi for exclusive regional dlc shush cuz we all want him ^^

  • Roy Thuis

    He will be in it just look at this! (BTW SaiyanIsland maybe post this?)


  • Felipe Estrela

    So first we got confirmed DLC’s based on the swimsuits used by Sakura and Tsunade in Shippuden’s Ending 10, and now CC2 confirmed a kimono used in the sixth ending.
    Damn! I want the konoha gakuin uniforms from the second ending now lol

  • Ruseo

    we will probably get them as paid dlc. they know we will pay for it cause we are americans. while they feel obligated to give freebies to the other countries to drive sales lol. not that i mind there are only two outfits i really want so far, and thats this one and the kakashi anbu

  • Ruseo

    besides other than looking new these costumes to nothing. this kimono sasuke is clearly just a recolor of true spear sasuke. the ninja road is clearly just a recolor of susanoo sasuke and so on

  • UN4Ever

    I know he is in but i mean i want them to confirm and show some gamplay of him!
    TNX for video but where’s Madara?

  • isaac33313

    I can see why they would put sasuke in a Kimono. It some what will seem like he’s one of those old samurai who doesnt have full armor.

  • Roy Thuis

    Same feelings here man :)

  • Andy Mestokosho

    Yes i know :’(

  • Ruseo

    America will probably get it as paid dlc. they know we will buy it regardless where they feel obligated to give other people freebies to drive sales

  • Michael

    We get the game over a month before Japan and we might still get more costumes.

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Trainings outfit Madara would be cool

  • Ruseo

    I mean it sucks but its true. America is all about making as much money as possible. Why should they pay to give us extra stuff when they know we will buy it regardless.. Im honestly not surprised they havnt given us anything it happens every storm game. until people start bitching then they wheel out a cool new trading card our something. Look at last time for genereations? To make up for the difference in what the countries where getting as bonuses we got not one but THREE trading careds =_=

  • Baryll

    Wait a second….this does NOT look like a new costume. This looks like a damn re-color. = _ =

  • Daniel Turner

    Maybe us get 1 cause u get the game 1st

  • Ruseo

    it is ive already pointed that out. its a recolor of true spear, rtn sasuke is a recolor of susanoo

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    It’s actually not because a kimono is a dress and true spear sasuke has trousers. :/

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    This actually made me pre-order it… :)
    I hope there’s another dlc for NEJI :D
    Go Europe!

  • Kyle Virbickis


  • Ruseo

    he is wearing hakama.

  • Christian Ferguson

    {Cough{Cough} still waiting for our DLC

  • Babymario26

    If you are a ps3 user you shouldnt have to worry about this, unless they are not free…

  • kurama

    and who is kimono sasuke ?

  • Itachi Uchiha

    the ninja swordsmen arent playable, except for zabuza

  • Ruseo

    he appeared in one of the shippuden openings or endings

  • musleh

    Calm down everyone, these costumes are just what is offered to the retailers in different countries, it’s not 100% retailers will purchase the rights to sell the costumes with the game, one retailer in UK has only listed goku naruto and not the other 5. USA will get their turn just be patient.

  • Otaku dude21

    Does America always get the short end of the stick?

  • Sasori434

    North America….. we get nothing =.=

  • dragoonc34

    i hope they bring more dlc to the us

  • kurama

    well i have not saw him before :)

  •ózsef-Pálos/100001576711815 József Pálos

    Won’t happen. I don’t think japanese will give out road to ninja stuff for europe or US. It’s not released here yet, after all.

  • Adonis Gonzalez

    seriously naruto is more popular in america then it is in europe why do we only get one!

  • Charlie Blowe

    I think teenage Madara, and Izuna Uchiha wore them as well. Sasuke and Itachi’s father Wore one was well.

  • David Han

    I love how the list shows them from greatest amount to least. And America only has that one costume that everyone else also has. Just wow.

  • WiiStation360

    what’s with the country exclusives? I want all the costumes!

  • jpradarojo

    But I don’t want anbu yamato, I want anbu itachi!

  • kurama

    maybe you are right

  • IchigoUzumaki

    Yea, hopefully the costumes are available for all to buy.

  • jpradarojo

    The reason tsunade will get a swuimsuit costume is because sakura has one and America will most likely get another swimsuit character

  • jpradarojo

    How do you know that?

