One Piece Anime January 2013 Schedule

Posted by Omar Khan
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December was full Z’s Ambition to promote the latest movie in the great pirate anime series, One Piece Film Z. In January, we return to a bit of canon excitement on an island known as Punk Hazard! The air dates listed are for the Japanese release, but technically the schedule for the United States on the official One Piece streaming site by FUNimation – OnePieceOfficial.Com – is a day earlier. Also, some episode titles are translations of Japanese and are subject to change when officially released by FUNimation.

  • January 06, 2013 – One Piece Episode 579
    Arriving! A Burning Island – Punk Hazard!
  • January 13, 2013 – One Piece Episode 580
    A Scorching Battle! Luffy vs the Giant Dragon!!
  • January 20, 2013 – One Piece Episode 581
    The Crew Confused! The Shocking Beheaded Samurai Appears!
  • January 27, 2013 – One Piece Episode 582
    Surprise! The Secret of the Island is Finally Revealed!
  • February 03, 2013 – One Piece Episode 583
    Save the Children! Start of a Gang Fight!

One Piece 580 Preview

One Piece 581 Preview

  • unleashrage

    This arc is great in the manga, will be watching this once its a few eps in :)

  • narutobleachop

    you do that too!? heh, I’m finishing the fishmen island arc now that it’s finished and their going to PH. i might not watch OP for the rest of the year… if I can hold myself back lol.

  • Damian Uchiha

    oh my god…

  • Killer Popo

    Oh wow, the anime is at the PH arc already??? Damn, they are going to have to put some filler in there so that it doesn’t catch up to the manga LOL

  • unleashrage

    Yeah i watch One Piece in bulks of episodes i find its more enjoyable to watch that way as you’re not left on a cliffhanger every week.

  • Shogunreaper

    Nope.. The anime has been doing 1 chapter per episode with heavy padding for like 5 years now, thats why they never have to do fillers (Aside from specials) The last long filler arc was back in 07.

  • RedDragon10

    lol that’s exactly what I do with my weekly anime now.  Instead of waiting each week for an episode of OP, fairy tail, and HXH, I just let the episodes accumulate and watch them when I have a break in school.  I just recently caught up with all the OP episodes since I stopped watching in May instead of waiting for fillers.

  • Donald Barnett

    U know, i do that 2 but it goes by faster that way and op is one of those anime where i will be oh so sad when its over. gotta make stuff like this last

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    New opening?

  • Sharnerius1

    Our favorite Shichibukai appears on Feb. 3 :D

  • Ibrahim

    there able to do that because Oda puts in alot of content in one chapter unlike other mangaka’s. That’s why One Piece is the best, you get the most out of one chapter. And it helps for the anime too

  • Killer Popo

    I see

  • Shogunreaper

    Naruto and bleach could do it aswell they just chose to do filler seasons. Naruto is way behind the manga right now and they still chose to do that crappy power thing.

    But that doesn’t matter, i wasn’t talking about whether it was good or not, just stating how they do it.

  • Laidah