  • jpradarojo

    It is nt a recolor of chidori spear sasuke, the belt is completely different

  • jpradarojo

    1- RTN Sasuke has an open jacket,, while susanoo Sasuke has a closed jacket
    2- Kimono Sasuke has got a different belt from chidori spear Sasuke

  • jpradarojo

    1- They are not confirmed, but it will probably have 5 dlc costumes aside the goku costume.
    2- We are LUCKY
    3- Can’t answer that one…

  • gzuz


  • Cody

    just for the few that dont know, this outfit comes from the ending theme to the anime “Broken Youth” where naruto and sasuke are seen crossing paths in traditional kimonos. it wouldnt be farfetched to assume we get naruto in kimono to match! since they appear together. always thought that ending scene and music was really cool

  • 2446madog

    Like most of DLC, even if you don`t get them from the pre order, they are gonna be released on xbl/psn

  • madara

    so i pre order this game and all i get is goku naruto and a stupid poster while europe and japan get like 5 dlc costumes does not seem fair

  • asideofchidori

    Just watch america is gonna get other characters and there probably gonna be the best like i bet we will get a hinata swim suit version like japan and europe so just be patient cause our dlc will probably be the best!

  • neckrosiss

    i swear if they dont give american more than 1 dlc im not buyin this game it looks cool and all i just would hate the fact that they treat american players worse than others

  • Alexander Romero

    NO FAIR!!!!!!!! dafuq is going on

  • Itachi

    I just think that there should be NO! DLC for Naruto games its just not fair to those who can’t afford this kind of thing it should be included in the already ridiculous prices we all have to pay anyway.
    It would be nice if they put alternate costumes such as tsunade gets her white top and red skirt with netting and jiraiya also orochimaru would be good with alternate young costumes.

  • Ruseo

    id rather them have dlc rather than wait 9 more months for them to put side products in

  • Jesse Torres

    WTF why is america not getting anything, i demand to get allllllll of the dlc that europe and japan are getting, america makes up for a HUGE part of the inventory that is bought, ungrateful cc2.

  • Ruseo

    you really cant change one thing and call it a new costume. just like calling EMS sasukes a completly new costume from Susanoo Sasuke. the only difference is the zipper is all the way up. i cant just put the hood of my jacket up and say i changed my cloths today lol

  • SalvadorRamirez

    both swimsuits were from ending 5

  • Ruseo

    technically its namco bandai that are currently screwing us not cc2 but yes it is quite irritating that we are getting only a poster

  • Geǿ Marley

    Ι really want road to ninja sasuke

  • TCh

    Epic :D

  • KingMza

    No lie, this is pretty freaking angering, why are the American fans Naruto getting the short end of the stick. Because if you think about it the American fans are the biggest supporters of Naruto by FAR so we should be getting the same costumes everyone else is getting and that is at the very least

  • Toed

    The game gets released in march. It’s still only January. Chill out guys, they’ll release more info as we get closer to the release date. Besides, I for one would actually like to have some surprises left for when I actually play the game!

  • nick fammartino

    Maybe the US’s dlc (besides goku) hasn’t been announced yet because it may be costumes for characters that aren’t yet revealed.

  • Jayzero Rodriguez

    I thought it would called a yukata….

  • Donald Barnett

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wuts the deal here? will these become eventual dlc for NA or am I gonna have to make a euro/australian (already got a jap) psn account JUST to download these? cuz Ill do it man. ill do it.

  • Ruseo

    i know he is wearing hakama. so yeah sayan island or someone doesnt know there japanese outfits lol

  • ANBU Nerd

    I am telling you…This year will be great because I’m getting this game, Last of Us, MGR:Revengeance, and GOW: Ascension. This game will be the bomb diggity.

  • ANBU Nerd

    Same thing I was saying.

  • Brodie Mains

    I believe, If america gets, Swimsuit Mizukage, We win.

  • Tobi

    I really hoping to see Naruto or Sasuke in a Flak Jacket as a DLC costume.

  • OtherWorlded

    well, I agree, but I wouldn’t pay too much for skins with no new jutsu or anything.

  • OtherWorlded

    I wish they would just give everyone the same stuff or announce some as being DLC for those that can’t get them when they pre-order, that way everyone is satisfied.

  • OtherWorlded

    doesn’t matter if you do it…they still won’t be playable for you. Making Jap/Eur account means nothing.

  • kurama

    i actually want to see rock lee in his kung fu costume

  • OtherWorlded

    I am still on the fence about buying this game…I have the money, I will have some time, but I want to make sure it is worth it. If the war doesn’t end in this game and it stops with Madara facing the 5 kages or meeting up with Tobi to take down Naruto I don’t know. I can get Last of Us, MGS Revengeance or even pre order FF 13: Lightning Returns~ what to do, what to do…

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    I like this costume, better than road to ninja

  • jonathan gruber

    Agreed. If they have brains they will probably do this.

  • Mystro

    What i’m not sure about, is whether or not you will just be able to go on a japanese account to download these costumes.

  • Mystro

    what are you basing that statistic off of lmfao

  • Mystro


  • Mystro

    it’s best not to hope for stuff we know we wont get.. my best advice would be enjoy the story mode and try to stay away from online.

  • Mystro

    why not just give everyone all the costumes…

  • robert hill

    Yeah trhufully this is a new thing from CC we never got pre day one full release DLCS and possible more……. and its already out in japan. normally all the stuff is found by now but jeez CC your really going all out eh

  • Zeke Asakura

    This is an outrage!! D:< WE WANT MORE DLC CyberConnect2!!

  • iHokage

    Namco Bandai has revealed Kimono Sasuke will be available as downloadable content (DLC) for those who pre-order ….???hell no :// this sucks if other people of all country not get them argghhhh!!!

  • Andy Ricardo

    teens yes, kids no

  • uchihasasuke993

    stop complaining i aint mad u got the last of us collecters edition

  • David Hood

    im gonna get the game regardless but right now im feeling like the red headed step child

  • jay

    its the story mode and manga/anime accuracy im worried about… its almost as if they give us everything the stuff which matters most, a good story, accurate jutsus. but hey thats just my opinion

  • Charlie Blowe

    Yes, it is a Yukata Kimono

  •الحسين-عمر/100004176451915 الحسين عمر

    it will be totally worth dont worry . beside if u didnt get it , it will be your loss

  •الحسين-عمر/100004176451915 الحسين عمر

    nah tsunade swimsuit > mizukage swimsuit :)

  • Felipe Estrela

    Check again, fifth ending is “Sunao na niji” by Surface. 10th ending is “My Answer” by Seamo.
    Anyway, got lucky today because Shippu Konoha Gakuen Den’s Sakura from the second ending it’s confirmed,

  • Mugetsu

    I really hope we can have Anbu Kakashi… If not then AT LEAST anbu Itachi…

  • Daniel Hedger

    two things i think are pretty important here.

    numero uno – the preorder advantage is a given in this case. it just means we’ll have costumes to show off to the other countries before they begin their circulation. but i’m pretty sure they’ll all be available in the future. which brings me to my next point.

    numero two-o – the Naruto division of Namco Bandai doesn’t believe in charging their fanbase for content. content for NUNS was free. (even though it was missions and supports) content for NUNS 2 and Generations was all free (and mostly was available in compatibility packs) now i’m also certain that all these costumes, will eventually be available for all areas, for free. that’s now Namco Bandai rolls. and they haven’t given me reason to doubt them yet.

    they exist to please the fans. so they won’t go out of their way to grind our gears in such a way. i can promise you that much.

  • Jacob Dack

    They have announced that the American dlcs apart from goku dlc have not yet been decided but they get it 3 days earlier than the rest of the world. I’m in Australia so I’m alright
    Although the American copy costs 40 dollars cheaper than Europe and Australia.

  • Matt The-Vest Opdycke

    Why the hell does Europe get everything and US doesn’t, That’s bullshit. Of course the costumes will be available later, but They’re gonna make everyone else pay more for them, which again is bullshit.

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    Although I know you’re torn-up about not getting Sasuke in random realistic period Japanese wear, I betcha the North American DLC is gonna be even better.

    Alternate costume Bee with Nike pumps, saggin’ blue jeans showing the Louis Vuitton boxers, a wifebeater, 5 gold chains, backwards ball-cap and a blunt. Gonna be right at home going to war with Samurai Naruto. Spoiled Socialite Mei will be fun to observe on another battleground.

  • ninja687

    nooooooooooooow all we need is jutsu clashes and this game is perfect!!!!!!

  • ninja687

    nooooooooooooow all we need is jutsu clashes and this game is perfect!!!

  • ninja687

    nooooooooooooow all we need is jutsu clashes and this game is perfect!!!!!! first one to press the button wins the clash

  • Javier de Prada

    I never said it was a completely new costume, but as long as it has got something different, it’s not a recolor

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    America has the same DLC costumes as Europe.